Forward - Over the past three weeks, the wrestling world has seen the long term rivalry of Christian and Chris Jericho pick back up to its highest extent. When Christian interrupted Jericho 's Highlight Reel two weeks ago and got into Jericho 's face about the World Title, the two went back to their old ways of fighting until Christian's League of Extraordinary Gentleman came out to the ring for the save. Later in the night, during Christian versus The Rock, Chris Jericho made his presence in Christian's life known by costing him his second loss in the promotion against The Rock. Come Thunder and during the Chris Jericho versus Buff Bagwell match, Christian came out... wheeled to the ring by Johnny Devine in a wheel chair. After the match was over, Christian crutched himself into the ring to have a few words with Jericho , but Jericho was attacked from behind by Johnny Devine which resulted in a Con-Crutch-To to the head of Jericho ! These two men have put each other out of action countless times through the course of their rivalry, and this attack just added another page to the books. Both men were inactive on Raw is War due to nagging injures both men suffered - Chris Jericho from the Con-Crutch-To and Christian from the Walls of Jericho he endured during the attack with his match with Rocky. Come Thunder, Jericho would have a chance to release some of his anger in a match against Johnny Devine. Thanks to some botched interference when Christian tried to get involved in the match, Chris Jericho was able to pick up the win. What happened after the match... in two scenarios... were the big shockers. When Jericho was about to lace into the defenseless Christian in the wheel chair, Devine attacked Jericho from behind and laid him out. Devine kneeled down before the chair of Christian, raised his hands like he was summoning something and arose Christian to his feet. Christian shaked off his legs and he was fine... the injury was a fake all along! Christian and Devine proceeded to lace into Chris Jericho until the man announced that they would be up against at Fall Brawl for the World Heavyweight Championship comes up on the Globaltron, Steve Austin. Austin had the gym bag of Christian and Jericho , obviously placing objects in the bag and pulling them out to try and embarrass the two men. Once rifling through the bags, Austin told Christian and Jericho that he was coming out to the ring to open up a can of whoop as on the two and rushed off screen. Christian and Jericho , seemingly aligned for the moment, rushed up the stage and to the entrance, each taking a different side to ambush Austin when he came out. Moments passed and no sign of Austin . Jericho pointed around the corner looking at Christian telling him to peak his head around the corner and check if Austin was there. Christian denied the order and told Jericho to check for himself. The two continued arguments until it lead to a brawl, the two fighting once again down the ramp. Suddenly, Austin came out driving a Budweiser beer truck. To neither Christian or Jericho 's knowledge, Austin parked the beer truck, went to the back, pulled out a giant hose, screamed at them for their attention then let go of the valve, drenching the two with gallons upon gallons of beer. The force of it allowed neither man to gain composure, every time they tried to get back to their feet, the beer sprayed them back down. Johnny Devine, who had been knocked out of the ring by Jericho earlier, tried climbing up the back of the beer truck to ambush Austin from behind. Stone Cold realized it at the last second, turned around and blasted Devine off the top of the truck. Austin continued to spray down Christian and Jericho in the ring for several more moments until finally stopping as Raw went off the air. Going in to Fall Brawl, this is the second opportunity in Christian's seven month's in the Global Wrestling Federation that he is getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. The world all remembers how it began. It began back at the Royal Rumble when Christian lasted all the way from number three all the way to the end to be crowned the 2004 Royal Rumble winner. Christian lasted nearly 60 minutes and in the final few minutes of the match, eliminated his rival of Chris Jericho and the previous years Royal Rumble winner of Test. Named the Royal Rumble winner on the same night as the League of Extraordinary Gentleman's debut, Christian earned his first and overdue shot at becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. Going in to Summerslam for his shot at the title against the new Champion, the man who just recently ended the long streak of Randy Orton, his rival, Chris Jericho. The world and the Peeps all knew Christian was going in that match to win... and the Peeps all over the world KNEW Christian was going to win... and should have won! If it wasn't for two men, Christian would have won the title and would be the champion up to this very day. Those two men... Number one, Ric Flair. The man named the Special Guest Referee of the match, Jericho 's right hand man and stablemate. How could the match go down fair with him as the special guest referee? Man number two, Randy Orton. Randy Orton got himself involved in the match when even the two on one of Ric Flair and Chris Jericho was proving too much against the Peeps Champ, Orton came into the ring and gave Christian the RKO to take him out and allow Jericho to get the three count over the TRUE Global Wrestling Federation World Champion. Two months later, Christian finally gets his rematch at what he is owed. Heading in to Fall Brawl, Christian's got his second chance. He gets to prove to the world that he has what it takes to beat Chris Jericho and he has the chance to prove that Steve Austin is not even close to being on the same level as to compete with him. Fall Brawl... the night the World Heavyweight Crown finally comes to its rightful owner of Christian!

Raw is War Aftermath

Scene - It's just several moments after Raw is War has gone off the air. Steve Austin had just mowed down Christian and Chris Jericho with the beer truck he had brought out. Christian and stablemate Johnny Devine, soaked in beer, make their way to the back to their private skybox. Inside the skybox, Val Venis and girlfriend/manager Traci.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Okay, every single time you and I try to do something, somebody walks in.

Tracilicious || Traci: Doesn't that kind of seem like a sign to you?

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: A sign?

Tracilicious || Traci: Yeah, that maybe we shouldn't be doing anything together.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: No! It's a sign that... when it does happen, it's going to be incredible! And on the subject of it, guess where the rest of LXG is right now? Johnny and Christian are out in the ring right now, and Teddy is out paying the bill for the skybox. We're all alone for a while... Let's get neked!

Tracilicious || Traci: We've probably only got about 20 minutes.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: So I'll cut it short.

Tracilicious || Traci: I guess.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: So yes?

Tracilicious || Traci: Yes.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Yes!

Scene - The skybox door suddenly bursts open with beer soaked and enraged Christian and Johnny Devine.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: No! Noooo!

Scene - Christian walks into the room and throws over a table with a vase on it. He proceeds to take off his shirt and begins squeezing out the seemingly never ending galons of beer.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Holy crap man, what smells? I thought we were going out to the clubs later, how much did you have to drink?

Captain Charisma || Christian: I haven't had anything to drink! I was out in... Actually, where the hell were you anyways?!

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: What do you mean where was I?

Captain Charisma || Christian: I mean where the hell were you when Johnny Devine and I were out in the ring being attacked by Steve Austin? Austin drove out there with a god damn beer truck, pulled out a hose and started soaking us down.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: I tried climbing up the back of the truck to stop Austin , but that son of a bitch turned around and launched me off the back of the truck onto the stage with the force of the hose!

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Sounds like I missed a good party with a lot of beer.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Stop being a smart ass.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Hey, I'm just telling it like it is.

Scene - The LXG Skybox door opens back up and in walks Teddy Hart. Teddy waves at everyone in the room and while walking by Devine and Christian, gets an odd look on his face and covers his nose.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Ah man, what the hell smells? Did somebody have a party without me?

Captain Charisma || Christian: There was no party!

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Oh come on, when it reaks of beer that much, there had to have been a party.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Steve Austin came out to the ring and sprayed me and Johnny down with a beer hose.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: You partied with Steve Austin?!

Captain Charisma || Christian: There was no party! Ahh!

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Well then, I'm just confused now.

Captain Charisma || Christian: I... I'm not even going to bother. I'm going to go have a shower.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Whoa, whoa! Why do you get to have a shower before me?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Because I'm the leader of LXG.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: No, I started LXG, I'm the leader.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Hey, I think I had a part in starting it here.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Hey, nu uh! I'm Extraordinary, it's got to be mine.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Extraordinarely stupid. I'm a Gentleman, therefore, it's mine!

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Well... I'm the!

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: You're the?

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Well Extraordinary and Gentleman were taken, I can't be a League...

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: You can't be a the either...

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: I think I can be, I just said I was.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Hey, hey! Shower, I called it first before Devine, so I'm going in there.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Why don't you two play a game and the winner gets to use the shower first?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Ugh, fine.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Okay, I've got a coin here... Heads its Christian, tails its Devine.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: No, coins hate me! Lets play pin the tail on the donkey!

Captain Charisma || Christian: And where do you expect to get a donkey at this hour?

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Well we're obviously not going to use a real donkey, we use a picture of one, duh. Have you never played the game before or something?

Captain Charisma || Christian: We don't even have a picture of a donkey.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: So I'll go to the store and get one.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Okay, you go do that, bye!

Scene - Christian saves at Devine as Devine rushes off towards the door. Johnny places his hand on the door knob, stops and then quickly turns around. He sees Christian walking into the bathroom and runs towards it as fast as he can.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: No, no no! I see what you're trying to do. If I went to go get a donkey, I'd be leaving the shower open for you!

Captain Charisma || Christian: Fine, what do you want to play then?

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: How about... Rock Paper Scissors? Best of 3.

Captain Charisma || Christian: No, best of one so I can win and have my damn shower.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Okay. You're going DOOOOWN!

Scene - The two stand across from each other ready to play. They put their hands in a fist, shake it up and down twice and reveal what they have. Johnny places down a rock, Christian puts down scissors.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Ha, I win!

Captain Charisma || Christian: No, it was best of three!

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: I'm not stupid.

Scene - Christian stares at Devine for a second.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Okay, so sometimes I am, it's not illegal! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have my shower.

Scene - Devine walks into the bathroom and closes the door behind him.

Captain Charisma || Christian: AHHH! ...I'll be back later, I'm going to find a damn shower to use.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Next time you have a party in here, invite me, its kind of rude not too.

Captain Charisma || Christian: There was no party!

Scene - Christian storms out of the LXG Skybox, with all of Teddy, Val and Traci laughing. Christian heads out towards the elevator to head down from the upper level where the skybox is down to the wrestlers lockerrooms to find a shower to use. As the elevator opens up, Christian sees Frankie Kazarian standing there giving him an odd look.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Riiight... I'll take the stairs.

Scene - Christian heads off towards the staircase and walks down the 6 flights of stairs down towards the wrestler lockerooms. Walking around the corner, Christian knocks on the first door he comes across. After a few seconds, the door opens and out steps The Rock. Rocky raises his eyebrow and stares at Christian.

Captain Charisma || Christian: You!

The People's Chump || The Rock: Me? Who did you expect to walk out when you come knocking on The Rock's dressing room door?

Captain Charisma || Christian: I...

The People's Chump || The Rock: Whoa, wait a second here, before you go any further... Who in the blue hell are you?

Captain Charisma || Christian: I...

The People's Chump || The Rock: Wait another second, you don't even have to open your mouth. The Rock knows exactly who you are. You're the guy I always see in that herpes cream commercials!

Captain Charisma || Christian: Excuse me?!

The People's Chump || The Rock: Yeah, you know, you talk about how you had herpes or whatever and how the product rid you of it for good.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Don't you dare treat me like some jobber around here. You know exactly who I am, everybody knows who I am! I'm the 2004 Royal Rumble winner, I'm Captain Charisma and after Fall Brawl, I'm going to be the new Global Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion dammit! Just because you've done some movies down in Hollywood doesn't mean you're Mr. Big Shot and can treat everyone like dirt. Your movie's aren't even that good, I mean... Walking Tall? I was a fan of the original, but ever since I saw your version of it, I can't even stand to watch the original without thinking of how bad yours was! And I'm a fan of John Travolta, but since I heard you're filming your next movie with him, I'm not even going to bother to go to the theatres and watch the mockery you make of him... and if people are smart, they won't either!

The People's Chump || The Rock: Oh, I've got it! Now I remember who you are. I'm sorry it took this long, it usually doesn't... You're that guy I pinned two weeks ago on Raw inside the ring!

Captain Charisma || Christian: You didn't...

The People's Chump || The Rock: Yeah, The Rock remembers it clearly now. It was The Rock taking on Christian on Raw is War, The Rock kicked your ass all over and around the ring, your little League of ExtraUgly Gentleman came out to the ring, tried to take me out and I still managed to get back up, give you the Rock Bottom and pin you for the three count.

Captain Charisma || Christian: For your information, that is nowhere near to how it went down! It was Chris Jericho that came to the ring, attacked me and put me in the Walls of Jericho! When you came back to conscienceness after the beating I was giving you, you managed to get the Rock Bottom on me, who was INJURED with a pulled hamstring. You took advantage while I was weak.

The People's Chump || The Rock: The way The Rock remembers it is that you faked that injury to get to Chris Jericho while he wasn't expecting it... You lost to Rocky clean, so don't even try and make that excuse on me. Hold on a second... What... What in the hell is that?

Scene - Rock starts sniffing around and slowly starts walking closer and closer to Christian. He gets in close, takes another sniff and jumps back with a horrified look on his face.

The People's Chump || The Rock: My god man, how much did you have to drink?!

Captain Charisma || Christian: I didn't drink anything!

The People's Chump || The Rock: Nobody smells that bad if they weren't drinking. So is that why you came to The Rock's lockerroom? You're drunk and don't know where you are?

Captain Charisma || Christian: I'm not drunk!! I want us to go in your shower.

The People's Chump || The Rock: Hey, I don't know what you've heard, but The Rock doesn't swing that way.

Captain Charisma || Christian: No! I was to... No! Johnny's in my shower right now and I need to find another one to use.

The People's Chump || The Rock: So let me get this straight... Your gay lover, this Johnny guy, is up in the shower right now getting ready for your date tonight, and you come down here and want to use my shower so you can have a hot night of making love to your boyfriend?

Captain Charisma || Christian: I...!

The People's Chump || The Rock: Sorry, no deal. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got things to do.

Scene - The Rock turns around and shuts the door behind him. Christian stares at the door for a few seconds before taking a step forward and banging on the door repeatedly.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Christian isn't going to take that from you! You open up that door right now and let me in! Hello? HELLO?! AHH!

Scene - After several seconds of no response, Christian finally decides to give up. Christian hits the door and walks away. While walking up to the next room, Christian holds his fist from hitting the door a little too hard. Christian walks over to the next closest door and knocks with his other hand. Out comes stepping Eddie Guerrero.

Latino Heat || Eddie Guerrero: Oh la lei Essa!

Captain Charisma || Christian: Excuse me?

Latino Heat || Eddie Guerrero: Oh la lei!

Captain Charisma || Christian: Oh la lei English?

Latino Heat || Eddie Guerrero: Holmes, how's it hanging?

Captain Charisma || Christian: It's hanging good.

Latino Heat || Eddie Guerrero: Yo man, what ever happened to that match against you I've been asking for? I've asked how many times now and every time I ask, I get no response?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Yeah, I'm kind of on a tight schedule.

Latino Heat || Eddie Guerrero: A tight schedule? Only thing you've been doing lately is been losing to The Rock Holmes... How about losing to Eddie Guerrero soon?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Hey, I just got through talking about this and I don't need another damn lecture! I'm the Peeps Champ damnit, the People's Champion has got nothing on me and the world all knows...

Latino Heat || Eddie Guerrero: Yeah yeah, we've heard it a thousand times... It was Chris Jericho that cost you the match, bla bla.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Hey! I just came to ask if I could use your shower, I didn't come for all this ridicule!

Latino Heat || Eddie Guerrero: Oh, if that's the case... No. I've got some lady friends back in the shower freshening up if you know what I mean Holmes. Well, actually, I don't, but I just don't want you coming in my room Essa, haha.

Scene – Eddie turns around and slams the door on Christian much like The Rock did. Christian crenches his teeth together and walks down the hall again. He approaches the next room and knocks on the door. When the door opens, Alex Shelley walks out.

Generation Next || Alex Shelley: Yeah?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Hey... Aren't you that guy that is fighting Shawn Michaels at Fall Brawl?

Generation Next || Alex Shelley: Yeah, Generation Next Alex Shelley.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Yeah, that's the one. Man, you kick his ass at Fall Brawl and show the world that he doesn't deserve that World Title shot against me next month at Survivor Series.

Generation Next || Alex Shelley: Against you?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Yeah, well... Come on, I'm against Chris Jericho and Steve Austin here, do you think there's any chance I'll lose? I mean, come on.

Generation Next || Alex Shelley: I guess...

Captain Charisma || Christian: Anyways, I was wondering...

Generation Next || Alex Shelley: Hey man, is there a party going on?

Captain Charisma || Christian: A party? There's probably a party going on somewhere... why?

Generation Next || Alex Shelley: Looks to me like there's a party going on right now.

Captain Charisma || Christian: How should I know?

Generation Next || Alex Shelley: Are you drunk?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Drunk?

Generation Next || Alex Shelley: Yeah man, you smell.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Ahhh! I was sprayed by Austin in a beer truck! Did nobody see the damn thing?!

Generation Next || Alex Shelley: So why are you here anyway?

Captain Charisma || Christian: I was wondering if you could use your shower.

Generation Next || Alex Shelley: Use my shower? Why can't you use your own shower?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Johnny Devine is using it right now... and he takes forever in there. We played Rock Paper Scissors over... Wait, why am I telling you? Can I or can't I?

Scene - From in the distance, you can hear a man's voice.

Voice: Shelley? Shelley?! What are you doing at the door?

Scene - As the voice continued to get closer, the lockerroom door opened slighty more and out steps Shelley's manager Austin Aries.

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: Alex, I'll take it from here. You go sit down and drink your herbal tea.

Generation Next || Alex Shelley: Herbal tea? I...

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: As your manager and trainer, I tell you what to do. Don't question the herbal tea, its good for you and will make you strong when you grow up.

Generation Next || Alex Shelley: I'm... already grown up.

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: Are you questioning me?! Go, go I say! I'll take care of this.

Scene - Shelley gives Aries an odd look before turning around and heading back into the room. Aries watches Shelley go in the room and then turns over and looks at Christian.

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: Yes?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Well, before you came out here, I was asking Shelley if...

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: Wait... What is that?

Captain Charisma || Christian: What is what?

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: That smell? My god its horrible!

Captain Charisma || Christian: I was sprayed by Austin in a beer truck! AHH! How did not a single person see that, it was 15 minutes ago!

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: You need to have a shower man.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Yeah, I know, I...

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: No, really, I can't even talk to you when you smell like that. I'll even let you use my shower so you don't smell.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Yes? I can use it? Thank you!

Scene - Christian tries to take a step forward into the lockerroom but Aries sticks out his hand to stop Christian.

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: What do you think your'e doing?

Captain Charisma || Christian: You just told me I could use your shower...

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: Do you think I'm going to let you in here while you're wearing that? Those are black dress shoes you've got on, those leave scuff marks on the floor. I can't have scuff marks on my floor. Who wears black dress shoes nowadays anyway? It's all about the white running shoes, everybody wears those now, only rich, stuck up preppy guys wear black dress shoes. Are you a rich, stuck up preppy guy?

Captain Charisma || Christian: I...

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: What am I saying? Of course you are, I just answered that myself by the fact that you're wearing them. There is no way I'm going to let you in here wearing those. And that... You can't come in here with your pants dripping. This place is clean, you come stepping in here with those on and you'll drip all over the place.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Well what did you expect, I was sprayed down with a beer hose!

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: Yeah, yeah, I don't need your life story. What kind of music do you listen to?

Captain Charisma || Christian: What the hell does it matter what kind of music I listen to?

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: Are you Christian?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Of course I am...

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: No, I mean are you Christian, the religion.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Were you dropped on your head as a child?

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: I was, and up to this point, everybody was decent enough to not bring it up and throw it in my face! Where were you born?

Captain Charisma || Christian: I'm from...

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: Do you think I could take you?

Captain Charisma || Christian: My god man, can I use the damn shower or not?!

Always Amazing || Austin Aries: You know, I don't like it when people yell at me... So no, no you can't use my shower. I say good day to you.

Scene - Aries lifts his foot up and drops it fast on the shoe of Christian, crushing his foot. Christian screams out in pain jumping around on his foot. After a few seconds, Christian makes a fist and throws it towards Aries. Austin , walking back into the lockerroom, slams the door behind him leaving Christian's fist nailing the door. The same fist he punched the door with earlier connects leaving Christian screaming out in pain again.

Captain Charisma || Christian: I'll get you! I'll get you back! I'm Captain Charisma god dammit, you can't just do that to me and get away with it! But you wait and see... I will find a damn shower to use and when I do, oh I'll shove it in your face!

Scene - Christian walks away from the door and down the hall holding his fist again. He looks down at it to see two knuckles are now bleeding. Christian walks up to the next door and hesitantely knocks on it. Awaiting who is on the other side, Christian's eyes open wide as the door slides open. On the other side is Christy Hemme.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Oh, hey, how are you doing?

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Christian, what a surprise. I'm fine. How about you?

Captain Charisma || Christian: I'm good, I...

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Oh god, you're bleeding! What happened?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Oh, nothing important, just a little incident that happened with someone. So what brings you to the GWA anyway? I didn't even know you were here.

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: I just got invited here by President McDermott to come in and check out the place. He wanted to sign me as a manager for anyone that needed one and... yeah... that'd be why I'm here.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Fun.

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: You know, I've got to admit something... Ever since you got your hair cut short a couple years ago, I had the biggest crush on you. You've been one of my favorite wrestlers for years but I never realized how attractive you were until you got rid of that long hair.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Well I'm flattered... but one of your favorite wrestlers? Who are the others? Johnny Devine, Val Venis, Teddy Hart?

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Chris Jericho.

Captain Charisma || Christian: CHRIS JERICHO !? Are you crazy?! How can you like him? He's arrogant, he doesn't know how to treat a lady, he uses ass jelly... ASS JELLY! That wasn't a lie when you saw it on TV years ago, it was the truth.

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: I thought that was yours AND Jericho 's ass jelly that was found?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Well, no, that was the lie... The lie was it was his because it was really mine.

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Excuse me?

Captain Charisma || Christian: No! The lie was it was just his and not mine! Yeah, that's it, I swear! But how can he be one of your favorite wrestlers? Ooo, I'm Chris Jericho, I can leap up on the ropes and do a backflip onto my opponents, I'm so special! I'm too lazy to do a big finishing move in a match so I just lock people in a submission hold where I press my pelvis up against the opponent until they submit!

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Hey, I'm just kidding! I knew that would get to you, I don't actually like him, haha!

Captain Charisma || Christian: Oh, haha, that was a good one...

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: So what brings you down here anyway?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Actually, I was wondering if I could use your shower. I was sprayed down by Austin and a beer truck and Johnny Devine is upstairs in the LXG Skybox using the shower right now, and he takes FOREVER in there, so I was going around asking people if I could use theirs.

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Oh, yeah, I saw Austin come out and do that. How ridiculous!

Captain Charisma || Christian: You actually saw that?

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Well yeah... what's being televised from GWF is the only thing that plays on these TV's, what else is supposed to be on?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Exactly!

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Anyways, yeah, come on in, you can use the shower. And we should get that cut cleaned up, it's bleeding pretty bad. I'll have to put a band-aid on that.

Scene - Christy grabs Christians hand and pulls him into her room. Christian gets a huge smile on his face as he closes the door behind him.

Halloween Shopping

Scene - At a mall somewhere downtown in Jacksoneville , Florida , the group of LXG along with Jillian Love and Traci are all casually walking around the mall doing a little bit of shopping. Christian and Ted are in the back of the group talking amoungst themselves, Jillian and Johnny are walking with each other with Jillian leaning up against Devine and Val and Traci are holding hands.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Come on Traci, pleeeease!

Tracilicious || Traci: Val... I'm not having sex in public.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: So lets not do it in public, we'll find a place where nobody can see us. Look, in those plants around the fountain!

Tracilicious || Traci: No... People on the second floor could look down and see us.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: So I'll be on top, they'll only see me.

Tracilicious || Traci: I don't think so Val.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Well god damn, every time we're alone, people walk in on us. I figure if we're with everybody in the first place, the opposite has got to happen and they'll all go away.

Tracilicious || Traci: You know, that actually does make sense.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: It does?

Tracilicious || Traci: Yeah... Lets give it a try.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Yes! YES!

Scene - Val and Traci both run over towards the plants beside the fountain and start to climb over the baricade. They get over and start to kiss for a second before a hand grabs Val on the shoulder. Val turns around and pushes the hand away and goes back to Traci. A couple seconds later, the hand grabs Val again, pulls him off and turns him around. It's a security guard from the mall.

Security Officer: Okay Sir, you're coming with me.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: No, it's okay, I'm an off duty police officer.

Security Officer: Really, lets see your badge?

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: I don't have it with me.

Security Officer: Okay, what presinct are you from?

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Uhh... The... Red one...

Scene - Christian and Teddy walk up behind the officer.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Hey, Val man, how's it going? Do you got those highly illegal drugs on you that we were supposed to meet you here and buy? Oh, officer, hello, how are you?

Scene - The officer stares at Val and gives him a weird look.

Security Officer: Okay Sir, as I said, come with me.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: I don't have any drugs on me!

Security Officer: For security issues, I'm going to have to check it out. Don't make me call for backup Sir.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Ugh, fine, I'm coming!

Scene - The officer and Val both head off towards the officers office with Christian and Teddy laughing to themselves. As they're walking away, Christian shouts towards them from the distance.

Captain Charisma || Christian: I think an anal search is in need, that's usually where he keeps it!

Scene - Val turns around with his eyes wide open as Christian and Teddy are cracking themselves up laughing.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Man, that was mean.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Hey, he deserves it for not coming to my aid when Steve Austin was drenching me with that beer! And don't you worry, I'll get some revenge on you too for not coming out... and it'll come when you least expect it.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Uh huh, sure you will. You'll forget about it by the end of the day. So what are we at the mall for anyway?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Halloween costume shopping of course!

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Aren't we a little old to go trick or treating?

Captain Charisma || Christian: You can never be old enough to trick or treat! Now all we need to do is find a place to buy some costumes. And speak of the devil... there's one right now. Woo! Johnny, Jillian, come on, there's a store right here.

Scene - Devine and Love turn around and walk into the costume shop with Christian and Teddy.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Oh god, they make everything nowadays... They made a damn Britney Spears halloween costume.

Captain Charisma || Christian: A Britney Spears costume? God damn... That's just what we need is 1 million slutty children running around on halloween.

Scene - Christian walks around the store looking for a store clerk. Once he spots one, he calls the guy over.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Hey, yo, dude... Where's the Christian costume?

Store Clerk: Christian costume?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Yeah, the Christian costume. You've got a Britney Spears costume here where people can dress up as that skanky hoe, so you guys should at least carry a Christian costume.

Store Clerk: I don't think people would want to dress up as Christian's, that's not a very creative costume... All you need is a Christian cross and you're pretty much dressed up.

Captain Charisma || Christian: No you idiot! Me, Christian, Captain Charisma, the Peeps Champ! Every little kid should want to dress up as me so they can be their favorite wrestler on halloween.

Store Clerk: Yeah, okay... I'm going to be over here. Bye.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Yeah, you better run! What has this world come to nowadays? These people are so damn rude to me. Johnny, get over here!

Scene - Johnny and Jillian walk over towards him.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Yeah?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Try this on.

Scene - Christian grabs a pink tutu off the shelf and hands it to Johnny.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Yeah, I don't think so.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Hey, as the leader of LXG I command you to put it on!

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Don't make me get into this arguement again, we all know I started LXG.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Fine, fine... How about... this one?

Scene - Christian grabs a costume of the scream character off the shelf.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Uhh, yeah, sure.

Scene - Johnny goes over into a changing room and begins changing into the scream mask and black robe. While he's gone, the store clerk comes over to Jillian Love.

Store Clerk: Hey, aren't you that lady from TV?

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: Yeah, Jillian Love...

Store Clerk: Wow, you're so much more beautiful in person.

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: Haha, aww, thanks...

Scene - Johnny walks back out with the scream mask on and runs up behind Christian and Teddy trying to scare them. Christian, on reflex, punches Johnny in the stomach.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Aww dude, what the hell was that for?!

Captain Charisma || Christian: Sorry man, you could have been someone trying to mug me!

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Man, that hurt... and this costume is damn tight, I can hardly breath in this mask too!

Scene - Devine takes the mask off and puts it back on the shelf. When he turns around, he sees Jillian still talking to the store clerk and writing her phone number on his hand.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Jillian!!

Scene - Jillian quickly turns around with an innocent look on her face.

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: Yes?

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: What the hell are you doing?

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: What do you mean what am I doing? This store clerk was uhh... just asking me a few questions.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Why would the store clerk be asking you questions? He works here, he knows what he's doing. It would have been more believable if you said you were asking him questions...

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: Well that's what I meant.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Oh. Uhh... Well what were you writing on that dudes hand?

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: Nothing... I was reading his fortune.

Scene - Johnny walks off towards the guy, grabs his hand and flips it over.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Ah ha! A phone number! You gave him your phone number.

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: That could be anyone's phone number.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Well... no! It's the same as yours.

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: Oh my god! Someone must have stolen my phone number and is giving it out to everyone.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Oh my god, those bastards! I'm so sorry for accusing you of giving out your number babe. I should have thought before I accused so I could have thought about that conclusion, it makes so much sense. Are we good?

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: Of course we're good.

Scene - Johnny and Jillian hug each other before Johnny turns back around to walk over to Teddy and Christian.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Dude, you're an idiot.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: What? I told you I could hardly breath in that mask!

Captain Charisma || Christian: You... Nevermind.

Scene - Christian and the gang all begin rifling around the store looking through the halloween costumes. Christian suddenly screams out.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Oh my god! It's so... so... PERFECT!

Scene - Everybody rushes over towards Christian as Christian turns around with a halloween costume in his hand. Everyone looks to see what it is as its an army Captain's outfit.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Look how perfect this is for me! I'm Captain Charisma and this is a Captain's outfit! It makes such perfect sense for me to get. This is so mine!

Scene - A kid walks up between Christian and grabs another Captain's outfit off the shelf thats in the kids size. Christian looks down at the kid, snatches it out of his hand and throws it on the shelf.

Captain Charisma || Christian: No! I'm the only Captain around here!

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Man, it's just a little kid.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Yeah, you're right, I should steal his lunch money too! Come here little kid!

Scene - Christian takes a step towards the little kid as the kid bolts off screaming to his mommy. Christian begins laughing it up as he walks over towards the till and places the Captain's outfit on the counter. As Christian's out to pay, a hand is placed on his shoulder. Christian turns around to see the same officer that took Val away earlier.

Security Officer: Sir, come with me.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Me?

Security Officer: I just put my hand on your shoulder and told you to come with me, who else would I be talking to?

Captain Charisma || Christian: You don't have to get sarcastic about it... Geez.

Scene - The security officer pulls Christian down the hall and towards his officer. When they arrive, Christian takes a seat beside Val Venis.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: What the hell did you do to get here?

Captain Charisma || Christian: I don't want to talk about it.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Well serves you right for getting me in here! Now tell me what you did or I'll keep nagging you about it.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Fine... I stole a Captain's uniform from a little kid.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Hahahaha! Did you at least try to steal his lunch money?

Captain Charisma || Christian: I tried but the little kid ran away and cried to his mom... who called the security on me.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: You got douped by a little kid, hah!

Captain Charisma || Christian: Shut up...

Arrival at the Jacksonville Colliseum

Scene - The group of LXG (Christian, Johnny Devine, Val Venis and Teddy Hart, alongside Jillian Love and Traci) have all arrived at the Jacksonville Coliseum in Florida . The six of them are all on their way up to their usual private Skybox.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Tonight's the night boys.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Yup, tonight's the night Teddy Hart beats his Uncle, Bret Hart, for the Intercontinental Title to prove to the world just who exactly the best Hart of the family is.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Which is me of course.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: You're going to be the best Hart in the family?

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Hey, I could be a Hart.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Yeah, but you aren't...

Captain Charisma || Christian: Hey, hey! Before you interupted me, I was saying tonight was THE night...

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: The night of a big Fall Brawl Beer Bash once Teddy Hart retains the Intercontinental Title against Bret Hart!

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: Another beer bash? Didn't you have enough of that on Monday night from Steve Austin?

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Yeah, but... shush.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Hey, who's the one that's trying to say something here?!

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: I think Teddy said it for you, we're partying once he beats Bret!

Captain Charisma || Christian: No! We party when I beat Chris Jericho and Steve Austin for the World Heavyweight Championship!

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Whoa, that's tonight?

Captain Charisma || Christian: When the hell else would it be?

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: I thought it already happened.

Captain Charisma || Christian: ...Are you drunk?

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Maybe just a little.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Ah, that explains it.

Scene - From the end of the hall, Christian sees Christy Hemme walk around the corner. Christy spots Christian out of the corner of her eye, turns towards him and waves to him with a big smile. Johnny Devine looks around and points to himself asking if she's waving at him? He decides to not even wait for an answer and quickly walks over away from the group towards her.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Christy, how are you doing?

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Uhm... I'm fine... Who are you?

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Oh come on, don't play that game with me. You've seen me on television, you've seen how talented and good looking I am and I just saw you waving me over with a huge smile, lets face it... you want me... I want you... we should give in to our urges.

Scene - Jillian Love, Johnny's girlfriend, walks up behind him.

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: Excuse me?

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Honey, can't you see I'm hitting on Christy here?

Scene - Jillian taps her foot a few times staring at Johnny.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: And by hitting on... I of course mean welcoming her to the Global Wrestling Federation since she's new here and stuff.

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: I just heard you say all that stuff about you wanting her, her wanting you and giving in to your urges.

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Well yeah, and my urge is to wish her a successful time in the company.

The Lovely One || Jillian Love: You expect me to believe that?

The Canadian Hero || Johnny Devine: Do you think I would ever cheat on you? I... I... lo...looo... love you.

Scene - With a disgusted look on his face as Johnny says it, Jillian's face lights up with a big smile. Val Venis walks in and pushes Johnny out of the way and into the wall.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Out of my way, she doesn't want you. You know good and well she was waving at me. Hey baby, how are you?

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Uhm...

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: So, I liked you in that diva search thingy... you having that whip cream on your ass just made me want to come out there and lick it all up off you.

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: I...

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: You seen any of my movies?

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Movies?

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Yeah, like... my hit movie "The Young and the Hung"... or one of my favorites "Me, Myself and the Brides Maid's." Hey, how would you like to star in one of my movie's?

Scene - Traci walks up behind Val and slaps him on the back of the head.

Tracilicious || Traci: Do you think you can just hit on her right in front of me?

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: Hey, whoa whoa... I'm not hitting on her, I'm just trying to keep my movie career alive and finding some potential people to star in it with me.

Tracilicious || Traci: But you always ask me if I can star in them, I thought you only asked me and left it up to the producers to find girls for it.

The Big Valbowski || Val Venis: No, I...

Scene - Christian walks up now and pushes Val out of the way and into Val and on to Devine who was getting back up.

Captain Charisma || Christian: I'm so sorry Christy, I've got to apologize for them, I...

Scene - Teddy walks up and pushes Christian out of the way and on to Val and Johnny.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Yeah, as Christian was saying, I must apologize for the two of them and Christian for that matter. Hello, I'm Teddy Hart, I...

Captain Charisma || Christian: What the hell do you think you're doing?

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: She was waving at me. Just look at her staring at me, she wants me.

Captain Charisma || Christian: She's staring at you wondering how you could possibly be so stupid.

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Well why don't I just ask her who she was waving at? Christy, who were you waving at? Me or Captain Cockblock?

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: I was waving at Christian...

The Terminator || Teddy Hart: Well damn...

Scene - Teddy walks away and continues on up to the LXG Skybox. Val and Johnny get back up and head off with him with Jillian and Traci at their sides.

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Nice friends you've got.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Yeah, they're assholes.

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: They remind me of you.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Well, I'm the king asshole. They've got nothing on me.

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Haha.

Captain Charisma || Christian: So any new news on what the company wants to do with you?

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: Nah, nothing yet, they still want to stick me in to manage someone. I hope its someone good. Hows the knuckles doing anyways?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Knuckles doing good, it was just a little cut.

Diva Search Winner || Christy Hemme: That's good. I've got to get going though, I'll talk to you later.

Scene - Christy leans over and gives Christian a quick kiss on the cheek and then walks back down the hall. Christian smiles and continues his way back up to the LXG private Skybox. Christian's about 50 meters from the door when he hears the voice of Michael Cole around a hall corner. Christian quickly looks around for a place to hide and rushes into the nearest door he can find. As he opens the door and closes it behind him, he has a sigh of relief. Christian turns around to see what room he's in when he sees Rico getting dressed. As fast as he can, Christian opens the door back up and runs back out away from Rico. When he jumps out of the room, he bumps into Michael Cole.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Oh crap.

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: Christian, I was actually just looking for you.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Of course you were... Every time I don't want to speak with you, there you come.

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: I've got the camera crew here, think we can get a few words recorded before your big match tonight?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Do I have a choice?

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: Well, your contract does state you to have a certain ammount of interviews per month and we haven't met since just before Summerslam.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Arg! Fine!

Scene - Michael tells the camera crew to get ready as they prop the cameras up and hook up the microphone. The crew tells Michael they're rolling as they point the camera towards the two.

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm Michael Cole reporting to you from backtage of the Jacksonville Coliseum here in Jacksonville , Florida . I'm standing here alongside Christian who has...

Captain Charisma || Christian: Hey, sorry to interupt there Mike... do you mind if I call you Mike? Ah well, you mispronounced my name, I'll do the same to yours. But it's not just Christian. Do you hear the ring announcers just announcing me as Christian when I enter the ring? No, they announce me as Captain Charisma... CAPTAIN CHARISMA damnit! Now that is how you address me. Proceed with what you were saying.

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: Okay... As I was saying, I'm here with 'Captain Charisma' Christian and...

Captain Charisma || Christian: No, no, no! You don't announce me as Captain Charisma Christian, that just's just too many damn C's. I get announced as just Captain Charisma. If you're going to announce me as Christian, Christian is followed by "The Peeps Champ", got it?

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: Yeah, I...

Captain Charisma || Christian: Now don't screw it up this time, I'm counting on you to get it right. You get it wrong again, that's 3 strikes and you get a slap on the back of the head.

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: I'm here with... The Peeps Champ, Christian, and...

Scene - Christian winds up and slaps Michael on the back of the head.

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: What?! What did I do wrong that time?! I announced you as the Peeps Champ, Christian just like you said.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Yeah, but you didn't capitalize the C in Christian.

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: What? How the hell would you know?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Oh I know! Now, just get on with it.

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: So... Christian, tonight you're going into your second shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Just like your first shot at the World Title, your long term rival of Chris Jericho will oppose you in the match, but you're also against a man you've never fought here in the Global Wrestling Federation, and that man is the current World Heavyweight Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin. How do you feel going into tonight?

Captain Charisma || Christian: How do you think I feel Michael? Look at me. Look at this tight six pack. Look at this beautifully gelled hair. Look at this rock hard, tight buttox! I'm lookin' good and when I'm looking good, I'm feeling good... and I'm never not looking good. Just like I felt when I entered the Royal Rumble, I'm feeling damn confident and I know my Christian Coalition all feels the same way! Do you think it matters to me that I haven't been in the ring with Austin before here in the GWA? Look at how many people I've never faced before and look at the number of times I have beaten them, so what's the difference when its Steve Austin? I've only had two.. TWO losses here since I joined the company. That's very little Michael. When you throw out the record books and actually look what happened in the matches, I never lost.. I'm still undefeated. No, really, I am. Not a single person has beat me clean. Look at the way Chris Jericho had to resort to beat me. He had his right hand man Ric Flair as the special guest referee. Even then he still had to have Randy Orton come out to the ring and give me the RKO to get the win over me. I mean, my god, how much help does a man need? My other loss, a match against The Rock just a couple of weeks ago. Only reason he beat me was because Chris Jericho got himself involved in the match, gave me the Walls of Jericho as I was about to hit the Unprettier on The Rock and injured my back! I'm undefeated Michael! UN-DE-FEATED! I've got more revenge to get in this match than either Jericho or Austin too, so I've got an ass kicking to give out for a purpose here. Chris Jericho cost me my match with The Rock and he robbed me of my World Title back at Summerslam... Steve Austin absolutely DRENCHED me with beer from that beer truck he drove out on Raw. He just wouldn't let up on it, I was drunk all night from the beer that got poured down my throat from that ridiculous attack! We'll see who's laughing next when I'm the one in the ring celebrating with the World Title in my hands and pouring beer down his throat.

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: Speaking of what Steve Austin did on Raw, what he said before he brought the beer truck out left lots to questions.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Whoa, wait, questions about what?

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: All that stuff that was pulled out of your gym bag... Playgirl featuring Shawn Michaels from 1996, a dildo signed by Chris Jericho, a...

Captain Charisma || Christian: None of it was real! Not a damn thing! It was obviously planted in there by Steve Austin. Why would I bring that stuff to the arena in my gym bag? Do I look gay to you? I dated Trish Stratus damnit!

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: But you also dumped Trish Stratus.

Captain Charisma || Christian: What's your point?

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: What kind of straight man dumps Trish Stratus? Look at her...

Captain Charisma || Christian: Are you calling me gay Michael? Are you trying to imply that I'm a god damn homosexual? That's perposterous! That's ridiculous! That's outrageous! I've got nothing against gay people besides the fact that they sicken me, but I've got gay friends... Well, I know gay people. Well, I know you.

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: Me, gay? I'm a married man.

Captain Charisma || Christian: What does that prove? I thought you were married to that cow Betsy or whatever her name was, wasn't it?

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: No, The Rock just made that story up years ago.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Nu uh, I saw the pictures, don't you dare try to get that passed me. A man standing here with a K-Mart Brand suit on and hair jelled up like he wants to be a Backstreet Boy can't get anything passed me.

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: I...

Captain Charisma || Christian: No, no argueing!

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: Fine... Standard question here. Where do you see yourself in six months?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Better question. Where do YOU see me in six months?

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: Uhh... I'm just the interviewer, I'm not supposed to be the one being interviewed here.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Well, before I go on, just have to say that you're not much of an interviewer. But where do I see myself in six months? I see me wrestling myself right on in to the Global Wrestling Federation Hall of Fame baby! After tonight when I show the world that I am World Heavyweight Championship material, I'm going to go on to break the record books. I'll take on all comers, I'll beat all comers. Frankie Kazarian, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Mike Sanders, I'll take them all out just to prove I deserve to be where I am. Not only will I be so successful that I'll beat out Randy Orton's World Title reign length, I'll go one step further and beat the “legendary” Chris Candido's record to prove I am the absolute best there is. Six months ahead in my future is a very long undefeated streak as World Champion. Six years into the future... I'll have accomplished the greatest wrestler EVER! I'll be so damn good I'll be a god!

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: A... god?

Captain Charisma || Christian: Well... Maybe not a god but you know what I mean... Shut up, you made me lose my train of thought damnit! Now where was I?

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: You'll be so good you'll be a god.

Captain Charisma || Christian: Right! I'll be so good I'll be a god! And... that's the answer to your question. Now, is there anything else you wanted to ask me?

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: Well, there's one more question.

Captain Charisma || Christian: I'm glad to see we're finished then. I'll probably see you next time I want to have nothing to do with you, right?

Scene - Christian walks off down the hall from Michael Cole back on his way to LXG's private skybox.

I Wish I could Interview || Michael Cole: Well, there you have it ladies and gentleman... That was Captain Charisma himself, Christian...