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CHRIS NOWINSKI /// Height: 6' 5"/// Weight: 270 pounds

Chris Nowinski holds a degree from Harvard, and he's proud of it. But Nowinski is not proud of the fact that he lost out to Maven for the for Tough Enough Championship. The fact that he didn't win a WWE contract during the competition didn't slow his training, however. He actually became more determined than ever to become a WWE Superstar. WWE officials were forced to take notice of the brainy, athletic Nowinski. During an episode of RAW, the former Crimson football player jumped out of the crowd and slipped a pair of brass knuckles to William Regal. After felling his opponent with the "power of the punch," Regal strolled up the exit ramp with Nowinski grinning proudly at his side. Nowinski and Regal have continued to work together, forming perhaps the most diabolical and clever partnerships in WWE.