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CHRIS BENOIT /// Height: 5' 10"/// Weight: 235 pounds/// From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada/// Favorite Quote: "Prove me wrong!"/// Finishing move: Crossface/// Career Highlights: WCW Champion; Intercontinental Champion (3); WCW U.S. Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion; WCW Tag Team Champion (3); ECW Tag Team Champion

Chris Benoit touts himself as the greatest technical wrestler in the world -- and few would argue with him. Benoit's journey to get to World Wrestling Entertainment began in his hometown in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After working years in Canada, Japan, Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling, Benoit finally entered WWE in 1999, along with his friends Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Eddie Guerrero. Benoit quickly found success in WWE, capturing the Intercontinental Championship numerous times, and even becoming WWE Tag Team Champion along with Chris Jericho. After being forced to sit out from in-ring action for more than a year, Chris Benoit returned to WWE programming on June 3, 2002, on RAW, which was airing live from his hometown in Edmonton. Since returning, Benoit has made it clear that he wants to be back right where he was before his injury -- right in the middle of the WWE Undisputed Title hunt!