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The normal sh*t dude. Dont steal my layout. Dont steal my rp.
 This rp is in no way affiliated with the WWE or nwa/tna.
 If you are offended by some few words of profanity,
 I suggest you stop wearing a dress and grow the F*CK UP!!!
 Click the X in the top of the screen or hit the back on your server. This RP was in association with WWC. The Real Fn Deal!! Best viewed at 1152 by 864 Resolution


Current and Important Character Details

 Next match - Vs Mark "Humpy" Humphreys - Houseshow

Allies - Oh So Sexay Wife Stefanie

Achievements -
UNDEFEATED!!! AWF Champ (Merged into ER title with NXW title)
Former US Champ X2 (No pin or submit to lose title 1st time, Vacated 2nd time)
Former TV Champ X2 (Vacated belt both times)
Former 2 Time ERW Champion. (Wasn't involved to lose title first time. Wasn't in Arena during pin fall. Relinquished title second time)
 World Champion from 23rd May 2002 - 23rd November: 6 Months World Champion under DG management!!!
 First and Only Person to hold US, TV and WORLD Titles at same time!
Former Undefeated Tag champion! (vacated due to ER closing down)
King of All Federation Tournaments,
King of Battle Royals winning All Federation Battle Royal,
King Of Ladder Matches
King of HARDCORE matches,

Records -
Winning Streak of 8 Matches
Winning Streak of 10 matches,
Winning Streak of 15 matches,
Winning Streak of 5 matches,
 Screwed Five times, Unfortunately!
 Current Winning Streak of 13 matches!!
ONLY been pinned three times. By Pig Ging, Sharron and Dam B*tch but never one on one. Either in Triple Threat or 3 on 1 Elimination Handicap match
Lost other times:
During First Blood Match despite being cut open SECOND.
 During a Free For All but didn't get Pinned, didn't Submit, didn't get counted out or disqualified to lose World title. Wasnt even part of match at the time

OOC Comment - Debut But need new layout!! (Hint Hint)




The camera pans out viewing all the happenings in the WWC arena for the special WWC event which has just kicked off. The titantron starts the countdown.

The pyros explode as a special guest,the voice of WWC enters the ring. She sings the American National anthem as the crowd listen and pay their respects. As she finishes the crowd jump up and cheer loudly. They start chants of different wrestlers and then switch to a USA chant. The WWC music hits as Dean McMann walks down to the ring to the commentators desk. The crowd jeer heavily and items of food are thrown down as Dean tries to avoid it. He looks angry as he puts the headset on. Steven Bradley then walks down to the new WWC music. He gets cheered as the crowd stand on their feet. He waves to the crowd who give him a good reception. Steven puts his headset on.

Steven B: Welcome folks to a night of great magnitude. WWC. What a great ride we have been on, and this roller coaster just keeps on gettin greater. Welcome everybody to WWC. We have rumours of buyers coming in and Logan wants a good performance. Make or break. Now sitting beside me is the unpredictable Dean McMann.

Dean McMann: First of all Steven. This crowd are ignorant and don't know a great person when they see one. They are all puppets who cheer the good guy. Secondly, I am the man to do the Color Commentary. And guess what. I cant wait for Unleashedbaby! WWC is back.

SB: WWC a great ride and we want it to continue. We may be liked, we may be hated, but everybody respects us. Top notch entertainment. 

DM: Thats it Steven. WWC has entertained us. And the signings continue this week. We have got our IC champ back which is great news and we might have the TV champion. Of course we have lost the traitorous hardcore champion who lets be honest, wasnt a good champion. We have the middleweight champion back but the world title. Its vacant.... But you know what Steve. I heard Logan has a great signing or even re-signing.

SB: Who Dean?

DM: Well I dont know. It my sources say that it is a big star who will fit back into WWC.

SB: Well nonetheless we will find out soon who this man is. And if WWC deliver like normal, he will be a great wrestler.

DM: Damn right Georgy.
SB: My names Steven,

The scene switches to the back. A dark shadow is seen. The person cant be seen but the voice can be heard. It sounds similar to Logans voice. Maybe the fact we cant see him might give us a clue that it is, Logan.

Voice: Yeah.... of course your titantron is ready........ Your signing is great. Look we have your tron stored in the truck. Well I dont know a lot about you, but you shall be a great signing....... I heard about your record...Yeah yeah... ...... Yeah you may become champion, but you will have to prove yourself......... OK ill see you in a few minutes.... 

The sound of the phone closing is heard. 

Voice: Now thats great business

The camera switches back to the commentators.

SB: Wow. What was that?

DM: Great business Steven..

SB: Well..... We will see Dean.

The camera switches to the parking lot. A lot of photographers are seen. People with video cameras and notepads in their hands are waiting as a black stretch limo is seen. The lights are seen as worker of WWC walks out ready to accompany the new star. He walks up as the limo stops. The chaeuffer steps out and walks to the back door. He opens it. As the WWC camera man views it, photographers step in front and take pictures of the new star. The worker tells them to get out the way. As the cameraman is about to view the wrestler, the worker steps in the way. He looks at the man and talks to him. The worker shows the wrestler to the WWC arena. The WWC cameraman finally gets to see the wrestler, but only the back. The man is seen as a fairly built figure. He has long hair. And it seems he has the clothes of a rock star. He walks down the hallway as the camera man stops walking.


SB: Welcome back folks.

DM: This is what you missed during the break.

The camera views the titantron. It shows the worker standing outside the wrestlers locker room but the door half open. The worker is seen talking inside.

Worker: Well. Your time is coming up. I'm glad you signed. And you will get a good break here. Performance is everything. Entertain like you have done before

The worker shuts the door as the cameraman views the white door.

SB: well folks. The new superstar will be making his way out now.

DM: This is great Steven. It should change the course of entertainment.

Suddenly, Tony Chiacone enters the ring. The crowd go into a hush of silence waiting for a new star.

Tony: Ladies and gentleman. Logan has given me word. And without further adieu.....

The arena goes into pitch black. Camera flashes are taking off as the crowd cheer as loud as they can. They fall into a silence as soon a circle of light is directed at the entrance. Then suddenly over the PA System an electronic voice hits with music in the background.


The voice stops. A big explosion occurs where the reminisce of fire falling down. Then Suddenly...........

"SHOW...STEALER" is heard over the titantron.
The electronic voice echoes around the arena.

The crowd erupt as a big portion who followed WWC know this man. They stand on their feet as Evanescences BRING ME BACK TO LIFE words are heard over the PA system.

In the top of the entrance way, there is ShowStealer Tera Rysin. He stands there in the crucifix position posing with his back to the crowd. 

After three seconds he walks out lookin at the crowd. He walks down the aisle speaking to himself showing his enthusiasm at being at WWC. He looks around to the public.

SB: Ladies and gentleman. ShowStealer is here. 

Dean: This is a great coup for WWC Steven. They have got a great free agent. This is a great signing. Or resigning. Tera was a man on a mission. Im not normally ecstatic, but im so happy for WWC. 

Tera walks down the aisle.

Tera walks up the steps. In a trademark position he stands waiting. The crowd cheer as turns around and steps through the ropes and into the ring. He takes the microphone ready for the crowd to hush down....

|| Tera || It looks like The Show Stealer is here in W... W... C!

Crowd: Tera, Tera, Tera!

|| Tera || Dudes, thats all cool. Because I am Tera Rysin. The newest star of WWC and I am here, for one reason, and one reason only. To STEAL THE SHOW!!

Crowd cheer.

|| Tera || You see for almost two months.... two months.... I was out for Two boring dull months. I was sitting at home watching television. Knowing WWC was nearly extincnt. Looking at my options. Every federation I saw nearly made me retire. Thats how bad things have gotten. But then I got a call from a very person in this company..

Crowd Cheer.

|| Tera || Yeah...I was told about WWC coming back and without hesitation ... well one thing led to another and here I am. I began talks with the new owner hoping this fed will last longer. I was shown the great talent. I was shown how great things are. And this fed brought my passion and desire back. Im here not only to make a new name for myself but im here to inject the life that will save WWC. WWC is too big to go down and I will be damned if it does

Crowd cheer.

|| Tera || Now the ShowStealer has been around watching and waiting. I wanted to be 100 percent to make my mark and give my best performances. My intention is to be the WWC champion. I have the skills and the stamina. Hell I can rule. But this week on Unleashed, I will show every potential buyer why WWC is the place to be. WWC is on its way back to the top and I will make sure of it..

DM: I like this passion.

SB: Let him finish..

|| Tera || But, I will try to prove myself right. I have been training harder than ever before to make sure I am at the top of my game. And not only am I on song, but I will reak havoc! You see I have been watching the monitors. I have been watching the screens. I realise AfterMath is gone and there is a certain world title up for grabs. But it wont be handed to me. So thats why I will grab the metaphoric ladder, and I will climb the ladder. Rung by rung. And as I stated, any body wants me, they know where to find me..Now I see all the wrestlers in the back. I see Ak47.

|| Tera ||Dude. Good luck on your title defense. Ill be seeing you sometime down the line. Drunken Indian, Mexican. Whatever you are today. We WILL meet sometime down the line. You can bet your bottom dollar..

|| Tera || Now im not out here to talk and talk. Thats not my style. My debut is intended to entertain and get my point across. And thats what I will do.. You see this cool, calm and collected figure in front of you is here to make impact. And if you dont like that, there are two things you can do about it.....


Shows music hits as Show Stealer poses for the crowd. He then slides under the rope and walks to the back.

DM: I cant believe its Show Stealer.

SB: And he's intense Dean.

DM: Well... We will see if he can maintain his luck.

SB: Luck or not. As he says, he's got skills! A great win loss record.

Show gets to the top of the ramp. He stops turns around and poses for the crowds. He walks through the curtain.


Show Stealer walks back and sees Mike Wilson (cant remember who interviewer is.. sorry bout that)

Mike: Tera, Tera. Can I get a quick word with you.

|| Tera || Quick? Or are you gonna bore me?

Mike: Well I just wanted to say welcome to WWC.

|| Tera || Ok cool.

MIke: Well I want to know how you plan to SAVE WWC.

|| Tera || WWC eh? I plan to save it with my skills. My pure presence. Every buyer will realise that with Tera there is no other way.

Mike: Well at this weeks House show you will be facing Mark Humpreys. Any comments?
|| Tera || Ah good ol Humpy. What can I say? Should I go with the cliched approach or something a bit more vulgar?

Mike: Well I wasnt looking for vulgar but I.....

|| Tera || Ok how about this... "Mark Humpreys. I see you walk around this place like you own it. Well you down. When you step into the ring with me you will feel my wrath. Now everytime I have been challenged one on one I have come through the challenge and come out stronger. I will be making my way to the top of this federation. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it" So how did you like that?

Mike: Erm...

|| Tera || Predictable eh? Yeah it was. Make sure Im the only one you interview now otherwise you will get that every week. Now lets be honest. Mark Humpy?

Mike: Well he is a new signing.

|| Tera || At least its a new challenge. I was told that this federation isnt going to sign crap anymore. Thats what I like to hear. But I did see Harvey Dangers name on the card so I was a little surprised. Well anyway.. Mark Humpy. New guy eh? Well I dont know anything about you. I dont need to know anything about you. But you better learn about me. Because you are going one on one with the MVP of WWC. Im the saviour of this company and you will realise why there aint no matching me. Dude. Every thing you try will be countered. And to be honest, beating you will be as easy as 1...2...3.

Mike: Any last comments!

|| Tera || Yeah bro. Have you seen The WWC board room? I need to talk about getting my show on Unleashed. I think it will be ratings within. Ah well nevermind. Ill find it myself. WWC, prepare to be saved!!
Tera walks off as mike stands there looking as stupid as Michael Cole used to before he became a play by play for commentator for Smackdown.
The camera than cuts back to the commentators.

DM: .... ill have three hott dogs with that as well. Anything for you Steven?

SB: Please forgive him. Hes being unprofessional.

DM: I think he wants burger..

SB: Well anyway. Tera Rysin is here and that is the greatest news ive heard since Tera first signed. Prepare for our very first house show. Live in Denver this Thursday night. We will see you after this short intermission.





Sephiroth (ER), Bret Corino (AWF), Kris Sage (AWF), Sean Xtreme (AWF), Big Ging (AWF), Shane McCool (AWF), Crazy Jay (ER), MadDog (ER), Hayle (ER), Barron (ER), Cody Fentenot (ER) Victor Prague (ER) The Grudge (ER) Angelus (CWF), Wildfire (ERW), MR PPV (ERW), The Thunderbolts (ERW), Knuckles (ERW), Octavion (WWC), Blood Thirst (WWC), ShowStoppahs(WWC)




|| US TITLE - 24th Feb 2002 at Breakdown - Defeated Sephiroth. ||
Lost title to Sephiroth
During First Blood Match despite cutting open Sephiroth first.



|| AWF Title - 23rd May 2002 at AWFs Explosion - Defeated Bret Corino, Sikamike and Kris Sage in one night! ||
- AWF title merged with NXW to make ER



Married Stef - 3rd August 2002  - A Week before Resurrexion ||
- Still married to the oh so beautiful Stefanie.



|| AWF World and TV - August 2002 at Resurrexion - Defeated Big Ging to gain TV title and retain World Title. ||
- Vacated TV title


|| AWF and NXW World titles into ER World Title - September 15th 2002 at Comeback - Defeated Crazy Jay and Hayle in Triple Threat. ||
- Lost World to during a 6 way match.
- Wasnt in ring or even arena when title was royally screwed from Tera
- Got screwed By DG


|| Retained ER title and gained title of BEST OF THE BEST - October 20th Best of Best at PPV - Defeated Victor, Crazy Jay, Mr PPV and MadDog.||
- Still Best of the Best




|| Retained ER World and gained US and TV to become first man and only to hold the three biggest titles in ER - November 17th 2002 at
Winner Takes All 2 - Defeated MadDog
- Vacated US title
- Vacated TV title.
- Again stating, was screwed out of the World title. Wasnt involved in result to lose title. Wasnt in match.



Won Tag team titles with Big Ging
- Sunday Night Breakdown - Defeated Two Jackoffs ||

- Vacated titles when ER closed down





Regained World title at Hostile Resurrgence winning Ladder match - 20th July 2003 - Defeated Mr PPV and Wildfire ||
- Relinquished World title when retiring from Efed