A Warm Summer Vacation...

It was so cold. The chill was sent down everyoneís spine like droplets of water. Slowly making their way down, everything they touch becomes wet and moist. But instead of wet and moist they felt the cold. The cold which surrounded the entire world around them, or as it seemed. The word freezing was just an exaggeration to the people that walked the streets, until today. They saw what cold and freezing really meant and how much they loved things the way they were. In the warmth. The heat. The suns raise beating down all over their body. Even the light of the sun made the place seem warmer. It just looks warm, like when you see a fire, you think of heat. But back to where they were, all they 'tried' to think about was heat, fire. But the bitter cold kept pushing it out of their minds and back to the reality. The reality of what surrounded them, and what they couldn't escape. Well, some could escape. Some lived nearby, hoping to get into their warm houses. But others, other had to suffer out in the cold. Far, far from home.

The air was so chilly and the people so cold it was painful. Painful to watch and see. Painful to touch. But most of all, painful to feel. To feel it all over you, know there weren't many places to escape. It was a horrible feeling. Many people were used to the heat. This was just plain scary. They had expected bad weather, but no one had known that bad meant terrible. Water supplies would freeze within seconds, as would people. The lucky ones weren't outside. The lucky ones were inside their homes, looking out, chuckling at the world below. They didn't have to face the pain that the others did.

But even those outside had to think even more about the homeless. They knew that at the end of the day no matter what they would be safe in their home. Central heating and a warm cup of tea or a hot drink. But the homeless had to stay out all night and endure the cold. It was like a life sentance. But no hanging, no beheading, this was worse. This wasn't quick and painless. This was long, painsteaking labour, which would end almost certainly in death. Yet they had no other choice. They could run from it, it was all around them. They could hide, the cold winds blew through every crack and gap in the entire city. It was death. There was no way of avoiding it.

And from down the road came a shout. A little child. He had fallen, not been able to make his journey across what now looked like the Arctic. The snow had began. A typical winters day, just not on a typical winters date. For today was far from the cold season. No where near. Yet it still beat down on everyone just as bad. People gathered around the child. It was a boy. Thin, whispy red hair and a plae expression. Freckles also covered his face. His hat had fallen off when he had fallen, and snow had crept up his jacket. He was shaking, like a sort of fit. People's faces told the story. He was in trouble, deep trouble. No one could even think striaght in the cold. They couldn't think how to help him, how to save him from the cold.

The screamed and shouted. The called for help. But they could have danced around naked for attention, because no one was there. Finally, one brave man slowly dragged the boy to a nearby shop. Inside, the owner was drinking a cup of tea. Quickly the man stole it from him and tried to help the boy. People gathered around. The people already inside. The people from the outside. Even the owner didn't mind about his tea. They all wanted to help the boy, but the only one brave enough was this man. He slapped the boy. He helped him breath. He helped him drink the warm drink. He would do anything.

And then it happened. First a cough, then a splutter. Then the eyes flickered before finally opening. There was a great cheer from the crowd. The boy looked around nervously, and then up at the mans face. The who saved him and would soon become a hero. His face was a picture of shock.

Boy: Wh..wh..where am I?

The man slowly bends down to beside him.

Man: Your safe son...

The man stands back up and slowly helps the child to his feet. The owner asks the child for his phone number to phone his Mom to pick him up as slowly the people leave the shop and make their way doing what they were. As does the man that to that small group of people was known as a savior. He was not a local man though. He was only a foreigner staying the night in a cheap hotel. He wasn't considered one of them. He was different, but in a strange way, the same.

The man walks through the rough cold still. Although it was only midday, it was like 'midnight'. The sun was covered, and the snow looked like silent warriors coming down to attack. To freeze its opposition. And it's opposition, the people down below. To attack them. To freeze them. And it was working. The cold was not only making them feel bad inside, but it began to show on the outside. People began to get aggrivated and push and shove to no relent. The streets became rough, and the people, rougher. It was like a war. The more they wanted home, the harder they'd push.

But the man, known as the savior, was having none of it. He did not push or shove, he kept to himself on his way home to his hotel. He found no reason, because he saw that the vioelnce stalled him, and would make him even angrier still. He just wanted to be warm and safe from the cold. He did things the right way. For he was like this his entire life. Violence free, but would defend himself. A time saving man, but would waste hours for a good deed. He was the perfect example of a modern day good samartain. He would help it he needed, and would do what was needed whenever it was needed. He was a man build for everyones needs.

He was there to help. To lend a hand to those in need, and teach to those that were too greedy. he did things that didn't seem neccessary, and for no reward. Hardly ever even a thanks. But to him, the feeling was enough thanks. Knowing that he had helped change someones life for the better was what he lived for. he felt it was the entire point in life. There isn't much to do in your short life span, so you must make the most. And he does that by paving a better life for others. He makes his living by it, and does it in his spare time. He doesn't go to the pub or out clubbing, but he helps people. There isn't much point in it, others would say to him. But he ignores them becuase he know different. He knows what he likes.

So the man continues his way through the snow, and finally reaches his destination, the hotel. It is a relief to him to reach the path leading up to the hotel. He trunches up and pushes open the door, letting the cold air in through the lobby for a short moment. He closes it behind him and looks around. Many couples sit on the seats in the cafe, drinking warm drinks. He looks around, and notice not many tables are left. Almost everyone hasn't been able to resist the temptation of warm food and drink. He notices a man sitting on a table in the far corner. He walks over and sits down beside him. He looks up as the other man is reading the paper. He decides to try and break the silence.

Man: Alright?

The other man removes the paper from infront of his face and turns out to be none other than The Diamond Kid. He is wrapped up in a woolen hat, gloves, a scarf, a thick jacket, and anything else you could imagine.

David: Yeah, a bit cold. Hi, I'm David.

Man: Ryan.

They both extend their hands and shake. David puts the paper down and begins to pay more attention.

Ryan: Cold you say? How's that?

David: It's freezing in here!

Ryan: Have you even been outside?

David: No, and I don't plan on doing so. I don't come from around here. The weather is too cold.

Ryan: I'm not local either. Australian acctually.

David: Really? I'm American.

Ryan: Iím just on a break from my job just now.

David: Me too, what do you do?

Ryan: Sales assistant.

David: Iím a wrestler. I'm The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid.

Ryan: I donít like wrestling.

David: Why?

Ryan: Becuase people beat each other up for no reason.

David: For money. Besides, it doesn't hurt, a lot.

Ryan: To me it does. Anyway, I have to go check into my room now, see you are later?

David: Yeah, sure.

Ryan gets up from he seat and walks off to the front desk. David quickly finishes his drink and follows after him. He approaches the woman at the desk.

David: Um, I need my key for room 66.

The woman looks around in the back amongst all of the keys and presents one to him.

Woman: There ya' go.

David: Yeah, thanks.

David takes the key from the womans hand and makes his way up the stairs to his room. When he reaches his corridor, he notices a man standing outside of his room. He decides to approach him.

David: Um, can I help you? The man turns around to be wearing a NRW shirt and holding a camera over his shoulder.

David: God damn it! Why do you guys always follow me everywhere I bloody go?!

Camera: We get told to.

David: Well you may as well come in.

David puts the key in the lock, turns it, and slides the door open. He then walks into his room and sits down on his bed as the camera man sits down on a chair right across from him.

David: So what is it this time?

Camera: Whatever.

David: Really? So I can sit here and talk about my ass all day and the viewers will be interested?

Camera: The male ones.

David: Are you implementing, whatever that means, that I'm gay?

Camera: Yeah.

David: Well then your an idiot.

Camera: But just talk about whatever. Whatever to do with wrestling. Lets say, Anarchy.

David: You want to know what I gotta say about Anarchy?

Camera: I donít? Well, to start off, why are you out here anyway? I mean, Scotland isn't the most, greatest of places.

David: What's wrong with it? So it's a little cold.

Camera: Very cold.

David: Ok, very cold. I'm here for a vacation.

Camera: Well why are you on vacation right before your return to the ring?

David: Well I have been working out and training ever since I retired awhile back. I am better now than I was in my prime, what much more can I do? I know what I am in for and I am ready for it. Why waist my time?

Camera: You got that right. Well, what exactly do you have to say about Anarchy?

David: Well what about Anarchy?

Camera: Well, your match for a start.

David: Well it seems my lovely, and I do mean lovely boss Faith Adams has booked a tournament to decide one of the titles here. My first round opponents are Joe Stallone, Nikki Nine, and the other guy, what's his name?

Camera: The legend "The Franchise" Neo William Diamond?

David: Yea thats him. Well see I have been watching clips from here and there and quite frankly I'm not too worried about any of them and just for everyone too know, unlike anyone else in this company I am not scared or intimidated by this so called legend that is Willy Diamond.

Camera: Well whats wrong with him so much than the others?

David: How shall I start?

Camera: Well, anywhere.

David: Here we bloody go. William Diamond is a poser. From what I heard he was a paper champion, I mean look at him, does that guy look like a legend or even World Title material...I didn't think so. I have a problem with this particular guy because he walks in here thinking he owns the place, well he has new coming his way that he won't be standing high above everyone else while I'm here because it will be me, T D K!

Camera: Ok... Do you have anything more specific to say on Nikki Nine or Joe Stallone?

David: I am awaiting to see what they bring to the table in this match, I want to have a good wrestling match, best man wins, I love to see new talent trying to steal the spotlight, it makes me laugh but these two can try all they want but as I said for Neo, it's a fight, if I can put him out of commission on our first show and retire his ass, then I will, I don't care much money it costs the company or industry to lose a quote un quote legend!

Camera: Well how do you consider yourself a legend?

Just as he begins talking, David's phone goes off.

David: Damn, gimmie a sec.

He picks up his phone and begins to talk.

David: Um, hi Mom...

No, I told you I was on vacation...


But I told you...

God damn it...

David then hangs the phone up angrily as the scene fades with his shouting 'turn it off' at the camera man.

One Week Later...

The scene opens with fire. Burning slowly. Fire seems to be able to bring people so much happiness, but so much pain too. Some rely on it, others are pained to go near it. Scared of it. It really depends on how brave people are. Some can stand up to something painful, other would chicken out. It has the ability to do that...

Just like a lot of things, fire has it's advantages and it's disadvantages. It can bring light and heat to help people, and to help them do things such as make food. However, it can torture people too. House fires are surprisingly, fires that will kill people, or atleast harm them. And if not that, their houses and their possesions. But like we said, fire isn't the only thing that has it's advantages and disadvantages.

Let's take the man of the scene right now, The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid. He can be a man that is fun, loving, even a man that helps others. A man that people would like to be around. But he, like everything and everyone else in the world has another side. Another side that others don't think so highly of. A side that is cocky, arrogant and sometimes twisted, almost sick. For one of The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid's other sides is his temper. He can blow a fuse with the simplest of things. Things he disapproves of, such as losing.

So the scene begins with a single flame. As it pans out, it appears to be a dark room, and the flame atop the candle is the only thing lighting it. As more of the room is revealed, we can see two figures in the room. One, is The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid, David by his real name. The other is a woman. She wears a bandana and a great length of beads around her neck. Her top and pants are tye-dye, and by the looks of her she is a gypsi. Both figures sit in the dimly lit room which has old rags hanging from the wall, and infront of them both is a table with a glass ball in the middle. The woman is holding onto it, and David seems to be straning to see something in it.

Woman: I see torture and pain. Your near future seems to be a not so good one. Vacation you thought would help but soon you come up to the biggets challenge of your life.

David: But what does it all mean?

Woman: I just told you what it means.

David: Oh, right, yeah, sorry. Keep talking.

Woman: And, I see, I see a possesion. A possesion that means alot to you being slowly push away.

David: Really, becuase I can't see anything.

Woman: Shut up.

The woman then peers in closer and David begins to look harder than even.

Woman: It will be a good week for you, but after, things will begin to become worse. Challenge left and right, some unfinishable.

David: I want things after, I want them now. The challenges, give me a rush.

Woman: You can't change your destiny.

David: I'll give you an extra twenty bucks?

Woman: Deal.

David then passes the woman a twenty note.

Woman: Now I see everything going right for you in the next week, there.

David: Hooray!

David then stands up and shakes the woman's hand. He walks out of the tent as the word 'dumbass' can be heard faintly from inside the tent. David seems to be standing in a fairground. Around him are many tents and amusment rides. Stalls and games, and mostly, people. David looks around sharply, his eyes darting. Suddenly, he spots something. He begins to run over, and stops beside a small stall. He rummages around in the bag that he has with him, and pulls out a video recorder. He begins running it, and begins to speak into it.

David: Hello people at NRW. It is I, The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid, and this will be a lesson, for William Diamond, Joe Stallon, and Nikki Nine in the Fatal 4-Way Match at Anarchy.

David talks to the man at the stall, and is given some balls. As he picks up the video recorder, it shows that he is standing at a coconut shy. He then begins to throw the balls full force at the coconuts. All five miss, and he turns back to the camera.

David: That, um wasn't, meant to happen, um, see yall later!

David then quickly turns the recorder off and gives a sort of shrug to himself. He continues looking around the carnival. It is mid day and really hot, and the drinks machines and vendors are packed to hell. David's eyes dart around again, and he notices a next to empty stall over on the far end. He runs over and jumps into a seat just as a waiter walks past.

David: Um, waiter?

The waiter turns around and notices David sitting down. He slowly makes his way over and begins to talk.

Waiter: What ya' want?

David: Um, something to drink please.

Waiter: Salty or Mineral?

David: Pardon?

Waiter: We only got water. Salty or mineral?

David: Um, mineral. The waiter guy walks to the back to fetch his drink as David looks around a bit. It is like a stall that is not quite a bar. A few seats and tables and a small counter. No one else is around him now, not even at the surrounding stalls. It is as if he is all alone. Just then, the waiter comes back.

Waiter: Here ya go.

He then slams down a small glass of water.

Waiter: $5

David: What? It's a tiny little glass of black water, $5? That's a f***ing rip off.

Waiter: Well if you don't pay now you'll be telling a court-room that.

David frowns and slams a $5 bill down on the table. He then downs his water in a one before turning his face as if he is about to be sick. He then makes his way away from the stall and back to looking around. It is, despite being bright, almost closing time. David looks around sadly, and decides to move on from the fair. On his way out, he hears a voice shouting on him.

Voice: Hey, wait up.

David turns around to see a NRW reporter or something running over towards him.

David: For the sake of the f***ing lord, and I'm a cotholic. First you follow me all the way to Scotland, and now you find me here? In my time. What the f*** is wrong with you people? Go talk to Jake Matthews or someone you never talk to! Just not me for once! I don't care if you talk to the pissing Janitor!

Dvaid doesn't notcie it at first, but the reporter is infact female. She has long blonde hair and is standing in a suit with a short skirt.

David: Ooopsies. Um, hi, The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid.

Woman: Josie Tyson.

David awkwardly shakes hands and begins to talk again.

David: Um, you want to talk somewhere else?

Josie: Sure.

They both walks away from the carnival, which is seen to be called 'Happy Land' by the sign outside. They both walk over to a nearby bar and take a table up at the back.

David: So you wanted to talk?

Josie: Just a few questions. But before the juicy stuff, what about the show? A tournament win would put you at number 1 in the entire federation.

David: Yeah. I hadn't realised it, until I realized everyone else that is in the company is in the tournament. I hope I do well, don't you?

Josie: Well yes, what's your strategy for you opponents and the match itself, over the top 4-way?

David: I'll wear them all down and then throw their asses all out one by one. I may body press them over, I may dropkick them over, hell I may hit them with The Diamond Kick to send their ass over that top to go to the finals.

Josie: What about the finals?

David: If or should I say when I make it to the finals, there is no stopping me, they will not be able to keep me down for 3 and I won't tap! They'll have to stop the match and call medics, I won't quit!

Josie: Well that's about all we haven't covered, so I guess it's thanks.

David: Yeah thanks.

They both get up and make their way to the door. David tries to open the door for Josie, but can't. She then opens it and walks out as David is left trying to open it.

At The Arena...

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid is sitting in his locker room watching his promo that he has been traveling for the last 7 days making. He turns to the camera.

David: Here I am, The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid here or David, my real name if you haven't gotten it by now. I am ready for anything any of the roster or staff has to throw at me, I will be the first hall of famer and first grand slam champion of this federation, mark my words here in my first appearance ever on NRW television. This is the rebegining of an era, The Diamond Kid era.

The scene fades to black.