(The scene opens up outside on Sunday, June 2nd, 2002 Live! on RIOT! at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut. The scene moves inside. The Diamond Kid is seen walking down the hallway with his wife, Pamela Rose, as each wrestler is standing in their dressing room door just staring at "The Infamous." The Diamond Kid stops and looks at the closed door. It's vCw President Joey Bigg's office. The Diamond Kid opens the door letting Pamela Rose in first as the wrestler's jaw's drop as they see teh couple walking into Joey Bigg's office after all the history they have had. The scene moves inside as The Diamond Kid shuts the door and sits on a love seat and feeds each other some strawberrys. Joey Biggs walks in takes a seat in his chair with a clip board and a smile on his face looking at his newest signing.)

Joey Biggs: Well Diamond Kid and Pamela, I guess not only I am the Prez but I am your interviewer for tonight.

The Diamond Kid: That's cool. Shoot.

Joey Biggs: Well I am new at this interviewer thing so I am going to give you a few topics and you shoot.

The Diamond Kid: Fair enough.

Joey Biggs: How do you feel being in vCw for your second time and your feelings on XcW and WxW.

The Diamond Kid: I can see where this is going man. I love being here in vCw and the feeling wlaking down that hallway was great but also very cold. There are alot of people here that don't want me here but why would I stay with WxW with all the money you were offering and WxW is what they like to try to tell people not to call them because they know it's damn true, a 2nd rate Fed. Now vCw on the other hand, the Main Event all the way baby. Also, before we get to it, let's not, I didn't hack XcW, that is the last damn time I am going anwser that question.

Joey Biggs: Thanks for anwsering that, I know it's hard. Great anwsers. Waht about the talent here. Briefly.

The Diamond Kid: There is tremendous talent here, look at "The Bad Boy" Pureplaya, "The Infmaous" The Diamond Kid", Joey KroSs, "The Saviour" Lunatik, "Collasal Coop" Matt Cooper, Ace Shocker, Johnny Davistating, Syrus Falls, Nappa Nash, "The Storm" Chris Violence, "The Network" Sean Jonson, one of the guys who use to work for me, and of course the legendary "The Freak" Lance Minion, all great competition and there are all those new guys who I have not had the pleasure or not of meeting quite yet but trust me, I am "The Infamous" and I am a Main Eventer here so I will.

Joey Biggs: Looking at the RIOT! Card for tonight what are your feelings? The World Tourney? Titles?

The Diamond Kid: Well of course I'll be shooting for the World Title but for now, the Tourney looks in the favor of Collosal Coop, Johnny Devistating, or Chris Violence but there is just so much talent, look at Lunatik and Joey KroSs. I haven't met all the talent yet so I can't really make good predictions, the Main Event would look like Lance Minion will be climbing that Ladder and garbbing that Platnium Title, The Beast for the Cruiserweight Title, "The Bad Boy" Pureplaya for the United States Title.

Joey Biggs: What about our new Total Mayhem Tour which will be your first in-ring appearance in Boston, Massachusetts from the Boston Fleet Center on Tuesday, June 4th, 2002. You face Ace Shocker. Your feelings?

The Diamond Kid: Joey, this hasn't been a typical interview for "The Infamous" because yes I like to call myself a heel but I am not going to sit here and say he sucks because he doens't but I will say this I am taking vCw and myself to the next level and he will have a run for his money. I say Maniak in his match, and the CwA's very own, "The Network" Sean Jonson in the Street Fight. I have requested not to be in teh Battle Royal because I have no interest in it, may the best man win. Expect me to do an interview proably later on RIOT! and one on Total Mayhem later this weekend. Is that it?

Joey Biggs: Well that's it and I hope to say to the first, best, former, only, and last XcW Women's Champion, The Diamond Kid's wife, Pamela Rose hoepfully we will have a Women's division very soon. Good Night!

(The Diamond Kid, Pamela Rose, and Joey Biggs all sit back and joke around some more as the scene fades out to teh opening of vCw RIOT!)