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Visual 1

Slamming "Nite-Stic", thanks to Randy from the Independent Insiders for this great pic

In the gym

Elbow drop from the top rope!

The aftermath of a hard match against Rampage in Roxboro NC for PCW

Duke Richards fell victim to the "Milk Drop" in SCW action in Raleigh

With Chris Cameron from Q-98 Radio and Simply Delecious Dino

Cornelia Georgia, NWA Wildside

With DJ P-Roc after winning the ICW tag team titles in Wilmington NC

Ring Wars Carolina 2003 Poster

With "Fit Finlay" and "Squire David Taylor" from WCW

Hard-Drive: Krash and Rampage

Hard-Drive. This pic taken in Sanford NC after winning the New Frontier Tag belts.

Drinking milk on the way to the ring!

Digital Art reproduction being bodyslammed by Mean Marc Ash

Krash in the Champs Car!

Udder Cream Racing!