Present Time...........

(*Late night at 10:00 P.M, The Diamond Kid, the newest member of the WxW revealed from the results of the Audition earlier this evening is walking down the dark grey scheme hallway as WxW's Jugernaut is walking toward him, they walk right by each other as suddenly both rookie The Diamond Kid and him appear in a hault. Jugernaut turns around as he opens a beer.*)

Jugernaut: "So, your the rookie name The Diamond Kid right?"

(*The Diamond Kid turns around as sweat gleams off his clean face.*)

The Diamond Kid: "Yeah I guess you can say that, I mean I'm no rookie but I'm new to WxW"

Jugernaut: "No, anyone who is new to WxW is new to anything and everything, which means your a rookie. It dont matter who you are, You could be god, come to WxW, your just another rookie trying to make a few dollars."

The Diamond Kid: "I suppose you mean make a living."

Jugernaut: "You suppose, huh? You suppose to make a living by what, kissing the Presidents ass? Licking balls or washing cars, oh no, none of those I take it. Here is a better one, Joining XcW. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Personally I rather do all of the above then make a living by joining XcW. Exactly what were you thinking."

The Diamond Kid: "I wasn't thinking anything and personally I think I made a good move." Jugernaut: "You thought wrong, I guess all young rookies make alot more mistakes, then handsome, mid-age men like myself."

(*Jugernaut BURPs as The Diamond Kid looks with a snarl on his face."

The Diamond Kid: "Listen man, I'm not in the mood to take advise from a damn drunk, so if you would please excuse me and let me go along with my business."

Jugernaut: "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm dying to know where that smart elick remark come from, infact, where and how did the scouters see potential in a punk like you? Hell, I dont even think you know who your talking to boy."

The Diamond Kid: "Apparently the scouters seen enough potential as they did you or I wouldn't be here." (*The Diamond Kid and Jugernaut get up in each others face, eye to eye, breath to breath, nose to nose. Jugernaut smiles as The Diamond Kid still has the snarl on his face and eyes squenced.*)

Jugernaut: "You better make a smart move right now boy or you will regret making the choice of ever coming to this federation. Im going to give you 5 seconds to get out of my face or something bad is going to happen and right now your XcW buddy's arent here to help you......1........2..............3..........4........

(*The Diamond Kid walks away as Anarchy mumbles to himself.*) Jugernaut: "Kids these days.....pshhhh."

(*The Diamond Kid walks around the corner and continues walking till he gets to his locker room, he takes a key out of his pocket and opens the door. He turns it both ways but it dont seem to be opening. He gets made and throws it in the trash bin next to the door.*) The Diamond Kid: "Dammit! What kinda shit is this."

(*The Diamond Kid continues walking down the hallway as angry of the door key, he takes two left turns and one right turn and walks into the offices, he walks down through as he comes up on the Janitors office. A old guy with glasses and hair around the side of his head, leaving the top bare as a babys-butt is sitting in a chair.*)

OldGuy: "Can I help you."

The Diamond Kid: "My door key don't work to my lockerroom, I suppose I can get you to let me in or a key that works would be great."

OldGuy: "Okay, whats your name?"

The Diamond Kid: "Its The Diamond Kid. T-H-E D-I-A-M-N-D K-I-D."

OldGuy: "Okay, that would be room 367 E, be right back."

The Diamond Kid: "No prob."

(*The old guy gets up as walking into a room in the back of his office, Kieron glimps around the corner and he is looking in a filing cabinet. Kieron reflexes catches him as the old guy shuts the door to the filing cabinet and walks back in with a key.*)

OldGuy: "Okay son, one thing, you was gave a recipe for this room, can I see it?"

(*The Diamond Kid reaches in his wallet pulling out a folded up piece of paper.*)

The Diamond Kid: "Here ya go."

(*The older guy reviews over it and hands him the recipe and key.*)

OldGuy: Okay sorry about that The Diamond Kid, if that doesnt work, come back and we will install a new lock for you."

(*The Diamond Kid nods and walks back out of the offices, he walks back as talking once left and 3 right turns coming back to his lockerroom. He inserts the key and it works, He hears the phone ringing as he rushes in to answer.*)

The Diamond Kid: "Hello?"

OldGuy: "Okay, Just checking and see if it worked."

The Diamond Kid: "Thanks, yes it worked perfect this time."

OldGuy: "Okay, Bye."

The Diamond Kid: "Bye."

(*The Diamond Kid heads for the kitchen area, opening up the frige pulling out ham, cheese and Duke's Mayonaise. Once again he hears the phone ring. He puts down the butter knife rushing to the phone for the second time.*)

The Diamond Kid: "Yeah?"

Max Michaels: "Hey man, hows it going. Remeber me from XcW, the reporter."

The Diamond Kid: "Yeah, Ahhhhhhhhhh, good, fixing a samm-ich, you know how it is."

Max Michaels: "Yeah, I hear ya. Im gettin that way to. Well, hey man, I was just going to tell you, the WxW guys are down here in my lockerroom playing a few games of poker and drinking a couple, your welcome to come down if you like."

The Diamond Kid: "Oh nah man, Imma be hitt'n tha sack pretty soon, get up and start preparing for the biggest match I ever had at Munity of Misery."

Max Michaels: "Dont sweat it to much man, I got not just the rumble but a title match against some guy named Renegade in this independ league I am training in, maybe someday this reporter will be whooping ass in the big times too. By the way bro, dont ever turn your back on the WxW or you will be bug-squash, these guys aren't like XcW."

The Diamond Kid: "Straight man, shoooot, fuck that man, I dont see why anyone in their right mind would turn on the WxW, hell the WxW is 1/3 of what makes the whole wrestling business profits in teh world."

Max Michaels: "Nah, we make all of wrestling businesses, all these other wanna-be's are just side dishes waiting to be took out."

The Diamond Kid: "Hahahahahah! I hear ya. My pasrtner Jugernaut is a real ass."

Max Michaels: "Yeah, I know, well listen man, you rest up, we will see you tommorow."

The Diamond Kid: "Aight man, holla if ya need me."

(*The Diamond Kid hangs up the phone as going back to making his sandwich. He gets out the bread and spreads the mayonaise and puts the cheese and ham on, he throws the butter knife in the sink as putting up all the stuff. He walks in and takes a seat on his couch as picking up the channel clicker, turning on the tube. He flips threw the channels. First he comes on USA, "Texas Ranger" as he watch's all-time famous Chuck Norris kick this asian guy in the face, The Diamond Kid smiles and turns the channel, He comes up on MTV as Carson Daily is doing a life story of one of the hottest babes in Music Entertainment, Britney Spears. He snarls as looking next to him on the coffee stand. He see's the TV guide as looking at the channel list. His eyes get big as he turns to channel 55, CARTOON NETWORK, Scooby Doo is running down threw a dark haunted house as a unplugged vacuum is chasing him. The Diamond Kid laughs taking bites of his sandwich. Mocking the cartoon character."

The Diamond Kid: "Scoooooooooby doooby DOO!."

(*He begins to dose off as he drops the bread crums down on the couch. He lays down kicking his shoes off as the TV is still blasting.*)

In The Diamond Kid's sweetest dreams...........

(*The Diamond Kid is flying threw clouds as he see's birds fly past him, he waves to the birds.*)

The Diamond Kid: "Hey birdy's."

(*The Diamond Kid wave's as his sunglasses fall off his face. He looks down as the size of his sunglasses get smaller and smaller, he rushes down at them as his hands are quinced to a fist and both behind him in the dive position. He swoops down and catches them by the stem. He looks down as people are looking up at him.*)

Guy'n Red: "Look its a bird, its a plane, it's..............who the hell is it?"

Lil'Boy: "Damn, they are really over rating that Spiderman movie. I swear."

(*The Diamond Kid scrolls in the air as his feet touch the solid base ground, he looks at both the guys.*)

The Diamond Kid: "Im no plane, Im no bird, and No way in hell im a dork in a red jumpsuit."

Guy'n Red: "Whats wrong with red?"

The Diamond Kid: "Everything man, Red is the color of blood-shead, red is the color of dying flowers, red is the color of womens P.M.S.......

(*The Diamond Kid wakes up as sweat is pouring out of his skin as he looks around. He looks up as wiping his eyes. He mumbles.*)

The Diamond Kid: "Whoooooa, what a fucking nightmare......"

(*Kieron lays back down as he falls back into never-ever land once again.*)

After the Nightmare......

(*It all starts as The Diamond Kid is entering the "United Center" in Chicago, Illinois. He is pumped after three hard days of hard work. He heads backstage as he see's a couple WxW superstars stretching out for their match. He walks on as he continues on to the weight room. He steps in and see's Jugernaut over at the bench press. The Diamond Kid walks toward him."

The Diamond Kid: "Yo fella, hows it going?"

Jugernaut: "Nuttin much dawg, what it is you see is what we be doin."

The Diamond Kid: "Cool. I think Im going to go stretch out in my hot-tub, get relaxed for later on, you know how it is, I have to carry your sorry ass through the match, HAHAHAHAHAHA. The I will win the Battle Bowl."

Jugernaut: "Yeah, I hear ya, you will be a big suprise to everyone if you win but they are some big leagues including myself in there, us is the only peeps you have to worry about. Also like I told the rest of the guys, no hard feelings if I get ya your ass over that ring cause the first chance I get, I'm doing it."

Jugernaut's Friend: "HAHAHAHAHA!, dont pay no attention to my boy, he is over implodged of himself."

The Diamond Kid: "I see. Well see ya guys later, Imma head that way."

(*They say their good-byes and far wells as Kieron heads down the hall, he see's his cousin Little DK walking in the door.*)

Little DK: "Hey cuz? Where you been, I have been everywhere looking for you."

The Diamond Kid: "No you havent."

Little DK: "..................yeah your right, I been at Monica's house."

The Diamond Kid: "Monica?"

Little DK: "Yeah long story bro, long story."

The Diamond Kid: "I agree."

Little DK: "No man, you gotta hear it though."

The Diamond Kid: "But its to long."

Little DK: "What the hell do you have planned?"

The Diamond Kid: "Nothing."

Little DK: "Well?"

The Diamond Kid: "Well, nothing, I just dont care to hear it."

Little DK: "Ahhhhh, so you stuck up now, eh?"

The Diamond Kid: "What does this Monica chick gotta do with me?"

Little DK: "She uh, sheeeeeee ummmmmmmmmmmm, she got a sister."

The Diamond Kid: "She does?.......and what exactly is her sister like?"

Little DK: "Long red hair, big ass, as freaky as a Flintstone Pull-Up bar!"

The Diamond Kid: "I have a wife, nevermind, stop attempting me."

Little DK: "Cant go meet her anyway."

The Diamond Kid: "Why?"

Little DK: "Their husbands will be home any minute now."

Teh Diamond Kid: " mean to tell me they are married and you went and slept with one of them?"

Little DK: "Hey bro, I got a life to, what they wanna do when their husbands are at work is their business, not mine. If you seen them, you would be like......*Michael Who?*....."

The Diamond Kid: "HA, no i wouldnt."

Little DK: "My ass."

The Diamond Kid: "I wouldnt."

Little DK: "Thats the difference between me and you, I'm a man and you, your with Pam, oh nevermind, we are alike.."

The Diamond Kid: "So?.....and what is wrong with that."

Little DK: "Like i said, Nadda'dam'thang!"

The Diamond Kid: "Well bro, Imma go get relaxed."

Little DK: "Relaxed? Your ass better be getting crunk, you know your not facing 1 person tonight, my count is 8 other sweaty big men coming down to that ring and they are all aiming for you."

(*The Diamond Kid goes into daze in his sleep, He visualizes himself in the ring as the last man standing hoding his hands way up high throwing his sunglasses off into the crowd hearing the Sexy Boy theme playing over the P.A System...........The Diamond Kid wakes up as the sound of the buzzard goes off on the alarm clock."

Who invented Alarm Clocks?...........

(*The Diamond Kid leans up as coughing, he yawns as slowly putting his feet on the ground. He shuts off the alarm system as he says to himself.*)

The Diamond Kid: "When the hell did i set this to 8:00 A.M.? Doh well."

(*Kieron gets up and walks in the kitchen, he reaches in the refregerator and grabs out a coke. The scene fades away.*)