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The normal sh*t dude. Dont steal my layout. Dont steal my rp.
 This rp is in no way affiliated with the WWE or nwa/tna.
 If you are offended by some few words of profanity,
 I suggest you stop wearing a dress and grow the F*CK UP!!!
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Current and Important Character Details

 Next match - Vs Mark "Humpy" Humphreys - Houseshow

Allies - Oh So Sexay Wife Stefanie

Achievements -
UNDEFEATED!!! AWF Champ (Merged into ER title with NXW title)
Former US Champ X2 (No pin or submit to lose title 1st time, Vacated 2nd time)
Former TV Champ X2 (Vacated belt both times)
Former 2 Time ERW Champion. (Wasn't involved to lose title first time. Wasn't in Arena during pin fall. Relinquished title second time)
 World Champion from 23rd May 2002 - 23rd November: 6 Months World Champion under DG management!!!
 First and Only Person to hold US, TV and WORLD Titles at same time!
Former Undefeated Tag champion! (vacated due to ER closing down)
King of All Federation Tournaments,
King of Battle Royals winning All Federation Battle Royal,
King Of Ladder Matches
King of HARDCORE matches,

Records -
Winning Streak of 8 Matches
Winning Streak of 10 matches,
Winning Streak of 15 matches,
Winning Streak of 5 matches,
 Screwed Five times, Unfortunately!
 Current Winning Streak of 13 matches!!
ONLY been pinned three times. By Pig Ging, Sharron and Dam B*tch but never one on one. Either in Triple Threat or 3 on 1 Elimination Handicap match
Lost other times:
During First Blood Match despite being cut open SECOND.
 During a Free For All but didn't get Pinned, didn't Submit, didn't get counted out or disqualified to lose World title. Wasnt even part of match at the time

OOC Comment - Debut But need new layout!! (Hint Hint)




Hours before Unleashed is set to go live in Denver. Fans packing in, wrestlers getting ready. But our cameras go the nearest 5 star motel room where only one wrestler can afford to live. Thats right. Tera Rysin!! Tera wakes up in his motel room. You can clearly see that Tera has opted to spend the night in a expensive motel, seen as his room has a large bed, two tvs, a big cupboard and a huge huge mirror. Tera lifts his head up, finding himself still wearing the clothes he wore last night and sleeping face down ontop of the covers. He moves to sit up on one side of the bed and cradles his head. The shower can be heard running. Why? Because its none other than Teras wife occupying it. The lovely Stefanie... Tera stretches his arms out as he yawns and then reaches to the drawer on his side of the bed. He opens it and sees a phone. The reason he grabs it has 3 missed calls and one voice mesage. He picks it up and sees the name WWC Logan. He listens to the voice mesage. But to the chagrin of all you loyal readers, we cant hear the message. Tera tosses the phone and yawns when theres a knock on the door. The ShowStealer finds himself in his boxers as he walks over to the door. He opens it. Its a package at his motel room?? WTF?? Nonetheless he signs the note and takes the delivery. He closes the door as he hears a voice from the bathroom.

|| Stefanie || Who was it??

|| Tera || Dont worry babe. Just a delivery.

Stef continues her shower as Tera unwraps the package and opens it up. He sees a gun with a note attached. The camera reads it.

"To Tera Rysin... From Vin Diesel. Good luck"

Of course as Tera is a household name around the world, he has his peepz. Celebrities amongst them. He wonders what to do as he picks it up.

|| Tera || O...k???

Tera then stands up and grins. He then walks over to the mirror, pointing the gun at his mirror reflection.

|| Tera || Are you talking to me?! I said... Are YOU... Talking... To ME!?

Tera chuckles at himself. But suddenly his face turns cold and serious.

|| Tera || You nothing you know that? Nothing....

He then uses his free hand to stroke his waist through his t-shirt. Where the WWC title will soon be.

|| Tera || Without the gold... You have no power. Your powerless Tera. Powerless to prevent your decline into midcard. Powerless to prevent yourself from becoming nothing more than a former World Champion. There you have it Tera. The thing your always going to be known as. Former Champion. Not greatest World Champion. Nothing but a former Champion.

Tera then brings his arm up to point the gun directly at the mirror.

|| Tera || They all think youre nothing without that title.... That your the biggest loser in the WWC... Prove them WRONG!!!

Tera, already checking before its empty, pulls the trigger. Nothing happens as expected as Tera laughs.... He puts the gun, which featured in Triple X down, as he begins to get changed for a shower. Stefanie walks out drying her hair with one towel whilst wrapped with another. Stef looks at Tera.

|| Stefanie || Are you ok?

|| Tera || Oh yeah, I'm fine. Youz?

|| Stefanie || Tired.

Tera grins knowing why.

|| Stefanie || So how does it feel not main eventing.

|| Tera || Yeah, I'm fine Stef, honestly. Trust me. Leaving ER was the best thing I did. I mean sure it was succesful for me, but there was nothing more for me to do. Not being world champion isnt effecting me as much as you thought it would... I'm not going to do something stupid just over losing a title belt.

Tera then sits back down on his bed as he listens to what Stef has to say.

|| Stefanie || So are you ready for Mark Humphreys?

|| Tera || Mark Humphreys?...... They've booked me against Mark Humpy? Who the hell is Mark Humpy?? Im ready as ready can be.

He laughs a little.

|| Tera || Why would WWC do that to Mark? Poor ol Mark. I mean I was told by "Ian" that I would have the best new competition. New?? Yes... Best?? I dont think so. I mean first of all that name isnt main event worthy.

|| Stefanie || Dont judge a book by its cover hun.

|| Tera || I know. Im not going to be complacent. I mean why else would I have the best win loss record known around the world. I mean sure he may have been lucky. But theres no way I can get back into the world title scene by facing a load of nobodys and wannabe's.

Tera then takes time to listen to Stef.

|| Stefanie || Tera this is the first step. You always said that you have to start somewhere. WWC is the only fed you have not held the World title in. And tonight is start of your rise tera.

Tera grins.

|| Tera || Oh yeah baby. I cant wait.

|| Stefanie || Well I do have a photoshoot tonight but I will be there to give you support.

|| Tera || Well babes. Im capable of doing this on my own. You enjoy your shoot and show the world why I have the hottest wife available. Time to have a shower. ciao for now.

Tera looks at the gun before going to the back. He looks at the camera.

|| Tera || Mark Humphreys. Unleashed you will revel in career suicide or legal homicide.

Tera walks to the shower as the scene fades.




Sephiroth (ER), Bret Corino (AWF), Kris Sage (AWF), Sean Xtreme (AWF), Big Ging (AWF), Shane McCool (AWF), Crazy Jay (ER), MadDog (ER), Hayle (ER), Barron (ER), Cody Fentenot (ER) Victor Prague (ER) The Grudge (ER) Angelus (CWF), Wildfire (ERW), MR PPV (ERW), The Thunderbolts (ERW), Knuckles (ERW), Octavion (WWC), Blood Thirst (WWC), ShowStoppahs(WWC)




|| US TITLE - 24th Feb 2002 at Breakdown - Defeated Sephiroth. ||
Lost title to Sephiroth
During First Blood Match despite cutting open Sephiroth first.



|| AWF Title - 23rd May 2002 at AWFs Explosion - Defeated Bret Corino, Sikamike and Kris Sage in one night! ||
- AWF title merged with NXW to make ER



Married Stef - 3rd August 2002  - A Week before Resurrexion ||
- Still married to the oh so beautiful Stefanie.



|| AWF World and TV - August 2002 at Resurrexion - Defeated Big Ging to gain TV title and retain World Title. ||
- Vacated TV title


|| AWF and NXW World titles into ER World Title - September 15th 2002 at Comeback - Defeated Crazy Jay and Hayle in Triple Threat. ||
- Lost World to during a 6 way match.
- Wasnt in ring or even arena when title was royally screwed from Tera
- Got screwed By DG


|| Retained ER title and gained title of BEST OF THE BEST - October 20th Best of Best at PPV - Defeated Victor, Crazy Jay, Mr PPV and MadDog.||
- Still Best of the Best




|| Retained ER World and gained US and TV to become first man and only to hold the three biggest titles in ER - November 17th 2002 at
Winner Takes All 2 - Defeated MadDog
- Vacated US title
- Vacated TV title.
- Again stating, was screwed out of the World title. Wasnt involved in result to lose title. Wasnt in match.



Won Tag team titles with Big Ging
- Sunday Night Breakdown - Defeated Two Jackoffs ||

- Vacated titles when ER closed down





Regained World title at Hostile Resurrgence winning Ladder match - 20th July 2003 - Defeated Mr PPV and Wildfire ||
- Relinquished World title when retiring from Efed