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The Page of Cool...

My friend Missy once said to me, "Sam why are you so cool? You should write a book about it."

So i did the next best thing...

Made a crappy website

I decided to use as little color as possible to reduce exposing the cheapness of this website, as colors are prone to do so.

In here you will find...

  • Pictures of craziness
  • Stories of craziness
  • And the secret of how to be awesome

    If you would like to a submit an article for this website email me ( with an article (preferable involving craziness and pictures), a short 1 paragraph bio and an "artsy" picture of yourself. (make sure its artsy) And i'll send you the things you need in order to be awesome. Or reject you on basis of sucking.

    But probably no one will send me anything, cause you're all LOSERS!!!

    Disclaimer...This website will most likely not make you more popular. In fact if you attempt any of these things you run the risk of being laughed at and ostracized from the average student body. Realize that these feats are done by trained professionals who have little or no dignity left to lose.

    P.S. The whole cool thing does help my bashed self-esteem. So please let me have my glory.

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    Canada is for lovers
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