...:::The scene opens in Manassas, Virginia at The Strip. The Strip is a place where car owners come to show off their cars and to street race on Friday and Saturday nights. A black 2004 Ford Mustang pulls up to an empty parking lot and parks and cuts off the engine. Peggy and Brian step out of the car and sit on their hood. After a few moments a white 1989 Ford Mustang convertible pulls up and Lois steps out. Then a red 2002 Chevrolet Corvette pulls up and nobody gets out. Peggy runs over to the car that just arrived.:::...

Peggy: David, thanks for bring my car.

David: No problem mom.

Peggy: Have you heard from Barry or Jessica?

David: No, they went to go out to eat around 3.

Peggy: Oh, where is Pamela?

David: She had to visit her dad.

Peggy: Look here is Barry and Jessica.

David: Has Brenda or Timmy called you on the cell phone?

Peggy: No, why?

David: Well they want to chill with us tonight.

Peggy: What about Josh?

David: They got a babysitter for him.

Peggy: Where is your car?

David: Brenda is bringing her Sonata and Timmy should be bringing mine.

Peggy: So whatís the plans for tonight?

David: Call dad and Lois over here.

Peggy: Hey Lois, you and Brian come over here.

David: Whatís up Lois?

Lois: Nothing, just waiting to race.

David: Dad, are you going to race tonight?

Brian: Yeah, most likely.

David: We will have 6 cars so why donít we just have 3 races tonight.

Brian: Yeah, that sounds cool.

Peggy: Iím tired, I had to work late last night. I took tonight off since you were coming into town.

Lois: Everything sounds good to me.

David: Do you all want to go shoot poll and eat at Sharpshooters afterwards.

Peggy: I want to race my pumpkin.

David: Mom stop it, you'll make me feel bad.

Peggy: Why, what's going on?

David: I have to leave tommorrow to train for Sunday.

Peggy: We will get into that later.

David: Plus, my agent has got me a 5 show contract for Music Television.

Peggy: MTV, that's what you mean right?

David: Yeah, anyway we will race and how about Lois versus Barry.

Brian: I guess that leaves me against the Sonata, piece of cake.

David: I know it isn't a challenge but if Timmy drives it would be better.

Lois: His license is still suspended isn't it?

Peggy: Yeah, you know Timmy though, he don't care.

Brian: Why don't you get out of your mom's car David?

David: Alright, you see that camera though, they don't know it's me.

Peggy: Oh well.

...:::David steps out the car and it is the westling character and personality The Diamond Kid. David hugs his mom, Peggy, and dad, Brian, and chills with his best friend, Lois. A white Sonata pulls up and Brenda gets out. She is followed by a silver Ford Focus with Bary and Jessica in it. Jessica is David's sister and Barry is her boyfriend. Then a white 2002 Ford SVT Lightning truck. Timmy gets out of the truck and hands the keys to the owner, David. Brenda runs over and hugs Timmy, David's brother. Peggy and Brian fills everyone in on the races and the after party plans. David wlaks over and gets in his truck as Lois follows him.:::...

Lois: Nice, very nice. Do you still have the Mustang?

David: I just traded it in with like only 50 miles on it.

Lois: That was a nice car, you should have given it to me.

David: Yeah right, that thing cost 40 thousand dollars.

Lois: How is the career going?

David: I have a tough match this week.

Lois: Congradulations on your wedding.

David: Thanks, it was kind of a last minute thing, I wish you could have been there.

Lois: Tht's alright, I understand

David: The ex-boss's daughters are the best.

Lois: I remember when you introduced me to Pamela, she was so much better than Pearl.

David: Pearl is fine, she is the mother of my twins. We are friends.

Lois: Pearl was alright but too much to handle.

David: It was all about her but oh well.

Lois: So what have you had done to this new truck, going on to a better subject.

David: I know what you mean. Do you still like my sister?

Lois: Jessica, she has Barry. So what have you had done?

David: Well when I bought it the interior was black and the color was blue outside.

Lois: It's white now, paint job?

David: Yeah, I also got a new transmission.

Lois: Anything else?

David: A short throw shifter and some nitrous oxide.

Lois: Noz, nice, very nice.

David: Well let's get racing.

...:::Everyone gets in their cars and fires them up. Timmy gets in Brenda's car and Brian follows him up to the beggining of the strait away. The race quickly as Brian makes Timmy eat his smoke. Lois and Barry race next as Lois just leaves Barry at the start line. Something must had messed up in Barry's car. Finally, David and his mom get read to start and they race three fouths of the way down the track and David hits the Noz and dusts his mom. They all go back to the parking lot and David jokes around with his mom.:::...

David: Looks like you need something better under that engine mom.

Peggy: I also don't have to use nitious oxide.

David: Well I guess we are going to go to Sharpshooters.

Peggy: I will see you there. What time does your plane leave in the morning?

David: Well I have two tickets because I was expecting Pamela to be here.

Peggy: Well what time does it leave?

David: I am just going to drive up to the sponsered xHw gym.

Peggy: Where is that?

David: Ney York City, why don't you and dad take the tickets and come to the first show I'm on since my comeback.

Peggy: I would love that, you'll probably lose though.

David: Whatever, I will see you at the bar.

...:::The all fire up their cars and peel out of the parking lot. They head to the other side of Manassas where Sharpshooters is located. About 10 minutes later they arrive to the poll hall and bar. They walk in a Lois takes Jessica up to the bar while Barry begins to play a game of pool with Brian. Mrs. and Mr. Rose, David's grandparents walk in and sit down by the pool table. The camera focuses back on Lois and Jessica.:::...

Lois: Jessica, look you know I like you and I am pretty sure you feel the same way.

Jessica: I do but I am engaged with Barry.

Lois: He has 2 kids, one in Flordia and one in Gorgia, two different moms.

Jessica: I know and that is where all his money goes.

Lois: Look you just become another stupid play toy of his.

Jessica: You think I don't know that, we haven't made any wedding plans.

Lois: Look your brothers likes me and so does your parents.

Jessica: There is a little thing called love.

Lois: I know I am not suppose to say this in front of the camera.

Jessica: What about our age difference, I don't care.

Lois: Your 18 and he is 27, I am 21.

Jessica: I am not in school I have my GED.

Lois: I know but why can't he get a girl his own age.

Jessica: The mothers of his kids are both young too but he did marry one of them.

Lois: Nevermind, you can't listen to me.

...:::Lois begins to walk back to the pool table but is met half way by Barry. Jessica walsk over and tries to break the two up but Barry pushs Jessica aside and she fall. Brian walks over with Timmy and David and Brian pushs Barry and Timmy cracks a pool stick across his back and Lois punches him in his face. Jessica grabs Lois around the arm and walks out with him and throws her engagement ring on Barry. David then gets two bottles of Jack Daniels. He swigs one and cracks Barry over the head with the other. He hands the bartender a hundred dollar bill for the broken stuff and the poll time. The all leave as the scene fade.:::...

Out of Character:::... Just a little fun introducing myself in my first promo I have more to come.