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Current and Important Character Details

 Next match - Vs Hurricane Vs The Rock

Allies - Kim Page

Achievements -

Being Matt Hardy, Version 1.0, Inventor Of Mattitude ,
Ex Boyfriend of Smackdown GM - Stephanie,
Cruiserweight Champ - Vacated Belt.
King of Table Matches,
Hardcore Champ - Never got pinned to lose title,
King of Hardcore Street Fights,
Television Champion(2) - Got Stripped first time, Vacated Second time
King of Oklahoma Hot Wire match!
Managed by and current boyfriend of the Greatest Woman's champion, Kim Page,
King of Battle Royals,
Winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble...
Number One Contender to IC title

Record - 11 - 5

OOC Comment - IC Title Baby!!




 The scene opens at the Holiday Inn, Hotel in New York. The time's around 7:30 PM. The shot cuts to the inside of Matt Hardys hotel room.. The room is pretty dark. The lights completely out, except for a small candle lit, sitting on top of a dresser drawer. With the dimly lit locker room, nothing can be seen except a glimpse of a face. Not an ordinary face mind you, the face of Matt Hardy. The winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble. The winner of a man whos number is probably taken by Chris Jericho. A man whos last chance to succeed in WWCF is by winning at the King of the Ring. A man who must win the IC title to build momentum if he wants to be the world champion any time soon. Matt Hardy had everything in the palm of his hands. He had everything going right. Until it was taken away from him. Now back at the bottom of the business. He was happy, but now everything has gone wrong. The injury has changed Matt Hardy. He not only wants to, he needs to win the IC title. Where is his happiness. He has Kimberly Page. He has a great following from the fans. He has a shot to become number two. What more can he want. WELL EVERYTHING. Has all of his "happiness" dematerialised into nothing but paranoia? We will see.. Next to the candle lit in his locker room, is a mirror right beside it. Matt is sitting in his chair holding his head in his hands. He brushes the long hair out of his face, but it goes right back down in to his eyes. All of the sudden Matt looks up in to the mirror and a look of sheer terror comes upon his eyes, like a mad man is looking him dead in the face.

|| Matt || Oh god... No... I can't believe it... Jericho told me about this... And it.. .It's really happened. He was right. Get the hell away!

Matt takes the mirror and throws it on to the ground, breaking it in to pieces.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Matt. Matt!! What the hell is wrong with you? What is it? Are you OK?

Matt calms down. He puts his back up against a wall and slides down it slowly, sitting on the floor back against the wall with the glass all over the place. Kim sits down next to him, looking very worried for Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Matthew?? What's wrong? What's going on?

|| Matt || Kim. Look at me. Look in to my eyes. I've been told about this before. I... I'm nothing! Its happened to Edge, The Rock, Sting, Scott Steiner and Triple H. I looked into that mirror. And you know what I saw? Failure. I saw failure in the reflection. I saw something that I havent seen for a long long time. ANd you know what, I think its here to stay Kimberly. When I looked into the mirror, it was cold. It just, just stares at you, with hate, no remorse. It wants you to fail... Look at Edge. He won the Undisputed title. He was on top. But Chris Jericho. Look what Chris done to him. Now Edge is fighting for the US title instead of main eventing every event. Look at the Rock. He had the undisputed title. But look what Chris done to him. He ended him and now the Rock has to settle for the Ic title. Steiner. Another champion. Where is he now Kim? Where is he? Sting and Triple H. They were main eventing. Now look at them. They are forced to fight for their career instead of the world title. All those men probably looked into the mirror. The mirror gave them an ice cold look. Each of them thought it was a bunch of crap, but then when their chance was up, they blew it. They failed. And none of them are the same. They arent the same people. Look at me. The reason I breathe and the reason I eat was taken away from me. When the number one contendership was taken away by Jericho I thought Id get it back. But have I Kim? And when I looked into the mirror, it told me what it has told each of those men. Loser. Its a curse. Maybe Chris Jericho is right. Maybe I should go back to being a tag team and leave the singles matches to people who have a chance at being the world champion.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Matt. Listen to yourself. You can and you will over come all of these set backs. You will because I know for a FACT, that as good as those stars were, you are better. They have all reached their peak. You havent. No matter what anybody says, you will always be the best. I know you can prove that. And that will start with the King of the Ring.

|| Matt || No.. You don't get it. That's what all these men thought. They thought they can over come it. But have they? No! See, that's the thing. I may be the best WRESTLER but it's times like this... Times I think no matter what I do, I'm either gonna be screwed or beaten. How? I got screwed out of my chance to be the best. I get beaten by the best. I have overcome a lot. I proved everybody what I can do by winning the Rumble. But maybe thats all I can do. Before I got injured I had been winnning so many titles that I had to vacate them. Now I cant win a match.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Everything you've ever done... EVERYTHING, in your entire life. No matter what it was, when you achieved something good, I knew you could do better. You said to me you had no chance to win the Rumble because you werent ready. But I told you, work hard. Live for the moment as you always say. And you went out there and won it. I don't even know why you're so paranoid. You must have had a little too much to drink or something.

|| Matt || No Kim. No joke. Thats not the truth. I haven't touched alcohol. You know I dont drink unless im celebrating a victory. But lately I havent had anything to celebrate. You just don't get it. I'm not paranoid, I'm speaking the truth.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Get a grip! You've gone off the deep end, you have to trust me, you're going to be fine, and you're going to beat The Hurricane. You are going to beat the Ic champ, the Rock. You will beat both of them. It's true! Come on, you've been so confident this entire week. You were confident before Raw took place. Nothing could get you down. Before Raw you couldnt wait to get your hands on the title that is going to be yours, THE IC TITLE!! Nothing could get your spirits down. Now you're like a walking deadman!

|| Matt || You don't get it, do you Kim? Do you think I'm just doing this crap for kicks? Do you think it's all one big, huge charade? I'm a worried man... Of course I'm gonna try, I'm gonna give it my best damn shot to become the IC champ, but all I can say is don't hate me if I dont win. Dont hate me if I cant be the man you thought I would be when you agreed to manage me?

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || When I agreed to manage you, you were the Hardcore champion and the Lightweight champion. After you lost the Hardcore title you thought that was your downfall. But I helped you overcome that and you went on to become the TV champion. You won the Rumble. You were at the top of your game. Now I think you need to do it again.

|| Matt || Maybe ive reached my peak. Maybe all I can amount to is being a tag champion where I rely on somebody else. But you saw on Raw. I couldnt win a tag match because I AM THE ONE that got pinned.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Matt. Your scaring me. I think you need to cool off. You need to gather your thoughts. Matt, Im going to be here waiting for you on this bed. When your ready I will be sitting right here.

|| Matt || OK Kim. Ok.

Matt gets up and walks out of the room. He takes the elavator and goes to the ground floor until he reaches a lounge where everybody is sitting. People are playing pool, drinking their drinks, and talking amongst them. Matt sits down on his own and puts his head in his head to gather his thoughts. 5 minutes go by as Matt is staring into space. This is until somebody comes up to Matt and taps him on his shoulder.

Voice: Whoa... What the hell's wrong with you man?

|| Matt || OH Hey Edge.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Dude. Whats with the buzzkill attitude? Wheres the flaring, Mattitude?

|| Matt || I dunno.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Dude. You got a chance to be IC champ this sunday. You should be totally chilled to the max. But you look like that Reekwad Kurt Angle. Whats up?

|| Matt || You should know.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Know what? Did you eat the rawified pepper again? HAHA. Dude, cook it to the max. Thats rules.

|| Matt || Edge. It happened to you, and now it's happening to me. I saw it today Edge. I looked into the mirror in the room. It was scary.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Your not that bad looking Matt. Thats why the goddes of awesomeness Kim is going out with you.

|| Matt || No Edge. I saw the mirror looking at me, right there, dead in the face. You know what that mirror told me. LOSER! And I belive it.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Dude? A mirror? Thats totally snottarific. A mirror means nada, except that you're ugly if you get scared looking at it. You'll win the IC title and ill win the TV title this Sunday. And then we'll have a party. Kazoos and all. I think I found one of Christians old ones.

|| Matt || Well, Mf'er. You dont get it. I cant seem to buy a victory. I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do Edge.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 I'll TELL you what the hell you're gonna do. You're gonna do to Hurricane and Rock, what I'm gonna do to Kurt Angle. Take those alzheimers and inflict a dose of Mattitude. Then when we are singles champions, the party will be on. Goldage rocks bud. And we can eat cake. Cake rocks the body that rocks the party.

A sudden mood change completely takes over Matt. Edge turns his head slightly, wandering what's up with him. Matt looks back up at Edge and starts grinning and laughing.

|| Matt || Damn Edge. You have made me see the light. What I looked into was a mirror? HAHA! It's a piece of glass. Nothing more. Just a simple piece of glass. Well pieces now. OH YEAA! I dont know why you arent main eventing and what the hell is wrong with you but I wont let it happen to me.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Dude. You have to be a spirit keepy downy?

|| Matt || Oh sorry Edge. But I'm going to go into the King of the Ring tournament. I'm going to be on one side of the ring. In the second side is going to be the Hurricane. And the third side will have The cRock. The Rock is going to want to pin me and keep his title. The Hurricane is going to want to pin me and finally say he beat me after our match last week on Raw. But its not going to happen. I might not do it to the Hurricane because the Kid hasnt annoyed me... YET. But to the Rock. Im gonna grab his head. And when he jacks that eyebrow up im gonna smack it of his head. Im gonna give him a Mattitude adjustment with a few Side effects. Im going to take the Rock. I will show hes not a real champion. Hes not a peoples champion. I am going to prove that the people love me more than they love him. And I am going to take the IC title of The Rock.

Matt gets up from his seat and starts to circle Edge as Edge looks at Matt confused.

|| Matt || Surely you do remember all of the WWF days Edge. The good old days. Do you remember 1996 when the Rock debut at Survivor Series. He was a man who looked to have great potential. Two years later and the World title was vacant. You remember Survivor Series 1998. I had a great tag match after carrying my brother Jeff. But at the same event The Rock had just won the World title in a tournament by beating Mankind in the final. That was the beginning of The Rocks time. He had his chance at being the top man. And he sure did live it. But in 2002 before Vince closed down WWE and started WWCF, The Rock thought it would be best to go Hollywood. And you know what. It probably was the best because the fans hated him. They had no choice but to chant Rocky Sucks. And quite frankly they were right to do so. When The Rock Left Smackdown for Hollywood I stepped up. I left my brother and started my own star. I had a star which was shining inside me. I started Mattitude and it was catching on. And I had it my way. I stole the show on Smacdown. Now WWCF, I came over here to inject this company with the same dose of mattitude. The Rock has had his time to shine. And you know what Edge, im going to beat him and take the Ic title and send him back to making corrupt movies which feature him for 4 minutes like Mummy 2. Ha! Im ending Rocks short reign as champion. I'm going to put a stop to all of the Rocks antics and same old routine before he bores the hell out of everybody. See if the Rock takes me out and beats me then I'm probably finished. If The Hurricane beats me, then I've lost it and there will be a new main man. I've havent had the spotlight rightfully. And people are trying to keep me from it. You see I have a motive Edge. And that is to become one of the ELITE!! I will not go down. I will get to be the best Edge. And that will be on Sunday. This is what I will do, do you get what im sayin?

Edge is about to answer but Matt continues to talk.

|| Matt || You don't even need to answer Edge. I already know that you know the answer. Yes, you do understand what I'm saying. I'm glad too, you should understand. You should understand that guys like the Rock, and Jericho. They had their time at the top. Its time for people like you and I to prove we are the present and the future. I am going to dominate this fed edge.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Yeah. Whatever you just said Matt. But dude, forget that. Watch what I do to that bald headed reekazoid. I will give him a good edgeucation.

|| Matt || Oh I forgot to ask Edge. Why are you here?

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 What do you mean? Im sleeping in this hotel tonight because the event is here in New York. Its the best hotel. Besides the guys are sprayin my place for bugs. I think Chris Jericho tried to break into my house.

|| Matt || Yeah your crib. So wrong.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Well Dude, id love to hang, but I got to jet. Take care bud.

|| Matt || Sure Edgely.

Edge gets up and walks off into the distance. Matt looks around as he gets up. He gets a drink of water from the bar. He drinks it up. He then decides to leave the lounge for his room but suddenly John Coachman appears.

|| Matt || Oh no. What the hell are you doing here?

"Who named me this" Coach:
 Matt. I thought we were tight.

|| Matt || Yeah you keep thinking that if you can sleep better.

"Who named me this" Coach:
 Come on Matt. King of the ring is this Sunday and I thought this would be a good hotel to stay in. And what better place than to entertain the ladies.

|| Matt || Ok Jonnie. So what can I do you for?

"Who named me this" Coach:
 Well Matt. I know we are in the lounge but ive got my camera crew here for WWCF programming. I thought what better way than to get the scoop from the man himself. So Matt I thought..

|| Matt || You sure do think a lot.

"Who named me this" Coach:
 Thats why I am the best interviewer. So Matt I actually would like your thoughts on this match at the King of the Ring. Do you think you can win the IC title?

Matt cuts Coach off.

|| Matt || This is what I mean Coach. I've been in the WWCF for nearly a year. Im still in my WWCF rookie year. This September it will be a full year. But what I have I got in this last year for busting my ass for you. No respect! Seriously, questions like that dont make you the best interviewer. I mean do you actually think I am going to say, "No i dont think I can win the title. I think I will lose" If that is what you think than is there any point of this interview. I mean do you think I need somebody like you telling the whole world that I can not win the title. What more do I need to prove to you people? What else is there left to do? Do you want me to throw myself off of a bridge with my feet tied to my hands and sing La Cucucaracha whilst falling? Ive done it all. But all I have is mindless sheep baaing around here thinking they know me. Tell me. Do you think I dont have a chance of winning. Do you think the IC title is not in my reach. I dont get it Coach. I dont und... OH!!! Now I get it Coach. Youre envious of me. Youre jealous of me. People dont like the fact that I am a true winner so they try to make me paranoid. They try to make me think I can achieve anymore. You know, I'm not even going to listen to this crap from any of you anymore. I shouldn't of let it get to me in the past, and I'm not the type to make the same mistake twice.

"Who named me this" Coach:
 Erm. Well Matt. Do you at least have any comments on the King of the ring.

A man sitting in the lounge shouts out, "YO COACH, YOU BLOW! HAHA!" A second guy screams "WHO HIRED YOU COACHMAN. YOURE AN IDIOT. MATT DOESNT WANT TO TALK TO YOU"

"Who named me this" Coach:
 B.. Bu.. Bu..

|| Matt || Ok look Coach. Dont cry. Ill tell you what I think. I think the IC title is going to be mine. I have a feeling my luck is about to change and I am about to go on a great run now. The era of mattitude will pick up. And you want to know why? Because at the King of the Ring it will start. Matt Hardy will take the IC title. The Hurricane. He is on the search of a darklord. He thinks hes a superhero. Look at him Coach. Superman would beat the hell out of him, and you know hes not straight otherwise he would be on Lois Lane or whatever shes called. Batman would take out the Hurricane and look at Batman. Again hes not right. Heres a grown man who lives with a fourteen year old boy. Aquaman could take his ass out. That water freak gets his ass kicked by everybody but yet he could teach the Hurricane a thing or two. As for the Rock, I think his time is over. The Rock will truly feel Rock Bottom. He will know his days as a wrestler are over. Well Coach. Thats all I got for you know.

"Who named me this" Coach:
 Thanks Matt. I really appreciate it.

Matt walks of leaving The Coach standing around looking like an idiot. Cameras are following Matt as he walks up to the lifts. He presses the button. When the lift opens up the WWCF womens champion, I think, Torrie Wilson is inside with her eyes locked on the floor obviously thinking about something. Matt walks in and presses the button. Torrie all of a sudden looks up.

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson:
 Oh, hey Matt. I didn't see you there.

|| Matt || Don't worry about it Torrie.

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson:
 Where you headed stranger?

|| Matt || Im gonna go to see Kim in our room.

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson:
 OK Matt.

|| Matt || So are you alright?

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson:
 Yeh I'm fine, you just gave me a fright.

|| Matt || Oh sorry about that.

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson:
 Its ok matt. So what are you doing here anyway?

|| Matt || I was going to ask you the same thing. I booked this hotel for me and Kim to get away from WWCF for one night but everywhere I go, people from WWCF are here. So you sleeping in this hotel.

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson:
 Yeah I am. So you prepared for the big match?

|| Matt || Yeh, mostly. I've got nowhere else to go, and I can't do a lot because I'm concentrating on this match quite a lot. It's taking up a good bit of my time. But it'll worth it if I bring home the IC gold.

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson:
 Yeh, hat would be good. I actually hope you do. I'll be cheering for you, and I think most of the guys in the back will be. I really think that you are one of the fan favourites. Kimberly is right. You do have a great future and I do hope to see you get the World title one day.

|| Matt || Thanks Torrie, that means a lot to me. If only everyone was as nice to me. But I can handle myself and I cant wait to get my hands on the title.

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson:
 I have no doubts Matt. You can do it.

|| Matt || So how has your break from the Womens division been?

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson:
 Its been great. I had some time to do some shopping. Spend time with my family and get my mind off competing. It was really great.

|| Matt || So are you ready for your return.

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson:
 Yeah. Defending this title out there in New York should be great.

The elevator stops on the top floor.

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson: 
Well Matt this is my floor and im guessing its yours aswell.

|| Matt || Yep.

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson:
 Well im going to hit the bed early tonight. Good luck in your match.

|| Matt || Sure thing Torrie, I'll see you later. Oh and good luck in your match too.

"My Playboy Heroine" Torrie Wilson:
 Yeh, but how do I prepare for the Chamber match? Bye Matt.

|| Matt || Bye Torrie.

They both laugh as Torrie walks of in one direction as Matt walks off in the other direction as he gets to his room. He enters as he sees Kim sitting on the bed. She looks up as Matt enters.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Matt!! Are you ok?

|| Matt || Shuuuu! Dont worry about it Kim.

Matt goes over to Kim and kisses her. He takes of his shoes as he gets on the bed and the scene fades from here.



Won Cruiserweight title on Raw -
 Matts WWCF debut - Beat Hurricane and,
Then Champion Rey Mysterio.
Title lost by - Vacated Belt.


King of Hardcore -
Beating many wrestlers including two great victories -
The Innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore rules match,
And Big Show - The biggest man in sports and entertainment today!!!



Won Hardcore title at Survivor Series -
Matts WWCF PPV debut - Defeated Tommy Dreamer. - Vacant Title.
Title lost by - HBK pinning Big Show in a triple threat at Armageddon.


Won TV title on Smackdown 3rd edition -
Matt defeated the Undertaker with a twist of fate.
Title lost by - Stripped off belt by Eric Bischoff after controversy.
Regained belt on Smackdown 10th Edition - Defeated Taker in a Oklahoma Hott Wire match
Title Lost by - Vacated due to Injury


2003 Royal Rumble Winner
Entry # 11
Eliminated 6 men - Big Show, RVD, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner


SO FAR.........