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Hirings and Firings of the WWE!

SCOTT STEINER/GOLDBERG SIGNING The latest on negotiations between Scott Steiner and the WWE are still on a hault. WWE continues to review medial reports for Scott Steiner, who has a history with injuries. There have been contacts back and forth between the two, with WWE having Scott Steiner take a few different company physicals, the main one of which I was told he passed. While WWE is a bit nervous on taking a big money risk in bringing in Steiner, if numbers continue to drop many speculate that the WWE will do what is needed to pick numbers back up. Bringing in a major player such as Scott Steiner could be the treatment for plummiting WWE numbers. Goldberg continues to play the agressor in negotiations with various promotions across the country. As pertains to WWE, Goldberg could debut on SmackDown! tonight if he decides to as WWE is said to be more than interested to the point where they would sign him at any moment if he agrees. As relates to Goldberg's end, he is fishing around and will be taking whichever offers the most money, without a doubt. The only thing working into play is the amount of money per amount of dates. Goldberg is said to be interested in making the most money possible, while working the least amount of dates possible. That does not rule out WWE however, as they could work a deal for Goldberg to only appear on television and pay-per views, which would round off to around 8-10 dates per month. If the money was right for a deal in that situation, we would likely see Goldberg in the WWE.


RAW------- The only ones fired from the WWE so far. This includes the nWo's Scott Hall(razor ramone)he had some dispute on board a cruiseliner with fellow WWE superstar Mr Perfect(curt Hennig)resulting in ammediate firing! both Scott hall and Mr Perfect have been fired,also Micheal p.s Hayes was there in the dispute so he could be out the door as well! Ric Flair said on RAW that Hall was not pulling his weight so they had to let him go!


RAW------------------- The newest hirings are D-lo Brown SMACKDOWN------------- The newest Hirings are Dieken Beutista and Orton

Paul Heymans hiring!

Brock Lesnar"the next big thing" has beaten down both the hardys,rikishi and now he is going for the Dudley they call Bubba! Could the next big thing be the future Undisputed champion?