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Current and Important Character Details

 Next match - Vs Justin Credible - King of the Ring Winner Vs IC champion!

Allies - Kim Page, Edge

Achievements -

Being Matt Hardy, Version 1.0, Inventor Of Mattitude,
Ex Boyfriend of Ex Smackdown GM - Stephanie,
Cruiserweight Champ - Vacated Belt.
King of Table Matches,
Hardcore Champ - Never got pinned to lose title: Held Cruiserweight and Hardcore at same time
King of Hardcore Street Fights,
Television Champion(2) - Got Stripped first time, Vacated Second time
Managed by and current Boyfriend of the Greatest and current Woman's champion, Kim Page,
King of Oklahoma Hot Wire match!
King of Battle Royals
- Winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble,
Intercontinental Champion - Currently 2nd Best Wrestler...(for now) holding 2nd Best Title!!

Singles Record - 12 - 4

OOC Comment - Matts rematch with a Just Incredibly Ugly dude!!




WWCF cameras open up at ringside back with Tazz and Michael Cole. The fans are ready as Matt Hardy is due to be out of course with his oh so sexy manager, Kimberly Page!!

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Do you understand Cole?

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole:
 Ok. Thats an agreement. I wont mention mine and Mark Loyds relationship on air and you wont beat the hell out of me again.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole:
 You sure youre not jealous.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Your pushing it.

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole:
 Ok ok. Well folks. I had the privelage of interviewing Matt Hardy and he looks intense as ever.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Why wouldnt he be Cole? He is facing Justin Credible. And you know Matt Hardy failed on his first attempt to beat JC.

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole:
 I know that Tazz. Justin Credible has had a mere 4 or 5 matches and hes already got a shot at the world champion. His win over Matt Hardy has started his roll to the top. He went on to beat an established star in Edge. He has beaten Hogan twice in as many weeks, and last Sunday he beat Nash. That is not something many people can say.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Are you kidding? Chris Jericho can. He has done double of what JC has done. But Justin Credible and I were boys in ECW. I think he will be World champion one day. But I still dont know. I mean Matt Hardy could put out his fire.

Just then, Matts music hits!!

Matt takes the microphone

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Oh yeahhhhhhh!!

The crowd cheers.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Well MF'ers. Before I begin, let the sexiest woman address you.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Did he say Kims going to undress?

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole:
 I hope not. Eurrrgghh!

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
There is something really wrong with you.

|| "My Gurl Not Yours" Kim || This Smackdown is going to be a great show. Why? Well this body that is standing in front of you is going to get the Womens title once again and prove I am the most dominant female in the whole of WWCF. Stephanie, I know you are listening. And there is nothing you do can that will keep me away from what is mines.

The crowd cheer.

|| "My Gurl Not Yours" Kim || But Smackdown will also see Matt Hardy becoming the first MAN, and I mean MAN, to defeat Justin Credible in this federation. Matt Hardy is on a roll, and he will not be losing on Smackdown to Justin Credible. Matt!!

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Thanks babe. Oh yeah thats right. Kimberly Page is right on target. The greatest Intercontinental champion this fed has ever had will be extuingishing the fire from under JC and prove that I am truly better, and show Eric Bischoff why I should be fighting for the world title, not Savage, not Justin Credible, not even Jericho. This is the future. And if Vince and Eric know whats best for them, they will book Matt into the main event!!

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
Damn right.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Now MF'ers out there. Be assured. I will be winning, and Justin Credibles future will be destroyed at the hands of me. But do you know what's really gonna make me laugh? Do you know what's really gonna make me smile? Seeing Eric Bischoffs face when he realises that he cant keep me down. I mean come on. You dont for one second actually think that Justin Credible can get a second fluke victory over me. Im Matt Freakin Hardy. The inventor of Mattitude. All of my MF'ers out there will get their moneys worth. I mean all you people busted open your piggy banks, probably mortgaged your house just to see me didnt ya!! Now sure Justin Credible has his whole Hardcore Revolution crap going for him. Thats all coool. Sure he won the King of the Ring. Big whoop. Thats something I hope hes proud off. But I dont need to say im the best Hardcore wrestler, even though I really am. I defeated somebody that has more hardcore blood than you, J. And that is TOmmy Dreamer. Oh yea, you remember him in ECW.

An ECW, ECW, ECW chant breaks out.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Yeah. Justin, you were Tommys b*tch. And you had to settle for Lance Storms buddy and sidekick. Now I dont need to blurt out all my achievements to you, because I dont need to assure myself like you would have to. The reason for that is because I got some things you lack. I got ABILITY!! I got GOOD LOOKS!! I got everything you wanted but will never have!! And even though you think youre WWCFs hottest star right now, your sadly mistaken because you are looking at the rookie of the year. The Legend in the making. And simply, THEE BEST!!

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || I know. I know. I am the greatest here. You dont have to keep on mentioning it. But Justin. I will prove a simple fact right. I will prove ceverybodies theory to be correct on Smackdown. And that is, Matt Hardy is better than Justin Credible... Now I know all you loyal MF'ers out there know it, but there are sad pathetic lonely Jericholics out there which just can face the facts. But there is something I havent really taught all of you. My basic MATTematics. Thats right. Let me just tell you one equation which will make so much sense at Smackdown.


|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Justin. I know you lack a lot in the brain department, so here it is plain and simple for you. You will be losing on Smackdown. And there are two things you can do about it, NOTHING and LIKE IT!!

Matt drops the mic. His music is playing as he holds the rope open as Kimberly Page goes through it. Matt then steps out with his IC title. He taps it with his fingers in the V1 sign. He gets of the apron and walks towards the announce table.

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole:
 Looks like we are going to be joined by Matt Hardy and Kimberly Page..

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
At last. Somebody with me who isnt on the other side!!

Tazz gets up and shakes Matts hand and Kims hand. Matt puts on the headset but Kim just sits next to Matt.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Great to have you Matt.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Thanks MF'er. How you doing Tazz.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Great Matt. Really great. But im worried about Cole. Not only is he freakin me out, hes doubting your abilities.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Really Cole!!

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
Erm, well!!

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Well let me tell you something. Doubt all you want, but there is only one winner going into my match. That is MATT HARDY!!

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Yeah coleslaw. Ha. Hes always been like that.

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
Oh great. What brings you here Matthew?

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Matthew? You making fun of me?

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Fun? Cole? Nah Matt. He wouldnt know the meaning of fun if it came and bit him on the ass.

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
Yeah I dont like being bit there twice in a day.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Should I choke him out Matt.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Would ya? It would be such a good deed.

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
Ok ok. No Matt. I got a question for you about Justin Credible and Smac...

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Look. I didnt come out here answer any more of your questions. It was bad enough you came into my locker room. But now you still wanna talk about Justin Credible? Damn!! You know hes a nobody that need to realise. I will take pleasure in beating him. Not just because I want revenge on him. This isnt about revenge. This is about me embarrasing him and proving I am the LEGEND IN THE MAKING!!

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Yeah. Well yeah Matt. But what have you got planned now?

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || I was hoping to call a few matches. Show Cole how to speak properly instead of shouting like a moron.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Thats true!!

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || I also have a surprise coming up soon. So you know.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Well its great to have a normal conversation.

Suddenly, "JUST INCREDIBLE" plays over the PA system as Justin Credibles song hits. Matt turns to Tazz.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Whats he doing here?

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Hes not scheduled.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || I guess this MF'er needs to find out why my Mattributes are the best. Come on Kim.

Matt takes of his headset and he slides into the ring. Out walks a figure, seemingly Justin Credible wearing a HARDCORE t-shirt. He has a bald head and bucked teeth!!

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Things are about to kick off Cole.

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
Oh yea. All my coleminers out there cant wait.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"

Matt is ready for a fight as Justin Credible slides into the ring!!

"Tazz with Two Z not One"He aint scared of nothing Cole. You see that. Thats what Matts all about.

The dude walks into the ring posing. He goes face to face with Matt.

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
Thats not Justin Credible.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
What you mean. That is. Look bald head. Hardcore t-shirt.

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
Well ive seen Justin Credible up close and personal. Well he doesnt know that ... yet. But I have seen Credible and that is not credible!!

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Justin about to talk Cole.


The crowd laugh!!

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || MF'er. Why are you interrupting the TRUE number one contender!!


|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Look I dont care what you are. Nobody comes on MY TIME!!

Uncredible: And what?

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || About if I give you a Matt attack that you will not like!!


Suddenly Matt slaps the guy. He hits the SIDE EFFECT on the Credible guy. He then takes of his t-shirt as he does the V1 sign waiting for the guy to get up. The guy takes a bit of time to get up.

"Likes Bald Heads" 
Cole: What is the point.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
This is the 2nd time this week Matt will beat Justin Credible. Smackdown will be the 3rd. I can feel it. Joey Numbas has put his house on it.

When the guy gets up, Matt hits the Twist of Fate on the dude. Matt then takes the IC title of Kimberly Page and holds its over Credibles body. Matt smiles!! He now has a microphone.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Just remember. NOTHING, AND LIKE IT!!

Matt drops the microphone on the body as he poses with Kimberly Page with the crowd cheering loudly.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
This is it Cole. I feel it. My Tazzmaniacs out there feel it. All the loyal MF'ers feel it.

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
Can my Coleminers feel it.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
SHUT UP!! Matt hardy will defeat Justin Credible and end his undefeated streak.



Matt hardy is seen backstage with Kimberly Page outside their locker room.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Oh I cant wait for Smackdown.

|| "My Gurl Not Yours" Kim || I know. Its gonna be great for you.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Definately babe. You see this IC title. This is me. I am the title. The title means nothing without me carrying it. And I will show the "KING" that he is nothing in my "RING"

|| "My Gurl Not Yours" Kim || Smackdown will be great. Womens champion, IC champion. The most dominant couple in this federation. Who will defeat us?

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Damn right. So what you wanna do now.

|| "My Gurl Not Yours" Kim || Well I have something in mind.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Really??

|| "My Gurl Not Yours" Kim || Oh yea. But these cameras cant enter our locker room.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Damn right it cant. But hold that thought for a few minutes.

|| "My Gurl Not Yours" Kim || Where you going?

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || I got to take care of something before I forgot.

|| "My Gurl Not Yours" Kim || OK. Ill keep the champagne on ice, and the fireworks for when you return.

Matt kisses Kim as Kim enters.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Oh DAMN!!

Matt then looks to be in a hurry as he walks down the hallway. He sees the locker room he was looking for. He enters as the camera focuses. THE HURRICANE!! Matt enters. He sees a book on the table. He goes to pick it up. It says SUPERHERO 101. Matt goes to read it but WHOOOOSH, the Hurricane flies from nowhere and grabs the book from Matts hand.

"R U Green Wid Envy" Hurricane : 
You enter my locker. You dont call me. You pick up my book. WOTZ UP WIT DAT??

Hurricane folds his arms.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Hurricane. I know this IC title meant something to you. I know you wanted it. But you know something, I won it. But im not here to say that.

"R U Green Wid Envy" Hurricane : 
Oh really. What is it then Citizen Hardy.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || I came here to tell you that you put up a great effort. I mean your resistance was far superior than the Rocks. Our match stole the show once again. So good one.

Matt offers his hand. Hurricane looks at Matt then shakes it.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || And if you ever need help in your search for the darklord look no furthur than the Legend in the Making.

"R U Green Wid Envy" Hurricane : 
Thats all fine and dandy. Citizen Hardy you have the makings of a superhero. But now I got to get ready for Citizen Jones. To the hurricave.

Hurricane puts his thumbs up then flies away, SWOOOOSH!

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Woah. He can fly. Lemme try.

Matt puts his arms into the air. He doesnt move. He tries it again. He stays still. He then looks around the room seeing nobody is watching and walks out through the door.


WWCF cameras are back once again. This time we see Matt Hardy and Kimberly Page in their locker room. Cameras are being set up as Matt is talking to Matt. The main camera is now ready as the technician tells Matt 30 seconds. Matt gives Kim a kiss then gets a seat. Somebody shouts out makeup.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Hey. This gorgeous face doesnt need anything on it.

Thats true.

The makeup lady runs off screen. The countdown begins.. 4..3...2..1.. as Matt begins to speak.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || You know, all my life, I have been wanting to hold the WWCF World Heavyweight Championship, everyone of course now knows that it would have happened at Wrestlemania had it not been for one person. Chris Jericho...

The crowd boo

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Now everyone knows that Vince McMahon won't give me a match against Jericho because Vince doesnt want his number one client to lose the title. But there is something working to my advantage. Eric Bischoff. I know Eric and Vince hate each other. Thats why Eric would love to see Vinces number one client lose the title. But Eric wants me to prove myself huh? So he booked booked me in a match on Smackdown against the most un-likely superstar I thought he could have. Justin Credible. Why is that? I thought Eric liked Justin Credible, but thats probably not true. I was shocked that Justin Credible was named my opponent. Not shocked by fear, but shocked by amazement by the fact that JC actually accepted to face me knowing his life will crumble by losing to me...

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Whats meant to be huh? Chris Jericho facing Justin Credible at Summerslam. But WHAT IF? What if its stopped. What if Macho Man wins and I win. The whole complexion of Summerslam, the hottest night of the summers, will be changed. Everyone who saw the Smackdown after Royal Rumble, knew that I was screwed out of my World Title shot, I had the World title in my grasp. But Jericho took that away from me. He took 5 months of my life and he took me out for a reason. He didnt do it because he enjoyed it. Uh uh. I saw it in his eyes. He did it because Chris Jericho fears me. Chris Jericho, The King of the World fears the Legend in the making. But most of all, Chris Jericho fears the man he sees as the biggest threat to this title and my dominance over this fed. Thats why after a year in this federation, Vince has yet to give me a world title shot. People like Randy Savage, Scott Steiner, The Rock, Shawn Michaels. Men I have all beaten have got Title shots before me..

Matt looks down at the ground and grins..

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || But thats all irrelevant. I have a title which is nearly as great as the World title. The Intercontinental title. Now Jericho is the World champion so self proclaimed King of the World. But now that im The Intercontinental champion, that makes me the International King of Greatness. My aim on Smackdown is to prove Justin Credible isnt as great hes made to be. Justin I promise that you will know the real meaning of PAIN. Sure you beat me the first time we faced, but that was not a match. That was a return. This time its a real match. Its a real, how would Tazz say, "ROCKETBUSTER" or as Jr says "SLOBBERKNOCKER". This wont just be a wrestling match, you will be fighting. Fighting to survive.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || You talk about your big wins.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Sure its all great. But when you beat me not a lot was on the line. Right now you have your whole short but effective career on the line. A loss to me will be deadly as you will not have much of momentum going into Summerslam. This loss will effect you greatly and you will wonder whether you really are ready for the main event.

|| "Best IC Champ Eva" Matt || Justin. You will.... LOSE!!

Matt grins as the camera cuts. Kim walks over to Matt as they begin to talk..


The cameras then return from yet another long commercial break, and once again Matt Hardy is ready to steal the show and he is ready to main event week after week.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
Strong words there from Matt Hardy Cole. Im sure Justin Credible has a lot to think about. I cant wait for this match.

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
Neither can I. But I know who im gonna put my money on.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
Chris jericho.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
I have to say now, after what has gone down this week, Jericho will not lose his title.

"Tazz with Two Z not One"
your a turkey you know that. You do what you want, but I think Matt Hardy is going to defeat Justin Credible and give Justin his first loss here in the WWCF

"Likes Bald Heads" Cole: 
What a fantastic night Smackdown will be. Dont miss it folks. We will see you there!!




Won Cruiserweight title on Raw -
 Matts WWCF debut - Beat Hurricane and,
Then Champion Rey Mysterio.
Title lost by - Vacated Belt.


King of Hardcore -
Beating many wrestlers including two great victories -
The Innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore rules match,
And Big Show - The biggest man in sports and entertainment today!!!



Won Hardcore title at Survivor Series -
Matts WWCF PPV debut - Defeated Tommy Dreamer. - Vacant Title.
Title lost by - HBK pinning Big Show in a triple threat at Armageddon.


Won TV title on Smackdown 3rd edition -
Matt defeated the Undertaker with a twist of fate.
Title lost by - Stripped off belt by Eric Bischoff after controversy.
Regained belt on Smackdown 10th Edition - Defeated Taker in a Oklahoma Hott Wire match
Title Lost by - Vacated due to Injury


2003 Royal Rumble Winner
Entry # 11
Eliminated 6 men - Big Show, RVD, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner


Won IC title at King Of the Ring -
Matt defeated then Champion Rock and the Hurricane.

Title Lost by - N/A

SO FAR.........