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That September Day

I watched in Horror as the skies turned black. Wondering if this was a movie or some cruel prank. I sat transfixed as the reporters did their best and try and make sense of what has happened this day. I saw with my own eyes terror so great, Thinking this cant be happening, Not here. I cant help but feel sorrow and pain for the people and families lost as I watched in dismay. Then I saw this great nation pull together, United as one people. The evil that was behind this act of cowardism failed in its attempt to bring America down. The tears I now shed were for pride and not just for loss. United we stand no longer just mere words. Instead it is the truth of the Americian way, How we live and die, Freedom will reign!

I Watched

I watched as she taught. I watched as she gave. I watched as she provided and I watched as she forgave. I watched as a child. I watched as I grew older. I watched as her first born. I watched as her son. I watched as she loved. I watched as she spoke and I watched when she did'nt. I watched when she did'nt know I was watching and watched when she knew I would be watching. I watched when I did'nt want to watch, And I watched when I wanted to watch. I watched from a distance and I watched from near. I watched as she grew older and I watched as she grew sick. I watched with pride for being her own and I watched with fear for being left alone. I watched as she cried. I watched as she slept. I watched as she went home, I watched as she died.

Appointed Time

You cheated another of their appointed time. Doing what should have been God's deed in his own time. Your choice you made, whatever the reason. You murdered, now you must live with that image engraved inside your mind. Your capture gave relief to loved ones left, as your loved ones just began to grieve for you. The process of justice handed down the ultimate price for the ultimate crime, your life is due. Your appointed time has now come, Closure for a few, emptiness for others. You ask is this God's will? This wheel of justice was set in motion by your actions that day. Today the wheel stops turning, no matter how you feel. For cheating another of their appointed time, with your life you will pay.

Tiny Red Dot

All I could see was the sights lined up against the dark shape of a human head. The gun he held and the hostage he has was the reason I was there. Me praying that no one would end up dead. My heartbeat and breathing drowned out all other sounds as he screamed profanities at us. This picture was clear as he became irrate. Cursing and threatening our trust. As time went by, the "green light" was given to stop the threat, to take that shot. With steady aim and a controlled breath, his upper lip was illuminated by one tiny red dot. In mid yell, His head snaped back, his body went limp as his victim fell safely away. This threat no more, now still as the shot rang out, I fell back, fighting back my tears. The hostage now free, While I try and cope with this life I had to take today.


He opens his eyes slowly as she walks by. In the shadows he is hidden. Waiting quiet and still. He stalkes his prey with precision and care. He knows when to walk and when to run. To him its all a big thrill. As the time draws near, His pulse quickens as his heart beat pounds in his ears. Like an animal on the hunt, He quickly and violently snatches his victim, For her, There is not even time for tears. His deed now done he leaves her there. Not caring if she lives or dies, He is off to hide. Until this monster is caught he awaits to kill again. And kill he will, For it is part of his pride. For it is in his blood this thirst he has. How sickening it may be, He has no remorse. He lives for the chance, The thrill of his next victim. Ever watching, Until it rises up in him again, This uncontrolable force.

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