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Jason Lee Is Greatness

Jason Lee is Greatness



Anybody Who Gets In His Way

Battle Royal

|~!~Greatness Will Prevail~!~|

~ It's just five days left untill Impact where there will be a Battle Royal for a X Title shot. The scene opens up showing Kid 2 Xtreme being interveiwed by Joey Mathews. Kid 2 Xtreme finally gets to the end of his pathetic speach and the scene fades out. The scene comes back in with Jason Lee standing along side Joey Mathews. Jason Lee is standing with his hands on his hips and a smirk on his face not believing what he just heard. Joey Mathews brings the microphone to his face and begins to speak.~

Joey Mathews:

"Jason Lee, We are now just five days away from the biggest match in your career here in the WWCF. You just heard what Kid 2 Xtreme had to say about it, How do you feel about what he had to say"?

Jason Lee:

"You know what, Mathews. I really don't give a damn about what he thinks. Nobody even knows who this kid is and he's saying theres no competition in there for him. Is he crazy? The other superstars might not be competition, But Jason Lee IS! This little punk is talkin' trash like he is actually good. Talkin' about Ryan Daley and Dave Hunter is the only ones who will be a problem. He must not know about Jason Lee. Wich is hard to believe, But Im undefeated, Pal! You better show me some repesct, Cause i'll take your ass out even before the Battle Royal! Now at first i didn't know who Ryan Daley or Dave Hunter was, But i've done some research and i see that they are pretty good in that ring, BUT! They can't match Jason Lee's talent! Jason Lee is on a whole nother level. My level can't be reached by anyone! Not here in the WWCF. Not in the WWE, NO WHERE! I truely am "God's Gift"! And i know, I just know that Dave Hunter doesn't think that he can win this match....Hell he couldn't even beat Harlem Dragon one on one! He had to have somebody come to the ring and save his ass! So how in the hell does he plan to step into the ring with so many other "wrestlers" and win? Come on now".

Joey Mathews:

"Are you aware that Dave Hunter is a part of the Corporate Coalition? With the fifty percent owner of the WWCF.

Jason Lee:

"Yes, Im aware of that you stupid ass! How could i not be? And it's been going through my mind if it comes down to me and Davey boy as the final two superstars in that ring how can i come out on top? I mean it's only one me against Dave AND Luke Johnson. I have a little respect for this guy, But when it comes to matches he's a CHEAT!...And i can't blame him, Cause i would do the same damn thing. If you had the oppertunity to win a match wouldn't you take it by cheating"?

Joey Mathews:

"Well, I guess i would..."

Jason Lee:

"Of course you would! Theres no doubt about it,But since Jason Lee doesn't hang around with other people. I don't have any help. So i gotta win this match alone and thats what i WILL DO! So Dave you can try to cheat your way to victory, But if Jason Lee's in that ring when it comes down to you...I won't let it happen! Pigs will fly over a frozen hell before i let a cheat like you defeat me! This is my damn time and no one will stop me! It is my Destiny to win gold in the WWCF and it's finally about to happen! And if your fake sideburn wearin', steroid poppin' ass steps in my way...I will run straight through you! I don't give a damn how many titles you've won outside of this company. You've had no succes here! While i have three straight victories and after Impact it will be FOUR! You better stick to crying about being the "Second Fiddle" or whatever you called it, Because after you step into that ring with me, Boy. You'll be lucky if you can even walk out of the match"!

Jason Lee:

"Im prefection damnit! I WILL NOT get screwed out of that match. I WILL NOT! Im a force damnit, When i think of a Championship i go crazy! Your not gonna take my chance. I refuse to let you take my damn chance! I will hunt you down and rip you limb from limb if you screw me! Im not the guy you wanna mess with, Dave! and Luke, I don't give a damn if your part owner or not. If you stick your nose in my buisness, Your goin' down too!

~ Jason begins pulling on the little hair he has and talking to himself as Joey Mathews looks a little scared. ~

Joey Mathews:

"Jason, Calm down. You're not gonna get screwed. Dave Hunter is a bigger man than that. It will be a fair fight and the best man will win. Can I get your thoughts on this Myster Superstar? Who do you think it could be"?

Jason Lee:

"It doesn't matter who he is! All he is doing is talkin' on a damn phone. I don't care aboue him. He's not a worry, It's probably some no talent loser who couldn't make it before and is trying to give it another shot. But he's doing it at the wrong time! He's making a "Return" i'll end his "Return" and career before he can even steps into the ring"!

Joey Mathews:

"Well, Thanks for your time Jason, Good Luck in five days on Impact".

~ The scene cuts to a commercial break. ~

|Adrenaline tomorrow night on Spike Tv|
|CD In Stores Now|
|What will happen on Impact|

~ The scene comes back from the commercial break and the scene is in Jason Lee's locker room. Jason Lee is seen watching his moniter and once he sees Dave Hunter on the commercial he pushes the moniter over and breaks it. ~

Jason Lee:"He always has to be in the spot light! Well It's my time now damnit"!

~ Jason gets up and pushes his locker room door open and storms out and down the corridor. He storms past the Corporate Coalition's locker room. He comes to a stop quickly and turns towards the door. He knocks on the door but nobody answers it. He kicks it open and walks in but there isn't a person in sight. Jason looks around and smirks as he then begins trashing the locker room! He throws pictures all over the place busting glass on the wall. He tips the couch over though a table and then rushes out through the door quickly. ~

~ Moments later Let's Go blares over the P.A System as the fans rise to their feet booing and jeering. Jason pushes the curtains aside and walks out onto the stage with a huge smile on his face. He walks half way down the ramp and stops looking out into the booin audiance. He gives them a quick pose and continues for the ring as pyrotechnics shoot off behind him. ~

~ He climbs into the ring and walks straight for the ring announcer and snatches his microphone as the music dies down. He brings the mic to his lips and prepares to talk. ~

Jason Lee:

"Im not out here to run my mouth to you idiots in the crowd today, Oh no! Im not running my mouth. I just want to prove to everybody in the backstage area that i have what it takes to become the next X Champion! I want to prove that i am Championship Material"!

Jason Lee:

"SO what i want right now is for someone in that backstage area to come into this ring and face me like a man damnit"!

~ Jason Lee lowers the mic from his face and stares at the stage waiting for someone to come out, But no one comes out. Jason reaches into his pants and pulls out a wad of cash. He brings the microphone back to his mouth. ~

Jason Lee:

"Okay, I don't have the patience to be waiting all night. So what im gonna do is offer a total of twelve hundred dollars to some poor pathetic fans in the crowd to come on down and face me like men".

~ Jason looks around the crowd high and low and finally finds a row of people. ~

Jason Lee:

"Okay, You three come into this ring and make it quick"!

~ The three fans step over the baracde onto the mat and they climb the ring steps and step between the ropes and into the ring. Jason walks over to them slowly as each one gets a nervous look on their facees. ~

Jason Lee:

"Okay, What are your names"?

~ He points the mic to them. ~


"Im Mike".

Other Fan:

"My names Steve..."

Fan number three:

"My name is...Dave".

~ Befoe another word is said Jason Lee strkes the fan in the head with the microphone! The other two run up to help him but Jason Lee smacks them in the head also with it. He then Just starts hammering away at them with rights and lefts. ~

~ The WWCF officials rush to the ring to stop the maddness as they hold Jason back the scene ends with Jason yelling. ~

Jason Lee:


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