...:::The Diamond Kid:::...
Thursday Night Thriller

...:::Scene:::... The scene opens outside of the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. A black stretch limousine pulls into the back parking lkot in the arena. The Diamond Kid and Katrina Simpson steps out and just stands there as Main Event Wrestling goes to a commercial break. When they come back another limousine was shown pulling up during the break. Masta Disasta, Viper, The KO Kid, and Razor get out. Wreck Crew heads for the ring. Moments later "Sexy Boy" blasts throughout the arena as the lights dim and the spotligh is shown on the stage. Wreck Crew walks out behind a struting co-leader, The Diamond Kid with his girlfriend, Katrina Simpson on his arm. They all jump into the ring as The Diamond Kid taunts as fireworks light up the arena. He grabs a microphone.

...:::The Diamond Kid:::... Well I must say it absolutley sucks to be back here is Portland, Oregon. Damn, since the last time I was here in this hell hole I think the number of bums just laying on the sidewalk right infront of the arena has tripled. You all are pathedic but lets just be happy that it's not you performing it's me and the the rest of the Wreck Crew with the exception of my main man Razor. See you all can think all you want about Wreck Crew but the truth of the matter remains that tonight is our night, tonight Masta Disasta will beat teh World Champ, BG, but it just sadens us that he doesn't have enough balls to put the title on the line. Why BG? Because you are suppose to face EZ Money well why not let EZ Money face the best man? It won't be long though until that belt is in our camp don't you worry my friend. Then we move onto our utmost rivals, Bad Boys. See you woin that title shot because one man was too much of an asshole to put me and Razor in it so you where lucky but not this Thursday because you are facing the best friends since elemntary schhol, Viper and The KO Kid, see there is a chemistry between these two not even I could explain but you will feel, you may not be able to undertand it but why will that matter if you laying on your bakc for the count? Then we move on to the other member, Razor, you lucky bastard. Well he has the night off but don't worry Razor will prove to the world that he is a worlld class athlete like the rest of us, just give it a little bit of time.

...:::Katrina Simpson:::... No Diamond, see that is where you are wrong that is not the last member of Wreck Crew we need to tal about because as of this day I am officialy adding my name to the Main Event Wrestling and I have a little challenge to make concerning Sabotage. See that little skank Angel baby thinks she walk around nude on Wrestle Network, well lets just say ahead of time Sammy Sanders had nothing to do with this, you probably paid her because you want to show off your slutish qualitys but didn't want to seem like one while doing so but see I can see right through you and if you think you are pulling something pass me or the rest of Main Event Wrestling you have another coming like a bitch slap right accross the face, now what do you have to say?

...:::The Diamond Kid:::... Well I just got word while Katrina was talking and I will say this for Razor if Scotty Nunn has the balls Razor has one word for him, Sabotage. But anyways getting on to the the whole reason I amd out here, SSB. The tag team partner of The BG and see Masta and me will take car of The Studs. Well if you want to call yourself that anyway and well see Wreck Crew says it all we are hardcore and the co-leader needs the Hardcore Title so on Thriller I will get us off to a good start by beating SSB's ass all over the Rose Garden arena and will probably catch a disease and die by touching their doamn floors but that belt signifies us and we will get it someway or another this Thursday will the beginning of my era. Also on a personal note I am undefeated and I don't know why Kent Barker shoved me through the curtains to the ring in the Supreme Survival after I had dropped out but still that loss doesn't count! I am undefeated and Thursday it will srtay that way. Oh shit you all got me talking about Crossroads, by the way did you all see that Britney Spears movie? Masta Disasta was robbed he had him beat until BG screwed him, EZ Money can't beat Masta Disasta and The BG probably made a deal with the devil, I mean EZ Money because he knows he could kick EZ Money's ass and it ain't the same with The Masta! Remember, I Have No Equal Because I Am Simply The Best!

Out of Character: I know it was kind of short but it was only an interview. I want to say I want to make a challenge for the March Pay-Per View and myself, Pureplaya let's break it down UcW style! What do you say?