Marcus Crosse

Event Name



Continental Champion

[The scene opens in Time Square at Music Television Headquarters. The Diamond Kid is seen in a nice classy office with his manager and wife, Pamela Rose. A man in a black suit walks out and invites them into his office. The camera man follows them into the office at top of the building with an amazing view. They all sit down and the man with the suit on stares at the couple with a firm face.]

Jason Kerns: Hello my name is Jason Kerns and I am the president of Music Television.

The Diamond Kid: Hello my name is The Diamond Kid and I want to know what the hell I'm doing here.

Jason Kerns: I am been informed that you have broke your contract with Music Television.

The Diamond Kid: I guess you have been informed correctly. It doesn't interest me anymore.

Jason Kerns: So Nick and Fox interest's you? Well that on you.

The Diamond Kid: Well I am going to have fun working with them to promote the KwF on a 2 show contract not 5.

Jason Kerns: Now look I am sure you and the KwF don't want to go through a lawsuit.

The Diamond Kid: Damn, your good, how much do they pay you to tell me that.

Jason Kerns: Drop the attitude I'm trying to help you. Now wrestling is very big right now.

The Diamond Kid: Yes that's right, I know KwF isn't going to broadcast their shows here so you can drop that idea.

Jason Kerns: No, no, no. How about you and another KwF superstar present a Music Television wrestling show.

The Diamond Kid: A wrestling match for Music Televsion, well, ok.

Jason Kerns: Great get your gear on, we will have it in the middle of Times Square in hell 30 minutes.

The Diamond Kid: I heard you all had power around here but damn, 30 minutes, ok.

Jason Kerns: Now, what about an opponent for the KwF Continental Champion, you'll put you title on the line.

The Diamond Kid: I have a friend down here in wrestling school tons of talent, I'll call him up.

Jason Kerns: Like I said though you have to put the title on the line and present a great match for us to drop the charges.

The Diamond Kid: Ok.

[Just as The Diamond Kid picks up his cell phone Karnage comes into the office not is such a good mood. He grabs The Diamond Kid by the shirt and pushes him up against the wall.]

Karnage: What the hell are you doing? I know I shouldn't have signed that contract, the title could leave KwF!

The Diamond Kid: Karnage...I'm cool, if you want to keep that thing on your shoulders you call a head I suggest letting me go.

The Diamond Kid: Ok, you made the right 'business' decision there. I will get us out of this an the title won't go nowhere.

Karnage: You damn right because I'm the only one that can book that match, this would be great warm-up for you.

The Diamond Kid: Yeah it woudl I could even throw a promo out after or before the match.

Karnage: Sure whatever, by the way I'll referee the match.

The Diamond Kid: Ok...well let me call my friend, his name is Crying Freeman.

[Karnage and Jason Kerns exit the office followed by Pamela Rose as The Diamond Kid grabs his cell phone and calls his friend, Crying Freeman.]

The Diamond Kid: Hey Freeman, are you far from Times Square.

Crying Freeman: No, I am right infront of Music Television Headquarter going to wrestling school.

The Diamond Kid: See that KwF ring being set up by KwF Presient Karanage.

Crying Freeman: Oh yeah, wow, what's going on, isn't that the league you work for.

The Diamond Kid: Yeah, what do you feel about having a KwF match against me for my Continental Title in a few minutes.

Crying Freeman: Would I! I can invite my school up here and I got my gear on already. I'll go park and go to the ring.

The Diamond Kid: Alright thanks, see you soon. Bye.

[The Diamond Kid hangs the phone up as the scene fades. Due to some technical difficulties the scene closes for about 30 minutes and opens back up right near the end of the match.]

~ The Diamond Kid starts cming back with left and right jabs. He whips Crying Freeman against the ropes and gets fired up and hits The Diamond Kick, he covers him as Karnage counts 1...2...3... ~

Ring Announcer: Time Square, your winner and still KwF Continental Champion, The Diamond Kid!!!

The Diamond Kid: What a match! I have to give props to Freeman, give him a round of applause. See that was a prieve of what you can see, just a little taste of my and Marcus Crosse's match on Meltdown, be sure to tune in and I don't care who stands in my way I am going to the top, Marcus Cross can't stop me, not Jon Extreme, not Billy Ferris, and sure as hell not Kid Platnium, I will go to Gates of Hell undefeated and I will go through with that night by whooping all kind of ass like your Ferris, and Kid, and our new guy, Mr. Jon Extreme! Now remember where heard that first from me, T D K!

[The scene fades out as The Diamond Kid goes to superkick Karange and nails his friend Crying Freeman.]