~ The scene opens in San Antonio, Texas. The Diamond Kid is seen talking to a few fans with his wife, Pamela Rose, infront of a local bar. The camera follows the couple as they walk into the bar and grab a booth in the far corner. KwF interviewer, Max Michaels, then comes on screen. He sits down beside Pamela Rose on the opposite side of The Diamond Kid. ~

Max Michaels: The Diamond...

The Diamond Kid: What in the hell?! Do you guys follow me everywhere I go.

Max Michaels: Oh, I am sorry I could...

The Diamond Kid: Shut up! Damn, next thing I know KwF will have footage of me taking a crap on commercials.

Pamela Rose: Yeah babe, I could see it now KwF's Twist of the Night brought to you by Snickers.

The Diamond Kid: Well Pam, go get us some drinks why I give this fool an interview.

~ Max Michaels lets Pamela Rose out and sits back down as The Diamond Kid takes his hat off and puts his hair back in a ponytail. Max Michaels starts staring at the stitches in The Diamond Kid's head from Wednesday Night Meltdown. ~

Max Michaels: So Diamond, you don't mind me calling you Diamond do you?

The Diamond Kid: Listen Max, my name isn't Billy Ferris, I don't get off but intimidating interviewer's. I would like to speak on Meltdown. Some speach The 'Glasgow Godfather' gave. He talked about how I talk the talk but he'll be the one to walk the walk and how I underestimated him. I don't underestimate anyone because I 35 years old and I have been wrestling since I was 15, 20 years in this business and I know my way around the ropes, I know underestimating can blow up right in your face. Billy Ferris, my promo's were not trying to say you sucked I was trying to say I am better, much better! See you can act all cool being arrested, some kids might look up to you but kids that look up to me are the preps that can girls not the drug atticts and alcholics. Listen you foreigner, I hope we meet in the finals at Gates of Hell because after I wrap that glorious KwF World Heavyweight Championship around my waist I will pull your green card and send you packing from where ever the hell you came from.

Max Michaels: Strong words, what about Slaughter?

The Diamond Kid: What about Slaughter, I don't mean to sound cocky and arrogant but I don't write checks with my mouth that I can't cash with my ass, I always talk the talk and back it up by walking the walk to put it Billy Ferris's way. On Slaughter we will see some quite entertaining matches, I understand Billy Ferris won't be there because he knows after he had to use a chair on me he doesn't want to show up on Slaughter because he wil get his ass whooped. The Blur versus Pheonix for the Featherweight Championship, I haven't seen anything yet from The Blur so I am pulling for Pheonix but I weight 275 pounds so that match has no interest to me. I'll go on a limb and say Marcus Crosse over "The Wonder" Matt Vaden, what in the hell kind of name is that, anyways, also Damion Blaze over Mike Nightmare. I am wondering if this Anonymous guy is a prank or a threat, I don't know, maybe we will find out on Slaughter. Onto my match, Jonny Durban, Jonny talked alot of crap this week to The Blur who just took it, he defeated The Blur but I promise you one thing, he won't be beating me, T D K, he can talk crap and sometimes I admit he gets a little too extreme as does Billy Ferris but if I have to I can get extreme, Billy wanted to use a chair hell I might do this...

~ The Diamond Kid grabs a Bud Light bottle out of some old man's hands and smashes it over Max Michael's head. ~

The Diamond Kid: I don't intimidate annoying interviewers, I just shut them up my way. Come on Pamela let's go, see you Saturday Jonny and Billy watch you f*cking back!

~ Pamela Rose comes running with the drinks. The Diamond Kid grabs his shot of Jack Daniels and takes it. He walks outside and jumps in his black 2003 SVT Cobra Mustang and peels out of the bar's parking lot as Max Michael is still laid out. ~