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Rob Szatkowsk or better know to the wrestling world as Rob Van Dam for his uncanny resemblence to Jean-Claude Van Damme and his incredible arieal and mat wrestling ability he was an extremely talented kick boxer. He combined his great athletic ability with the strength which he gained from strenuous workouts to fend off opponents of all sizes. His 23-month reign as ECW World Television Champion is the longest any ECW wrestler held a title during the promotion's eight year existence. You can find Rob Van Dam on T-shirts, hats, stickers, photos, and the covers of dozens of wrestling magazines. He can be seen in movies, TV shows, wrestling matches, video games and various wrestling compilations. As the WWF Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam displays his unlimited athletic ability to over 35 million viewers worldwide each week. As a person, Rob Van Dam is always meeting, greeting and signing autographs for his fans, whether it's before or after a show, or at an RVD Appreciation Day or one of his personal appearances. He always leaves his fans with a smile on their face when he meets them and understands that without the fans support, Rob Van Dam is just one man. But over the course of his glorious career as a professional wrestler Rob Van Dam has proven to be so much more than just one man. When he hit his finshing move the 5 star frog splash all you here is RVD!RVD!RVD! That is way Rob Van Dam is The Whole F'n Show. BIO Real Name: Rob Szatkowski Date of Birth: 12/18/1970 Birthplace: Battle Creek, Michigan Height: 6' 0 Weight: 237 pounds Marital Status: Married to Sonya Resides: San Pedro, California Pets: Xena (Chihuahua) Favorite Band: Kottonmouth Kings Pro Debut: Defeated Dango Nguyen in Toledo, OH 1990 ECW Debut: Defeated Axl Rotten in Philadelphia, PA 1996 WCW Debut: Late 1992 under name of Robbie V. WWF Debut: 1997 Raw is war Nicknames: Mr. Monday Night, The Whole Fn Show & Mr. PPV RVD Singles Title Reigns: ECW TV Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion Tag Team Title Reigns: 2-time ECW World Tag Team Champion (w/Sabu PPV Record: 16-2-1 Trademark Moves: Split-Legged Moonsault, Van Daminator, 5 Star Frog Splash & Van Terminator ONE OF A KIND-BREAKING POINT,IS ON WWF FORCEABLE ENTRY CD IN THE SHOPS NOW! BREAKING POINT ALBUM CAN BE BOUGHT AT WWW.OCTIPAS.COM


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He has already pinned taker for the undisputed title and had it taken away from him,because of ric flair coming out and demanding the match to be continued because of takers foot being on the rope!