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Current and Important Character Details

 Next match - Vs Hurricane Vs The Rock
IC title

Allies - Kim Page

Achievements -

Being Matt Hardy, Version 1.0, Inventor Of Mattitude,
Ex Boyfriend of Smackdown GM - Stephanie,
Cruiserweight Champ - Vacated Belt.
King of Table Matches,
Hardcore Champ - Never got pinned to lose title,
King of Hardcore Street Fights,
Television Champion(2) - Got Stripped first time, Vacated Second time
King of Oklahoma Hot Wire match!
Managed by and current boyfriend of the Greatest Woman's champion, Kim Page,
King of Battle Royals,
Winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble,
Number One Contender to IC title..........

Record - 11 - 5

OOC Comment - IC Title Baby!! - Matts Trip To MSG, NEW YORK BABY!!




Matts conquest for the IC title began two weeks ago when earning himself a number one contender shot at the IC title. Now Matt hardy is ready and what better way to prepare this Sunday, then a trip to the gym. Strangely enough, Television cameras for this WWCF house show are watching Matt work out, sweating all over his face and body. How strange eh? But then again what are they going to do? WATCH THE HURRICANE OR THE ROCK? NO!! They wanna be entertained!! Matt continues to do all sorts of working-out techniques on these accessories, and then after doing about 100 Pull-ups, he jumps down and takes a breather, then drinks a little bit of water. Matt walks to the camera, then sits down on a chair and begins to speak.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Ha, Ha, Ha! Rock!! *takes a breather* You talk about being "The Peoples champion" or something? Being a movie star. You say you are the IC champ and you will walk out of King of the Ring as the champion? Well, Rocky. You must be dreaming and living in Hollywood. Because when you step into the ring with Matt Hardy, you will be participating in one hell of a fight to keep the title. I heard you say you are the man, and as long as you hold the IC title, that you will be better than me. Oh its going to be so sweet at King of the Ring. Two weeks ago, I had no idea what I would be doing at this PPV. When I lost my return match, I thought everything was crumbling for me. But Vinnie booked me into a match. A number one contender match for the IC title. I was thinking whats the point. If its not the world title, what good would that do to me. But Kim made me realise, if being the best means I have to be the IC champion and work my way upto the World title, than so be it. Rock, you are holding a title which you dont even show respect. Its a belt that you have brought disgrace to. But all fans who do rate it will have a champion to be proud of.. ME!!

Matt grins and then stops for a bit, then speaks again.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || But then again, Rock, you arent the only one in this match. The Hurricane. The superzero. Ahh, this match will be so great. I get to destroy a so called lgend and movie star. I get to defeat a "Superhero". And by default, by doing that could I claim I a legend? Can I claim I am a NEW Breed of Superhero? Well who cares because I will have the Intercontinental title...

He stops yet again for a bit.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Hurricane, one thing, one thing that I just do not understand, is you said that you are undefeated. Well you may think that, but Sunday all will change. You say my run "WAS" impressive. Youre saying that like you are a legend who has done it all. Who are you to say who is good and who isnt? You the b*tch who hasnt won an impressive match here in WWCF. You have had two matches. Your first was a draw. And your second you let your partner do all the work, whilst you claimed you won. You talk a big game. Can you back it up this Sunday. I understand that there has been hasbeen champions. Holders of the IC title who havent proved that they can main event. Well theres a difference between me and them. I am not transitional. Look at my achievements. I held the Cruiserweight title for so long that I had to vacate it. I held the TV title for so long that I had to vacate it. Vinnie didnt want me to hold the Hardcore title for so long because he knew I was to step up. So he had somebody else get pinned. But thats ok. Anyway Hurricane. I know you want to go into the history books. But the fact is, you will go into the books for all the wrong reasons. Being the WORST ever wrestler is something that will make your father want to slap your mother for giving birth to you. I hope you are looking forward to witnessing how stupid you look after you running your mouth about being a superhero and a champion. This Sunday I will prove to the whole world what you are. After using you as a stepping stone, I will climb the ladder to the top of this business and prove what you really are.... DIRT!

Matt stops yet again, looks down at the floor and then rises his head again grinning in the camera.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Two men in this match who think they are great. The Rock and the Hurricane. But there is only reason why this match has had so much publicity. There is only one reason why people think that this match will steal the show. And that reason is Matt Hardy, Version 1.0. People realise that I once again will be giving them moneys worth. And no matter what people say, I have more brains then all of you, Im quicker than you, and to put it blunt, im Better than both of you. Period!

Just then, a man interupts Matts speech to his opponents. He then tells him he is needed elsewhere, and the cameras cut to a commercial break with Matt walking off looking angry and walking at fast pace.


The WWCF cameras return from a commercial break and are then now focused on Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, who are looking pretty confused at the scenes we just witnessed here at this WWCF house show.

"BBQ Sauce" JR:
I wanna know what's going on, King. What the hell did that guy just tell Matt Hardy?

"Puppies" King:
Oh I don't know JR! But I bet it's a surprise from somebody in WWCF, probably a voo doll. How would we know, Jim?

"BBQ Sauce" JR:
Well i desperately wanna know, because what ever it was, Matt seemed pretty angry and showed a look of desperation on his face, Jerry.

"Puppies" King:
Well only Matt knows what it is, and a few other people, I hope we find out tonight.

Suddenly, Matt is shown yet again as the fans cheer, he is still walking fast and really trying to find what he is looking for. Matt makes it to the entrance of the gym, and looks around, he looks at the big entrance door of the gym, then looks down and finds a big box on the floor. Matt looks down at it confused, and then slowly looks at it.

To Matt Hardy

From ??????

Matt eyes grow wide. And he then picks up the box, which is amazingly really light. He shakes it, and he can hear something. The box is plain white, and Matt is really confused right now. He looks around, just searching if anyone is going to cheap shot him from behind. Matt then begins to open the box, he opens it slowly. The top is off, and then Matt face goes really mad and his eyes grow really wide. He launches the box and it hits a wall, as a big foam V1 finger of Matts falls out. The camera moves closes and reads a statement that says:


No wonder Matt was angry! Somebody is playing with his head and getting Matts focus off the title match, as all Matt can think about is his lovely girlfriend.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || I better check on Kim!!

Hours later. Change of scene where the time is about 6pm, one or two hours before Heat goes on air. WWCF camera's in are seen it what looks like an airport. We then see a Dark Black long limousine with tinted windows. It drives up and stops quite close to a jet. The driver gets out of the Limo and walks around to the back, he opens the door and out pops the lovely Kim. She stands up and stretches her arms out into the air and then rubs her hands together. Then closely following behind out comes her boyfriend Matt Hardy who is wearing a version 1.0 t-shirt. The last 24 hours have been very hectic. Matt and Kim spent most of their time in New Jersey. Wildwood to be exact. Instead of going back to their hotel in New York, Matt decided to get a hotel in New Jersey where they would have more luck of getting sleep, especially with Edge, who is always upbeat and happy. Matt of course earlier today worked out in a gym as a house show was going on, getting ready for the big night. After finding a foam finger for him, he checked on Kim and found out she was ok, and that somebody was trying to mess with him. And that brings us here, Newark airport in New Jersey!
We are back to the cameras. Matt looks at the driver in disgust.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Hurry up and get my bags man

"Chauffeur" Lil Willy:
Oh I am sorry Mr. Hardy...

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Damn right your are.... What the hell are we paying him Kim?!

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Look Matt that's not important right now, lets get going.

By this time the Limousine driver has got Matts bag from the trunk and walked back over to where Kim and Matt were standing.

"Chauffeur" Lil Willy:
Here we are Mr. Hardy... I am sorry for the delay.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || So you should be little man! Now give me my bags and be gone!

The Limousine driver hands Matt Hardy his bags and then gets back in the Limo. We then see a Lady in the airport's uniform walk up to Matt and Kim

"Air Assistance" Beth:
 Um excuse me, are you Miss Kimberly, and Mr Hardy!??

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || What's it to you?

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim ||Yes.. yes we are.

"Air Assistance" Beth:
 Well.. I'm afraid we seem to have a problem, with the last minute call and everything we were not able to find a private jet for you. You will have to share your flight with a few other individuals as well. I hope that wont cause you to much of a problem.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || What?! No Way! ..Kim dont think i'm traveling with a bunch of other people. You know I dont like travelling with other sweaty wrestlers. I like my space and privacy. Now Bethy. Go and find me another jet.

"Air Assistance" Beth:
 I'm sorry....

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || No, No, No!!! do you know who i am?! Im Matt Hardy A WORLDWIDE HERO! I dont deserve to be treated like this!

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Calm down Matt, we havent got time, we'll take the jet. We need to get to the PPV at MSG!

"Air Assistance" Beth:
 Okay great, if you would both like to step aboard and take your seats that would be fine.

Matt gives the lady a dirty look. Kim starts to walk towards the jet and grabs hold of Matts shirt and starts to drag him along too.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Kim! I mean come on! I need a Private Jet!

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Well we just dont have time Matt it's not worth bothering over.

Kim eventually drags Matt onto the plane and both of them walk over to their seats. They look at there seat number but then realise there is a fat chubby man sitting there.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Hey!... MF'er! I think you will find those are our seats!!

The fat man looks up at Matt with a weird look on his face.

"World Problem" Stan:
 Well man, im afraid I was here first and if you look at this ticket, you will find that these are my seats.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || What do you mean these are your seats?! Let me see the ticket.

"World Problem" Stan:
 See look here!!

The Fat man, stan passes the ticket to Matt who examines it for a minute.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Umm, you re right dude! These are your seats...

"World Problem" Stan:
 Yeh, I told you so! Now get lost!

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || You told me so eh?!... Well this aint your seat no-more!

Matt gets a cocky grin on his face and proceeds to tear up the ticket and then throws the remains of the ticket behind him over his back.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || I dont see no ticket anymore !!

"World Problem" Stan:
 What! What was that for!!

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || What was what for?

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Matt. Lets just go and sit over there.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || No Kim! I'm the Legend in the Makin!!! And this guy doesnt have a ticket!

"World Problem" Stan:
 Only because you just ripped it up!!

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || I did what?! Now listen up dude! You cant accuse the Next Legend.... of doing something he didnt do!

"World Problem" Stan:
Next legend? Yeh right!... I know who you are.. you're Matt Hardy from WWCF! Youre that big nothing that nobody likes! And you have a match at the King of the Ring where you are going to get your ass kicked and be pinned!! HAHA!! You know what. Im just gonna kick your ass after this plane takes off.

Matt turns to Kim with somewhat of a serious look on his face.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Kim. Did he just say that?

Kim looks at Matt with a confused look on her face.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Okay... okay .I'm a nice guy, now listen, im gonna you Five seconds to move!

The man sits back and crosses his arms over.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || ...1...

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || ...2...

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Matt just let it go.. we'll get thrown off the flight!

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || ...3...

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || ...4...

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || ...5 !!!!

Matt turns to Kim and then smiles. He then faces the man. The fat man sticks up his middle finger at Matt. Matt grins cockily and lands one backhand and throws him to the ground. Suddenly Airport worker Beth is back on the scene.

"Air Assistance" Beth:
 Um excuse me but what is the problem here?!

Matt quickly straightens himself out and quickly thinks of an excuse.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || He..He.., tried to attack me. I was using self defence! I think hes a stalker. I mean he doesnt even have a ticket?!

The airport Lady checks the man for a ticket and then looks at Matts ticket.

"Air Assistance" Beth:
  Okay I am sorry for any Inconvenience, I'll get this man sent away right now.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Damn right you should! Infact I dont think he should be allowed to fly again. He should be banned and his passport sho.....

Kim steps in front of Matt and cuts him off.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Okay thank you, we would like to take our seats now.

The Lady steps to the side and Matt and Kim take their seats on the jet.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Damn Matt Let's just get to the PPV.. I dont even know why we had to take this plane. We could have taken the limo back to New York insteady of taking this plane.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || The limo with willy as our driver? Yeh right. Besides I was meant to get my own jet. Now we have to land at JFK airport.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Well we better not be late. Lets just relax and get there. 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Okay Kim but the dude was being a jackoff! Nobodies gonna kick MY ass!!

Matt points to himself smiling. But Kim pushes an excited Matt Hardy into his seat as Kim sighs whilst she lays back for the plane to take off!


The Scene Opens up with Matt Hardy and the lovely Kim in New York again inside a Black Limousine. Matt is sitting back relaxing with his legs up while Kim is sitting opposite him.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Matt, Sunday will be OUR night!

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || I know that Kim. I mean the IC title is on the line. It will give me a great chance to face the World champion. But you know, I don't really have to win this match.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || What do you mean?

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Im Matt Hardy. This fed will realise that im a legend in the making. And Anytime I want, I can waltz into Vinnies locker room and Demand a match at the world champion.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Well I suggest you win this. You need to earn back your respect here in WWCF. And that will start on Sunday. I want your main focus on the IC title and not anything else. That includes the World title and my match!

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Dont worry baby! I mean I know you're going to win the Womens title. That's a fact. Victoria and the rest of the divas are no match for my womens champion.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Well im not champion yet.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Yet is a key word there Kimmie. I mean you know you have their number. You have the best win loss record in the womens division. And you will win. 

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || I am ready Matt. That title is coming back home to me.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || You damn right it is. And speaking of coming home, the IC title. Woo. I cant wait. You see the Hurricane, I have to admit he is one helluva star. But he has tried me one to many times and I just cant have it Kim. He wants to try bring down my name? If the Hurricane knew whats good for him he would just lay down and let me pin him 1.2.3. But that would be a smart move on that zeros part. And we all know that he doesnt have a lot going for him in the brain department! [Matt laughs] I mean just say if he is a superhero, how can he tell Edge who he is behind that ridiculous mask. No body can be trusted in this world, nobody.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || I know Matt. But you shouldnt just focus on the Hurricane. Remember, the Rock is in this match as well. He is infact the Ic champion going into the KOTR. He will not be when he is leaving, but that doesnt mean hes a bad star. It just means he has beaten people to get here. But dont worry. You are the man and you will beat both him and the Hurricane. You will probably be the marked man. They both see you as a threat. And you know Hurricane is scared. Why do you think he tries to assure himself he has a chance to win? Hes scared. Everytime your name is mentioned all he can say is you arent a superhero and immediately changes the topic. Hes lost it. You have thrown him, of his game plan.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Well Kim, double teamed or not, Im still gonna win this match and move onto the world title scene. And this Sunday, I will in effect, be in line to become the NEWW!!! Undisputed champion

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Matt. We know none of these men stand a chance! Youre the man Matt! Youre the Legend!

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Yeh I am. Matt Hardy Verson 1.0, the Legend in the making!!

Suddenly Kims cell phone rings and she answers it.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Hello?.....Hey Dave whats going on?..... Yeh right, one second... Hes right here!!

Kim puts the phone down against her leg and whispers to Matt...

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || ..Beck..

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Ah another MF'er Let me talk to him!

Matt takes the cell phone off Kim and puts it to his ear.

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || ..Hey it's me,..Matt Hardy, Version 1.0

-|[David Beckham:]|-Hey Matt whats up? 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Well you know Im nearly at the arena. I just need this damn Limo driver to go a bit faster!.. I didnt realise how much this cities traffic sucks! So whatsup with you? Hows Madrid. 

-|[David Beckham:]|- Madrid is great. Me and Vics are just taking a break. Well I just phoned to wish you luck. You look pumped. err. I dont think you should have a problem as long as you continue to prove to be the best... err.. I mean you should be main eventing, but even so, the IC title is great. And when you win that you will show you are still the best! You know what. Tear them apart. err.. 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Yeah becks. I should be and I will be. Much like you. Infact we are a lot a like. We both got a lot of money. We are both champions in truth. Im going to be IC champion. You are a real superstar. You have done the treble. You got gold medals. We both got women, of course mines is hotter. And we are both good looking, well, me more than you. 

-|[David Beckham:]|-Errr.. Matt. Sure. Speaking of women, Victoria told me her and Kim are going to be posing together. 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Really? 

-|[David Beckham:]|-Yeah. Victorias here. Is it ok, if she talks with Kim? 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || Yeah. Ill put her on. 

Matt gives Kim the phone. 

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Hello?? 

-|[Victoria:]|-Hey Kim, its me victoria. 

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Oh hey Vic. 

-|[Victoria:]|-How are you? 

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Oh, ive got another photo shoot to get to after winning the womens title. You know how these things are. Its really tiring. I got my nails done. 

-|[Victoria:]|- Really, what colour. 

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Pink. Matt thinks I look great with that colour. 

Matt looks at Kim smiling as to say get to the point. 

-|[Victoria:]|- Well Kim, I wanted to tell you about our photo shoot. Its been moved to Madrid. Thats right, you can come to Spain. 

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Spain? REALLY? 

-|[Victoria:]|- Yeh, and David wont mind you staying in his other house. And of course you have to stay with us one night at least. 

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Its the least I can do. Thanks Vic. 

-|[Victoria:]|- Thats ok. Well David wants to talk to Matt again. 

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Ok, bye. 

-|[Victoria:]|- Bye Kim. 

David and Matt take their phones. 

-|[David Beckham:]|- Hehe. You see there Matt. Thats women for you. 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || I hear that. 

-|[David Beckham:]|- I heard what the Hurricane had to say. Err,, harsh words. What you going to do. 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt || I am going to kick his ass, thats what. He wants to call me a wannabe, ill show him what wannabe is. Not just your wifes song, no. I mean He is another MF'er wannabe. 

-|[David Beckham:]|- That will be great. I will be watching King of the ring live here. I think Ronaldo wants to come over to watch it. 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt ||
Great. But I hate to spoil the ending for you. 

-|[David Beckham:]|- Oh, you wont be spoiling it if you are going to say, that you will win. Thats quite obvious. 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt ||
Yeah, well David, before I go, why did you have to leave Manchester United? 

-|[David Beckham:]|-Well, people say me and the gaffer didnt get on. Thats not true. I think Peter (KENYON) wanted to make money of me, so I had no choice. I wasnt going to go Barcelona, theres no REAL history there. 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt ||
I hear that. 

-|[David Beckham:]|-Well Matt. I will watch it tonight, good luck. 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt ||
I hope your trip to China with the rest of the squad was great, and good luck with your new team. Take care bud. 

-|[David Beckham:]|-Bye. 

Matt closes the cell phone and puts it in his pocket. 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt ||
Ah, David there. Good lad. One of my known MF'ers. 

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || urm, Matt. Thats my cell phone. 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt ||
Oh sorry Kim. Here. 

|| "Numba 1 Bytch" Kim || Matt. We're going spain. 

|| "Version 1.0" Matt ||
We sure are. Vinces ratings may go down, but ah well. We going Madrid!! The capital!! And that will be as champions. You as Womens and me as IC. Wooo!

Matt sits back on his seat with his arms folded behind his head and a smile on his face along with Kim who has the same smile as the limo is just around the corner from Madison Square Garden..




Won Cruiserweight title on Raw -
 Matts WWCF debut - Beat Hurricane and,
Then Champion Rey Mysterio.
Title lost by - Vacated Belt.


King of Hardcore -
Beating many wrestlers including two great victories -
The Innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore rules match,
And Big Show - The biggest man in sports and entertainment today!!!



Won Hardcore title at Survivor Series -
Matts WWCF PPV debut - Defeated Tommy Dreamer. - Vacant Title.
Title lost by - HBK pinning Big Show in a triple threat at Armageddon.


Won TV title on Smackdown 3rd edition -
Matt defeated the Undertaker with a twist of fate.
Title lost by - Stripped off belt by Eric Bischoff after controversy.
Regained belt on Smackdown 10th Edition - Defeated Taker in a Oklahoma Hott Wire match
Title Lost by - Vacated due to Injury


2003 Royal Rumble Winner
Entry # 11
Eliminated 6 men - Big Show, RVD, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner


SO FAR.........