~ The scene opens outside of a mall in Detroit. The camera moves into an Old Navy store. The Diamond Kid is found in the pants section but a flock of fans are forcing him to sign autographs. His bodyguards pull him out of the flock of fans and they rush him to his limousine in the parking lot and peel out of the parking lot and pull into a McDonalds a few blocks down. The camera moves inside of the limousine where The Diamond Kid is sitting with Max Michaels. They go through the drive thru. ~

Limousine Driver: What would you like Diamond Kid?

The Diamond Kid: Iíll take a 20 piece of nuggets and a large chocolate milkshake.

Limousine Driver: Ok, do you want anything Max?

Max Michaels: Sure, how about a Big Mac medium size.

Limousine Driver: What kind of drink?

Max Michaels: Coke should be fine.

Limousine Driver: Alright I am ready.

McDonalds Employee: How can I help you?

Limousine Driver: I need a 20 piece nuggets and a chocolate milkshake.

McDonalds Employee: Is that all?

Limousine Driver: No, a Big Mac meal, medium size with a Coke.

McDonalds Employee: Ok, is that it?

Limousine Driver: Iíll take a Big and Tasty with a small Sprite and fries.

McDonalds Employee: Is that is?

Limousine Driver: Yes.

McDonalds Employee: Your total will be $16.78, please pull around to the 2nd window.

Limousine Driver: Alright.

McDonalds Employee: Thank you.

~ The limousine pulls around and waits about 15 minutes before paying and getting their food. They pull around to the front and everyoneís order is correct but The Diamond Kid got a vanilla milkshake instead of chocolate. He jumps out of the limousine and storms into McDonalds. ~

The Diamond Kid: Let me see the manager!

Manager: I am the manager, how can I help you? Arenít you The Diamond Kid?

The Diamond Kid: Yea, I have been in the drive thru for 15 minutes!

Manager: I am sorry, you havenít got your order yet?

The Diamond Kid: I just finally got it and it got messed up.

Manager: Well what is wrong?

The Diamond Kid: I order a chocolate milkshake and I got vanilla.

Manager: Is that all?

~ The Diamond Kid throws the milkshake on the manager and grabs him by the shirt. ~

The Diamond Kid: Get me my damn milkshake.

Manager: Yes sir.

~ The McDonalds Manager gets The Diamond Kid his milkshake and The Diamond Kid gets back in his car after grabbing some Sweet and Sour sauce. They drive off heading for the arena. ~

Max Michaels: So Diamond Kid, how do you feel about your match on Showtime.

The Diamond Kid: I am not in a talking mood at the moment, I will do an interview at the arena.

Max Michaels: Well where is Stephanie Maddux?

The Diamond Kid: At the arena, now shut up or get out!

~ After about 30 minutes on the beltway they arrive to the parking lot in the rear of the arena. The Diamond Kid finishes his last chicken nugget. The Diamond Kid grabs his own luggage and heads toward his locker room where Stephanie Maddux is waiting. He they kiss and sits down on the love seat and snack on some strawberries and sugar. ~

Stephanie Maddux: I talked to my dad, we are going to have Thanksgiving at the Maddux home.

The Diamond Kid: Great a promo for Thanksgiving time with Mike, Prez should love that!

Stephanie Maddux: Did you do a promo with Max in the limousine?

The Diamond Kid: No, I am going to head out to the ring then I want to go get some drinks.

Stephanie Maddux: Ok, I love you.

The Diamond Kid: I love you too. Come with me.

~ The scene fades and reopens in the arena and the camera is stationed in the ring focused on the entrance stage. The lights dim in the arena and "Always" by Saliva plays as the fans boo and The Diamond Kid struts out arm in arm with Stephanie Maddux and they make their way down to the ring and The Diamond Kid helps Stephanie Maddux in the ring and then he jumps in and taunts the fans in his traditional style and pyro and explosions go off in the ring and all over the arena lighting it up. The music dims off and the lights fade back in as The Diamond Kid grabs a microphone from a near by crew member. ~

The Diamond Kid: It is I, The Diamond Kid, coming out of Breakdown with a fresh win over Brian Graves, The BG! That's right I beat The BG just like I said I would and I proved to to the entire world I am world title material but it seemslike Lance Minion is back and I have much respect for this man but he to over-rated, his first match back and he is facing Collasal Coop! That should be my match but this week on Showtime no worry because off a win over The BG I move onto EZ Money! EZ Money and The BG, two victories in two consecutive matches, I think that would be a great accomplishment for me and the title that everyone seems to want but I have, the Platnium Championship! Now EZ won Preston Scott's open invitational, wow! He had some really stiff competition, possibly the best jobbers out there and well EZ Money I have said this time and time again that I respect you and you are my idol, you are the reason I came into the sport but now it is show the world that you are nothing but a has-been and I will beat you and reatin my title and go towards bigger and better things like after my former partner Collasal Coop and his World Title. EZ Money, I am no push over and you will learn that this SUnday on Showtime in our blindfold match for the Platnium Championship that I hold and I have beaten the best to keep, I beat some kid that beat Pureplaya to win it then The BG so what makes you think you are the roadblock that can unrail me off my streak. A wise man knows his limits and I know I have none, maybe I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I do know is I have talent and I will prove this time and time again. Now onto Prez Sanchez, I have a big surprise for you my friend and that surprise wil come around Thanksgiving thanks to my wife, Stephanie Maddux, by the way she is the woman that dumped Kurt Johnson and EZ Money for me, anyway, Mrs. Diamond Kid has set up a very special Thanksgiving promo at the Maddux home for Thanksgiving dinner! Stop by if you like, my time is almost up, I have these crew members yelling at me so EZ Money this Sunday me and you Platnium title in a dangerous match, a blinfold match, everything I have said tonight you can put it on the record and there will be no fans saying 'I told you so' to one another after I beat you so remember where you heard it first, from me, T D K!

~ "Always" by Saliva blasts throughout the arena as the fans boo and The Diamond Kid throws the microphone pegging some fan in the head. The Diamond Kid and Stephanie Maddux leave the arena as the scene fades and reopens in a Detroit bar. ~

Waitress: The Diamond Kid! What can I get you?

The Diamond Kid: I'll take a shot of Jack Daniels, the black label.

Stephanie Maddux: I'll take a Sex on the Beach.

The Diamond Kid: Can we get some hot wings with some ranch dressing as well.

Waitress: Ok, I'l be right back with your order.

Stephanie Maddux: I hope you win on Sunday.

The Diamond Kid: Are you doubting me?

~ A big biker walks up and throws a chair up and sits down with The Diamond Kid and Stephanie Maddux. ~

Biker: I doubt you, EZ Money will whipe the floor with you!

~ The Diamond Kid grabs a bottle of Jack Daniels and smashes it over his head and grabs his hot wings and leaves a 100 dollar bill and races out of the bar in his 2003 Audi as the bikers follow him as the scene fades and reopens in the Detroit Jail. Stephanie Maddux is bailing out The Diamond Kid for reckless driver and attempted man slaughter. ~

Stephanie Maddux: How could you run those bikes off the road at 130 mph?

The Diamond Kid: They messed with the wrong kid.

~ The scene moves and shows two bloody bikers in the hospital as the scene fades to black. ~