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Current and Important Character Details

 Next match - VS MR PPV - World Title Match

Allies - Stefanie, DG!

Achievements -
UNDEFEATED!!! AWF Champ (Merged into ER title with NXW title)
Former US Champ X2 (No pin or submit to lose title 1st time, Vacated 2nd time)
Former TV Champ X2 (Vacated belt 1st time, Wasn't involved in decision 2nd time)
Current 2 Time ERW Champion. (Wasn't involved to lose title first time. Wasn't in Arena during pin fall)
 World Champion from 23rd May 2002 - 23rd November 6 Months champion under DG management!!!
 First and Only Person to hold US, TV and WORLD Titles at same time!
Former Undefeated Tag champion! (vacated due to ER closing down)
King of Battle Royals winning All Federation Battle Royal
King Of Ladder Matches

Records -
Winning Streak of 10 matches,
Winning Streak of 15 matches,
Winning Streak of 5 matches,
 Screwed Five times, Unfortunately!
 Current Winning Streak of 5 matches!!
ONLY been pinned three times. By Pig Ging, Sharron and Dam B*tch never one on one. Triple Threat or Handicap match
Lost other times:
During First Blood Match despite being cut open second.
 During a Free For All but didn't get Pinned, didn't Submit, didn't get counted out or disqualified to lose World title.

OOC Comment - MY Title Aint Going Nowhere!!!




After the explosive and controversial happenings of Hostile Resurrgence, Bill Powers thought it would be best to catch up with the man responsible for all that's making this federation exciting at the moment... one, Tera Rysin... He first talks to the camera, standing outside his house, talking to the camera in an excited manner with big hands and great enthusiasm. Quite similar to the great Steve Irwin when he hunts crocks.

Bill: Are we on??.... good! Welcome everyone to Extreme Revolution..... whoops!... Federation I mean. Welcome to Extreme Revolution Wrestling. Thats right. ERW. I am here to investigate things which have happened in recent weeks... Well, for starters, those of you who missed the madness that went on in ERW programming last Sunday, well you missed something very disturbing and something that's totally despicable, and shouldn't be happening around here... You had a man whos dream to be world champion was shatted. You had another man who has always wanted to be a wrestler and has already lived that dream shatted as well. And then you have a fan favourite turn his back on his fans. And why? To be champion again. Well tonight i am Here to question the man that did all of the mentioned. Thats right I am here to interview Tera Rysin, right here... Right now.

Now many of you may think Bill Powers has gone a little crazy, maybe has a few screws knocked loose from my many years as a sports entertainment broadcaster, because of what hes already been though. Let me tell you folks... Any other interviewer would get brutalised... I on the other hand have brought a secret weapon!

Bill leans looks to one side to make sure no one's watching, in case they steal the 'precious' item he's holding, before holding it up close in front of the television cameras. He then whispers...

Bill: You see fans, I've brought some of my special stuff. Thats right. A DONUT to sweeten the deal! And no one can refuse such a deliciously tempting offer like that, I'm positive... no, I'm certain, that he's gonna' want to talk to me after I give him this! After all, it gives you that kick that nothing else gives you. Besides it has no side effects, folks!!

After Bill finishes plugging the donut from Dunkin Donuts he begins to climb up the VERY long flight of stairs winding around and leading up to the front door of Tera Rysins house. When he finally reaches the summit, he falls against the wall, clutching at his heart. After a few seconds of heavy breathing, he rings the doorbell.

No one answers. Bill rings it again.

Still no answer. He begins hammering on the door with his right fist whilst shouting.

Bill: Tera, if you're in, open the door! I need to have a talk with you!

Bill begins hammering with both fists on the red door. After a few few seconds of heavy hammering, someone shouts.


The door flings open and a guy, NOT Tera stands there... Looking rather familiar, he peers down in astonishment that there's a fat piece of trash standing there out of breath.

Stranger: YEAH, WHAT IS IT??!

Bill looks confused... He would speak but he can't as he's still trying to catch his breath. So he just holds up donut However, the man at the door is NOT impressed.

Stranger: Suzie! where's my gun??.... It's one of those Jehovahomo's again..

Suzie (Strangers Wife): Jehovah Witness, you mean, dear??

Stranger: Yeah... that's them... and there's one of them standin' on my door step so I'm gonna' blow his head off!

Bill: No, you don't understand, I'm looking for a man...

The man rolls his eyes and sighs. He turns and shouts up the stairs to his wife.


Bill: No, listen, I'm looking for a man that's Tera Rysin

The man looks very homophobically shocked!


He yells madly. His wife is heard rushing down the stairs.

Bill: Sir, I don't think there's any need for...

Bill stops as the man gets handed the gun from his wife. An old hand pistol. He points it at Bill with a mad look on his face. The gun is blurred on television for all reasons to understand

Bill: WOAH!!... let's not be too hasty there, fella'! Im not a Jehovah witness!... I don't even watch the Christian Channel!! So please, put the gun down!...

The man lowers his weapon slowly, not taking his eyes, nor his trust, off of Bill.

Bill: Thank you... And I'm definitely not homosexual... despite my clothes... not that there's anything wrong with that...
Now, let me explain why I'm here. I represent a sports entertainment company called the E.R.W. And I have been asked to come here to conduct an interview with a superstar of that company, who's name just happens to be Tera Rysin. So if you wouldn't mind, can I talk to him please? All I need is half an hour at the maximum with Tera

Stranger: He's not here...

Bill: What do you mean?

Stranger: I said, he's NOT here!

Bill: But... I've come all the way from London to see him! Here, Manchester is a long long drive from london!! Oh well, I'll have to wait, when will he be back, has he gone out for a while?"

Stranger: What part of NOT HERE don't you understand, he's NOT HERE!! NOT!!!!!! HERE!!... GET IT?!!!!

Bill looks blankly at the guy, very confused about the whole situation...

Bill: .....At the moment he's not here, you mean?...

Stranger: He doesnt live here!!

Bill: Well, where is he then?

Stranger: How do I know? I'm not his keeper... Take take a guess, he's either at home or at the gym, take you pick!

Bill then proverbially clicks inside his head as to what's happening.

Bill: This is the residence of Tera Rysin, am I correct? This is twenty-three Old Trafford Way, isn't it?"

Stranger: NO! YOU'RE NOT CORRECT! This is number twenty-four!

The guy steps out onto his doorstep and taps harshly, and poignantly, five times on the number plate screwed onto the side of the house. Bill raises his bifocals and squints to make out the fuzzy (from his eye sight) the shape of the numbers on the plate.

Bill: Well I'll be... I've got the wrong house!!... Well, where does he live?

The guy at the door slides his eyes across to the right and over Bills left shoulder. Bill follows his eyes and then turns as the guy raises his arm to point at the house across the street.

Bill: AHHH!...... I see.... Well, it appears as though I made a mistake...

Stranger: Damn right you have! NOW GET!!... Dumb bastard...

Bill: Well......

THE DOOR SLAMS HARD ON BILLS FACE!! Bill is cut off whilst speaking to the man, who concludes the conversation by slamming the front door in the face of BIll. Bill turns and looks across the street at the other house, shaking his head as he begins to walk towards it.

Bill: Can't believe I just did that........

Bill steps down and walks across the street, annoyed at wasting his time with the other guy. He attempts the stairs, but finds it too much so he has to take slower steps. Clutching at the rail about forty minutes later he manages to pull himself to the head of the stairs and takes heavy steps towards the front door. He rings the door bell. He tries again... and when that fails he tries three more time.

Bill: Tera, it's Bill! Look, I need to talk to you!!

With nobody answering the door, much similar to what happened at the house across the street, Bill begins hammering on the front door panels. After a while, he begins to heavy breathe again and falls to the ground, struggling to breathe. Holding his heart at every attempt he makes to breathe.

Voice: Well if it isn't the human hemorrhoid, Bill Boy powers!...... Mind the dents on the front door, man. I don't need anymore of them.

Bill turns his head to see the silhouette of a figure standing there. Bill looks up and tries to shield his eyes from the glare of midday sun with his left arm. Trying to see the man behind the voice. The man takes a step forwards... His stature now more distinguishable, complete with dark circular sun shades, chewing gum and holding his gym bag, the man looks down at the near unconcious man.

Bill: Tera?????

|| Tera || Live and in living colour, baby... I see you've tracked me down, as I said, I'm not a hard man to find.

Bill: Where the hell have you been?! I went to the wrong house and everything looking for you!!

|| Tera || I know, I've been watching you for a good five minute from my new car..

As Tera looks for the key inside his pocket.

Bill: WHAT?!... You mean, you saw I was there looking for you and all you did was watch me make a fool out of myself?

|| Tera || Calm down!... I just wanted to see if that little bastard was going to shoot you... Now, if you want to come inside, but if not, get the hell off of my door step, you're making the house look like a tramps rest home!

Tera finds his door key, inserts it into the lock, turns it and enters the house.

Bill gets up, dusts himself down and limps into the house, shutting the door behind him. Cameras switch to inside the big semi-detached house in Yorkshire.

Bill: You've just moved in, right?

Tera sighs

|| Tera || Two days ago... I'm still renovating... I thought I would buy property all over this country. That way I wouldnt have to share the building with anybody else like in a hotel.

Bill: So which cities do you have property in now?

|| Tera || YOu mean in England?

Bill: Yeah I guess.

|| Tera || Well London, Leeds, Newcastle and I have Manchester down now.

Bill leans against a wooden leg supporting the banister on the stairs...

Bill: It's...

SNAP!!! The leg falls out of place and Bill almost falls to the floor. Luckily he manages to grab onto the banister to stop himself.

Bill: ...Fine..... Errr............Don't suppose there's any chance of a guy getting a cup of coffee is there?

|| Tera || Son of a ...

Mutters Tera, as he throws his gear into the cupboard under the stairs before going into his rather darkened out kitchen and over to the fridge. Seeing only WKD and a few left over there, Tera reluctantly offers his guest a cold one.

|| Tera || Err.... you want a bottle of WKD? Because there isn't any coffee granules here.

Bill politely declines.

Bill: Na, I'd better not, I drove here"

|| Tera || Suit yourself...

Tera pulls out one for himself. Then pauses and thinks.

|| Tera || Errr... how long is this interview gonna' take?

Bill: I dunno, maybe half an hour or something.

Tera pulls out some WKD bottles to take with him. He walks into the sitting room where Bill is standing.

|| Tera || This isn't parliament, sit your ass down, old man...

Bill looks behind him and scoops some folded clothes out the way of where he sits. Tera goes back into the kitchen to get some food.

|| Tera || You like nacho's?

Bill: Sure, who doesn't?

Tera empties a packet of nacho's onto a big plate and takes it in to the lounge to place on the glass table in front of where they're going to sit. Bill pounces on the nacho's

|| Tera || HEY!! DUDE!!! What are you, some kind of savage??!!... Get your greasy pwas off of them.

Tera notices an unopened can of Cider on the floor. A brand of Cider that tastes disgusting. He reaches for it.

|| Tera || We've got to do a ritual toast first to really kick this interview off in style!

Tera puts the Cider in his hands.

Bill: Tera, I can't drink, as I said. I'm driving.

Bill hands back the can to Tera whom looks puzzled and scratches his head.

|| Tera || Dude. Your going to offend your ERW Undisputed champion like that? I mean everybody drinks at least one. Dont offend me dude.

Bill: But!...

|| Tera || Dude. Come on...

Tera thrusts the can back at Bill. Tera gets up to attend to something by the window. Bill shrugs and opens the can. Foam rises up when he opens it and quite a bit goes over his own lap. Tera glares down at Bill in shock!

Bill: Oh man. Well what you going to do huh?


Bill looks very ashamed.

Bill: I'm sorry about that!

Tera begins to withdraw the nacho's.

Bill: NO!!!! Please leave them, I'll try not to make any more mess!

Bill stands up and attempts to mop the mess up with some napkins he has in his right hand side back pocket.

|| Tera || NO! JUST LEAVE IT!... For God's sake, you're making it worse anyway... Besides, MR PPV will hopefully be unemployed after Wednesday Night Electricity so I can hire him to clean it up... Come on, lets move over to the silver couch now as you've messed up that one. Let's get this interview started already, I have plans and things to do, and none of them involve me wasting my valuable time on you!

Tera begins moving a few things over to the other couch opposite the darker end of the house where there are no windows. Bill mops up his seat on the couch where he's sitting, bending down to do so. Tera notices a Donut in Bills back pocket.

|| Tera || What the??

Bill: What?... (he turns around and notices the Donut sticking out of his left hand back pocket) Oh, that! Well it's something I brought to sweeten the deal with you in this interview... A donut which has my very own blessing!!

Bill yanks out the donut and puts it near Teras face.

Bill: Have a nice whiff there

|| Tera || Na... I don't want any illness' occuring

Bill: Okay, but you don't know what you're missin! Its my mothers recipe

Bill goes at the nacho's again.

|| Tera || Are you gonna' ask me questions or just sit there feeding your face?!!

Bill: Whoops, sorry, I almost forgot about that... It's alright, this show's not really live, we'll edit it later. Okay, Tera Rysin. You've come a long way since we've last seen each other. But that's not really in a positive direction... I must say, I had the displeasure of watching you bad mouth many of this company's high respected athletes. Barron.... Mr PPV.....Maddog... and even the legend Big Ging!!

|| Tera || That's because I have intensity

Bill: Yeah, well... intensity's one thing... it's another when you commit acts that I think are both disgusting and disturbing...

The interview steps up a bit to a more professional level for television.

|| Tera || What are you getting at?

Bill: I think you know fully well what I'm getting at, Tera, you know fully well.... Now, it's one thing to humiliate a legend to our industry like what you did during your new show with Ging.. but it's another when you turn your back on the fans for the WOrld title!!

Tera interrupts.

|| Tera || This again?? Dude. Have I really turned on the fans? All I did was have DG help me. My master plan.

Bill: Is that why you said dont believe everything you see?

|| Tera || Oh well done Bill. Me and DG are an elite force. I won the ladder match after destroying MR PPV and Wildfire. I took them out. I retired Wildfire from this business and it was my pleasure to do so. I loved watching him climb the ladder and get his hands on my title just to have his dream shredded in front of him. That was the closest Wildfire was ever going to get to my title and he knew it. And thats why you will never ever see the Wildfire any where in ERW again. THANK GAWD!!

Bill: But don't you think what you did was wrong. You joined DG a man that has put you through hell. He made it his mission to take the ER title away from you.

|| Tera || Is that so? If his mission was to keep the title away from me, he sure got confused when he helped... well actually watched me climb the ladder to get the ERW title. I climbed rung by rung and got what I was there for. MY UNDISPUTED TITLE!!

Bill: Tera. Dont you think you owe the fans anything. They helped you become the man you are. They helped you become a superstar. They cheered you on to become a ER champion. And then you repay them by joining DG.

|| Tera || Do you actually believe the crap you are saying Bill. The fans made me? Do you actually believe that. Did the fans wrestle every superstar? Did they? Did the fans have a long undefeated streak? Did the fans become the BEST OF THE BEST? Did the fans retire wrestler after wrestler? Did the fans hold three titles at the same time? Did they do any of that? Now you say I turned my back on the fans. I have never said screw the fans. I just did what I had to do. Now its their decision if they want to boo me or cheer me. Im not telling them what to do. I just say whats on my mind. If they cheer me its upto them. If they boo me, Ill tell them what I think of them.

Bill: Ok, ok. I understand. But what about what happened to Big Ging.

|| Tera || What happened to him?

Bill: Tera. You took him out before the match. Why? If you are such a great wrestler why did you have to take him out?

|| Tera || I have no idea what you are talking about.

Bill: So you're saying that you didnt take out Big ging before the match.

|| Tera || NO COMMENT!!

Bill: But what about at the end of the PPV when you said I hope Ging likes watching it from the hospital.

|| Tera || NO COMMENT.

Bill: Arent you even afraid of what Ging will do to you when he recovers. I mean you took him out. He had to go to the local hospital. He couldnt even wrestle in the main event. And your comment of It was for the best.

|| Tera || No comment. Now lets move on.

Bill: OK, I guess with your match with MR PPV, you will probabaly be ready huh? Well you want to talk about Mr PPV?

|| Tera || Why not?

Bill: Well Mr PPV is one half of the tag champions. He is a man considered to be a legend in this business. He has held every single title in this federation. And here you are looking smug and relaxed before your first title defence against him. Arent you at all concerned about him?

|| Tera || Nah not really. He doesnt impress me. And besides hes a tag champion? Did he earn it? Did he spill his blood for it? He was handed it. I have to question DG about that. But you say hes a tag champion. He walked into the main event of Resurrgence as a tag champion. What difference will it make when he walks into WNE as a tag champion?

Bill: Well none I guess.

|| Tera || Exactly. Besides im kinda getting bored of talking about MR PPV. I dont think anybody wants to talk about him. But if you "REALLY REALLY" wanna talk about him, its your interview. Go ahead monkey!!

Bill: All right!... I will... So, Tera, first can we talk about your match at hostile resurrgence and your encounters with MR PPV.

|| Tera || Why not?

Bill: Well the key points of the match when you two faced of against each other can be seen on the tape. But I taped over it.

|| Tera || You taped over it?

Bill: Well there was a show on how to cook turkey with no stuffing.

|| Tera || WHAT??? You taped over a match that had me in it?

Bill: Dont worry I remember the match. I called it remember. Well I wrote down the key points.

|| Tera || Ok go ahead.

Bill: Well the key points were as follows (Bill looks at his notepad)
You dropkicked PPV of the ladder early in the match.
You cracked his head with a chair.
Mr PPV busted you open with a ladder.
You hit the TERROR RISING on MR PPV.
Mr PPV PPV'ed you thorugh a Table.
Mr PPV's tag partner frog splashed you through another table.
You suplexed PPV of the top of a ladder.
And then Zach Frederich helped you become a 2 time world champion.

|| Tera || Well done BIll. You remember. Is there a point.

Bill: Well, yes. There is. After all that you and Mr PPV went through, dont you think Mr PPV will have enough knowledge to defeat you.

|| Tera || You my friend are a numbnutz. That was a ladder match. I did what I had to, to win that. Now its back to my environment. A WRESTLING MATCH. A match I have never lost one on one. Look at my record. Ive been pinned a total of three times. Once by Big Ging in a triple threat match. The second match I was pinned. By Barron in another triple threat. The third match I was pinned. By MadDog in a three on one elimination match. And that was after I eliminated two of the men, who stayed there and took me out, held my legs down, held my arms down and let Maddog sit on me. Now MR PPV will be facing me one on one. No help for anybody. And just in case he happens to bring JJ chaos, I might just have DG strip him of the tag title and fire him.

Bill: Well MR PPV will bring everything he has. Wont that scare you a bit? You are aware of this man's vast array of talents? I mean he's a former Mr. everything in this company, he's done it all!... Tag team champion, European champion, Intercontinental champion, TV champion, US champion, even a world heavyweight champion for a while.

|| Tera || Transitional champions don't scare me one bit Bill.
Yes, I am a conscious of his abilities. I do study my opponents very carefully Bill. I know what Mr PPV is about.

Bill: Well good, because MR PPV is a great athlete and...

|| Tera || I KNOW HE'S A GREAT ATHLETE!... He's obviously one of the best here, to be able to compete for the World Heavyweight strap... He maybe a good athlete, Bill, but I'll tell you one thing... he's not Tera Rysin. He held all those titles. But so did I. I held those titles at the same time. Nobody could beat me for them so I had to forfeit most of them and vacate them and have other people pin other people just so there wouldnt be any need for a tournament and so wrestlers would cry.

Tera sits back cooly in his chair.

Bill: Well, MR PPV us a good competitors. He may not be one of my favourites, but he always turns out and gives it one hundred percent!!

|| Tera || But hes not Tera Rysin!!

Few seconds of silence, where Tera makes a point and Bill tries to process his defiance.

Bill: Maybe not, but we will have to see this Wednesday wont we.

|| Tera || I guess so.

Bill: Now there is one topic I have to discuss again, and that is Wildfire.

|| Tera || Not him again. I told you, hes gone.

Bill: BUt thats the thing. Dont you even feel a bit bad about what you did.

|| Tera || I won the title. I proved im the best. Hmmmm, nah I feel abso-freakin-lutely great.

Bill: But this guy had his last match on Sunday. He just wanted to be champion for the first time. Not only did you crush his dream you crushed him.

|| Tera || Yeah I did. Hey guess what. I got the video clip of that. Watch, its all set.

**Tera picks up the universal remote and turns on the tv. He then turns on the video and press' play

Tera Rysin is holding the baseball bat, the same one he took out Ging with months ago. Tera looks at Stef and tells her to go outside. She then hands him something. Tera puts wildfire on the ropes. He ties him up with the handcuffs Stef gave him. Tera looks at the baseball bat and WHAM! HITS Wildfire. And then, WHAM. A SECOND HIT. WHAM, A THIRD HIT ACROSS THE FACE OF WILDFIRE. Tera lifts the baseball bat to a mixed reaction from the rowdy crowd.

Bill: Enoughs enough.

Joel: Are you sure??

Tera drops the baseball bat and gets in the corner.....

|| Tera || Now how great was that. That baseball bat sure does have memories. It retired Crazy Jay. It now retired Wildfire. ANd you wanna know why I did that? Because I could and I did. I made a promise to Stef I would leave with every single mans blood on my hand. I left with MR PPV's I left with Wildfires and I left with Big Gi... Well, I would have if it wasnt for that misfortune, hehe.

Bill: But you took that baseball bat and with no remorse took him out. That was shameful.

|| Tera || You wanna talk about shameful? Wildfire had a 2 by 4 barbed wire on fire. He cornered my wife and was about to bring it down on her. He nearly put his hands on my wife. He made the same mistake Crazy Jay did. And I dealt with it. You are talking about what I did. but you arent talking about what Wildfire was going to do are you? Wheres your defence for that crippled crap now huh? Where is it?

Bill: ... Well... Yeah. He shouldnt have thought of it.

|| Tera || Damn right Piggie. Now back to PPV. You were talking about him, but I dont give a crap about his titles, his sh*t or anything. Mr PPV is just a Tera Rysin wannabe.

Bill: Well, history's important Tera and I thought you should know about this company's history, in-particular it's history of great competitors to of hold the World Heavyweight Title...

|| Tera || Well you thought wrong... These people may give a damn about it but I don't. I spit in the face of the history... Yeah, I know Mr PPV is a former champion, I've watched some of ERW on television months before I joined the company as an active wrestler, so save all your history lesson bullshit for somebody who cares. What went on before is in the past... Just the same as we live and suck in the air that, which we breathe... it can be taken away just... like... THAT!!"

Tera snaps his fingers loudly to express his point.

|| Tera || One minute the world can seem ordinary and tedious... the next, it can all change Bill. So whatever ideas or opinions you have of what's going to happen in a little over a month's time, put them to the back of your mind... or literally...MR PPV is history. Thats all he is. He doesnt have a prayer against me. And I will show why I am the present. I am the living present!! So as I said, at the back of your mind .. put it there literally... or...

Tera picks up a piece of paper he sees on the desk and without even looking to see what it is, screws it up.

|| Tera || ...Literally throw it out the window...

He throws the screwed up piece of paper out of the window.

|| Tera || The fact is Tera Rysin is the greatest world champion, and wrestler this company has ever had and will ever have. You've seen what happens to this company when im not champion. It crumbles apart. Mr PPV. This Wednesday I will show you why you are a has-been like Big Ging and every other wrestler thats tried to mess with me. Now any other questions. Your become repetitive in your questions. Make it good.

Bill: OK. Ok. Where is Stefanie at this moment.

|| Tera || Stef? Shes sleeping upstairs. I think I wore her out before you came. If you want to see her, I guess thats a problem. Because you arent going to wake her up. I want her to get some energy back.

Bill: Why?

|| Tera || Wow. You are stupid. Why didnt Joel Lawler do this.

Bill: Uh..

|| Tera || Just kidding man. Your doing fine so far.

Bill: I am.

|| Tera || Dont start getting happy.

Bill: Ok Ok. Well you and DG have joined up which is quite obvious now. Have you got any plans to expand your group?

|| Tera || OOOH. Your on the ball Bill. You see DG, Stef and I make an elite group. DG the owner. Stef the hottest woman on earth. And I. The biggest force and best wrestler alive today. Now we could be recruiting to join our force known as Elite!! Thats right, "ELITE" is the best force on earth today, and if any wrestler plays there cards right, there could be an opening and an invitation from the leader of the group to join the future of the business.

Bill: Ok. Thats pretty interesting. I guess I should wrap this interview up then. Do you have any final words?

|| Tera || Most definitely... I have a message for Mr PPV

Tera leans in to cover the entire screen on the television cameras, blocking the shot of Bill..

|| Tera || Time is of the essence.. and time is short for you, you no nothing has-been. I have a mission, not set by some destiny, but by my own mind... I want to be the best this company has ever seen. I am nearly there. If there was hall of fame I would be nearly there. Ive retired legends of this company. I took out Tommy Rave. Ive retired Ging and Jay. I put an end to Sephiroths dominance. I made sure Barron was taken out of this company as an active wrestler. Ive beaten both Untouchables. I crushed MadDogs dreams on numerous occasions. Now Mr PPV. You are standing in my way, in my path to the promise land... If you dont want me to retire you PPV, Then don't look past me... I am not your regular athlete, I am THE CHOSEN ATHLETE!! YOu are looking at a new Breed of entertainment and Heroship. You are looking at Tera Rysin!! Now get out of my house Billy boy. I got stuff to do.

Tera looks at the camera as the crew start to leave.

Viewers watch the interview take place then see the cameras switch from Leeds to London where Mr PPV is watching the monitor.

Mr PPV: Oh, don't worry, I'll bring everything, all right... I'll bring more than you can ever imagine, Tera Rysin!!

Television cameras remain rolling on PPV, looking very focused and determined as footage for the introduction of WEDNESDAY NIGHT ELECTRICITY airs!!


Sephiroth (ER), Bret Corino (AWF), Kris Sage (AWF), Sean Xtreme (AWF), Big Ging (AWF), Shane McCool (AWF), Crazy Jay (ER), MadDog (ER), Hayle (ER), Cody Fentenot (ER) Victor Prague (ER) The Grudge (ER) Angelus (CWF), Wildfire (ERW)




|| US TITLE - 24th Feb 2002 at Breakdown - Defeated Sephiroth. ||
Lost title to Sephiroth
During First Blood Match despite cutting open Sephiroth first.



|| AWF Title - 23rd May 2002 at AWFs Explosion - Defeated Bret Corino, Sikamike and Kris Sage in one night! ||
- AWF title merged with NXW to make ER



Married Stef - 3rd August 2002  - A Week before Resurrexion ||
- Still married to the oh so beautiful Stefanie.



|| AWF World and TV - August 2002 at Resurrexion - Defeated Big Ging to gain TV title and retain World Title. ||
- Vacated TV title


|| AWF and NXW World titles into ER World Title - September 15th 2002 at Comeback - Defeated Crazy Jay and Hayle in Triple Threat. ||
- Lost World to during a 6 way match.
- Wasnt in ring or even arena when title was royally screwed from Tera
- Got screwed By DG


|| Retained ER title and gained title of BEST OF THE BEST - October 20th Best of Best at PPV - Defeated Victor, Crazy Jay, Mr PPV and MadDog.||
- Still Best of the Best




|| Retained ER World and gained US and TV to become first man and only to hold the three biggest titles in ER - November 17th 2002 at
Winner Takes All 2 - Defeated MadDog
- Vacated US title
- Didnt get pinned or submit to lose TV title.
- Again stating, was screwed out of the World title. Wasnt involved in result to lose title.



Won Tag team titles despite taggin with Big Ging - Sunday Night Breakdown - Defeated Two Jackoffs ||
- Vacated titles when ER closed down





Regained World title at Hostile Resurrgence winning Ladder match - 20th July 2003 - Defeated Mr PPV and Wildfire ||
- Current Champ