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Shannon Moore

Date of Birth: July 27, 1979/// Sun Sign: Leo/// Height: 5'8" /// Weight: 175 lbs/// Hair: Black/Blonde /// Eyes: Green /// Born In: Ashboro, NC/// Hometown: Cameron, NC /// Parents' Names: Gilbert and Sandra Moore/// Siblings (from oldest to youngest): Mark, Kim and Jason (Shannon is the youngest) /// Hobbies: Motor cross /// Pets: Satan (Iguana), Sabbath (Rottweiler), Sabu (Wolf)/// Car: Special edition Mustang JACK ROUSH /// Motorcycle: Honda CBR 900RR, Dirt bike CR125/// Jet ski: KXI 1100 /// Piercings: Ears and left eyebrow /// Tattoo: Left forearm /// Professional Information: Debut: April 8, 1995 /// WCW Debut: May 7th, 1999 /// Former Personas: My first match I was Enigma, then I changed it to Kid Dynamo, then I was a member of WCW's 3 Count, and now... Shannon Moore 2001 PWI 500 Ranking: 92nd /// Titles Held: HWA Tag Team Champions (w/Evan Karagias), WCW Hardcore Champion, Omega/NCW/ACW Light Heavyweight Champion, Omega/NCW Heavyweight Champion /// Finishing Moves: Bottom's Up /// Favorite Move: Bottom's Up /// Favorite Wrestler (all time): Shawn Michaels /// Favorite Wrestler (current): Triple H /// Favorite match (ever seen): Benoit and Regal at the Pillman Show, and the first ladder match Matt and Jeff (The Hardy Boyz) had. /// Favorites: Movies: Powder, All Nightmare on Elm Street /// Bands: Pearl Jam, Marilyn Manson /// Song: Yellow Ledbetter (Pearl Jam)/// Favorite Restaurant: Mount Fuji (Aberdeen, NC) /// Sports (other than wrestling): Basketball, Baseball, and Football /// Cartoon Characters: Scooby Doo, Road Runner /// TV Show: MTV Cribs /// Actor: Mark Wahlberg/// Actress: Reese Witherspoon /// Holiday: Halloween /// Store: Red Balls (Los Angeles, CA)