I hope this clippings collection proves a big success as I love looking at those clips of the line-ups from the old days. I often find myself looking at some of those line-ups and thinking how lucky some wrestling fans were to be able to go and watch this. And even accounting for inflation $4 or $5 for ringside to watch some of these cards was a steal.

I hope the quest to find the "intelligent wrestling fan" is having some results. It's a bit like the old TV series The Fugitive, David Janssen was always looking for the one-armed man, he knew the son of bitch was out there, but he just couldn't find him.

There is an audience out there who just don't know yet about WT&N, and I think that sooner or later someone will be surfing the net and find the site and discover just what they were looking for and what they have been missing out on.

I am probably the perfect example of this. I think it was October '97 when I went to buy some old "Wrestling News" issues from LAZ (of Piledriver fame) and we were talking about Fred Blassie when he showed me the 1996 Annual. I ended up buying it off him and then discovered this treasure chest of wrestling nostalgia called WT&N.

Here I am a couple of years later and I've redecorated a room in my house with WT&N very prominent as wallpaper. By the way, I had the December '98 cover copied by a friend who had a really good copier and that put Jeff Archer up on the wall. Recent photos of myself and family with Mario Milano have put "us" up on the walls along with such dignitaries as Blassie, Kowalski, Abdullah, etc., etc.

If ever you would like to join this elite group, then just send me a picture of yourself and let me know where you would like to "hang" and you will be added. Jeff Archer is situated straight ahead to the left from a standing position or over the right shoulder from the single seated throne view. And to think that some people actually think us Australians have no class, huh?

By the way, in 1958 Ava Gardner and Gregory Peck were in my home town of Melbourne to film the movie On the Beach. Ava Gardner by all accounts was not impressed with Melbourne and uttered the famous quote, "I'm here to make a film about the end of the world, and this sure is the place for it." Needless to say, this did not endear Ava Gardner to Melbourne and vise versa.

Enclosed is a photo of me with Mario Milano. It was taken July 10, 1999. According to an issue of Australian Wrestling News from 1967, Mario was said to be 27 then, so this makes him either 58 or 59. He is still in very good shape (definitely in better shape than me).

Take care of yourself, Evan, and if you're not a true wrestling journalist, then I don't know who is. Actually, what the hell is a true wrestling journalist?

And just remember when you're teaching those students of yours, it doesn't matter whether English is their first, second or third language--there IS only one way to spell this name, and that is G-E-O-F-F. . . .


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Another character! By the way, I've found plenty of intelligent readers, but I'm always hunting for more. E.G.]

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