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The normal sh*t dude. Don't steal my layout. Don't steal my rp. This rp is in no way affiliated with the WWE or nwa/tna. If you are offended by some few words of profanity, I suggest you stop wearing a dress and grow the F*CK UP!!! Click the X in the top of the screen or hit the back on your server. This RP was in association with WWCF. The Real Fn Deal!! Best viewed at 1152 by 864 Resolution


Current and Important Character Details

 Next match - Vs Hurricane Vs The Rock

Allies - Kim Page

Achievements -

Being Matt Hardy, Version 1.0, Inventor Of Mattitude ,
Ex Boyfriend of Smackdown GM - Stephanie,
Cruiserweight Champ - Vacated Belt.
King of Table Matches,
Hardcore Champ - Never got pinned to lose title,
King of Hardcore Street Fights,
Television Champion(2) - Got Stripped first time, Vacated Second time
King of Oklahoma Hot Wire match!
Managed by and current boyfriend of the Greatest Woman's champion, Kim Page,
King of Battle Royals,
Winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble...
Number One Contender to IC title

Record - 11 - 5

OOC Comment - IC Title Baby!! - Matts Saturday



  WWCF cameras open up in a dark room. Its the very hotel room we have seen before. There is a little light which can be seen through the curtains. But we can see enough to make out a figure lying down asleep in a king size bed. Next to the sleeping figure is a person sitting on the bed smiling. The cameras still cant figure out who it is. The camera zooms into to see a face of a True champion. CHAMPION? That's it. That man must be none other than Matt Hardy. The camera looks at Matt as he looks towards his clock and sees the time. Its 4:30am. The figure next to him is Kimberly Page who looks peacefully asleep. She looks exhausted and why not? The camera looks at Matt as he decides it finally time to sleep. All of a sudden, RING, RING!! The telephone rings as Matt quickly takes the phone of the hook so not to wake up Kimberly. Matt puts the phone near his ears to listen.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || What d'ya want!!

There is a seconds pause and then we hear a voice on other end.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Dude!! It's me!

The line stays silent as Matt decides not to answer.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 "You there Bro?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Edge. Do you realise what time it is?!

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Yer dude!!

There is yet again another moments silence.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Well..... ?

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Dude I Soooo have some totally awesome news!!

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || You do?

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Well what is it then you MF'ing ....

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:

As soon as Matt hears Sodas, Matt hands up the phone and gets back into his bed. Suddenly the phone rings again and Matt picks up and checks to see Kim is still asleep. He puts the phone to his ear.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Hello?!

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Matt? You there? What happened there? I think you're phone must have totally got disconnected or something.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || ......

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Those reekwads at the office downstairs must have done something. Yeah anyway dude. I wanted to talk to you. Now you see Soda's can cheer you up. I know Sun..

Matt hangs up the phone. He is about to get back in bed but the phone rings again. He grunts and picks it up.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Damnit I want to sleep.

"Headcheese of downstairs! Sue:
  Erm. Hello this is your wake up call.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Wake up call? WHAT??

"Headcheese of downstairs! Sue:
 Yeah your wake up call. So, rise and shine matey.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || What the hell are you talking about (trying not to raise his voice) I didnt ask for a wake up call.

"Headcheese of downstairs! Sue: 
You didnt?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || No I didnt.

"Headcheese of downstairs! Sue:
 Yes you did silly. Isnt this room 32 on the top floor.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || No it isnt.

"Headcheese of downstairs! Sue:
 Are you sure.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yes im sure. Im in the deluxe suite.

"Headcheese of downstairs! Sue:
 So thats not Mr Adam Copeland.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || WHAT!!?

"Headcheese of downstairs! Sue:
 Oh silly me. I must have rung the wrong phone. I guess you didnt ask for a wake up call.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || No, I didnt!!!

"Headcheese of downstairs! Sue:
 Well sir. I apologise for that inconvenience. We will phone you again, get your details and make sure that it doesnt happen again.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Why dont you just take my details now.

"Headcheese of downstairs! Sue:
 No thats ok. Bye!!

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || BUT!!!......

The phone hangs up on the other end on Matt. Matt puts the phone down and straight away the phone rings again.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Ok,... My name is Matt Hardy..

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 DUDE.. I know. I rang you.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || EDGE?? I wanna sleep damnit!!!

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Look I'm soo reeking of sorry's right now bro. But Sunday was great for me. I mean Im reeking of gold. Double goldage Matt. But I gotta tell ya about this soda. Its soo..

Matt slams down the phone for a third time on Edge as he looks like he is really getting pissed off with Edges actions. Matt gets back in bed and sighs. The phone rings again. Matt looks like he is about to explode but then realises it could be the head of office downstairs.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh hey.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Sleep Damnit!! You little Egg!

Matt slams the phone and pulls the plug out. He looks over at the clock and it says 7pm. Matt gets angry and says "WHAT THE F*.." thinking how those phone calls took nearly 3 hours of his time. Matt holds his head as he gets up out of bed and walks into the bathroom and brushes his teeth. He then splashes his face with cold water to wake up. He turns on the hott water to get ready for a bath but ice cold water comes out. Matt looks pissed and turns of the tap. He thinks screw this and thinks about getting breakfast. He leaves the room in a frenzy and goes downstairs. Its peaceful as he walks downstairs. Suddenly a bunch of people appear and start to laugh at him.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Whats so funny?

Matt looks around as somebody from WWCF backstage walks up to him.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || WHAT?

The guy looks uneasy but manages to stutter something out.

"JOE E LEGEND?" Just Joe:
  Urm.. How are you Matt.

Matt looks confused.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || What?..I'm feeling great. Why wouldnt i be?!

"JOE E LEGEND?" Just Joe:
 Well at King of thr Ring you...

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yes? I know at King of the ring I will be giving The Hurricane and the Rock a Mattitude Adjustment.

Joe looks at Matt confused.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || And... I will show all the MF'ers out there just why I will take home the Intercontinental title.

Joe still looks very confused.

"JOE E LEGEND?" Just Joe:
 But Matt. You lo.. you lo

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || I what?

"JOE E LEGEND?" Just Joe:
 You LOST at king of the ring.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Huh? Who hired this guy? King of the Ring is this sunday the third.

"JOE E LEGEND?" Just Joe:
 Yeah. It was sunday the third and you lose. The Rock and Hurricane double pinned you so thats why at Smackdown tonight they will be facing each other one on one to determine a true IC champion.

Matt laughs.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || How much did you have to drink. Earth to MF'er. King of the Ring is this sunday.

"JOE E LEGEND?" Just Joe:
 If you didnt lose the match, wheres the IC title.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || The IC title is currently held by the Rock.

"JOE E LEGEND?" Just Joe:
 And the HUrricane. I know. They are double champion but Smackdown will determine the rightful champion.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || HUH?

"JOE E LEGEND?" Just Joe:
 Look at the date. Its the 8th of August. Tonight is Smackdown and EZE gave you the night of after your real bad loss.

Matt laughs as he looks at Joe. He puts his hand on his head and a plaster comes off.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oww. What the hell??

"JOE E LEGEND?" Just Joe:
 See that's what the Rock did to you. He and Hurricane gave you a real beating. Thats why you have been out in your hotel for the past few days. You havent left. And not even Kimberly has been able to get you out. She has tried for the last few days. She never got any sleep and thats why she is exhausted. She said that she cant take anymore of you. She will be leaving and you and she will be now managing Chris Jericho if thats ok with Dawn.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || No! What?! This can't be happening to me!! The IC title is going to be mine.

"JOE E LEGEND?" Just Joe:
 I'm sorry Matt.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Your Sorry?!! Your not Sorry!!

The people are still laughing at Matt as Matt storms out of the lounge and back to his room. He walks and to his room after taking the lift but Kim is not there. He goes back out the room and looks around. He sees Rikishi standing there laughing at Matt.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || What so funny fatso?

Rikishi laughs.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || You think it's funny huh? Why dont you come here and let me adjust your mattitude. Then you will know what a beating from a true champion is like.

"Too Cool, Too Phat" Rikishi: 
Well I dont see the IC title, champ!!

Matt looks pissed off.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Maybe you STOLE it and ATE it. You think about that?

Matt points at Rikishis stomach as Rikishi just smiles.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Why the hell are you so happy. I dont have any food for you. Can you just leave me. Yeah you tubby. Look, you probably have food in your pocket. Check there!!

Rikishi just laughs hard as Matt seems confused. Suddenly Just Joe is seen by Matt.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yo man. Why is this MF'er so happy. Is there a buffet downstairs.

"JOE E LEGEND?" Just Joe:
 Not that I know off.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || So why is he so happy.

"JOE E LEGEND?" Just Joe:
 Maybe because next week on Raw you two are facing. And if Rikishi wins and you lose, he gets a contract and you get fired!

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || WHAT?

Rikishi continues to laugh as Matt storms back into his room. He sits on his bed as everything looks to be crumbling. The room looks to be closing in on Matt. A knock is heard on the door. Knowing nothing else can go wrong, Matt decides he should open the door.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Who is it??

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 It's.. Edge, dude!!

Matt sighs and opens the door.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Edge I think im dreaming. I mean I had a dream where you were in it.

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
  Sweeet!! Was I reeking of awesomeness as usual?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Err Yea but you kept trying to tell me about Sod...

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Dude but I totally just came here for one reason. I tried to tell you it on the phone.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || You mean you..

"Head of EdgeArmy" Edge:
 Thats right Dude. Ive got Edge soda. Self named products RULE!!

Suddenly Matt Hardy gets up. He looks around and sees Kimberly next to him. He looks at his clock and the time is 8am. He opens the curtains and then looks at the calender. He sees the date. Its Saturday August 2nd. THE WHOLE THING WAS A DREAM!!


The scene opens up with WWCF in a large room. We see a familiar King sized bed against a wall. There is a person sitting on the bed but we can't quite see who this person is. The cameras zoom in to reveal it is the true numba one bytch, Kimberly Page. This room is literally quite Huge. Well to be precise it is not just any old room. Itís Kims and Matts hotel room. A type of hotel room that you would only see Royalty or a very important person in which suits the pair perfectly. Suddenly you here the door opens as the camera turns its attention towards the noise. Through the door appears none other than The True ShowStealer, Matt hardy who has quite a huge grin on his face. The TV is on but a large fuzz is heard. Matt goes to the bed and looks at Kim as he sees a bunch of flowers which Kim is smelling.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || OH Matt. These flowers are great. Thank you for them.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh!! (scratching his head) Thanks... I knew you would like em, heh!

Matt looks at the flowers trying to figure out how Kim got it, because Matt surely didnt get them for Kim. He tries to change the subject before she can ask more questions.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || So Kim, how you been?

Kim puts the flowers down. She then puts the TV remote next to Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Bored with out you. When you went there was nothing to do. I mean we should have brought cable with us.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Well maybe we should have. Because its quite obvious that no hotels can match up to our expectations or standards.

Matt takes of his shoes and socks as he sits next to Kim. Kim adjusts her top and then grabs a pillow. She leans back on it looking at Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || So..where have you been all morning?

Matt grins as he answers.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Well I had this wierd ass dream last night so I thought Id go about. I went to blockbuster video to get some footage.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Footage? Oh Matt. You have been watching tapes of Hurricane and the Rock for a week now.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || I know. But thats not the video I got. I rented the best video you can ever imagine.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Oh yeh. I always did like Titanic.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Titan... WHAT? No Kimmie. I got the Triple B video.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Triple B?

Matt laughs as he looks at Her.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yeh Triple B. How can you not know. Its only like the best video ever. Beauty, brains, Bytch!! Kimberly Pages WWCF history.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || ohhh..

Kim turns away from Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || I wish you didnt bring it.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Why not baby? I think it's a great video.

Matt obviously hasnt seen the video because of his tone and Kims tone.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || I don't know about you but... I don't wanna be reminded about how I lost my Womens title.

Matts eyes open out as he starts to panic.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh yeah..errr.. Well I.. er.. Well youre gonna win your title this Sunday. I mean you got entered into the Divas chamber match, how great is that. Now you can beat Victoria and the best WWCF womens division have to offer. Then me and you will both be champions. Oh.. So how have you been?

Kim looks at Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Didn't you just...ask me that?

Kim lays back as she turns away from Matt.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh Iím sorry baby I.. err forgot!! Whatís wrong??

Kim turns back to Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || You know if you havent watched it, you dont have to pretend. You dont need to lie about things like this to me.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || I don't baby.. Okay I just assumed the video would have Mattitude since it is about you. But I havent lied about anything else.

Kim grins at Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || You're doing it right now... and to answer your question... when you entered the room.

Kim shakes her head at Matt.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || When I entered the room? What do you mean?

Kim looks at Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Ugh Matt!

She crosses her arms like a school girl and turns away from Matt. Matt bites his teeth trying to figure out what she meant.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Kimmie. What did I do?

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Are you blonde all of a sudden?

Matt looks a little shocked.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Ohhh.. You are talking about them roses right?

Matt closes his eyes so not to look at Kim. Kim turns away and laughs to herself but turns back as she looks at Matt who opens his eyes.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Yea... I know who sent them... that was a test ya know... Maybe it was wrong of me to do that... but i just wanted to see what you would have said...and... I got my answer.

Matt looks at Kim biting his bottom lip in a bit of guilt.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || I'm sorry baby.

Matt smirks as to say sorry.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || So you're doing test's now?

Kim smiles at Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Yep. I want to see whats really wrong with you. any one can happen at any time too sooo, watch it.

Kim nods at Matt and raises an eyebrow as Matt grins at her.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Ok ok. Haha. Ill be ready for you. So who are the roses from?

Kim laughs as she turns to Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Um...no one.

Matt gets a curious look on his face but he doesnt want to push his luck seeing as Kim isnt angry at him. Matt goes closer to Kim as he kisses her on the cheek.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh okay baby.. Well Iím gonna make this up to you!. Well King of the Ring is tomorrow night. We have been busy training. And I think you deserve to be treated. So Kim, your choice as to where we go!!

Kim smiles as she looks at Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Well my friend Eric has been telling me about a place in New Jersey. So I wanna go to... Wildwood. That way our minds will be clear for tomorrow night. Just me and you.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Sounds great. Maybe Edges voices will go away from my head.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Sorry, what was that.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh nothing. I cant wait. Sounds super.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Yayy!

She giggles a little as she reaches over hugging Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || I better call to make reservations or something huh?

Matt smirks.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Probably. But I bet we dont need to. Thats how great we are.

Matt smirks. BLACK OUT. Scene fades. A few hours go by as the scene opens up. Matt and Kim are seen in New Jerseys WILDWOOD. YEAH BABY!!! Matt and Kim look around to see different people doing different things. Site seeing, candy floss eating, ride boarding, children running around, parents walking around. The cameras focus on Kim who is wearing a pink bikini skirt combo with matching kicks and a pair of Ck shades. Matt is in a blue shirt with chinese writing and shorts. He has his police shades on as he and Kim are talking to each other. They stop to look around.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Ha this place looks great! Well now that 'we're' here it does anyway.. So itís up to you.. What do ya wanna do first baby?

Kim looks around as she taps her chin thinking.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Well...we could go to the water park... or... um... get something to eat? You hungry?

Matt feels his stomach.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yeah. I mean we canít the Matt Hardy, Version 1.0 going around on an empty stomach. You hungry babe?

Kim looks at Matt.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Sure at Matt.

Suddenly Matt and Kims attention gets turned, as a guy in the dunk tank appears to be shouting insults at them. Matt looks at the guy with a confused look on his face. The guy points to him and Kim.

"A Dunkin Donut" Tanky:
 Look thereís a cute couple. But I canít quite make out which oneís the man!

Matt turns to face Kim with a p*ssed of look on his face.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Kim, did that MF'er just say that?

Kim has a disgusted look on her face as she fixes her sunglasses.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Ugh... he did... but let's just leave it Matt.

Kim grabs Matts hand.

"A Dunkin Donut" Tanky:
 Oh Look I was wrong. She must be the man in that couple. But they look too much alike it sure is hard to tell.

Matt stops and turns so he is facing the numbnutz.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh baby. Thats it. Time for a Mattitude adjustment.

Matt takes Kims hand as they walk to the jackoff as Matt grins.

"A Dunkin Donut" Tanky:
 Ohhhh no. He's here to kick my ass. What ever shall I do. HAHA.

Matt looks like he is really starting to get mad now. But all of a sudden he grins.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Alright MFer. You asked for it!

Matt then gives the guy at the queue some poney as he gets a few baseballs. Matt lines himself up as winks at Kim. He throws the baseball but it misses the target.

"A Dunkin Donut" Tanky:
  Haha. Is that all you got old man. Your throw like a girl. Oh wait. You are a girl.

Matt grins as he picks up the baseball. He positions himself and hits the target. PING! SPLASH! The guy falls down into the water as Matt gets a cocky grin on his face. Kim laughs as the guy comes out of his water cursing. He clears his eyes.

"A Dunkin Donut" Tanky:
 You lucky li...

SPLASH. Kim presses the target button as the guy goes back into the water. The guy jumps out looking so cold.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Thats what I call a dunk.

Kim laughs as Matt takes her hand. He has a baseball left as he tosses it backwards. PING. They turn around as they see the guy go back in. They laugh hysterically.

Kim kisses Matt on the cheek.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || My hero. Now let's go get something to eat baby. I am hungry.

Kim and Matt walk off away from the water tank.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yeah me too Kim. So what do ya want to eat then baby?

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || I kind of had a change of mood. I feel like eating chinese. I saw a good stirfry noodle place near the boardwalk.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Sounds good to me Missy.

As Matt and Kim walk Kim takes Matts hand.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Welll...

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Well what?

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Well how you feeling about Sunday? You feeling confident?

Matt looks at Kim.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Iím feeling great Kim. This is the match that is meant to be the showStealer. The match that the fans cant wait for. Me taking on a so called Peoples champion. And another Superhero. I dont see the fuss Kim. I mean they name each other things. I should start calling my self the .. erm... The legend in the making. Because after Sunday I will be on route to become World champion. Right Kim.

Matt smiles.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Yesss, you sure will.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || What I dont get is how the Hurricane gets a shot. Hes only in the company for a week and he gets a shot at the number two belt. Meanwhile Im in the company for a year and I have to wait that whole time to get a shot at the title.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || I understand Matt. You thinks thats not fair? I lose my Womens title and I have to wait 5 months before I get a rematch at that title. And its not even one on one.

Kim begins to wonder.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || But I know you have this. You will win the IC title Matt. Just pace yourself like you did in the Royal Rumble. You got to sort it out Matt. Never turn your back on the Hurricane or The Rock. Team up on one person, but dont trust them. Try not to be outside the ring. If somebody is getting pinned make sure you interfere. If you go for a pin, position yourself so you can see your opponent. And make sure you win the IC title.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh yeah baby. You damn right I will. BY the way. I know you have the womans chamber match, but remember that title is yours. You are the best in that division. Nobody can beat you and you wont let anybody beat you. Just remember you have to get the win. I am not quite sure on your match, but make sure you try to get as many pinfalls as you can.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Yeah Matt. I am ready.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Its time we become the championship couple again with me winning the IC title and you getting what is rightfully yours. The womans title.

Matt and Kim laugh as they reach the restaurant named "pops chinese stir up" The two walk into the restaurant. As they enter they are greeted by a small chinese man who instructs them to take their shoes off. Matt and Kim enter the restaurant.

"Jett Li Rocks" Sam:
 Ah Hello there. Welcome to Pops stir up. I welcome you aha. Table for two I pesume.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || You what?

"Jett Li Rocks" Sam:
 I said I pesume

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Leave it Matt.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Ok whatever. something? So why the shoe taking off? I better get my shoes back.

Kim starts to laugh.

"Jett Li Rocks" Sam:
 Ah seri moto. This is a chinese custom. Arrigato.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || What the?? Yo man. Speak English so we can understand.

"Jett Li Rocks" Sam:
 Ah.. I was talking chinese there sir. I was trying to say its a custom to take your shoes off as it shows clean living.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || I know itís chinese. You trying to call me stupid. You need to treat me with respect you little chop. I will become Intercontinental champion on Sunday and then you will see what champions are like.

The chinese waiter nods his head and smiles as he says "I mana toriso. Arrato Rocky Somata!!" He basically said "I hope Rocky beats your ass."

 (Hey Nobodies perfect. But damn im close)

The waiter continues to nod and smile as Matt looks at him wondering what the hell is wrong with him having no clue what he said. Kim looks at Matt and shrugs.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Don't worry... I didn't understand him either.

Matt laughs but as he looks at the waiter stops.

"Jett Li Rocks" Sam:
 If you would like to make youíre way to table 3, someone will be with you shortly.

Kim tugs on Matts hand before Matt does something he will later regret. They both make their way over to table 3. Matt pulls out Kims seat for her as she sits down, Matt walks around to the other side of the table and takes a seat himself. Kim takes off her sunglasses, she sits them on the table and crosses her legs.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || What you gonna eat.

Matt looks at the menu not understanding a word.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Ahh.. I dont mind. Ill have whatever you pick

Matt half smiles

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Noodles and egg rolls ok?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || I think that will do nicely..

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Oh look fortune cookies.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Cool. And to drink Coke?

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Ok.

Matt smiles and then starts to look around the room like heís in search of something.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Now where the hell has that no mattribute having waiter gone?

Kim looks around and points to the back of the restaurant.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || There is one!!

Matt looks over in the waiterís direction and then claps his hands together.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yo Mr Miyagi. Yeah you, get over here..

The waiter makes his way over to the table.

"Karate Kid Trainer" Junichi:
  Ahh. Are you ready to order Sir?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yeah and about time too

"Karate Kid Trainer" Junichi: 
Sorry for the delay. What is it you would like?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Well we want Noodle my good man.

"Karate Kid Trainer" Junichi:
 And then?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh. Egg rolls look good.

"Karate Kid Trainer" Junichi:
 And then?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Erm. We will have coke and two glasses if thats possible.

"Karate Kid Trainer" Junichi: 
And then?

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Dont forget the fortune cookies.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh yea. The fortune cookies will do.

"Karate Kid Trainer" Junichi: 
And then?

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Well I guess dessert would be good.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh yea. Haha. You must have some chocolate cheese cake, so that will be good.

"Karate Kid Trainer" Junichi: 
And then?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Erm.. I prety much think thats all we need.

"Karate Kid Trainer" Junichi:

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || No and then. Thats all we want!!

"Karate Kid Trainer" Junichi: 
And then?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || No look listen. All we want is the noodles, egg roll, fortune cookies and dessert.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || And the coke.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yeah and the coke?

"Karate Kid Trainer" Junichi: 

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || No and then?

"Karate Kid Trainer" Junichi:

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || NO AND THEN? NO NO NO !! NO AND THEN!!!

Theres a few seconds silence as Matt smiles at Kim.

"Karate Kid Trainer" Junichi:

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || You listen up....

Suddenly the original waiter approaches.

"Jett Li Rocks" Sam:
 Is there a problem.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yeh there is. This waiter is giving us a problem.

"Jett Li Rocks" Sam: 
Waiter? Oh hes no waiter. Haha. He best customer.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || WHAT??? 

"Jett Li Rocks" Sam: Junichi, (speaks chinese) So sir. Lemme take your order ok?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || That son of a ...

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || OK. Well we want Noodles, Egg rolls, Fortune Cookies, Cheese cake and coke.

"Jett Li Rocks" Sam: 
Ah yes. Greata choice. Would you likeaa anything else??

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || No that's it. Leave now.

"Jett Li Rocks" Sam: 

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Ahh never mind just go away..

Kim laughs a little and flashes the waiter a dirty look.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || Nobody listens to anyone anymore!!

Kim stops and smiles at Matt again.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Your right there baby. People like Victoria for one! I mean she has to get it into her head that you could beat the Living hell out of her whenever you wanted?! Ha.. well at least you get the pleasure of beating that.. that... well that Kimberly wannabe this Sunday and take YOUR title back!!

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || She wins the Womens title and doesnt even defend it. And the Hurricane thinks hes a hero? What sort of a champion is she? Sort of like the Rock. And what they is the same, so it gets pretty old pretty fast.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || I couldnt of said it better myself!! In fact I think Victoria and Hurricane would me a great match or couple. Two of the craziest MF'ers following the book of Mattology!! This sunday is gonna be sweet.

|| "Numba 1 Bytch"- Kim || You're damn right!!

Kim smiles. The waiter comes over with the food and puts it down in front of them. Matt smirks and then shoves the waiter away with his hand before he gets a chance to speak.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || You know baby... I dont understand why The Hurricane just can't realise that he is no match for me. He hasn't beat me. He claims a victory over me when he didnt even pin me. And you know what, things will stay like that. He wont pin me on Sunday. The Rock wont pin me on sunday. And you know what Kim. We will both leave as what we are. CHAMPIONS!

Kim laughs as she agrees. A little occurs on Matts face as they begin to eat their meal as WWCF cameras fade!!


WWCF cameras start rolling again. The scene opens up in a radio station. The cameras follow Matt Hardy as he is looking around pressing buttons whilst the Radio station of......
.......103.4 Rock Fm is on live! Certain celebrities are on this station but Matt hardy couldnt give a care. Its 9:55pm at night so we are reaching peak hour where the ratings are the highest. That is why Matt is scheduled for 10pm. Kimberly is nowhere in sight after her funfilled day. She is at the hotels very own gym, how cool is that at a time scheduled sauna and massage. She obviously has a radio to listen to Matt. But back at the radio station, Matt is looking around. Suddenly a lady backstage passes Matt a suit to wear but Matt doesnt look pleased. Matt holds the shirt up so he can get a clearer look at it.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || WHAT THE HELL? NO NO NO! This is absolutely wrong! The colours are all wrong!! I didnt ask for this RED & black polkadot suit with the PINK leather pants! No take this crap outta here before I really lose my temper! I want my scheduled white Armani suit which I specifically asked for!!

"Uptight Woman" Samantha:
 I'm sorry Mr Hardy!! But these are all the suits that are available for tonight. The suit that you wanted is currently being used by someone.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || WHAT! You gave my suit to somebody else? I strictly requested that suit for myself! Do you even know who I am? Im Matt Hardy, version 1.0. I do not deserve this with a very special and important match coming up for me. Now which MF'er has my suit?

Samantha pulls out a clipboard and looks down the list!

"Uptight Woman" Samantha: 
It looks like it is being worn by a Mr Pitt!

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Mr Pitt? What sort of a name is that exactly. Whats his first name? ARM!! Haha. You tell that MF'er I want my suit back. Wheres his dressing room? Infact why dont you go get it! How Lupid is this guy? Mr Pitt!!

"Uptight Woman" Samantha: 
Well this is the third time this year Mr Pitt is coming on this show.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Come on spill the beans. Who is this guy? Another wannabe MF'er

"Uptight Woman" Samantha: 
Not exactly. Im talking about Brad Pitt.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Brad Pitt?? Oh my god.

"Uptight Woman" Samantha: 
I know hes a huge star.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Not that. I thought he got deported from this country.

"Uptight Woman" Samantha:

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || It doesnt matter. Go to his room and get MY suit back.

"Uptight Woman" Samantha: 
Does it matter sir? You are going on in 3 minutes. You dont have time.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Does it look like I care? Get my suit woman!!

The lady nods as she walks out the room. Matt shakes his head as he sighs

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || What is wrong with people these days. No common sense. Brad Pitt? Ha. What a joke. Its more like... more like.. Crap Pitt. Yeah crap. Haha!

A minute passes with Matt going on air in under a minute. The woman is back after running. She has a smile on her face holding the white Armani suit in her hand.

"Uptight Woman" Samantha: 
It took some persuading, but Brad Pitt relinquished it. So here you go!

Matt walks over to the suit. He looks at it.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Ah never mind now. This outfit im wearing is great. Besides nobodies going to see what im wearing. Although I am looking fabulous!!

Matt walks straight out of the dressing room past the women. The women is left with quite an angry look on her face as she went to all that trouble. The door slams shut as the cameras focus in on the Womens face.

"Uptight Woman" Samantha: 

The cameras change scene as we see the interviewers of the radio sitting down. Both are talking into their microphone. The host is big and fat, whilst the other sidekick errand boy looks like one of those annoying types. A song finishes as the fat guy begins to talk!!

"Host" Hugh Jass:
 Well folks. That song was none other than Bring me to life by new rock sensations Evanescence. A great song that we love and because we love it, you have no choice but to love it. Speaking od love, do you love wrestling Mabalza?

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
Yes I do Hugh! I just love watching grown men in tights touching each other and playing rough!!

The room goes quite as Hugh stares at Richie!

"Host" Hugh Jass:
 O...Kay. But anyway the dude we have here tonight is the winner of this years Royal Rumble. Winning that proves how much stamina and toughness he has. He has held the Hardcore title. The TV title. The Lightweight title. And now he has a chance to be IC champion. He must be a great star.

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
He sure sounds like it Hugh. So without further adieu let brings out.......

Hugh cuts Richie!

"Host" Hugh Jass:
 Hey! Hold it right there, I get to introduce the guests you lowly Errand boy! Anyway, we bring you one of the major stars of WWCF, give it up for people for Matt Hardy!!

They play Monster Magnets "Live for the Moment". The true Legend appears in his clothes. He sits down and puts on his headphones!!

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Hey Matt! How's it going buddy??

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Fine. Just fine er...

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
My names Hugh. Hugh Jass.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Huge ass??

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
Haha. Thats what he has alright.

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
No, its Hugh. Jass.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh ok. Cool. And you are?

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Mabalza?? Thats an unusual name.

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Hes an unusual character.

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
No My names Mabalza. And my sirnames Richie.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || What? What was that?

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie:
 I said that is my name... Mabalza Richie...

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || OOOh. You better get that checked out.

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Haha. Thats great Matt.

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie:
 Whatever. So you're the Mattitude starter right?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yea man. Inventor Of Mattitude to be exact!

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
Wooow!!! Sorry big man, didn't mean to like totally disrespect you in that way!!!

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Shut up Richie

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie:

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Matt you gotta' excuse Richie over here. He has..err lets just say one or two screw's loose!

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Shut up MF'er!

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Haha yeah Rich. You MF'er. Im gonna use that. Thats Mattitude Follower Richie. Anyway Matt, back to Wrestling I have here written down with me that in Januarys pay Per view The Royal Rumble, you outlasted 29 other men and you become the winner of the Rumble! 29 other men!! Wow!!

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || You would be spot on there 'Hugh'.. I won the Royal Rumble and proved why and how I can and will be the number one guy in the business!!

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
That's great Matt. Can you tell us exactly what you did?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Certainly!! Well the Royal Rumble is a battle Royal type.

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
Battly Royal??

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yes battle Royal. Why are you making me repeat myself?

Richie goes quiet as Hugh laughs!!

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Well before I was so rudely interrupted a battle royal is an everyman for himself type. What I did was come out and pace myself. I didnt exert all my energy in the beginning. I waited for the opportunity and then eliminated 6 men from the Royal Rumble including the current World Champ, Chrissy Jericho!

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Wow Matt. You Rock!

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yup. I certainly do

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Well Matt I know you are here to promote WWCF's next Pay Per View here in New York. So who are you facing and what match is this?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Well the PPV is the King of the Ring, but I am involved in an Intercontinental title match where I will have to go against two people, The Hurricane and The Rock!

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Two men? Why two men?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || I think its the way for the backstage crew to keep me down, but it wont be happening. And before I go on, this is a shout out to Kimberly Page, my woman out there listening in radio land.

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
Kimberly Page, she sounds hott.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Too hott for you. And I told you be quiet.

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Yeah. Sorry about him. AS I said, screws loose, marbles missing!

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Kimberly Page is my woman and manager and she will be the Womans champion.

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Great. But Matt, you were saying about your match.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Oh yeah. Well I got to face the Rock who thinks he is a movie star, but isnt.

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
Oh the Rock. Yeah I know him. Hes a good movie star.

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Shut up Richie. If Matt says hes not a good movie star then he isnt. Continue.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || And a so called superhero. The Hurricane

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
I bet he cant beat the White ninja.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || At last something constructive. He does Suck. Hes not a real superhero. He cant even fly properly. Everytime he goes up, he comes back down. And on Sunday, The Hurricane will come crashing down to earth. You see I heard what the Hurricane had to say. He said I dont have a single victory over him. That guy must be on something, because technically he hasnt beaten me. Hes probably jacked up on some of the illegal stuff. But he needs to realise he hasnt pinned me. I did kick his ass on Raw a few weeks ago. On Raw last week, things didnt go my way. But this Sunday, tomorrow, I will, finally take the Hurricane out of my life by defeating him and showing him hes not a superhero. Hes just a supernothing.

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Cool. Well Matt. Its time for a song.

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
Oh yeah it is. I think its time to play Sevendusts' ...

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Sevendust huh? Well as im taking over the show, you should let me choose a song.

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Well any other way would be bad. So Matt what song do you want?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Play that.

The song plays. After it ends we cut back to Hugh jass.

"Host" Hugh Jass:
 That was a great choice.

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
Wait before we continue. I heard the Twist of Fate is your special move.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Yeh it is!

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
Okay well I'm curious. I always hear wrestling is fake but what is it?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Well MF'er how about I give it to you!

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
Well no. But Does it hurt?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || How about I show you and you can see by being unconscious.

"Host" Hugh Jass:
 Yeah do it Matt.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || I might if fruity over here gets on my nerves

Hugh laughs

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Well how about we move on to some callers or something.

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
About time!!

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Ok. But you better not put on any freaks!!

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Ok ok. We did pay you to come here.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Well you obviously didn't pay me enough did ya numbnutz!

Richie laughs out loud!

"Really!!" Mabalza Richie: 
He called you numbnutz. Haha. Look who's laughing now!!

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Oh shut up before I give you a mattitude adjustment!

Richie goes quiet.

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Okaay first up we have caller number two. Your on the air!

Caller two: Hi my names Adam. I got a great guitar here. How great is that!!

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Ermmm. Get him of the air.

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Well alright. Let's go to ummm....line number... 12.

Caller twelve: At last!! You wont belive how long it's taken me to get on the show!!

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Well congratulation Dude.

Caller twelve: Yeah! Well Matt, just wanted to ask you. Do you think its possible that the Hurricane can beat the Hurricane!

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || What?? Dude, I think you have had too much to drink. Next.

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Line number 1, your on the air.

Caller one: Matt hardy. You are the best.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || At last. An intelligent caller.

Caller one: Well Matt. I do think you are going to win the match. But who are you going to pin? Hurricane or Matt.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Well to be honest, I dont care. I will pin whoever I want to. You see The Hurricane wasnt on my bad side... until yesterday. I heard what he had to say. He called me a wannabe superhero. What the? You think I wannabe a superhero? No I dont. Superheros dont exist. But the Rock does annoy me as well. He seems to say the same thing over and over again. Its getting on my last nerves. And on Sunday, using my mattributes It doesnt matter who I pin because I will become champion! Thats my five hundred dollar point of view. Why you say? Because my point of view is valued more than yours!!

"Host" Hugh Jass: 
Well, we here at Rock Fm think you rule Matt. So Matt good luck on Sunday, even though you wont need it. And I cant wait to order the PPV.

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Make sure you do because you will get your moneys worth. Although I will let you in on one thing.

"Host" Hugh Jass:
 Whats that?

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || One result is going to be, me as the new IC champion!!

"Host" Hugh Jass: 

|| "Inventor of Mattitude" Matt || Now hits my music chuckchops, I got my woman, KIMBERLY to see!!

Matt removes the headphones from his head and drops them on the table as a loud thump is heard from the headphones. Another song hits!!



Won Cruiserweight title on Raw -
 Matts WWCF debut - Beat Hurricane and,
Then Champion Rey Mysterio.
Title lost by - Vacated Belt.


King of Hardcore -
Beating many wrestlers including two great victories -
The Innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore rules match,
And Big Show - The biggest man in sports and entertainment today!!!



Won Hardcore title at Survivor Series -
Matts WWCF PPV debut - Defeated Tommy Dreamer. - Vacant Title.
Title lost by - HBK pinning Big Show in a triple threat at Armageddon.


Won TV title on Smackdown 3rd edition -
Matt defeated the Undertaker with a twist of fate.
Title lost by - Stripped off belt by Eric Bischoff after controversy.
Regained belt on Smackdown 10th Edition - Defeated Taker in a Oklahoma Hott Wire match
Title Lost by - Vacated due to Injury


2003 Royal Rumble Winner
Entry # 11
Eliminated 6 men - Big Show, RVD, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner


SO FAR.........