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Current and Important Character Details

 Next match - Tagging with Macho Vs Hurricane and Jericho

Allies - Kim Page

Achievements -

Being Matt Hardy, Version 1.0, Inventor Of Mattitude ,
Ex Boyfriend of Smackdown GM - Stephanie,
Cruiserweight Champ - Vacated Belt.
King of Table Matches,
Hardcore Champ - Never got pinned to lose title,
King of Hardcore Street Fights,
Television Champion(2) - Got Stripped first time, Vacated Second time
King of Oklahoma Hot Wire match!
Managed by and current boyfriend of the Greatest Woman's champion, Kim Page,
King of Battle Royals,
Winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble...
Number One Contender to IC title

Record - 11 - 4

OOC Comment - Tag Action




 The scene opens up in none other than Cameron, North Carolina where the number one contender to the IC title is awaiting. Matt has been watching tapes of the Royal rumble and the Smackdown that followed as his encounters with Chris Jericho were classics. Matt Hardy has his eyes set on Raw due to the fact that he and Chris Jericho will be in the ring for the first time since January. Matt is in his special locker room which is shared with HBK and Macho Man. WHAT? Well not anymore due to the fact that HBK is gone. He's outta here. His ass is grass and Nash smoked him out of the federation. So Matt hardy is officially sharing his locker room with his tag partner for Raw, The Macho Man!! Out from the back walks Kimberly page looking as sexy as usual.

|| Kim || Matt. You have been watching those tapes for a long time. Are you sure you don't wanna do anything else. I mean anything else.

|| Matt || Kim. I've got a IC title match next Sunday. And before that I've got something I've wanted since I returned. A crack at Chris Jericho.

|| Kim || Yeah, you have wanted Chris Jericho. But this isn't a one on one or a title match. This is a tag team match.

|| Matt || Yeah a tag team match. How great is that. I mean me and Macho Man. Oooh yea. I mean wasn't it good enough that I beat his ass last Smackdown. I mean it was an unfortunate twist of fate for that one hit wonder. Now he's my tag team partner. The nacho dude showed how hardcore he really is when he got his ass kicked by Randy Orton. Its bad enough he wants to be me, but does his entrance music have to be a copy of mine. Only I say OOOH YEAA!!! I'm sure he's out filming a slim Jim commercial right now. What a great, great tag team partner he is going to be.

|| Kim || Matt, don't you think its better if you be a little nicer to Randy. He is going to be your tag partner. You should focus your aggression towards your opponents for Raw.

|| Matt || Kimmie, kimmie, kimmie. He's not my tag partner. He's a liability. Once again, I am forced to carry the team. You would think a legend like Randy Savage would have money. I mean cant he go and buy some talent. That why I wont have to worry about him getting pinned.

|| Kim || You don't know that Matt.

|| Matt || Kim. I've been part of the greatest tag team in the past, the Hardy Boyz. And the thing is, I carried the team. I made Jeff famous. If I didn't tag with him, people wouldn't notice him. I mean I've got the looks of the family. I've got the body. And I definitely got the brains. All Jeff has is the sympathy. I mean our parents do love me more. Much like Jeff, Macho Man needs a Mattitude adjustment. He needs to learn how to entertain and wrestle. That way I can take care of myself instead of having to worry about his dead weight. Ya know.. I have a few things to get off my chest.. let's take this to the ring shall we?"

|| Kim || Yeah lets go. But you need to remember, you are facing Jericho and Hurricane on Raw. Not Macho Man.

Matt takes Kims hand and they walk out the locker room. They walk down the hallways and eventually they get to the production truck. They tell them to play the entrance as Matt stops.

|| Matt || Hey Kim. Check this out. We are in CAMERON NORTH CAROLINA!!

The crowd pop.

|| Matt || Yeah baby. And just check this ovation I get when I walk out there.

Matt takes a bottle of water as he and Kim walk towards the entrance.

Paul Heyman: Hello and welcome back to WWCF. I'm Paul Heyman, of course. And what a great Raw we have coming up.

Michael Cole: Thanks for introducing me Paul.

Heyman: Oh I'm sorry. TO be honest, I forgot you were here. Why are you here huh? Tazz isn't here. Aren't you meant to be shining his head or kissing his ass.

MC: Isn't there a buffet around here.

Heyman: Ok ill start again then. I am the best thing to ever happen to this announce table. I'm Paul Heyman. And sitting next to me, is this loser that goes by the name of Michael Cole!

MC: Thank You, Paul.. thanks a lot.

Heyman: Why are you here anyway. This isn't Smackdown. This is Raw. As much as I hate him, I miss Jr. He's much better than you. At least he doesn't hit on me every second.

MC: What?

Heyman: Isn't there a backstreet boys reunion tonight? Anyway folks. In a second will come out Matt Hardy. And his lovely goddess, Kimberly Page. You know what Cole. Would it trouble you to find a woman instead of thinking about tazz.

MC: Stop the pain.. Tazz.. I'm beggin ya.. come back to the announce booth.

Heyman: Yeah, Tazz.. come back and choke Michael Cole out...Ha Ha Ha!"

Suddenly, the familiar music of OHHH YEAHH its on the titantron.

|| Kim || Wow After an ovation like that. You lot must be happy to see us.

The crowd let of a great big pop.

|| Kim || Well let me introduce the man that is going to be the next WWCF Intercontinental champion, Matt Hardy!!

Matt takes the mic of Kim.

|| Matt || Thank you Kim. Now its time to get down to business MF'ers First things first. Hurricane.

The crowd cheer for the North Carolina native.

|| Matt || Our match on Raw last week was truly a show stealer. We went the distance and I guess there was no separating us. But on Raw once again we will go at it. Now I was hoping to get a better match on Raw, but no, I get a tag team match. What was Vince drinking when he thought of that? I mean you have me and Macho Man tagging up. Then you have Hurricane and Jericho tagging up. And its not even a main event? But never fear Mf'ers. Once again I plan to steal the show and show why I am a dominant force and why I will eventually get the World title. Hurricane. At King of the Ring, we will go into the match not friends, but only foes. And when I get my hands on you, I will systematically.. annihilate you. I have been lacking something since my return. That is championship gold. I need gold around my waist. The Intercontinental title isn't a belt I thought I would get, but its in my reach. And right now its held by the Rock. A man who thinks he is all of a sudden great. He thinks he is the man because he won the title. But that belt has lost all it's prestige. Its getting passed from wrestler to wrestler. Much like Dawn Marie huh?

The Crowd ooooooh as Matt grins.

|| Matt || Yeah. But the bottom line is that the IC title is beneath me.. But on Sunday when I win it I am going to make it a title to be respected. I am going to make it a title to be honoured and not spit on and won by every person who can strap on a pair of wrestling boots. And that belt wont leave me until I want it to leave me. And I will prove why I am the very best WRESTLER around here. But lets forget Sunday. Lets forget my matches for the future. Lets concentrate on Raw. My NEXT match. My TAG match and I will have to face the Hurricane and Chris Jericho.

Two people I need to kick the hell out off. No offence Hurricane, but I am not here to make friends. I am here to make a name for myself and what better way then by removing two great athletes. But first we got the Hurricane. Yeah the Hurricane. The same guy who wears Superman capes in his free time? You are not a superhero. You are a nothing. You may have got a draw with me, but that was my fault. I'm the one that took us both out. I took a risk which didn't pay of. But that wont happen again. Hurricane, you go around in the back and talk about how you will avenge the dark force or whatever the hell that is. Is that some kind of joke? Are you for serious? Well let me be serious Hurricane. I am going to be as serious as I possibly can with you. You might find Raw a bit of a success. You might have a great tag match with your team, but at King of the Ring you will not. You shall not leave the arena with the WWCF Intercontinental title. The intercontinental title needs a holder that can bring the belt some dignity. And who better than the best wrestler in this business, Matt Hardy.

Oh but I didn't forget about the Hurricanes tag team partner in this match. Oh yeah, that's right, Chris "Y2J" Jericho.

The crowd boo like the rabid animals they are.

|| Matt || Yeah Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy. When was the last time we were in the ring together? Oh that's right. When you took me out of this game. Yeah, you saw fit to eliminate me from the WWCF for half a year. You saw the threat I really was, and that is why you took a chair and put me in the hospital. Oh ill give it to you. You are a great wrestler. You are a deserving world champion. By the way, how's Vince McMahon. Yeah how's the owner of this company. He is still by your side isn't he? The same guy that decided to screw me out of the Wrestlemania main event. Well nevermind that Chris. I've wanted this opportunity for such a long time. Now I don't know why it had to be a tag match, but I guess this is for your own safety and personal concern. This wont just be a wrestling match anymore Chris. This will be a plain old fight. This will definitely not be for the weak at heart, because I will bring everything I have. I will make you regret what you did. And after I'm through with you, that Undisputed title that you cherish so much, will mean nothing. It will mean absolutely nothing to you. But don't just take my word for it. You can remain as an arrogant ass that you are. Or how do you put it? An assclown? Yeah, you can remain to be an assclown. But for your sakes, you better expect the worst!!

Crowd seem pumped.

|| Matt || Oh and another thing Chris. You can bring out Dawn Marie if you want. But if she tries to interfere, i've got somebody who is a better woman than her. That's right. The best woman's champion this company has ever had, KIMBERLY PAGE!!

Matt turns to Kim as they both smile at each other.

|| Matt || So Hurricane, Jericho. MAKE, MY, DAY!!!

Matts music hits as he and Kim walk out of the ring and to the back.

Mc: I don't think Matt can wait for Raw. He wants Jericho now.

Heyman: Why the hell are you talking? You are so stupid you know that. Besides its obvious he cant wait. He wants the man that put him on the shelf for a long time.

MC: Well I'm sorry Paul. But I think I am a great commentator. I may not shout GORE, GORE, GORE or OH MY GOD, or PUPPIES, but I am still one hell of a commentator. Do you have any idea how long it takes to do my hair? I don't have enough gel. My boyfriend left me the other day.

Heyman: Oh jeez. Can we cut to commercial? Please!!


The scene opens inside Matts locker room where he and Kim are sitting down. Matt then gets up to get some water. He leaves his locker room and walks towards the water fountains. As he gets there he gets a bit of water. He drinks it down, but as he turns around he sees none other than Chris Jericho with a cocky smirk on his face.

 Well, well, well. Look who it is. I'm surprised you returned to WWCF, jerky, after the Y2J beating I gave you.

|| Matt || Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy. It's gonna take more than you and your a chair from keeping me from my dream. You can't scare me away.

 Well I am sure you lurrved your stay in the hospital. Surgery must have been bad. By the way, your walking with a limp junior. It seems bad, who did that to you?

|| Matt || So you took me out with a chair and your walls of Jericho. But it's not as if you mean anything to me. Your a nobody, and you always will be. Who cares if you beat me.

 Twice Nat!!

|| Matt || Twice, yeh! But eventually all this cheating and running is not going to get you anywhere. And when I get my shot at the title you hold dear, I will take that away from you. And you will be just another MF'er.

 All talk but no action, Matt. That's all you are. You'll never be anything in this business, because I say so. I run this show. Have you realised why its called Raw Is Jericho? Its my show. There is no show, when the HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT, THE KING OF BLING BLING, THE GOD WITH THE BOD, is away. Last week on Raw, I nearly feel asleep when you had your match. Do something better, I'm begging you Nat. You talked about being so great when you snuck behind me in the Rumble and eliminated me. But what happened then you jackass. I not only took your dream away, I nearly took your career away. I nearly took your life away. And now I am the UNDISPUTED CHAMPION. So before you walk around making threats, just realise, you aren't the man. You're looking at the Man.

|| Matt || No action eh Jericho. That's how Canadians say it, EH? Well how about I show you a little action right here, right now? How does that suit you?

 No, its not going to work that way Junior. We don't do things because you say so. We do things on my time. And I mean do you really wanna fight me before our match. It wouldn't be the best preparation getting your ass kicked. Besides, ill just kick your ass on Raw. Then we will see who's laughing you assclown.

|| Matt || Assclown huh?

Matt and Jericho go head to head as they are about to square off. Suddenly officials come running to separate them.

 Ill see you on Raw Nat. Now hit the bricks, junior.

Matt looks irate as Jericho walks back to his locker room accompanied by officials grinning as only he can. Matt starts to walk back to his locker room but once again he is stopped. Matt is about to swing his hand thinking he's under attack, but he isn't so he stops.

"Cheat to Win" Eddie G:
 Hey easy essa. No need for the aggression homes. Hey Chavo, look who it is.

"Chavito Heat" Chavo G:
 Damn Eddie, its Matt Hardy. I bet he's full of Mattino heat.

"Cheat to Win" Eddie G:
 You right bro. Why you so riled up caballero?

|| Matt || Hey guys. I, Matt Hardy, Version 1.0, have got two big matches coming up, and ... hey wait. You two aren't in WWCF are you?

"Cheat to Win" Eddie G:
 Vinnie called us up vato, and he thinks we got what it takes to be the best.

"Chavito Heat" Chavo G:
 That's right Eddie. We going to the top. And we're gonna do it for lil Timmy.

"Cheat to Win" Eddie G:
 Yeah lil Timmy watching at home. And Hector, and mi hermano,Chavo. Tu padre Chavito.

"Chavito Heat" Chavo G:
 That's right. He is mi padre. he's my father Eddie.

|| Matt || Well that's great. So you gonna watch my match on Raw.

"Chavito Heat" Chavo G:
 Yeah mattino. Kick their puchas. Kick their butts.

|| Matt || Oh I will. Matt HARDY, Version 1.0, will kick their collective Lupid asses. AHHHHHH!!! (Matt does the v1 sign)

"Cheat to Win" Eddie G:
 Woah bro. Vato loco. You on the chili sauce or something?

|| Matt || Nah man. So what you going to do now?

"Cheat to Win" Eddie G:
 We're looking for the mammis Essay. You seen em? They are hard to find.

|| Matt || If you mean the women, they wont be around due to the woman's division taking a break.

"Cheat to Win" Eddie G:
 Damn man! What the hell is this?!? We came for the muchas guapas senoritas. Why we even here then?

"Chavito Heat" Chavo G:
 Eddie, Eddie, calm down. You know what you get like when you get mad. Think about your indigestion.

|| Matt || Is everything okay?

"Chavito Heat" Chavo G:
 Yeh, Eddie just gets gas when he gets riled up after eating. That's all.

"Cheat to Win" Eddie G:
 Hey essa, why you gotta tell everybody about my gas man? I have a weak stomach man, you know what the doctor said.

"Chavito Heat" Chavo G:
 Sorry Eddie.

|| Matt || Soooo....

"Cheat to Win" Eddie G:
 Man, make sure you get that Ic strap. Then you can walk around proving you are the man like I used to. And you can tell all those haters that "TU MADRES ES MUY FEO, ESSA!"

|| Matt || Yeah ill do that.

"Chavito Heat" Chavo G:
 Eddie, man. We better go bro. You know how mad Camalita gets when we're late for the tango lessons.

"Cheat to Win" Eddie G:
 Yeah homes. She does. Later essa.

|| Matt || You two loco essay homes

Eddie and Chavo walk away shaking their heads. Matt walks back to his locker room. He sees Kim sitting there looking as great as only she can.

|| Kim || What took you so long Matt.

|| Matt || Well homes.

|| Kim || What?

|| Matt || Nevermind. I saw Chavo and Eddie. They're talk is quite catchy.

|| Kim || Ok.

|| Matt || Well I got a drink and nearly got into a brawl with Jericho.

|| Kim || WHAT??

|| Matt || What's the big deal?

|| Kim || You know that would not have been a good idea.

|| Matt || You don't think I can take him.

|| Kim || I know you can take him.

|| Matt || Then what's the problem.

|| Kim || You cant lose focus before a big match. Especially with you facing The Hurricane and either Rock or Edge at the King of the Ring for the Ic title.

|| Matt || Ok..

Suddenly a knock is heard on the door.

|| Matt || Now what?

In comes The MACHO Man.

|| Kim || (whispers) Remember. Be nice to him. He's your partner.

|| Matt || (Whispers back) OK. (normally) Hey Randy.

"Slim Jim" Macho Man:
 OOoooooh Yeaeeaha.  The Macho Man is back in WWCF. Now I may have lost the Hardcore title, but I am ready for Raw and trust me Matt, I will not let you down.

|| Matt || Well that's great to know. So here's what I say. You take care of the Hurricane, and keep him out the equation. And who knows, I may do you a favour and soften up Chris Jericho before your match at King of the Ring.

"Slim Jim" Macho Man:
 Ooh. That's a great idea Matt, but that's not how I like it. I think it would be best, yeeeaha, if I took on Chris Jericho. Yeah, that way I can show Mr Jericho why I am not a hasbeen and why I will be World champion, uh huh!!

|| Matt || Ok then. That's great. Now get lost.

|| Kim || (laughs anxiously) Hahah. He's just kidding Randy. Take a seat, we can go over the raw plans.

|| Matt || (whispers to Kim) Doesn't he know the 80's are over?

|| Kim || (whispers back) MATT??! (normally) So Randy.......

Scene changes to the commentators.

MC: No doubt that Raw is gonna rock the house and it should be great. Paul, which match are you looking forward to.

Heyman: That's it. Don't talk unless I tell you to, ok? Your privelages are over.

Mc: But...

Heyman: No Mikey. I said don't. Well anyway folks, what a great Raw we have scheduled. As you saw there, Matt Hardy will be tagging with the Macho Man, who Matt defeated a week ago. And their opponents will be the Hurricane and Jericho, who probably aren't getting along themselves. So Mikey. You can talk. Who do you think will win this match?

MC: Well its hard to say Paul. I mean if you look at all the elements in this match. You got a World champion. You got a number one contender. You got two men vying for the IC title. You got people tagging up who hate each other. I th...

Heyman: Oh shut up. Who asked you anyway?

Mc: But...

Heyman: Be quiet Mike. Well if you think it stops there folks, you are wrong. I mean that's not even the main event. We have the King of the Ring semi finals tonight. We have Hulk Hogan taking on Justin Credible in a rematch from a few weeks ago where Justin ran over Hogan.


Heyman: Good boy. We also have Randy Orton, my pick, to meet Kevin Nash, who has been on a roll as of late. I still think Randy Orton, will win as he and Evolution will make it big here in WWCF. What a great Raw we have scheduled right Cole.

MC: RI...

Heyman: SHUT UP. Well folks make sure you remember to tune in to Raw. Its something you do not wanna miss. Jericho, Matt Hardy. Their first meeting since January. Their first time in the ring since after the Rumble and when Jericho took out Matt brutally. Its something you do not wanna miss. JERICHO VS MATT!! Oh man. You do not wanna miss it. Remember folks. CHRIS JERICHO AND MATT HARDY. Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho. Y2J Vs Mattitude. Don't miss it folks. Once again, on Raw, Jericho Vs Matt, and oh yea, Hurricane and Randy should be there somewhere.




Won Cruiserweight title on Raw -
 Matts WWCF debut - Beat Hurricane and,
Then Champion Rey Mysterio.
Title lost by - Vacated Belt.


King of Hardcore -
Beating many wrestlers including two great victories -
The Innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore rules match,
And Big Show - The biggest man in sports and entertainment today!!!



Won Hardcore title at Survivor Series -
Matts WWCF PPV debut - Defeated Tommy Dreamer. - Vacant Title.
Title lost by - HBK pinning Big Show in a triple threat at Armageddon.


Won TV title on Smackdown 3rd edition -
Matt defeated the Undertaker with a twist of fate.
Title lost by - Stripped off belt by Eric Bischoff after controversy.
Regained belt on Smackdown 10th Edition - Defeated Taker in a Oklahoma Hott Wire match
Title Lost by - Vacated due to Injury


2003 Royal Rumble Winner
Entry # 11
Eliminated 6 men - Big Show, RVD, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner


SO FAR.........