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Current and Important Character Details

 Next match - Vs Randy Savage Vs HBK

Allies - Kim Page

Achievements -

Being Matt Hardy,
Ex Boyfriend of Smackdown GM - Stephanie,
Cruiserweight Champ - Vacated Belt.
King of Table Matches,
Hardcore Champ - Never got pinned to lose title,
King of Hardcore Street Fights,
Television Champion(2) - Got Stripped first time, Vacated Second time
King of Oklahoma Hot Wire match!
Managed by the Greatest Woman's champion, Kim Page,
King of Battle Royals,
Winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble...

Record - 9 - 4




 The scene opens after a hellacious week in WWCF. And guess what? Its about to continue. King of the ring has been great to such stars in the past. I mean take a look at Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. All have gone on to be World champions. Now whos next. Could it be Edge? Could it be Randy Orton? Or it may be Justin Credible, the man that eliminated 2003 Royal Rumble Winner, Matt Hardy!! The scene switches. It shows a superkick from Justin Credible flooring Matt Hardy as Justin Credible makes the cover. one. two. three! "The Winner of the match, and into the second round of the tournament" JUSTIN CREDIBLE!! The footage ends.

The scene switches once again. WWCF returns from a commercial break, and the WWCF cameras are outside the arena, showing a glimpse of this great arena in Washington, shortly after Smackdown, which was tremendous. The Washington public walk past the camera and smile into it, as they're on Television. Most are getting ready for the WWCF Two Year Anniversary this September, as they have T-shirts of certain WWCF superstars, and a feeling of anticipation is on their faces. It seems most are looking forward to the resuming KotR tournament. Words from Chris Jericho after another one of his partners let him down. Edge must have something to say, as he has another recorded victory over Jericho, despite not pinning him. And what else? What does Matt Hardy have to say? His special return was spoilt after a shocking loss to debutant Credible. What will Matt Hardy have to say? How will he be able to show his face? Well he has no choice seeing how he has a match on Smackdown, where he has been demoted to doing opening matches with the likes of Shawn Michaels and new Hardcore champion, Randy Savage! As the scene goes on, voices of 'Good Ole' JR and Paul Heyman are then heard as they speak to the people who have tuned in tonight.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to World Wrestling championship Federation, folks! King, we have just heard, Raw will not be taking place and that we will not be needed to do commentary!

Heyman: Oh shut up Jr. Always trying to be "PROFESSIONAL" We all know you heard the icecream van there. WE know you want to go out there and eat your share in ice-cream.

Jim Ross: You know Paul. You sure do need to get a woman. You know that. Maybe you wouldnt talk so much.

Heyman: I can get a woman any time I want. And you know what JR. Your fat is covering up my space.

Jim Ross: Paul. Do you know what a woman looks like?

Heyman: Look at you. I can HEAR you getting fatter.

Jim Ross: Well anyway ladies and gentleman. I have been informed by my sources.

Heyman: What, JRS barbeque sauce?

Jim Ross: My sources not sauces. Well anyway folks. Ive been informed that Matt Hardy will be here tonight. And I know he is not in a good mood after losing to Justin Credible.

Heyman: Whats your bra size JR??................

The scene switches to the back. A red porsche is seen pulling up into the parking lot. Incidently the driver gets out and opens the back doors. We still have no idea who it is, as the windows are tinted. The door is opened and out steps none other than MATT HARDY!! The TitanTron shows Matt Hardy as all the fans in the arena jump up and dish out loud cheers for The inventor of Mattitude. But Matt Hardy seems distraught. He has a sad and angered look on his face. Matt gets his bags out of the back of the car. He puts them over his shoulder as he drags them towards the arena. Suddenly Mark Loyd runs over to him with his damn microphone looking to get a word.

Loyd: Matt, Matt!

|| Matt || Yes?

Loyd: Why are you looking so down?

|| Matt || Why am I looking so down? WHY AM I LOOKING DOWN? Did you see Raw last week? Did you mark? I faced Justin Credible in what should have been my glamourous return. And what happend? I took him for granted and lost. I lost to Credible and got knocked out the Tournament. That is my chance gone. It should be me facing Edge on Raw. I should have the main event spot. But what happens now? I have to face Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels in a Raw opener.

Loyd: Its not all bad Matt. I mean you will get another chance?

|| Matt || ANOTHER CHANCE? You dont just have another chance. The Undisputed title is the most prestigious title in the history of the world. You dont just get another chance. I worked my ass of in this federation and for what? To open Raw with two has-beens like Sandy Savage and Shawn Nicholls. I dont know if its worth it anymore.

Loyd: What do you mean!

|| Matt || What dont I mean Mark!!

Matt looks at Mark and carries his bags towards the arena. He enters the arena as the camera switches back to ringside.

Jim Ross: DId you see that Paul.

Heyman: Yeah. That girl wants me.


Heyman: Uh.. Nothing. Matt Hardy does not look like his cocky self. Before last weeks Raw he was like Chris Jericho, on top of the world with his return. Now he just looks like... well.... he looks pissed of at life and everything handed to him... well... he looks like YOU!

JR: Whatever Paul. THe thing is Matt Hardy said he doesnt know if its worth it anymore. What do you think he meant by that?

Heyman: He could have meant anything.

JR: Well he has a match this Friday on Smackdown. And as stated he will be facing Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels. But there is one thing we forgot to mention. The special referee for this match will be Kimberly Page.

Heyman: Wooo ooh hoooo. Can you imagine it JR. Shawn Michaels kicking Matt Hardy in his mug. Than Kimberly Page having no choice to pin the man she managed. Or Randy Savage landing the big elbow. And Kim Page counting the one two three.

JR: Should be interesting to see. But you know she will call it down the middle.

Heyman: She has no choice, because if she doesnt, she will be fired!!

JR: Well lets go backstage folks.

The scene switches backstage as we see Matt Hardy on his way to the locker room. He looks at some workers who are talking.

Worker#1: Yeah it was great.

Worker#2: How great was it man. It was just an instance and bang

Matt walks over to them.

|| Matt || ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF ME? DId my match last week amuse you?

Worker#1: No man. We were talking about the Metz losing again.

|| Matt || Oh Really huh?

Matt suddenly snaps and smacks the first worker across the face. The second worker tries to get away but Matt grabs him and throws him into the metal doors. MAtt picks up a chair backstage and smacks both workers over the head. A sound of "OOOOOOH" is heard by the crowd in attendance. Matt smirks as he starts to walk away and then finally enters his locker room. Matt throws his bags in his room and sits down on his couch. He puts his hands on his head and starts to think about what has happened to him. Suddenly there is a knock on his door.

|| Matt || Yeah come in.

In walks in the lovely and hottest referee ever, Kimberly Page. She looks at Matt Hardy who doesnt even look up.

|| Kim || Matt. Whats wrong?

|| Matt || .......

|| Kim || Matt are you there?

|| Matt || oh hey Kim. When did you come in?

|| Kim || Matt are you ok?

|| Matt || Yeah I guess.

|| Kim || You dont seem ok. Whats wrong, you know you can tell me.

|| Matt || I dont think ive got it anymore.

|| Kim || Got what?

|| Matt || MATTITUDE!! Ive been preaching it, but my last two matches here in WWCF have been loses.

|| Kim || Maybe your head is too much into it.

|| Matt || I dont know. I think I have lost my edge. I mean I won the Royal Rumble. I was on a winning streak. Than that loss to Jericho was it. He took my dream away of main eventing Wrestlemania. He took away my title shot, and literally burst my bubble.

|| Kim || Maybe he did Matt, but as Im saying your probably TOO focused on WWCF events. You got a match this Friday with me as the special referee. You need to get your head of this match and I just happen to have something special planned for you.

|| Matt || Really?

|| Kim || Yeah Ive got two words for you!

|| Matt || REALLY??

|| Kim || No not that. I meant LAS VEGAS!!

|| Matt || Las vegas huh?

|| Kim || Thats right. Ive got a flight booked and we are going to Nevada. And our flight is leaving in a couple of hours.

|| Matt || I dont know. Maybe I should be training in the gym.

|| Kim || Thats all you have been doing. Come with me to las vegas. Im sure you will have a great time.

|| Matt || Ok, ok. Let me get my stuff and we will go.



The scene opens inside of a luxury suite hotel room, somewhere in Las Vegas, Nevada. Only a mere few floors below the room, lies one of the biggest casinos in all of the US, with young men and women partying their night away. Yet inside of this certain hotel room, there is one man that frankly does not give a damn if it was the single best place in the world. This man doesn't care if he was in heaven, nor hell for that matter. All this man cares about is one thing; Victory. The man is Matt Hardy. The shot cuts to right next to the living room, where a rather large hot tub lay, and inside the hot tub is the man looking to kickstart his WWCF career once again after some setbacks, Matt Hardy, taking it easy. Matt is kicking back, after a long, hard day of work. Gathering his thoughts on his match with two other men in and his manager as the referee, with his head down. But that quickly changes, as his head snaps right up, at the site of his oh so beautiful and hott manager, Kimberly, getting in to the hot tub with Matt.

|| Matt || Kim? I thought you were asleep by now.

|| Kim || Well, I was, but I woke up. So I thought I'd go get something to eat, and I see you. So, here I am, haha.

|| Matt || Oh, so you're telling me that you sleep in a bikini? Bikinis are for hot tubs, pajamas are for sleeping. So what're you doing in one Kim? Had an alterier motive or something?

|| Kim || Maybe.

Kim chuckles slightly, as a grin slowly comes across Matts face. Kim throws her head back and relaxes in the hot tub, but Matt is still pretty tense.

|| Kim || Matt, what's wrong?

|| Matt || Alot actually, Kim. Alot's wrong with me. I have got one hell of a match this Friday. A triple threat. I HAVE to win this. Its essential. I heard what Jericho had to say. She was right. Well he actually. He said im not main event level, and I think he is right. And you know what, I havent been World champion yet. I havent had a single chance. When I won a chance, I blew it. I gambled and lost. That really eats at me Kim. I, Matt Hardy, Version one, need to prove myself. AGAIN! Vince and Eric Bischoff have demoted me to opening matches. Then what? Sunday Night Heat? Dark Matches? Really, it does eat me up. I don't like it a damn bit either, I have to do something about it.

|| Kim || And you can Matt, you can. You've got the perfect chance to do that on Friday. You are facing HBK and Macho Man. What better way to prove you are better than them and you should be Main event. You can destroy them and it's gonna be great! I'll be right there to watch it all go down too. You can annihilate Macho Man Randy Savage. I cant wait to see it up close and personal especially after thinking he is the best Hardcore champ.

|| Matt || You are going to be there are arent you? || Kim || Yep. As the Special guest referee. || Matt || Well im going to have to ask Eric Bischoff to change that. || Kim || Why? Dont you want me there in the ring, counting your victory? || Matt || Oh hell no. I dont want you there, and you aren't going to be there at all Kim. It's bad enough that I have to watch my own back, but it's 3 times worse when I have to watch someone else's. You will stay in the back, and you do your job whatver you want to do. But I dont want you as a refere, while I go out there and I do my job. It's that simple Kim. Im gonna take care of the business in the ring.

Kim gets a bitter look on her face towards Matt, and Matt cocks an eyebrow towards her.

|| Matt || What's wrong with you?

|| Kim || Matt, I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself, you should know that. You don't need to watch my back, if I get beat up by HBK or Savage or anyone for that matter, then that's my problem, not yours, ok?

|| Matt || No Kim! Damn't, I told you already we aren't gonna do this crap. Stay the hell in the back or you're going to get hurt out there!

|| Kim || Then let me get hurt, Matt. Let me get hurt. Personally, I don't care. The only thing I care about is going out there, to witness you get back to your winning ways. I helped you win the Rumble remember. Im going to make you the man again.

|| Matt || I know you helped me. But I think you would do a better job in the back or out of the ring by my side instead of in the ring!

|| Kim || Matt, I was Womans champion. I am the best womans wrestler in this federation. I certainly wont have trouble with Savage or Michaels.

|| Matt || I dont doubt that. But Kimmie. I havent been able to focus lately on my matches. With you out there, Im sure I wont be able to focus fully.

|| Kim || Just remember. You were Hardcore champion. But you lost the title at Armageddon without being pinned. And you lost it to none other than HBK. You and him have unfinished business. You need to finish the job. I'm relying on you to as well.

|| Matt || Ok Kim. Ok. And I'll do so. Under a condition! You promise, that you will be a good girl and that you wont get hurt and stay out of Hbk and Savages way. No matter what they do, you will not try to incite them. Now do we have a deal?

|| Kim || ... Fine Matt, I'll be a "good girl" and not incite anybody. But when we get back to the lockers... I want somebodies blood, on, your, hands! Now do WE have a deal?

|| Matt || Blood on my hands huh? Damn right its a deal.

|| Kim || Well, good then. Anyway, how about I turn the bubbles on? It's gotten me in the mood if you know what I mean.

Kim starts to giggle and sits next to Matt Hardy, but Matt shakes his head and pushes her off. Kim tilts her head, confused at Version 1.0, but Matt doesn't move.

|| Kim || Matt what the hell is wrong with you!?

|| Matt || Kim, jus... Just give me some time. I've gotta clear my head...

Matt moves Kim out of the way and gets up and out of the hot tub. Kimberly raises an eyebrow towards Matt and tries to walk up to him.

|| Kim || Matt, where the hell are you going?

|| Matt || Out. Leave me be Kimmie, I've just gotta clear my head, ok? I wont be long. Ill be back then we can have some fun, ok?

|| Kim || Fine Matt, fine.

Matt gets up and walks in to his room as the scene closes.

The scene re-opens inside of the fabulous hotel casino. Although it's still pretty late, most of the people are still there partying and drinking the night away. Everyone's in a great mood except for one man. Matt goes through the doors in to the casino, in what appears to be one hell of a foul mood. He ignores all of the fourth coming people asking for an autograph, and asking how he is. He heads straight to the bar and takes a seat on a stool.

|| Matt || Get me a martini.

The bartender is behind the counter, but pays no attention to Matts request. Matt gets angrier and once again asks.

|| Matt || Bartender ... Get me a damn martini.

Once again, the bartender ignores Matts request. This infuriates Matt as Hardy reaches over the bar and spins the bartender around, to show that the bartender had headphones on the whole time listening to some kind of music, so he couldn't even hear him.

Bartender Floyd: Oh my sir, I'm sorry! Were you calling me? I deeply apologise if so. My name's Floyd, by the way, could I get you something to drink?

|| Matt || *under breath* Oh god ... Yeah, martini ... Wait a minute, your name's Floyd? As in like, the guy from The Shining that made Jack Nicholson go on a killing spree? Damnit ... Make it a double.

Floyd: Coming right up, sir.

Matt sighs and holds his head in his hands, thinking to himself. Thinking about the crap he's gone through over the last week. The missed opportunity in the King of the Ring. Thinking about Kimberly Page. Thinking about Friday Smackdown. Thinking about whether he will get a Title shot. Thinking about Savage. Thinking about HBK. Thinking about Jericho who is STILL at the top. Thinking about everything, in this whirlwind, roller coaster of a life of his as of late. The drink finally comes to Matt, and Matt takes it. After a few sips he puts it down and thinks to himself.

|| Matt || What a damn circus ride. What a circus ride my career's been. From bottom of the ladder, to number one contender. I was the man. I was the King of this company. And now I am back at the bottom of the ladder. And why? Because I gambled and lost. But now its time to gamble and put everything on the line. I want to get back to the top and I need to back again to the top. Ive been the best before. But now, could it all be slipping? I lost to Justin Credible. Ive been in this company since last year and what have I got to show for it? Victories over cruiserweights and some midcarders. Which main eventer have I beaten? Sure I beat HBK, a man Jericho failed to beat. But thats it.Ive beaten nobody Credible. And i mean that. Me losing four matches already in WWCF. Twice against Jericho. He probably has my number. Could that be a sign to me? It might be a sign of things to come it seems. That scares the hell out of me. The damn fact that I havent really crushed any top star in this business. Am I losing my MAttitude? Have I completely lost something I created? Last year was the beginning of Era which lasted for so long. I need to replicate it this year. I won the Rumble beating of stars like Steiner, Jericho and Edge. And now I have to open an event with two hasbeens. You know it makes me sick that if I lose on Smackdown I will probably be demoted to Velocity and Heat duty... No, no , no it can't happen, it wont happen. Especially to Randy Savage and HBK. Damn,.Get a grip Matt...Look what you've become. Look what you are. You've turned in to a gutless coward. you have turned into.. into...well into JEFF HARDY! Afraid of the fact that you're losing your ability to go out there every day and night and bust your ass off. This pain, it's too much to even bare.. Hell, look at me. Why am I even afraid? Why should I have fear of anybody in WWCF? Friday night, I making a promise to myself. I will win the match and proive I am still the man. But for tonight is a night of fun, and joy. Tonight is Matt Hardys night to have some fun. Look where I am. Hell, I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada! How the hell could it get any better? It's great, great I tell you! Haha, screw worrying. At least for tonight. Matt is out here to have some fun, and some fun he shall indeed have.

Matt gets off of the stool and starts to walk off, when the waiter taps Matt on the shoulder. Matt turns around...

Floyd: By the way sir, the bartender in The Shining is LLOYD, not FLOYD!

|| Matt || ....

Matt says nothing, and turns back around to walk off. Matt starts to walk away when a strange looking man in a cream colored trench coat comes up to Matt and taps him on the shoulder.

Gambler: Well lookie here. You're one of those wrestling fellas, huh? I can tell by those big bulgy muscles of yours. Whatddya say me and you have a little wager before I turn in, big fella?

Matt cocks and eyebrow, and sort of smirks at the gambler.

|| Matt || ... Which one of the 7 dwarfs are you again? What's that? Dopey. Ok Dopey, get the hell out of my way and let me get back in to my hotel room, before I move you out of it.

Matt lets out a sigh and turns to walk away when the gambler says something he never should of had in the first place.

Gambler: Fine, I'll just have to take all these WINNINGS and spend them on something!

Matt snaps around, at the drop of a hat and walks right back up to the gambler wit an enraged expression.

|| Matt || Winnings? ... Winnings you say, huh? Well, Mr. Gambler person, winning is my life, and right about now, winning would sure as hell cheer me up.

Gambler: Why's that? Because you havent won a match in WWCF since the Royal Rumble?? HAHAHA!

|| Matt || That's it kid ... You've gone a little bit too far. And you know what, its about time that my luck changes in life and it starts tonight. Now, what did you have in mind?

Gambler: I'm in a hurry to go on to my room .. Got the wife and kids ... somewhere around there. So let's make it one quick round of twenty one. Winner take all. I'm goin' for broke, I'll put everything I have on the line, how about you big fella?

Matt digs deep down in to his pockets, searching for something. He seems to have finally found it, and slaps it down on the table, and grins evilly.

Gambler: What? A polo packet?

|| Matt || Hey hey Dopey, you made the bet, now you gotta stick to it. One round, twenty one, let's get to it.

Matt chuckles to himself and the two sit at a table. A waiter comes up with a card deck for the two men. The man draws first... it's a king... Matt draws next... It's an ace... The man draws next, it's a five... Matt draws, it's a 5 of clubs... The man draws, it's an 2 of spades... Matt draws... It's a Jack... The man draws, and it's the three! Matt draws next. Its a five. Matt breaks in to laughter hysterically and looks over to see the money he's just made. TWENTY ONE. The waiter brings him the man's FORMER winnings, $13,000 in cash. It's presented in a black suit case. Matt takes it and starts to nearly cry from laughter, before he turns around and looks at the man. Matt picks up the polo packet that he had bet earlier, and hands it to him. The man starts to cry from humiliation, and Matt walks away, but not before turning around to say

|| Matt || Ain't so lucky now, huh Dopey? Thanks for the winnings! Oh Yeah!!!

Matt laughs to himself once again and finally, walks off in peace. He gets to his room and puts the briefcase down. He sees Kimberly relaxing as Matt goes over to Kim and starts to massage her shoulders. Kim smiles as Matt gets back into the hot tub as the scene closes.


The scene opens with the cameras showing some nice streets of California early on in the day, also showing some nice beaches. The public of California are all walking around enjoying themselves, smiling and waving into the camera as it goes past crowds. The people are mostly wearing hardly anything, bikinis for the female's and just boxer shorts for the male's. Suddenly, a lovely car pulls up outside the 'Five Star Superstar' shop, and out pops Matt Hardy.

|| Matt || Hey Kim. Wait in the limo. I wont be gone for long. I just need to get some stuff done, ok?

|| Kim || Ok Matt. Hurry back.

Matt walks into the shop and looks around. He sees somebody at the desk.

|| Matt || You the boss around here?!

The Shop Owner turns around from his placing of goods on the shelves and looks into Matts eyes

Owner: Yes, yes, that is me.

|| Matt || Good, i'm looking for something. Seeing as this is a kind of Star studded shop, you should sell things on wrestling, right?

Owner: Erm, hold on. I think we do, I am not too certain about that, though.

|| Matt || What? You own this shop and you don't even know what you sell? What kind of shop owner are you?

Owner: I'm sorry, I am hardly here. My good workers normally do the work, and sell the stuff, I just basically sit upstairs in my office and write all their contracts and do stuff about their wages and such. Sometimes I Steal their money. HAHA! But dont tell ok?

|| Matt || Whatever.

Owner: I am really sorry for the confusion..? Er, your name..?

|| Matt || Erm.. Hmmm. Im Matt hardy, Version 1.0.

Owner: Oh you were cloned as well? THats so great. SOmebody I can talk with about being cloned. The government didnt want me to talk to the "NORMAL" people. So why did you get cloned?

|| Matt || I havent been cloned you numbnut. Anyway, I see you don't watch that much wrestling, huh?

Owner: I don't really, but my kids do, they love it. They said they loved Raw last week, and watching a debutant win his match. Hes just to credible or something!!

Matt looks at him wide-eyed

|| Matt || You don't mean Justin Credible, do you?

Owner: That's the one! I see you know your wrestling knowledge.

|| Matt || Well it's not exactly genius-work to know that, but make sure you tune into Smackdown this Friday!.

Owner: Why do i have to "make sure"?

|| Matt || Just tune into, okay? Anyway, i'm looking for some Randy Savage videos. You got any?

Owner: Hmm. Randy Savage videos. Hold on, i'll have a look on my list and see if any is in stock, what category will it come under?

|| Matt || WRESTLING!!

Owner: Oh yeah!

The owner slaps his own head

Owner: Sorry, it was like i was lost in another world, we were just talking about Credible in wrestling..

The shop owner walks over to drawers of the desk where the counter is layed on, and he begins to check through lots of paper work. Matt turns and looks all the way around the shop, he sees quite a lot of wrestling merchandise. But mainly the items sold are to do with American Football, Baseball and Basketball. Matt finds a huge poster of 'HBK' Shawn Michaels, holding the World Heavyweight championship around in his shoulder, Matt shakes his head and of course, the poster is out of date.

|| Matt || Ha-ha..

The shop owner rises his head from the drawers, and looks straight at Matt, looking slightly confused at him.

Owner: What's so funny?

|| Matt || Oh, nothing.. You found it yet? I don't have much time you know, I still have to go down to the gym for a couple of hours.

Owner: I think I have..

He pulls out quite a long sheet of paper, with lots of text on it, including how much the item costs and such, all the information you need on all the items of the shop. The shop owner puts his glasses on and reads through it, he finally finds wrestling items to do with Randy Savage, then raises his finger up in the air with a slight smile.

Owner: Got it! Okay, items to do with Savage. We have lots of videos, a few dolls of Savage, and even something called Nacho Man!!

Matt strokes his chin

|| Matt || Hmm. Let's take a look at those videos. Where are they located in the shop?

Owner: It says here, erm......You see where all those posters are?

|| Matt || Yeah.

Owner: Well its not there!! BUT..... check on that side. They are all around there, everything to do with wrestling, lots of stuff over there. Enjoy! I hope you find what you are looking for.

Matt slightly nods, whilst he is looking in the direction where he found the HBK poster a while ago, and then begins to walk to the section of the shop. The shop owner then begins to climb up his little ladder and place items on certain shelves behind the counter, like he was doing before Matt came in and questioned him. Matt gets to the section and looks around, he finds it interesting that they are all placed un-confusingly and nicely, and finds the Savage videos he is looking for. Matt picks a few up, then speaks to himself.

|| Matt || Legend? What kind of crap is that? Pfft, oh what the heck. I'll take all the videos to do with Savage, I wanna see just how legendary this freak really is.

Matt picks up about 5 videos containing Savage - Savages matches, his biography - everything. Matt makes his way back to the counter and then throws all the videos onto the desk, making the shop owner to jump and nearly fall off his ladder. He looks scared, but then climbs down and looks back up at Matt.

Owner: Erm. There is around 7 videos here, this is going to cost you quite a lot, you know?

|| Matt || ......

Matt pulls out loads of cash from his pocket, and then places it into the shop owner's hands, leaving him shocked. He places them into a carrier bag, and then Matt begins to walk off, but he stops him.

Owner: Erm.. Are you rich or something?

|| Matt || You mean you don't know who i am? Ha-ha, Man, you really need to watch more Wrestling on Television. Keep the change.

Matt walks out of the door, the shop owner is still staring in confusion, as Matt gets back into his beautiful car and speeds off, probably to the gym next, as the WWCF cameras cut to a commercial break.

The cameras return to the arena, at ringside! None other than Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are sat at commentary, addressing the fans!

Jim Ross: Welcome back, folks, to WWCF! As always, i'm Jim Ross alongside the unpredictable King, Jerry Lawler.

The King: Its great to be King!!!

JR: And King, some scouting going on there for Matt! He is scouting Savages weaknesses and strengths by watching a few of his matches!

The king: You know what that means, J.R?! Matt wants the advantage. He doesnt want to lose again. ANd he knows everything would crumble in front of him if he was to lose again!

Jim Ross: You couldn't of said it better, King. But, folks, this Friday on Smackdown, the King of the Ring tournament will continue. Make sure you don't miss it.





  Won Cruiserweight title on Raw -
 Matts WWCF debut - Beat Hurricane and,
Then Champion Rey Mysterio.
Title lost by - Vacated Belt.

King of Hardcore -
Beating many wrestlers including two great victories -
The Innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore rules match,
And Big Show - The biggest man in sports and entertainment today!!!

  Won Hardcore title at Survivor Series -
Matts WWCF PPV debut - Defeated Tommy Dreamer. - Vacant Title
Title lost by - HBK pinning Big Show in a triple threat at Armageddon.

Won TV title on Smackdown 3rd edition -
Matt defeated the Undertaker with a twist of fate.
Title lost by - Stripped off belt by Eric Bischoff after controversy.
Regained belt on Smackdown 10th Edition - Defeated Taker in a Oklahoma Hott Wire match
Title Lost by - Vacated due to Injury

2003 Royal Rumble Winner
Entry # 11
Eliminated 6 men - Big Show, RVD, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Jericho, Steiner


SO FAR.........