{+{+{ The scene opens looking over a silver river. Silver you say? Yup, silver, it's the dead of night you see, that big whitey, silvery thing in the sky.... the moon? Yeah? Well, that's looking down over the river, making it look like a giant snail trail shimmering in the night. Standind in the middle of a small, old stone bridge, which straddles the river is none other than your DzW Superstar, The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid, hanging from his shoulder, a 100 thousand dollar replica of the DzW World Title, shining brighter than the moon and the river put together. Standing next to him is the lovely Pamela Rose, both looking into the river. Eventually, though, Pamela's mind starts to wonder and she starts to look about her. }+}+}

Pamela Rose...::: Remind me why we are looking a river, in the dead of night.

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: I have no idea why we are looking into the river, but I do know why I am. It keeps me calm.

Pamela Rose...::: Oh forever the wise guy. You don't need to keep calm, why would you need to keep calm? It's midnight and you need to keep calm, you need to get your head screwed on straight.

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: Look Pam, I never asked you to come here, you wanna go? Go. I'm not stopping you, I'm keeping myself mellow here. You think it's bull, you go, get to bed, watch TV, go clubbing, I really don't care at this moment.

Pamela Rose...::: Oh that's just a great way to talk to your wife now isn't it? Ok, ok, I'll feign interest here.... *ahem*.... ok Diamond, why do you need to keep calm? What's the problem?

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: You don't need to feign fuck all Pam!

Pamela Rose...::: No Diamond Kid, I wanna know now. You've pissed on it so much I actually want to know what's going on inside that fucked and fried brain of yours.

{+{+{ The 'Infmaous' Diamond Kid turns round, looking at Pamela Rose, who herself is standing with a monotone look on her face (if that is possible). Pulling a already rolled, hand rolled cigarette from the top pocket of his denim jacket, The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid lights it up with his trusty Ol' Glory lighter and inhales. }+}+}

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: You wanna know?

Pamela Rose...::: Yeah.

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: You really wanna know?

Pamela Rose...::: Look Diamond, now you're the one who is pissing me off. I'm your wife, I'm asking you a question, would you just fucking answer it?!

The 'Infmaous' Diamond Kid...::: Right... you see this over my shoulder?

Pamela Rose...::: Yup.

The 'Infmaous' Diamond Kid...::: You know what it is?

Pamela Rose...::: Of course I know what it is, do I look brain dead? It's the World Title.

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: I bought it, for 100 thousand dollars, no differences. I want the one that means your the champion though, Inferno stands in my way. I have to wait until the Pay-Per View until they even crown a Champion.

Pamela Rose...::: Oh come on Diamond, you want to win? Let's go train together. I think this night is making you strange, where's my "sexy boy", huh?

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: Pam! This isn't a joke, I was given a chance and now I am becoming to damn serious and obsessed?! Look at people like Inferno, Havoc, Goldust they all think I can't do it but I told Mr. Jonnie I would but what if I can't?

Pamela Rose...::: We'll see when we get there, you never know. I may be married to the next World Champion or the next DzW jobber.

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: Right, well that's what's making my blood boil. Pam, everything is not a God damn joke!

Pamela Rose...::: What not knowing the future?! Just shut the hell up.

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: No. I should start taking steroids or something, all my life I have won titles, I could remember them all when I joined DzW. I have wrestled since April 30, 1987, year after year. I am 35 and for my age I am certain the most decorated superstar ever to step though a ring. I have won World Title but those leagues where only two people show up to work, I don't want any bogus wins here, I want competition and I want the World Title, at all expense.

Pamela Rose...::: Diamond you can't be serious?!

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: Deadly.

Pamela Rose...::: You.... why don't you leave go to a damn bogus league if your going to cry about it, I got it. You can go back to KwF, wait they don't want you back. We have it all here so let's go damit!

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: Look Pam, you may think we got it all here, but as far as I can see I got nothing. Sure, I'm pulling in the big bucks, all that shiz, but is that why I came here? Is that what I started in this biz for? No. Time takes you by the hand and leads you down the road, it's becoming more and more obvious where it wants me. I think the land of the rising sun is calling my name yet again. That sun was Joey when he invited me here.

Pamela Rose...::: Diamond Kid, put it behind you! Think to the future, think of your match against Ace Shocker.

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: Pamela, I don't think this is quite getting through to you. I don't care about my job, I don't care about the money and I certainly don't give a fuck about Inferno or fucking Havoc. I have teh Hardcore Title, I will soon be Ladders Champion because of Havoc's challenge, and whatever title Goldust has I'll take it too but I need to look foward to Inferno and the World fucking Title! As for thinking to the future? Isn't that what I'm doing? Isn't what I'm looking at in the future?

Pamela Rose...::: I just hope you know what you are doing.

The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid...::: So do I Pam, so do I.

{+{+{ The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid takes the last drag from the 'rolly' and flicks the butt into the river. Leaning over and putting his hand round Pamela's shoulder the pair walk into the moonlight. A serious situation entering the Diamond-Rose household? Or is it all a ploy to put Billy Ferris and the KwF The 'Infamous' Diamond Kid is usually the type of guy to wear his heart in his ass, so I wouldn't take anything he says as deadly serious! }+}+}