~ The scene opens backstage at the Impact arena in the parking lot. A black stretch limousine pulls up and out steps The Diamond Kid as the fans go wild. The scene fades and reopens in the arena. The lights dim and "Always" by Saliva blasts throughout the arena over the Public Announce System as The Diamond Kid struts to the ring in his tradition style and taunts and gets the crowd fired up as fireworks light up the arena. The lights come back on and the music dies out as The Diamond Kid grabs a microphone from a near by crew member. ~

The Diamond Kid: Dallas, Texas!!! Now no matter how fired up I am to be here tonight in my home state of Texas I can't wait to walk into my hometown next week at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas as the new Television Champion. See Steve, the thing about the Television Championship is you wrestle for the people in the arena and the people watching at home and that's not something you do, people don't like, people like me! See you have already been running you mouth like you the best thing since sliced bread but your in for a reality check because simply my name is The Diamond Kid. I understand your new though so let me explain that for you, I'm a veteran that talk the talk and walk the walk, I can go for 5 minutes or 1 hour. See you will have your pros and cons in our match because I might actually make you look good but it is a fact that you will in fact lose that piece of gold around your waist! See you think I'm just another opponent, I'm not no Dr. X or whatever I'm The Diamond Kid and on Impact you will honestly have the match of your career simply because you probably never been in the ring with a World Champ, a United States Champ, a Intercontinental Champion, a Tag Team Champ, and a record breaker and the thing I am looking to break on Impact is your neck! I don't play clean, I'm warning you know kid, watch all the footage you want but you will not have an idea of what it will be like to go one on one with greatness until our match if you need a little idea though you can go talk to people like Keyser Soze, hall of famer that I beat in my third match, second show, WrestleMania III but to my understanding we aren't on the road to WrestleMania, oh no, we are on the road to WrestleFest! That is where some real challenges come in, Blake Masters! I have three goals in this run which could very well be my last, win the Television and Extreme Championships and become the first Grand Slam Winner in IuwF history then face Blake Masters in the main event at WrestleFest for the World Heavyweight Championship but as of now I have two things standing in my way, you, Steve Lynch and the Extreme Champion so your first sorry Steve and remember where you heard it first fans, I am the next Television Champ, me, T D K!

~ "Always" by Saliva plays as The Diamond Kid drops the microphone and heads backstage. He hops back in his limousine where his wife, Pamela Rose is waiting for him. The camera man jumps in as the limousine takes off out of the arena. ~

The Diamond Kid: So what did you think?

Pamela Rose: I'm just so proud that you back in the IuwF picture, I've spent too much damn time with you.

The Diamond Kid: Oh thanks I love you too.

Pamela Rose: I really hope you win that Television Title so you even have more stuff to do with the company.

The Diamond Kid: Well we are at the hotel.

Pamela Rose: Let me go give you a work out for your match.

~ The Diamond Kid and Pamela Rose walk into their first floor hotel room, room number 459 as the scene fades out to black. ~