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Born: Ohio

Raised: NYC/Queens

Height 6' Weight 220 lbs.

Birthday: April 24, 1970

Brian loves to play with knives! He's a martial arts expert with a proficiency in several weapons including knives, hatchets, and axes, the Jo Staff, Sword, Nunchaku, Escrima sticks, and guns. His primary martial arts study is Ninjutsu, which he has studied for the last nine years. But he has studied the martial arts as a whole for 18 years, since he was 10.

Brian "The Blade" was a contender on American Gladiators, and holds the world record for the Wall event.

Brian Was an extra on the Mortal Kombat TV series. He hopes to do more martial arts and/or stunt work for film and television in the future.

Wrestling Experience: WWE: Monday Night Raw, Jakked, Metal WWE Developemental Camp, Memphis TN XWF Developemental Camp, Tampa FL. The Funking Conservatory, Ocala FL

Education: MBA 3.8 Clarkson U. B.A. 3.5 State U of New York

Background: 20 years martial arts Mixed Martial Arts Training includes Ninjutsu 12years, Seshintekikyoyo 12 years, Aikido 4 years, Tae Kwon Do / Tang Soo Do / Kickboxing 6 years, Amateur Wrestling (High School, college) 6 years, Weapons include: Jo Staff, Nunchaku, sword, and Shurikenjutsu (throwing knives and blades).