The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid Is Back!

~ The scene fade in as Carmen Starr is standing in the parking lot. A black stretch limousine pulls up to the back of the arena. The Diamond Kid and Stephanie Maddux step out and Carmen Starr rushes over. ~

Carmen Starr: Diamond Kid and Stephanie, where is Mike Maddux?

Stephanie Maddux: Well thanks to these new assholes who run vCw, he will not be back. I am here though and I will continue the Maddux name.

The Diamond Kid: We are heading for the ring, see you later Carmen.

~ The scene fades and reopens in the arena as the lights fall and a spotlight shines down on the enterance ramp. The camera stationed in the ring focuses in on the ramp. Suddenly "One Last Breath" by Creed comes blasting over the Public Announce System. The Diamond Kid struts out arm in arm with Stephanie Maddux down to the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd. The Diamond Kid helps Stephanie in the ring and then jumps in taunting the crowd in his traditional style as fireworks and explosions go off behind him lighting up the arena. The music fades and the lights dim back on as The Diamond Kid grabs a microphone. ~

The Diamond Kid: Well if it isn't me, The Diamond Kid. Some people may have thought after losing two matches to some no talents in a row I may have left but I am not, not this time because vCw has another thing coming. I don't respect anybody in this company except one man, a man I admire, the man that made me want to join UcW over 1 year ago, that man is EZ Money! Me and this man have been through it all together, the best matches people have seen to date, and the best teams people have seen to date, The Brotherhood and Cocky. There is not one individual in the company that can work an angle or match better than this man. Now, as you probably saw earlier, Mike Maddux is no longer my manager because of that asshole in the back that like to call him the President of vCw, that's alright though because Stephanie is on my side and he can't take her away from the scene. Now, this Sunday night I have the chance ot win teh second best title in vCw, the Platnium Championship and with an opponent like Nuissance there is no way in hell I can drop a match to him. Now I am sick of people looking at me like a has-been, I'm 40 but does anyone belive Cody Rose could really beat me? He is a little 28 year old bitch that is just starting and doesn't know anything about this business, the President asked me to job the match but that was a bad call on his part because everyone knows that is was a job because I mean you look at me and then him, come on! I guess he is trying to be a little freak by his cloths and that hair but I have a message for everyone, freaks don't rule, they are the poeple, that girls laugh at going down the street, and the ones that have no one to sit with at lunch in High School. This isn't school though and he has made a stir with some of the guys here because it seems like everyone has it out for me, T D K. I ask myself why? Why does the roster have it out for me and I could only come up with one logical anwser, jealousy. What else could it be, I have one of the biggest names in the business and they all just wished to be as big as me someday. This hating though is starting to get to me so I am bringing back an old name given to me by a coversation between me and Joey KroSs awhile back, The Infamous! It has just stuck but Nuissance, you number has been drawn and I hoped you lived up you title reign because on Showtime you whole world will fall before your eyes and there you will lay when my arm is being raised in the air and the vCw Platnium Championship is being wrapped around my waist a bloody pulp. Take care of that title while you have it and remember where you heard it first from me, T D K!

~ "One Last Breath" by Creed comes back over the Public Announce System as The Diamond Kid and Stephanie Maddux leave as teh scene fades. ~