"Without Me" by Eminem off the The Eminem Show soundtrack begins to blast throughout the arena over the PA System. The lights in the arena quickly go pitch black and a spotlight shines on the stage as a camera in the ring is focused in on the enterance way. The song goes through until it's get to the chorus, "cuz we need a little controversy, cuz it feels so empty without me." Then, out comes The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid's dancing and taunting the fans with his Heavyweight Championship wrapped around his waist all the way down to the end of the ramp where he flexes and fireworks and explosions from the top of the ramp light up the arena. The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid jumps into the ring and grabs a microphone from a near by crew member. The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid unbuckles his championship and hoists it on his shoulder as the music dies down.

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid

Well, well, well. For the first time in months The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid walks his ass down the ramp and gives you fans an in ring interview, imagine that. Alot has happened since then though, last time I just walked down here I was a Tag Team Champion, a rookie, well I am still a rookie, but I am no longer a Tag Team Champion because I am the Internet's Ultimate Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion, I am 'The Infamous', and I am without a shout of a doubt, The Diamond Kid! Now if all you losers just shut the hell up for a minute and listen we can get down to business because I am going to make this short and sweet. This Saturday Night on Impact I have my first title defense against...Kidd. He earned the shot last week by defeating leagends, IRA King and Decreto. Now it is a well known fact that Kidd has defeated me twice. One of those defeats were here. He has talent and I belive along with myself, he has one of the most creative minds ever to step through a ring rope. This week though I am sure I have thrown some things at the Kidd that he didn't think possible from myself. Kidd, is also going to see something unexpected this Saturday, he back on he mat for the loss on his part and on my part after two weeks ago and HaMMeR walking out I prove I am not a paper champion, I will prove I am worthy and I will go down into history as the best Internet's Ultimate Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion! Why? I have no equal because I am simply the best! Now hit my music!

[Short, sucky, boring, pointless, put aren't we all.]

'I stand alone.' The voice echoed throughout. The walls of the dark, damp warehouse just fired the voice right back. The dark figure stood there, a silloute in the bad light. The only feautres visible from the darkness was long stands of hair and a long brown coat. That was it. The rest of the figure was hidden from the dark. He was a mystery man.

'I stand alone.' It came again. This time a great shout from the figure. He was tall and bulky, and stood in the darkness or the warehouse without a movement in his body. A statue of concrete. And before him lay a smaller, thinner, and probably weaker man on the floor. His body was curled up. His long dark hair draped his face and blood trickled from his forhead onto his leather jacket. He wasn't dead, that was for sure from the heavy breathing and constant twitching. But he was so useless and powerless it was as if he were dead.

Then, the dark figure stepped into the light. He was smirking evily. His long hair and his goatee beard were golden blonde and almost shone in the light. He stood over the man, still smiling down. Then, he swung his foot back and kick him square in the stomach. The man on the floor let out an all mighty scream of pain. He rolled onto his back gasping for air as the smile on the tall mans face became wider and even more evil.

Just then, the smaller man curled up on the ground pulled out a gun. Just a small pistol, however, still a gun. He fired at the large man before dropping the gun from weakness. However the large man still stood there.


His voice taunted him, as did the words. But as he took a step closer, the was an all mighty creak. The large man quickly turned around and see one of the pillar collapsing towards him. And before he knew it, he was hit. He fell backwards as both men took the impact of the fall. And almost simultaniously the entire building collapsed, burying them in their grave.

The Diamond Kid: Holy sh*t!

The scene pans out to show The Diamond Kid sitting curled up on a couch watching the TV. He is under a sheet and beside him lays bags of chips and popcorn. He holds his sheet tighter and continues to watch as the movie fades to credits. The Diamond Kid then turns to a camera that is in his house.

The Diamond Kid: The same old story. The typical story of a bully. But it doesn't have to be a bully. Just a superior. A master. A champion... . Because, well, this is the story that shows the underdog can come out ontop of the champion.

He doesn't have to play fair to survive. It isn't 'fair' the the bully gets to bully him so. So what? So he can do what he likes to come out ontop.

But it still doesn't seem fair, cheating? Does it. But what if cheating is allowed? The World Title, anything to get it. Then 'cheating' is the name of the game. Which can be unlucky for some, but better, for others. Kidd. He seems to think that he is a true champion. Why? Becuase he won the title? That is all he has done. Kidd hasn't won it. The point is you haven't done any better than the rest of us, yet. And your chance is now. Your chance is at the Impact, and by f*** am I gonna try and waste it. You see, the title means nothing until you acctually do something with it. Winning it isn't much. Defence however is the key. I will bring the word defence to a whole new meaning in the World Title section, for months he went. And now the competition is at it's highest. Probably higher than the world title competition. Becuase apparently, we're evenly matched? Dont ask me.

But the truth is that one of us will give this title even more meaning that it has. This match. This match will be the stepping stone for greater things to come. You see to win this match it will take alot. And well, the winner deserves to go onto greater things. And f***ing trust me. I will give my all to make sure thats me.

Now Kidd. You slag off all of us. You wnat to beat me and claim that your the true champion. True champion? You see, I've been taking a break to prepare. Thats what it is. But what am I doing creative? What could it be? I am leaving my creativity until the day of the Impact Kidd. Then you'll see just how creative I can be.

The scene then fades out as The Diamond Kid curls up in his sheet.

(Mean Ghor is standing in the middle of the ring before the match and he goes down the timeline of events, The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid's career.)

Mean Ghor: It started 3 weeks before WrestleMania 3, The Diamond Kid was hired here at the IUWF! Many of us knew nothing about him, except a crew member at the time and long time rival, Jonnie Cat who had nothing but bad remarks about the 21 year old star, he started off in a Tag Team Title #1 Contendership Match, a Battle Royal, mix and match partners, he prevailed, he was 1-0. His partner was Sean Sanders, they became friends as teh mix and match idea was great, tehy formed Truly Sadistic. He has the next week off and the next week no Impact because the day after teh supposed Impact was the biggets event of teh year WrestleMania 3, they put this kid to work, with just one match under his belt he was give two this night, his first, another Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Title #1 Contendership, he won, he was 2-0. Later that night in his second night of competition and third match ever, he became 3-0 and the Tag Team Champions with Sean Sanders, the next week was Sidian and the Intercontinental Title, the downfall begun, he lost in a very close match and the next week he siad good-bye to his Tag Team Titles after IRA King and Sidian took them, thanks to Sean Sanders walking out on him, they could have had a chance, the next week, revenge with Sean Sanders but he walked out of the macth and newcomer, a familiar face to 'The Infamous,' Kidd, Kidd had beaten him for the second they had met, the first, in ShowDown Wrestling. He was 3-3, things weren't going his way to say the least then came Storm Warning, he had a Wild Card match with new partner in Truly Sadistic, Syphon, now known as Statix, who also now wrestles for The Diamond Kid in his league CwA, *cheap pop*, some other guy, and former World Champ Kydd Karnage, The Diamond Kid finally won another at 4-3 he has the pick of any title he wanted to have macth for, he picked Hammer's World Title, may though he was crazy, he was a rookie with not that much talent but Hammer didn't show up and The Diamond Kid automatically won the title, they called him a paper champion, the following week, they crowned a Number 1 Contender, Extreme Champion, Kidd! Now tonight, after holding the title for 2 weeks approximatley his first defense to prove he is not a paper champion, Kidd vs. The Diamond Kid, tonight!!!