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BUBBA RAY DUDLEY /// Height: 6' 4"/// Weight: 275 pounds/// From: Dudleyville/// Favorite Quote: "Get the tables!"/// Finishing move: Bubba Bomb/// Career Highlights: Hardcore Champion (2); WWE Tag Team Champion (6); WCW Tag Team Champion; ECW Tag Team Champion (8)

Since the break-up of the Dudley Boyz -- considered by many to be the greatest tag team of all time -- Bubba Ray Dudley has found his niche on RAW as a member of the Hardcore division. He won the Hardcore Championship in his very first singles match, and since then, he has blazed a path of no-holds-barred destruction every Monday night! As of late, Bubba has added a new arsenal to his repertoire -- the big man likes to dance! When he gets his feet moving, it never fails to get the fans cheering!