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The normal sh*t dude. Don't steal my layout. Don't steal my rp. This rp is in no way affiliated with the WWE or nwa/tna. If you are offended by some few words of profanity, I suggest you stop wearing a dress and grow the F*CK UP!!! Click the X in the top of the screen or hit the back on your server. This RP was in association with WWCF. The Real Fn Deal!! Best viewed at 1152 by 864 Resolution


Current and Important Character Details

 Next match - Number one contendership for IC title Vs The Hurricane

Allies - Kim Page

Achievements -

Being Matt Hardy,
Ex Boyfriend of Smackdown GM - Stephanie,
Cruiserweight Champ - Vacated Belt.
King of Table Matches,
Hardcore Champ - Never got pinned to lose title,
King of Hardcore Street Fights,
Television Champion(2) - Got Stripped first time, Vacated Second time
King of Oklahoma Hot Wire match!
Managed by and current boyfriend of the Greatest Woman's champion, Kim Page,
King of Battle Royals,
Winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble...

Record - 10 - 4

OOC Comment - IC TITLE BABY!!!!




As the scene opens the camera is in a busy street in Atlanta, Georgia. The camera looks around at all the people rushing about to do some Summer shopping. The camera pans around to the left a white limo pulls around the corner and stops outside the arena. The door swings open and two feet appear under it. As the owner of the feet gets out of the limo we can see that it is Matt Hardy. He is wearing a black armani suit, armani white shirt and a black tie. He holds the door open as Kimberly Page steps out wearing a nice tight black leather outfit.
She smiles as Matt straightens up his jacket and walks around the back of the limo where he opens the boot an gets out his kit bag. He and Kim smile at each other as Matt swings his bag over his shoulder and entering the arena with Kim. Inside the arena Kim walks off to the divas locker room as Matt walks down the long corridors until he reaches the WWCF locker room. He walks into the room but is disgusted to find the room in a total mess. The room has towels, clothes and empty cups all over the place and Matt turns back around and immediately exits the room. He quickly marches down the corridor until he gets to the office of Vince McMahon, the Owner of RAW. He bangs on the door and goes in without waiting for an answer. As the door flies open Vince looks up from his desk and the files that are on it. In his hand he has the phone and seems to be talking to someone about joining WWCF but this does not stop Matt. He walks upto the desk, takes the phone from Vince's hand and slams it down. Then he slumps down into the chair infront of the desk and stares at Vince.


Vince: What the hell do you think your doing! How dare you come into MY office and put down MY phone!? Explain your actions or I will do somthing you will not like!

|| Matt || I am fed up of having to share that pig sty of a locker room with the other guys in the WWCF. They never clean up their mess after themselves. SOoo, I want MY OWN locker room!

Vince: Your own locker room?...Your own locker room!? I fail to see how you are more special than anybody else on the roster. You dont deserve it. You see my client Chris Jericho. Hes the world champion. He deserves one and thats why he has got one and had one for a long time. You have talked about going against the corporation Matt. I dont think you deserve anything.

|| Matt || Vince. Vinnie. Can I call you Vinnie?

Vince: Its Mr McMahon to you.

|| Matt || Vinnie. Its me, Matt Hardy, version 1.0. I tried to take out the corporation in January. Right now its July. Besides your my favourite McMahon.

Vince: Is that so. Then why did you date my daughter.

|| Matt || Oh.. Erm... Well I had too much to drink and... well nevermind about that. All im asking for is my OWN locker room.

Vince: Ok ill tell you what. You go back into the WWCF locker room. Go get your stuff, I'll get you a new locker room...a new locker yeah, but not just yours...im going to give you a locker room with.... Macho Man Randy Savage and HBK!! Yeah. HAHA! Im a genious Matt. You see I've heard they're a little better at keeping things tidy, haha.. Oh and I heard they also want to "congratulate" you on your Smackdown victory..

|| Matt || .....

Vince: So Matthew. Whats it going to be. Make your decision as to which locker room you want. You see thats the only space I have left, it's up to you.

Vince laughs to himself while Matt stands up in shock.

Vince: Well Matt, what is it to be?

|| Matt || A genious huh? You think you are so smart? Maybe you are. But ill show you. I Matt Hardy, Version 1.0, will share that locker room with Macho Man and HBK. Im not scared off them. And don't worry about me getting hurt in there. I don't intend to let them anywere near me!

Vince looks confused as Matt turns and pushes the office door open. Matt leaves Vinces office happy with what he has managed to get. He walks back down the corridor to the WWCF locker room but stops outside, realising that he doesnt have to be in there anymore. He then turns around and walks down to his new locker room. He slowly pushes open the door to his new locker room and walks in. He throws down his kitbag into the corner and heads for the on-suite bathroom. A few moments later the toilet is flushed and Matt appears back in the main body of the locker room giving an approving nod. He sees nobody else is currently in the room. He looks around the room and after deciding that the walls are a bit plain he goes over to his bag which is in the corner and starts looking through it. He pulls out what looks like some posters that are rolled up and held together by an elastic band. He then goes into one of the side pockets and gets a pack of bluetack out. He unwraps a couple of the posters and the gets some of the bluetack out of its packet. He puts some bluetack in each of the corners of two posters and presses them against the wall. As he steps back to admire them we can see that they are posters of himself. After checking that the posters are straight he goes back into his bag for one last poster. He pins it up using blue tack as it is a picture of Kimberly Page. The picture isnt as Big as his own pictures, but Kimberly is in one hell of a sexy pose. Matt smiles as he walks into the on-suite again and we hear the power shower start up. As the shower continues to run, Matt quickly comes running out of the on-suite, cupping his intimate area, to grab a towel out of his bag. After getting what he came out for he runs back into the shower area while the camera stays in the main section of the locker room. We hear the shower door being slid open and Matt stepping in. Suddenly Matt screams.

|| Matt || DAMNIT!!

Matt comes running out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him and picks up the phone which is hanging on the wall near the door. He holds down the star key for a few seconds then waits for an answer.

The Receptionist: Hello reception. Debra speaking. How can I help you?

|| Matt || Get a workman up here now! The shower in my locker room is just flowing ice cold water!

Debra: Which locker room are you in?

|| Matt || Version three!

Debra: Version three??

|| Matt || Room three.

Debra: Oh, Ok Sir, we will have someone come take a look at it.

|| Matt || Thank you.

Matt hangs the phone back up on the wall and sits down on a chair where he begins to dry his body that got wet the short time he was in the shower. After making sure he is dry so he doesn't get cold he remembers that he has left the shower on and goes to turn it off. As he comes back out of the on-suite there is a knock at the door. As he opens it he finds a man wearing grubby blue overalls. The man pushes past Matt and speaks in a funny accent.

Worker: Well lookie what we got here. A pretty boy. You da man who say he got a faulty shower?

|| Matt || Yeah, It's only running cold water.

Worker: Well kiss my grits and call me Cletus. You jus let ol Billy Bob ave a look at it. I'll soon git her purring like a kitten. This way is it?

The workman points towards the on-suite and Matt nods. The workman goes into the shower area and after a few groans, grunts and curses he comes back out.

Worker: Thats what I call a good ol howdown. She be workin like my ma now!

|| Matt || SURE!! Thanks, just one more thing before you go. Do you think I can get a lock on this door? I share it with a few other guys and I don't want them walking in if I happen to be entertaining a female in here after the show!

Worker: Oh yea. I git ya. Bit of an ladies man are we. Well im not one to complain. I'm not meant to put locks on doors but then again everyone has they price..

The workman looks over at Matt Hardys wallet which in on top of his armani suit which is folded on the on-suite floor. Matt walks over to it and opens it up. He hands the workman a 20 dollar note but the workman just looks at him. Finally Matt hands over another 20 dollar note and the worker begins putting the lock up. It only takes him a minute or so after which he leaves. Matt checks that the lock works using the key that the workman gave him. He decides that it is a strong lock and locks it before going back into the on-suite. Once again we hear the water start running and the shower door opening with Matt stepping inside. This time instead of running out screaming Matt sighs in comfort and begins to sing.

|| Matt || WAKE ME UP. wake me up inside...CANT WAKE UP.. wake me up inside... SAVE ME..... call my name and save me from the dark... WAKE ME UP.. Bid my blood to run...CANT WAKE UP... before I come undone.. SAVE ME... save me from the nothing ive become....

As Matt comes to the end of singing the chorus of his favourite Evanescence song he hears what sounds like two men talking at the door. The voices are mummered by the door but it is clear that they want to get in a seconds later they attempt pushing open the door. After giving up due to the door being locked they walk off down the corridor. Matt switches off the shower and gets out, wrapping a towel around himself. As he approaches the door he finds that they have slipped something beneath it. He picks up the folded piece of white paper carefully unfolding it. He reads the following

"Yo man. You want Matt taken care of for good? Find us."

Matt rushes out of the door, looking to see where the people who wrote this went. He walks a little up the corridor and then back, searching for them. As he turns to go back into the locker room the door blows shut, with the only key inside. He tries in vain to push the door open and begins to kick it as Kimberly Page comes along.

|| Kim || You ok Matt?

Matt spins around but at the same time lets go of his towel so that it falls to the floor. He quickly picks it up and wraps it around himself again.

|| Kim || That was certainly interesting to see. Isnt that the way I met you?

|| Matt || Yeah laugh it up. I've kind of managed to lock myself out my locker room.

|| Kim || Your locker room?

|| Matt || Yeah. I got a new locker room, but Im now locked out of it.

|| Kim || But the locker rooms don't have locks on them, it's a fire hazard.

|| Matt || I know but I got one on mine to keep out Macho Man and HBK. I dont those nothings coming in here.

|| Kim || Why would they be in your locker room?

|| Matt || Well its kinda our locker room now. I asked Vince for a locker room and he stuck me with them.

|| Kim || Your sharing a locker room with them? Why would you do that Matt? You know they are angry after you beat them.

|| Matt || I couldn't stand another minute of being in the WWCF locker room and Vince said this was the only one I could get into, so I decided to take it and put a lock on it so no-one else can get it. But now I have left the key inside and can't get back in.

|| Kim || Oh you poor thing, let me try.

Matt moves aside and Kim takes a clip from her hair. She forms a straight line with it. She stands infront of the lock so that Matt can't see what she is doing and the door swings open. Matt looks at her in amazement as she walks inside his locker room. She looks at the letter on the floor and picks it up.

|| Kim || Whats this?

|| Matt || It's a letter for somebody, something about beating me up.

|| Kim || Don't worry. I'll look after you.

|| Matt || Thats great to hear.

|| Kim || You still upto having lunch.

|| Matt || Definately.

|| Kim || Ok ill see you later then. Ive got to go change.

|| Matt || You can change in here you know. This is now OUR locker room. I got it for us.

|| Kim || Really? Ok. Well ill get my clothes and stuff and be here soon.

Kim give Matt a kiss on the cheek and goes out side the locker room. Matt stands at the door and waves bye to her as she walks down the corridor. Matt enters his room once again but there is another knock. Matt wonders it may be the person who wants to attack him so Matt gets his fist ready. He swings open the door and is ready to punch but retracts at the sight of one half of the tag champions, EDGE.

|| Matt || Oh hey Edgester. Come in.

Edge: Thanks dude. I would love to stick around but me and Hogan got to prepare. We got two reekazoids to Edgeucate.

|| Matt || Who?

Edge: The worlds greatest tag team. Yeah. More like the worlds biggest chumpstains.

|| Matt || Yeah thats true.

Edge: Well Matt, I was wondering if you got my message.

|| Matt || Your the one who wants to beat me up?

Edge: What? Nah dude. I meant my message on your speedy recovery.

|| Matt || Oh yeah Edge. Thanks for the message. My recovery was hard and tough, but all worth it. Great to be back in WWCF.

Edge: Yah dude. Maybe me and you could have a match one day.

|| Matt || Yeah. I would love to show you my new Mattributes. By the way nice teeth.

Edge: Yeah yeah. Matt Hardy.

|| Matt || Haha. So hows the misses?

Edge: Shes good. Her birthday party is going to be soon. Maybe you could come.

|| Matt || That would be cool.

Edge: Yeah. You and Kim could be there. You two could be the SECOND riteous couple there.

|| Matt || Maybe Edgely.

Edge: Well I would love to hang around and "KICK IT" with you Matt. But I got some important people to see.

|| Matt || Oh so you taking shots at me.

Edge: HAHA! Laters dude.

|| Matt || Yeah see you later.

Edge and Matt clap hands as edge disappears. Matt shuts the door and leans against it. Looking down at his watch which is next to his kit bag he decides that it is time to get some lunch and goes into the on-suite to put on some casual clothes. After getting dressed he picks up the key off the side and leaves the locker room, making sure it is locked behind him.


Matt is sitting in the WWCF canteen. He waits for a few seconds as Kim enters. She is wearing a white outfit. She has a nice vest top which shows of her cleavage and has her belly showing. She also has some nice tight bottoms. Matt smiles as he and Kim get something to eat as they sit down on a table.


|| Matt || You look great.

|| Kim || Thanks. I was going to wear the referee t-shirt because I know how much you liked seeing me in that.

|| Matt || Damn right I did.

|| Kim || Well Matt. That was a nice victory. And I dont think we got to celebrate properly. So I was wondering how about dinner and then "DESSERT" after Raw.

|| Matt || Really?

|| Kim || Yeah. I mean Smackdowns going to be cancelled this week and we can have fun. But I thought instead of thinking about the victory party, you could acually get the victory first on Raw.

|| Matt || I have a match on RAW?

|| Kim || Havent you seen the card?

|| Matt || Not really.

|| Kim || You have got a number 1 contendership match for the Intercontinental title.

|| Matt || The IC title?

|| Kim || Yeah. This will give you a chance to work your way back to the top.

|| Matt || Well you did help me get to the top last time. So who am I facing?

|| Kim || The Hurricane.

|| Matt || The Hurricane?

|| Kim || Yeah. Hes new here in the company.

|| Matt || Oh the Hurricane. New interviewee Gregory Helms asked me about him. A superhero huh? As I said yesterday, I dont think he has superpowers.

|| Kim || I dont know Matt. I think he could take superman. You should work out before you face him.

|| Matt || OK. Well I should train for this match starting tomorrow then.

|| Kim || Great.

Matt and Kim begin to finish their lunch.

|| Kim || So ill grab my coat.

|| Matt || Why? Where you going?

|| Kim || You mean Where are WE going! I thought we would go around the city. It will give me a chance to do some shopping and give us a chance to celebrate as well. I told the limo driver to take the day off.

|| Matt || How are we going to go?

|| Kim || Your white corvette is outside?

|| Matt || Really huh? Thats great. Well get your coat and meet me at the car. I got to talk to Vince about something.

|| Kim || Okies. Dont be too long. Im going to go and change.

Matt and Kim kiss as Matt walks of in the opposite direction of Kimberly. Matt walks down the corridor as he pulls something out of his pocket. Its the letter from his locker room. He enters Vinces locker room again.

Vince: Damnit Matt. Havent you heard of knocking?

|| Matt || Yeah. But its only you Vinnie so I thought you wouldnt be busy.

Vince: Im always busy Matt. I got a show to run. WWCF doesnt work without me, you know that. So what can I do for you now? I gave you your locker room.

|| Matt || Yeah you did. But look at this.

Matt hands Vince the paper. Vince reads it as he looks at Matt.

Vince: Somebody wants to get you.

|| Matt || I know that Vince. Who did you send?

Vince: I didnt send anybody. This is not my doing, damnit. But ill tell you what Matt. Since you dont know who did this. Why dont you ask our "NEIGHBOURHOOD SUPERHERO" Thats right The Hurricane. He could help you out on this. I mean thats his job.

|| Matt || The hurricane huh? Well maybe ill do that.

Matt walks out of Vinces office. The camera follows Matt Hardy. He puts the letter in his pocket as he looks to walk towards the parking lot. As he is walking he overhears a conversation of two crew members as they grab a coffee. They are talking.

Crew 1:... I know. I heard that he wants to take out Matt Hardy.

Matt tries to listen to who they are talking about without getting noticed.

Crew 2: Its strange. I think they are doing this for Shawn Michaels.

Crew 1: Thats what I heard. Shawn is done and getting Matt Hardy would be great for HBK. It would set his mind at ease when he faces Nash on Raw.

Matt hears also hears that HBK and a group of ladies are in the car park and this gives Matt an idea. He quickly runs back to the WWCF locker room. Luckily for him it is empty. He seaches around and finally finds what he is looking for. He puts it in his pocket. He then runs down the corridor until he finds the exit for he parking lot. He looks around but only sees the ladies. He approaches them and finds out that HBK has gone to the bathroom for "SOME REASON" However the ladies are happier to see Matt. Matt tells them HBK wants to see them inside. However they dont move as they would rather stay with Matt. Matt then tells them how flattered he is but he is going to be gone in a minute with Kim. The ladies show disappointment as Matt tells them to block the Parking lot entrance. They do as Matt looks around and makes sure nobody is looking. Matt pulls out the object from his pocket and its revealed to be a spray can. He starts to spray on HBKs car/limo. After finishing, the cameraman reveals the picture to showing "YOUR FIRED" Matt snickers to himself as he sees his corvette. He begins to walk towards it as he hears a voice...


Matt runs to his corvette laughing as he enters the driver seat to see Kim inside the convertable. Matt presses the button to cover the top of the car as the tinted windows are seen.

|| Kim || You seem in a hurry.

|| Matt || I seem??

Matt speeds down the main road out the front of the arena. He turns right, into the outside inside lane which is filled with traffic. All three lanes are at a stand still and everyone in the jam seems to be getting a little agitated. It is clear that Matt doesn't wish to be sitting in the queue as long as they have all been and pulls out into the hard shoulder. Here Matt puts his foot down as he flys along watching all the other cars in their none moving traffic jam. As he reaches the lights before his turn off, his car is lit up from behind by blue flashing lights. A police officer gets out of the car and puts on his hat. He walks upto Matt's window and asks him to wind it down.

Officer: You in a bit of a hurry there mate?

|| Matt || Actually yeah I wa....

Officer: Do you mind cutting the engine and stepping out the car for me Sir?

Matt does as he is told and takes the key out the ignition before stepping out, and moving round onto the curb. THe officer doesnt see Kim inside so doesnt speak to her

Officer: You know what you have done wrong Sir?

|| Matt || I was using the hard shoulder as a cut through.

Officer: Yeah you were and that is an illegal offence. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to take you down to the station.

|| Matt || Hold on one second, I may have something that could change your mind.

Matt reaches through the passenger door and suddenly has a 100 dollar note, folds it up and slips it into the officers trouser pocket. The officer takes it back out of his pocket and unfolds it. He folds it out infront of him and looks at Matt.

Officer: That all a criminal record is worth?

Matt puts his hand back in through the window and has another 100 follar note. He hands it to the officer who checks that it is real and puts both notes into his pocket.

Officer: Pleasure doing business with you.

Matt smiles and turns away ready to get back into his car but as he goes around past the boot the police officer jumps on him pinning him to the car. He pulls Matt's hands together and locks them together with his handcuffs.

|| Matt || What the hell are you doing?

Officer: Bribery of an officer is a jailable offence.

|| Matt || You can't do that! Don't you know who I am? I am Matt Hardy, Version 1.0

Officer: Matt Hardy?

|| Matt || Yes!!

Officer: The wrestler Matt Hardy.

|| Matt || Yes!!

Officer: The same Matt Hardy that won the Royal Rumble...?

|| Matt || YES!!!

Officer: Wow. You have got a VERY talented brother. Do you think you could get me Jeffs autograph. That guy is crazy.

|| Matt || WHAT??

Officer: Nevermind. You are Matt Hardy......Your arrest will look great amongst the boys. Ive already arrested Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Timberflake this week. Now get in the car.

Just as the officer is about to bust Matt Hardy, Kimberly steps out the passenger seat of the corvette and approaches Kim. She is still wearing her tight white bottoms and her white tight top which shows of her hott body. Kim smiles before she begins to talk. The officer cant help but to look at her.

|| Kim || Is there a problem, officer?

Officer: wh... wh... wh.. what?

|| Kim || Is there a problem here?

Officer: We.. well. Matt over here.. wa.. wa.. was speeding on the hard shoulder.

|| Kim || Well Matt wont do it again, will you Matt.

|| Matt || No Kim. I wont.

|| Kim || You see there officer. It was just a mistake. You will let us go wont you?

Kim looks sexily towards the officer as she puts a finger in her mouth. The officers mouth drops open as he nods like a muppet.

|| Kim || Thank you.

Officer: y..yo... you take care now..

The officer gets back into his and drives off like a slack jawed yokel. Matt looks at Kim.

|| Matt || You were great.

|| Kim || Thanks.

Matt kisses Kim as he leads her to his corvette. They get in as they know they still have most of the day to go..

|| Matt || So where is the shopping mall you want to go to?

|| Kim || Its somewhere here in Atlanta. Dont worry. Ill tell you where to go.

They continue to drive as Kim and Matt finally do get there after half an hour.

|| Matt || Is this it?

|| Kim || Yea Matt. You going to come.

|| Matt || erm...Yeah.

Matt and Kim get out the car as they walk inside the mall. Matt looks around as Kim walks to the store she wanted.

|| Kim || You coming inside?

|| Matt || Errr. A lingerie shop? I think ill let you get what you want.

|| Kim || Suits yourself.

Matt lingers outside the shop as he sees a corndog stand. He walks up to it and sees a long line for it. He doesnt acknowledge it for long as he skips to the front of the line.

Corndog Dude: Excuse me. You cant do ....Wait a minute. Its you.

|| Matt || Oh you recognise me huh?

Corndog Dude: I think so. I see you wrestle in the WWCF.

|| Matt || Yep thats me.

Corndog Dude: And I LOVE your band.

|| Matt || My band? I dont have a band.

Corndog Dude: You dont.. What? I thought Chris Jericho had one.

|| Matt || WHAT?? Get me a hot dog.

Corndog Dude: What? Whats wrong dude?

|| Matt || Just get me a hot dog.

Corndog Dude: You always say you are like being King of the World and being large...

|| Matt || Just stop. Stop right there. I am NOT chris Jericho.

Corndog Dude: You arent?

|| Matt || No im not.

Guy in line: Will you hurry up. Ive been in line for 10 minutes now. Cant you just serve the man?

Corndog Dude: Will you hold on otherwise I wont serve you at all. Anyways. If you arent Chris Jericho who are you?

|| Matt || Matt Hardy Version 1.0

Corndog Dude: Oh yea.. Your manager is Kimberly. Shes hott. So tell me something.

|| Matt || What?

Corndog Dude: Why is somebody as hott as her with somebody like you? I mean you arent even a champion so shes not with you because of your success and money.

|| Matt || I suggest you give me my corndog now.

Corndog Dude: Ok ok. Chill out man. Sheesh.

The dude gets Matt his corndog and a drink

Corndog Dude: That will be 5 dollars.

|| Matt || There take it.

Corndog Dude: WHAT? No tip?

|| Matt || Oh you want a tip? Lose that hat.

Matt walks off and puts the corndog into his mouth and eats it down. He then drinks down the drink. He walks back to the lingerie shop and sees Kimberly Page holding around 5 shopping bags.

|| Matt || Woah girl. What did you buy?

|| Kim || Oh nothing really

|| Matt || Nothing! Theres like 5 bags here.

|| Kim || Oh it only cost a thousand dollars.

|| Matt || A thousand dollars on lingerie? How can you spend so mu.... Hmmmm.... Im getting an idea. Hehe.

|| Kim || An idea? Well lets get back to the arena then.

Matt grins as he and Kim walk off down the escalator into the malls parking lot. They put the bags into the car as Matt holds the door open for Kim. He hops into the driver seat and they drive away.




  Won Cruiserweight title on Raw -
 Matts WWCF debut - Beat Hurricane and,
Then Champion Rey Mysterio.
Title lost by - Vacated Belt.

King of Hardcore -
Beating many wrestlers including two great victories -
The Innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore rules match,
And Big Show - The biggest man in sports and entertainment today!!!

  Won Hardcore title at Survivor Series -
Matts WWCF PPV debut - Defeated Tommy Dreamer. - Vacant Title.
Title lost by - HBK pinning Big Show in a triple threat at Armageddon.

Won TV title on Smackdown 3rd edition -
Matt defeated the Undertaker with a twist of fate.
Title lost by - Stripped off belt by Eric Bischoff after controversy.
Regained belt on Smackdown 10th Edition - Defeated Taker in a Oklahoma Hott Wire match
Title Lost by - Vacated due to Injury

2003 Royal Rumble Winner
Entry # 11
Eliminated 6 men - Big Show, RVD, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Jericho, Steiner


SO FAR.........