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Current and Important Character Details

 Next match - Vs Justin Credible - King of the Ring Winner Vs IC champion!

Allies - Kim Page, Edge

Achievements -

Being Matt Hardy, Version 1.0, Inventor Of Mattitude,
Ex Boyfriend of Ex Smackdown GM - Stephanie,
Cruiserweight Champ - Vacated Belt.
King of Table Matches,
Hardcore Champ - Never got pinned to lose title: Held Cruiserweight and Hardcore at same time
King of Hardcore Street Fights,
Television Champion(2) - Got Stripped first time, Vacated Second time
Managed by and current Boyfriend of the Greatest and current Woman's champion, Kim Page,
King of Oklahoma Hot Wire match!
King of Battle Royals
- Winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble,
Intercontinental Champion - Currently 2nd Best Wrestler...(for now) holding 2nd Best Title!!

Singles Record - 12 - 4

OOC Comment - Matts rematch with a Just Incredibly Ugly dude!!




What a great King of the Ring event WWCF brought to all of your fans out there. We crowned a new King of the Ring winner in newcomer Justin Credible who will now face Chris Jericho at next months extravaganza, Summerslam. But will he? Although Justin Credible overcame Nash in a great match, he will face the champion. But who? Chris Jericho had a brawling 2 out of 3 falls match with Macho Man Randy Savage where they couldn't be separated. After Jericho won the first fall in what seems to have been a last man standing match, (???) Macho Man equaled the score when Jericho put himself through a table. That was a controversial call as Macho man never really put Jericho through it. But nonetheless the referee ordered the third match a ladder match where both men grabbed hold of the world title and both were declared the victor. Also in the night the women's title was left undecided as Kimberly Page and Victoria were the last two women in a brawling chamber match. However both women went down and both covered each other. Who is the Women's champion. We will find out on Smackdown!! Earlier in the night we saw Stone Cold Steve Austin return to defeat Goldberg in a match of wCws franchise against WWEs franchise. Once again, WWE came out on top of that. Also Sting retained his career in WWCF by defeating a debutant Triple H. In what most call the upset of the night Sting defeated the game and thus ended his career before it took off!! Speaking of Sting, his tag team championship partner Edge, continued his feud and probably ended it at KOTR, by defeated Kurt Angle for the TV title, which Kurt had held so dear to himself. Edge is now rolling in double gold. And of course we cant forget the match of the night. The IC title was on the line in a triple threat match where then Champion, The Rock defended against the Hurricane and Matt Hardy. In a great epic, the one man who people had doubts about, stood tall. Matt Hardy proved once again why he is one of the best, by capturing the IC title to add to his collection of gold. Now what is next for Matt Hardy,

Sunday 3rd August
8PM Right After Matts match.
Madison Square Garden, New York
KOTR Aftermath!!

The Scene opens backstage as Matt Hardy is coming back from his victory in his triple threat match. He is holding his newly won IC title and a bottle of champagne which he is pouring over himself, drinking and cleaning his belt with.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Wooo baby. Ic goldage is back where it belongs. Home!!

Matt continues walking down with workers looking at him congratulating him. He continues to walk towards his backstage locker room. But suddenly, he bumps right into someone, and he looks at the person!

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Yo, dude. Watch where you are going. Damn man. Shouldn't you cleaning this place or something?

 No, no. I donít work here. Iím Jim Carrey. Iím a guest here, see this special backstage pass. I'm here because im here to advertise my move!!

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Jim Carrey huh? Oh yeah, your in that movie that sucked! What was it, the Unstable Guy! Oh yeah. How bad was that?

"Comedy King" Jim:
 Really? Funny you should say that.. err..

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Matt Hardy, Version 1.0. The inventor of Mattitude!!

"Comedy King" Jim:
 Oh yeah. I know you. How did it feel to be competing for the IC title instead of the world title huh? You sure seemed right in place in the IC division!

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Oh, yeah. That's funny Jimbo. At least im a winner. But let me ask you something. You played the Mask right? How did a goofy guy like him get such a hot woman? Especially with you playing him!

"Comedy King" Jim:
 You want to know a better question.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Go ahead.

"Comedy King" Jim: 
How did a guy like you get such a hott
babe like Kimberly Page?

Matt and Jim are face to face at each other. They are both angry, when suddenly a smile comes across Jims face. The same smile is on Matts face as they extend their arms and shake.

"Comedy King" Jim:
 Nice one Matt. I mean I have seen your work on tv, but you in person are just as great. Congratulations on your new title.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Yeah, I didnít think you were good on the insults side without your cue cards, but MF'er, you are the god of comedy! So, tell something. I still haven't seen Bruce Almighty. I know I know. How could I miss a move like yours especially with Jenni in it. But me and Kim were talking whether to see it on DVD or in the cinemas. Which would be better and is it the greatest movie you have done?

"Comedy King" Jim:
 Well I can honestly say, YES. It is the best movie ive ever done. I mean I am in it so records were broken. It was B...-E...-A..- Utiful. The humour was great, but it did lack a bit of realism.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || What you mean man?

"Comedy King" Jim:
 Well. Its not likely that god would just give away his power to some human. But Matthew, if he did, then I hope it would be something like my movie!

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Great. Me and Kim are gonna check it out. But not tonight. Im here to celebrate my victory with Kimberly!!

"Comedy King" Jim:
 Yeah congratulations on that. That move you did. That thing there and boy was that flying dealie great.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || You have no idea what the names of the moves are do you?

"Comedy King" Jim:
 Of course I do. Im the hugest fan
 (Matt raises an eyebrow ala the Rock)
 Ok ok. I
don't. But you were great.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || I sure was. Haha.

"Comedy King" Jim:
what's next for you Matt.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Well Era of Mattitude is on full swing once again. And hopefully Vince will give me some great competition.

"Comedy King" Jim: 
You think you can be world champion.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || No doubt. It will be sweet when I win the World title. My time is coming Jim. Just you see. Im gonna show all the rest what champions are about!! Take care Jimbo. Wooo!!

Matt grins as slaps hands with Jim Carrey. He walks away with his champagne.

"Comedy King" Jim:
 Alrighty then!

The cameras follow Matt Hardy!!

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Woooo. IC title baby!!

The scene switches back to the arena for the rest of King of the Ring.

Sunday 3rd August
11Pm, End of King of the Ring!!
Madison Square Garden, New York
KOTR Aftermath!!

The scene opens up in Edges locker room. Sitting inside is Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sting, Torrie Wilson and of course Edge. Suddenly a knock is heard.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge:
 Doors open dude.
(I know Edge is out because of Nathan Jones but whatever)

In bursts Matt Hardy with his IC title over his shoulder and Matt has a boombox in his hand listening to it. He is besides Kimberly Page who has a happy face. Playing from it is Monster Magnets Live for the moment. Matt enters the room.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Let the party begin MF'ers!!!

Matt puts down the boombox as the party begins as Matt and Kim enter..


Matt is seen sitting on a leather couch with Kimberly Page next to him sitting on the hand rest with her legs on Matts. They are talking as the camera zooms in.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || I know Kim. It was a good match. You and Victoria were left. It could have gone either way. But both of you won that match.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Its not that Matt. I was happy to be declared the winner. Well joint winner.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || I could tell.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || What do you mean?

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Well that hug you gave Victoria was embracing.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || I was happy to be Women's champion again.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Is it wrong I found that very very interesting.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || MATT!!

Kim hits Matts arm.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || What about you.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || What do you mean?

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || One second.

Kimberly sees Torrie Wilson who approaches the couple.

"Queen Of Cool" Torrie:
 Kim. I have to congratulate you on our match. It was great.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Thanks Torrie. You were great to. I wish it could have been me and you.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Me too. Hehe.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || MATT??!! Sorry Torrie.

"Queen Of Cool" Torrie:
 That's ok. Well good luck on Smackdown.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Thanks.

Kim gets up and hugs Torrie. Torrie goes over to Edge and starts to talk. Kim page sits back down to see Matt grinning at the hug he just saw.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Matt!!

Kim pages lightly punches Matt on his shoulder.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Don't even think it!!

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || What!!

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Don't act dumb.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || What I don't know what you are talking about.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Really?? You're lying to me?

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Ok ok. You know you're the only one for me.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || I better be.

Matt kisses Kim on her cheek but she stays uptight.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || What's wrong!??

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Nevermind. Lets forget. Anyways where was I. Oh yeah.. You were happy after your match. I saw it when you came back to our locker room. Beating Hurricane and Rock was a great moment for you. So do you have your confidence back?

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Oh yeah baby. Matt Hardy, Version 1.0 is back. The same Matt Hardy that won the Royal Rumble. I worked hard to win this nice title and I am glad.

Suddenly Edge walks over. He climbs the table as he's holding some cans of sodas.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
Dudes. And Dudettes. I think its time to celebrate. Its time to P A R T Why? Because we gotta!!

Edge tosses soda cans as everybody catches one.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge:
 Let the Soda rock the body amigos. Haha!!

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Well Kim. I heard Stephanie McMahon is gonna decide what happens to that title.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Yeah she will. That the thing I don't like. I mean she doesn't like me. She doesn't like the fact that Im the most dominant female in this federation. She doesn't like that her power is nothing compared to my brains and beauty. And "Daddys little girl" is jealous of this body.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Why shouldn't she be. I mean that body is great. Everybody should know that.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Everybody should know that, but you are the only one who truly knows that.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Damn right.

Sting is seen walking over to get some chips.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Yo Richard.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || His names Steve.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Oh. Thanks babe. Yo Steve..

"Facepaint Rox" Sting:
 Matthew Hardy. Nice win for that IC title. Of course it looked better on my shoulder.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || In your eyes man. Good job beating Triple H.

"Facepaint Rox" Sting:
 I showed why I am the stinger man. WOOOO!!

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || O..k then. Haha. Well good luck with that.

Sting walks away.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || I wonder if he's gonna release another album.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || WHAT??

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Stings always been one of my favourites.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Matt? Oh nevermind. Yeah I agree.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Haha.


Stone Cold Steve Austin is nowhere to be seen. Matt Hardy is seen sitting on the couch next to Kimberly Page. Around him are chairs where Sting, Torrie and Edge are seen sitting. Matt is telling a joke or a story.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || .... And that's when I told him. That's not a hotdog. That's my wallet.

The rest start laughing.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || You get it Hot dog. Wallet. Mine.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge:
 Yeah dude we got it. Don't kill it.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Ok ok. Haha.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge:
 I know what this party needs.

Edge gets up and goes over to a table. He pulls something out. He heads over to Matt.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge:
 Dude. I know I promised you this before but here it is.

Edge hands it to Matt.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || What the hell is this?

"King of Awesomeness" Edge:
A Kazoo Dude.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || A Ka-what?

"King of Awesomeness" Edge:
A kazoo. Give it a go.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Go on Matt. Try it.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Ok ok.

Matt puts it to his mouth. He tries to play it but it goes out of tone.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge:
 Dude. Buzzkill or what. Try it the other way.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Ok MF'er.

Matt starts to play as a tone of Stings old song plays. Edge starts to sing.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
A dude called sting. He's a dude called Sting!

Matt stops playing. He then plays again. Its sounds like Kurt Angles.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
Dude that was posilutely awesome. Play mines. Play mines

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || OK man. Ill try.

Matt starts to play it as Edge starts to sing again.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 

 Suddenly Stone Cold walks in with cans in his hand.

"Bald Headed Double Stunning" :
 Oh you think Sodas are the way to go. Ehh Ehh. You're looking at a way to start a beer bash. Its my cans of Steveweisers. OH HELLL, YEAH!!

Austin gives out a few beer cans. He gives one to Matt.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || What the?

"Bald Headed Double Stunning" :
 You don't like Beer? What? You don't like my beer? What??

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Bee-ear?

"Bald Headed Double Stunning" : 
A brewsky. WHAT? A chug down. WHAT?

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Ok ok. I get it. Ill try some.

Matt begins to drink some of it.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Wow. This beer thing is great. How long have they been selling this??

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
Haha. Erm, Matt. I need to talk to you bud!!

Edge takes Matt to a side.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
Dude. That was brutal.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || What?

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
I mean, you're a great wrestler. Kim seems to like you a lot. But your personality reeks.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Huh?

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
Dude. We got goldage here. I mean I got the Euro title now. Sting and I are tag champs. You're IC champion. Kim women's champion. This place is full of champions. And we need to start acting like champions.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Ok ok. No more bee--ere man!

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
No dude. Maybe you should go into the confessional. You look like you got something to get of your chest.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Ermm.... hmmm. Maybe later man.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
That's what im talking about. You need to chill with the still. You need to relax to the max. You need to change your style and up your charisma.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Nobody has more charisma then me.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: Erm yeah. But you need to up it dude. I mean repeat after me. DUDE!!

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || DU-UDE!

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Swweeet!!

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
Yeah you can Cut it.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Yeah you can cut it!!

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Sorry Edge...........Dude.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
Yeh hey. Your lingo needs to improve. And your looking at the dude to improve you from the stage of brutality to awesomeness!!

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Awesomeness?

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
Yeah awesomeness!! HAHA!!

The party continues as KOTR Sunday Aftermath finishes!!

Tuesday 5th August
3PM! Before the Flight to Smackdown!!
Madison Square Garden, New York
Smackdown Pre-Show - Smackdown Card issued!!

The scene opens two days after a great WWCF Pay Per View!! The scene cuts straight to Matt Hardy who is seen walking with his shiny lovely gold, called the IC title. He is walking by thinking what a great performance he had. He passes a few lockers. He then stops and goes back a few steps. He sees an office which says "ERIC EZE BISCHOFF" on the name plate. He is about to knock, but instead just walks in. He sees Eric on the phone talking to somebody. Matt walks over the phone and presses the hang up button. Eric slams the phone down and looks at Matt.

"Sleazy E" Eric: 
What the hell do you think you doing?

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Yo yo Easy E. You need to chill out.

"Sleazy E" Eric:
 What the hell?

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || I have no idea. Edge told me to speak like this. Forget it anyway. I came here to tell you that the new Legend in the Making is here to stay.

"Sleazy E" Eric: 

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || I dunno. Edge has been telling me get charisma.

"Sleazy E" Eric: 
That damn Edge. Well Matt, I have to say great performance at King of the ring. Yep im a genious. I mean that match was sheer class and I think I did a great job.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Yeah. You making the card must have taken so much training right?

"Sleazy E" Eric: 
What ??

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || I mean sure me, Hurricane and Rock stole the show with our classic match. Sure we put our bodies on the line for this title. But it doesnt matter because it must have hurt you so much to make that match.

"Sleazy E" Eric: 
Where are you going with this Matt? Sure you did a good job. Youre the IC champion. But remember. You wouldnt be champion if I didnt give you the chance. You wouldnt have been there if I didnt give you a shot.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || You wanna know where Im going? Im saying I dont get respect around here. Im IC champion now. The Intercontinental champion. I am officially the second best wrestler in this company and I think its about time I get a world title shot This Smackdown in the main event.

The crowd cheer this idea.

"Sleazy E" Eric: 
Oh you want the main event huh? You think you're ready. Well I cant do that. Im sorry. Its not gonna happen!!

The crowd boo.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Why not MF'er.

"Sleazy E" Eric:
 Look ill excuse that comment. But Matt theres a reason I cant do that. On Sunday we didnt crown a World champion. RIght now Chris Jericho is champion, but my choice
, The Macho Man didnt lose either. So that means the Macho Man and Chris Jericho will finally decide it.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Yeah that was great. When you made that match Jerichos face was priceless. Good move bossman.

"Sleazy E" Eric:
 Oh.. You think thats a good move. Well on my show, Smackdown, how about if Chris Jericho and the Macho man face each other in a 15 foot tall, STEEEEL CAAAGE!!

The crowd are going apeshit in the arena.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Woah. That is great. But what about me. Lets make it a triple threat.

"Sleazy E" Eric: 
No matt. Ive got something else in mind for you. If you wanna be Main event I want you to prove you are capable of doing it week in week out. Thats why I have a great opponent for you. Somebody you have not beaten yet in this company.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Oh really.

"Sleazy E" Eric: Yes. JUSTIN CREDIBLE!!

The crowd are heard cheering as the rematch has been announced. The match most called the match of the year on Matts return will once again go down as the King of the Ring will go one on one with the IC champion! The roof is almost taken off as the sad pathetic new yorkers are still in Madison Square Garden despite the King of the Ring having been taken place, 2 days ago. Matt looks at Eric Bischoff. He then starts to grin. He laughs. He then laughs loudly.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Oh thank you Eric. Thank you very very much!!

Matt picks up Erics hand then shakes it. Eric looks confused as he wasnt expecting that. He was expecting Matt to look scared, but hes far from it. Matt walks out his office and smiles once again.


WWCF comes back from its commercial as we see Matt Hardy and Edge talking to each other. They both have their goldage with them.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Edge. Man. Dude.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
Yeah Matt.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || You wanted me to change about right?

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
Yeah lil buddy. What you got in mind.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || I got something Awesome in mind.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Oh it sure will be. I know you and Nash are friends, but if you do this favour for me, ill repay you back.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 
You'll go in the confessional?

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Ok whatever. Look ive got the idea and the suits!!

The scene cuts to the first time to Tazz and Michael Cole.

"Loyds B*tch" :
  Tazz. Have I ever told you how much I love your new hair style. Its my style.

"Cueball" : 
Look you fruitcake. Lets talk about this weeks Smackdown.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
I wanna smack you one Tazz.

"Cueball" : 
Cole. Im warning you.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
OK ok. Well this Smackdown we already know two matches and my main source, Marky loyd is telling me some more.

"Cueball" :
 Well whats Mark telling you.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Haha. You'll never guess Tazz. He told me hes got his parents house free this Saturday. We are gonna be up all night!!

"Cueball" : 

"Loyds B*tch" : 
I think the ice cream may go to our thighs!! Oh Tazz, can I tell you something!!

"Cueball" : 
Look you freakfruit. If you mention one more thing about your personal life I will make you scream!!

"Loyds B*tch" :
 Oh really. I think Mar... Ok ok. Shut up Mark. Hehe. Ok. Well we are also getting word that the returning Nathan Jones will make his long awaited return to face The Hurricane.

"Cueball" : 
That should be doozie. But Cole. I cant wait for Stephanie McMahon to make her announcement. I cant believe those two tomatoes hugged. Matt hardy is one lucky guy getting Kimberly. And Randy Orton is lucky I guess getting Victoria.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Well we heard what Mr Bischoff had to say. Jericho and the Macho Man in a cage match.

"Cueball" : 
What a rocketbuster it will be.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Yea but Tazz, who are you picking for this match?

"Cueball" : 
Well I have never doubted Chris Jericho and I still dont. He was cheated at the King of the RIng. I think it was a conspiracy by Eric Bischoff to make Vince McMahons Client lose the belt. But I think Jericho will once again prove he is the King of the World and the King of this Ring!! Still champion Jericho, cole!!

"Loyds B*tch" :
 Speaking of King of the Ring, Justin Credible will face the new IC champion Tazz. This will be a great match. I really cant decide who is going to win this.

"Cueball" : 
I can Cole. Despite Justin Credible winning the main event last Sunday, I got to go with Matt Hardy. Did you see his intensity at the PPV. Hes the version I wanted to see.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Well I got a question you will never be able to answer.

"Cueball" : 

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Guess who wears the pants in mine and Marks relationship.

"Cueball" :
 Thats it Cole. Im gonna make you tap.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Hurt me shiney head.

Tazz takes of his headset. He goes over to Cole and knocks his headset off. He picks up Cole and applies the Tazzmission. Cole seems to be wearing down. Cole looks out as Tazz drops Cole. Tazz adjusts his suit and sits back down.

"Cueball" : 
Boy did that feel great.

Suddenly, DIESEL POWER is heard over the titantron. The fans give out a mixed reaction, as Justin Credibles music cuts in.

"Cueball" : 
Looks like Nash and Credible, the two finalists who shook hands are coming out, eh!!

Two figures come out from the back. It appears to be Justin Credible, and Kevin Nash, but is it? Nash is so much shorter but is hair is so much better. Justin Credible has a bald top, but strangely enough he has hair? Also his teeth are so white. Thats just not Justin Credible unless Bucky finally found a dentist. Justin Credible has a crown on his head, and Nash is doing the diesel truck signal with his hand. They enter the ring as Credible gets the microphone!

Justin Crappable: Looks like im King of the Ring. Oh yeah, haha, who can forget I am Hardcore to the bone! But Nash, I didnt know I beat you down so badly yesterday. I mean did I make you that short!!

Kevin Rash: Listen here Justin Credible. Wait. What sort of a name is that? And why the hell do I keep on yelling? Am I so old that im going deaf?? But I am not shorter because you gave me a beating. Im shorter and smaller because im scared.

Justin Crappable: Scared Rashy?

Kevin Rash: Yeah im scared. Scared for you crappable.

Justin Crappable: Why oh why?

Kevin Rash: Even though you won the match last night, you have one hell of a match this Smackdown. You are facing your biggest and best opponent to date. Despite cheating to beat him the first time, you will be facing Matt Hardy, Version 1.0.

Justin Crappable: I know, I knwo. Its obvious Matt Hardy will kick my ass. I mean King of the Ring is nothing. Its just one match every week. Matt Hardy won the Royal Rumble which is more impressive.

Kevin Rash: Oh yea. It sure was dude. But great victory man.

Justin Crappable: thank you.. (fake cries) I love you dude.

Kevin Rash: Haha. You know it man. I mean you are "HARDCORE"

They pretend to hug as they quickly seperate. Justin then goes to take the microphone but Kevin pulls it away.

Kevin Rash: Oh you want the microphone back. Come and get it shorty.

Justin Creddible who is obviously taller than Kevin Rash pretends to jump up to grab it. Suddenly Kevin Rash takes of his crap cheap Kevin Nash gear. He reveals what everybody knew. It was none other than Matt Hardy.

"Cueball" : 
Oh my god. Does Matt Hardy have a deathwish. Ah well. That was great. Oh look. Its Matt and Crappible in the ring. Whats going to happen?

Matt looks crappible in the eyes. He then pushes him with his pinky finger. Crappible falls on the floor. Matt runs agains the ropes, he bounces of the other and goes down and puts his little pinky finger on Crappible. The crowd count.

"Cueball" : 
Lets count along. ONEEE.. TWOOOO. THREEE. He wins!! That was a rocket buster if I should say so.

Matt gets up. Justin Crappible gets up. He takes off this bold wig thingy on his head. He reveals what most people knew. It was Edge as Edge starts to grin showing his white teeth. Matt takes the microphone. He looks at Edge as Edge nods. Matt commences to speak.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || You see this Justin? This is your future.

"King of Awesomeness" Edge: 

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Although Edge doesnt have a match he will see me winning this match. And I will soo destroy you and prove your victory against me before. A totally humongous fluke. OHHHH YEAAA!!

Matt does the V1 sign as the fans cheer. Matts music plays as Edge and Matt Hardy walk out laughing clapping fans hands.

"Cueball" : 
That was unique. Well folks. We will be leaving my home town of New York and we will be going to where Smackdown will be taking place. See you there guys!!

Thursday 7th August
5PM, Arrival of Mattitude!
Parking Lot
Smackdown Preshow

The scene goes to the back in the parking lot. A Limousine stops as WWCF camera pans around the Limo and we just about catch the number plate which read 'MHV1+K1M' So this instantly gives away just who it is that's in the Limo. The Limousine Driver steps out and it we see it to be none other than former WWCF owner, Alex Guise!! Alex walks around to the back door and slowly opens it. This is the first time we have seen Alex since his bitter departure from WWCF as the owner, after 6 years in charge, and well, if Alex does a great job, he may have a place as Matts driver. The crowd can be heard cheering loudly as the limo driver opens the door. Out steps Kimberly Page who is the best womans champion ever, and of course joint champions currently. Following behind her is the new IC champion, Matt Hardy, who has the IC title with him. He has the IC title over his shoulder smiling as he grabs puts his arm around Kimberly Page as Alex shuts the door.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Good job Alex. Where did you bring us tonight?

"WWCF Pest??" Alex G:
 Well sir. Tonight for Smackdown we are in...

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Thats great. Did you bring Kims jacket.

"WWCF Pest??" Alex G:
 Yes Mr hardy. Here it is.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Thats ok. You can hold it for a while. Im here to inhale the air around us. And tell you this Intercontinental champion is here to bring dignity back to his belt, which past champions have failed to do.

"WWCF Pest??" Alex G: 
I see.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Alex. You have done a good job.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || yeah you have. Havent I seen you before?

"WWCF Pest??" Alex G: 
You should have. I was the co-owner of WWCF for 6 years. 6 Years. And I took so much crap you know. I mean Vince took over everything. After my dedication for 6 yea.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Ok.. I didnt ask for your life story man. Now take my bags and bring em to me. Now!!

"WWCF Pest??" Alex G: 
Ok sir. Yes sir.

Alex goes to get his bags.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Damn. What a whining crying man. How the hell did he run a business.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || I have no idea.

Matt still has his arm around Kim as they walk to the arena talking with Alex struggling with their bags.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Matt. You should have no problem with Justin Credible. You took him to lightly in your first match. Something I didnt expect. But now you are hott. You are on fire. And matt, you know what to expect from Justin Credible.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Yeah I do. I mean lets compare us. First we got a guy with so much potential, a lot of charisma, an endless amount of talent and obviously a future world champion. And then we have Justin Credible. Doesnt this guy know the 1993 looks is out?

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Yeah. But I dont think he cares that hes ugly. He just cares about winning.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Well this Thursday the only thing he should care about his surviving. Im gonna show him a different side of Matt Hardy. Hes gonna get an injection Of Mattitude which he never thought I could give him. Yo Alex.

Matt turns around to ask Alex something.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Oh no.. Please tell me that isn't what I think it is!!

"WWCF Pest??" Alex G: 
What sir!

Matt points as he covers his eyes. The camera focuses to see Alex has a wet area on his trousers.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Whats that in your hands?

"WWCF Pest??" Alex G:
 Ermm nothing sir.

A porn magazine falls out of Alexs hand.

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || Oh thats sick!!

"WWCF Pest??" Alex G:
 Err I cant explain.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Go on then...

"WWCF Pest??" Alex G:
 Ok I cant!!

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || So youre telling me you were driving to things a once? In my limo??

"WWCF Pest??" Alex G: 
Erm erm..

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Stop it now. Get away. Be gone!!

Alex Guise leaves..

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Whats wrong with the world today??

|| "D Original PlayMate" Kim || I am not sure!!


Thursday 7th August
7PM, Injection of Mattitude
Smackdown Preshow

The scene opens inside WWCF new Legend in the Making locker room. Thats right, Matt Hardy, Version 1.0. Matt is on his couch listening to different songs which would be worthy to be his entrance music. He has just finished listening to Metallicas St Anger.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Hmmm. Maybe!!

Matt takes out the CD. Suddenly Michael Cole enters the locker room.

"Loyds B*tch" :
Matt, can I get a word with you, about your match on Smackdown?

Matt stands up looking at Cole.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Dont you knock!!??

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Im sorry. I shou..

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || What if I was changing.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Yes changing... hmmm..

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Or what if Kim was in here changing.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Oh no. I made sure she wasnt. (Cole starts to grin)

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Why the hell are you here. Shouldnt you be presenting Smackdown with Tazz... Nevermind, just ask your little questions.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Okay Well many people around the baskstage area have been saying how you have no chance of beating Justin Credible on Smackdown. They say he has got your number. What do you think about your chances.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Mark, Mark, Mark.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Im Michael.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Whatever. My chances are higher than the day I returned to WWCF. You see all I concentrated on was returning and getting back into the WWCF ring. So my performance wasnt as great as my previous showings. This time I am not here to return. Im here to win. Im here to prove that I am the very best. And what better way than by defeating Just Incredibly lucky. As for the "PEOPLE BACKSTAGE" I couldnt give a damn what they are saying about me. And you wanna know why? Well youre gonna know. Ive had my doubters. I dont know why, but they have never liked me. My chances have always been looked as slim. And you know what, I showed them what they can do with their opinions. My chances to win the IC title were slim to nil. But guess what. Look who has this title baby.. Justin Credible is gonna lose on Smackdown and there isnt a damn thing he or anybody else for that matter can do about it.

"Loyds B*tch" :
 But what about Kevin Nash.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Yeah hes a loser. I agree.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Not that. I mean isnt there a possibility he may interfere.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Nash interferes? Eh eh. No way man. You see as "Close" as Justin Credible and Kevin are, Kevin hates the success Justin Credible has had compared. Kevin Nash is worried that he will be forgotten and there will be nothing for him to do. He main evented a few shows, and he promised to be King of the RIng to main event Summerslam. But now where will he go? The only way for him is down, and well Kevin Nash will have his own problems. And well honestly he will soon be NOTHING...

"Loyds B*tch" : 
I see Matt but, .......

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || But nothing you little floozy. Where is Hurricanes locker room and where is Justin Crappibles locker room!

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Why do you wanna' know that Matt??

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Well it doesnt concern you.

"Loyds B*tch" :
Ok well Hurricane is in the main WWCF locker room, and Justin Credible is sharing with Kevin Nash. His is down the hallway, turn left and fifth door.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || how the heel do you know this..

"Loyds B*tch" : 
I was spying on him.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || What the Fu....

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Good luck on Smackdown Matt!!

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Whatt?? What do you mean good luck. So you're doubting me Cole? Theres a difference between me and Justin Credible. While he relies on Luck, I rely on my talent.

"Loyds B*tch" : 
Ok. Ill see you then.

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Oh cole.

"Loyds B*tch" : YEAH!! (looking excited)

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Knock next you dumbass.

Matt slams the door on Cole. Matt then goes to his dufflebag. He pulls out a video. It says "King of the Ring" over the tape. He puts it into the VCR then turns on the TV. He hits play.

** Rock then comes off the ropes and is hit with Eye Of The Hurricane. Hurricane pins him, but all of a sudden Matt flies off the tope ropes and lands a leg drop on the back of the head of Hurricane. All 3 men are knocked out plus the referee. Matt Hardy is the first to get up. He looks around and tries to get the referee up. Behind him The Rock is now to his feet and stalking Matt. The ref is half way up when Matt turns around and The Rock goes for The Rock Bottom. Matt elbows him a couple of times in the head and then knees him in the gut. Matt hits the Twist of Fate and goes for the pin. 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Ross: "Oh my God we have a new Intercontinental Champion!"

Matt celebrates in the ring and the referee hands him the Intercontinental Championship. Matt kisses it and walks back to the locker rooms. **

|| "IC Goldage" Matt || Ah yea. Great night. Great night. The Era of Mattitude will resume where it left of from!!

WWCF goes to a commercial.




Won Cruiserweight title on Raw -
 Matts WWCF debut - Beat Hurricane and,
Then Champion Rey Mysterio.
Title lost by - Vacated Belt.


King of Hardcore -
Beating many wrestlers including two great victories -
The Innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore rules match,
And Big Show - The biggest man in sports and entertainment today!!!



Won Hardcore title at Survivor Series -
Matts WWCF PPV debut - Defeated Tommy Dreamer. - Vacant Title.
Title lost by - HBK pinning Big Show in a triple threat at Armageddon.


Won TV title on Smackdown 3rd edition -
Matt defeated the Undertaker with a twist of fate.
Title lost by - Stripped off belt by Eric Bischoff after controversy.
Regained belt on Smackdown 10th Edition - Defeated Taker in a Oklahoma Hott Wire match
Title Lost by - Vacated due to Injury


2003 Royal Rumble Winner
Entry # 11
Eliminated 6 men - Big Show, RVD, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner


Won IC title at King Of the Ring -
Matt defeated then Champion Rock and the Hurricane.

Title Lost by - N/A

SO FAR.........