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Height: 5' 9"/// Weight: 205 pounds/// From: Japan /// Career Highlights: WWE Light Heavyweight Champion; ECW Television Champion; ECW Tag Team Champion; WWE Cruiserweight Championship(2)


"The Japanese Buzzsaw" has proven himself in WWE by winning and clinging to the Cruiserweight Championship! But those familiar with Tajiri's style are not surprised that he's been successful in the WWE. While on a tour of Mexico, Tajiri incorporated a high flying Lucha Libre style into his background of martial arts and Japanese shoot wrestling to become one of the top young junior heavyweights in the world. In 1998, Paul Heyman gave Tajiri an opportunity in Extreme Championship Wrestling, where the Japanese Buzzsaw worked a series of memorable matches, including a few with current WWE Superstar Tazz. Tajiri's blinding, rapid-fire kicks to the face and an unorthodox maneuver called the Tarantula earned respect thought the sports-entertainment world, and an eventual ticket to the WWE.