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Tommy Dreamer

TOMMY DREAMER /// Height: 6' 1"/// Weight: 260 pounds/// Career Highlights: Hardcore Champion; ECW World Heavyweight Champion; ECW Tag Team Champion (2)


There doesn't seem to be anything that Tommy Dreamer won't put in his mouth. Dreamer's appetite for the bizarre came to light with his recent RAW segments that show him sharing a toothbrush with his dog, shaving his tongue, wolfing down human hair and quenching his thirst with a cool cup of toilet water. Dreamer caught the eye of Undisputed Champion the Undertaker and got a title shot thanks to his ability to choke down anything in front of him. A bit extreme, yes, but fans have known for years just how extreme Tommy Dreamer is. Tommy Dreamer was a member of ECW since its inception in 1993. And despite numerous offers to jump to the old WCW or WWE, Dreamer stayed true to his roots, and became perhaps the most recognized ECW star in the company's history. The journey that the Innovator of Violence took to get here, however, was so arduous that Dreamer said he needed to stop and regroup for a few moments after he made his shocking appearance on RAW. The brutal marathon had finally come to an end. "I broke my neck in ECW. I broke my back in ECW," Dreamer said. "I stayed there from the beginning to the end. I thought everything I did was worthless. For us to get the ovation (we got on RAW), it meant a lot to me." But Dreamer, who's had 16 documented concussions and scars remaining from the time he was caned 10 times in 1994, says he has no regrets. After all, "this is all I ever wanted to do." Throughout all the heartache and pain, Dreamer became an ECW icon and stood for everything ECW represented. For years, fans admired Dreamer's tenacity during his bloody feud with his childhood enemy, Raven. Believe it or not, Dreamer and Raven reluctantly formed a tag team and became ECW Tag Team Champions. At one point, Dreamer was crowned ECW World Champion -- albeit for about 10 minutes before losing the belt to Justin Credible. But giving his heart and soul to the business has always meant more to Dreamer than championship gold