"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels

...Scene... Smackdown! kicks off as the lights dim as soon as the show starts. The sold out crowd are screaming their heads off as little red and blue hearts starts to sprinkle from the top of the arena. "Sexy Boy" is then heard blasting throughout the arena as none other than "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels walks out onto the ramp. He smiles and struts down to the ring. He jumps in the ring as Lilian Gracia hands him a microphone.


Tazz Look at this Cole it is Shawn Michaels. Last time we saw him he wrecked Nitro's main event.

Michael Cole Well let's see what he has to say for himself before his big match with Vampiro and reforming D Generation-X?

Shawn Michaels enters the Smackdown! arena.

...Scene... The fans start chanting H...B...K. Shawn Michaels stands there and walks to each side and corner of the ring with a huge grin on his face. The fans chant begins to dies down as Shawn Michaels stands ready to begin. Marc Lloyd runs down to the ring to try to get a word from the returning Heartbreak Kid.


Marc Lloyd Welcome back to the wWe, Shawn Michaels, the whole world wants to know what has been on your mind and why has it took so long for you return to the wWe. What are your expectations? Are you here tonight and leave or are you here to stay? What about D Generation-X and Vampiro?

Shawn Michaels It's very simple you see Marc, The Heartbreak Kid is back and back for good, the Showstoppa I once was is back, the main event has returned, the icon is here! As for D Generation-X, me and Triple H will rule this company together once again, stomping Nitro to the ground and I am sure if Shane McMahon knows best he will stay out of our way and The Outsiders have been scared away, tehyw ill be fired, I will tear apart Vampiro in my comeback match which happens to have the lumberjack stipulation. Triple H will beat Jeff Jarrett and the nWo's ass and the only question I have on my mind is if Rob Van Dam will come to D Generation-X?

Marc LloydWell lets give our fans a look back at the odl D Generation-X!

Break It Down!

...Scene... Shawn Michaels watches the piece of footage but it is cut off and Vampiro is seen sitting in his locker room with a huge grin on his face.

Marc Lloyd Wow. Now before you leave do you have any more plans or anything you would like to say to the fans or anybody else?

Shawn Michaels Yeah, Vampiro you play mind games but I played mind games with the likes of Bret Hart before you were an adult, you grew up watching me and my kid will grow up watching me not you, I have one last good run and this run starts with you.

Marc Lloyd Well there it is, he is here to stay, kick Vampiro's ass and win the World Title sometime or another, this D Generation-X situation is developing very big against Jeff Jarrett's nWo.

Shawn Michaels Is Back

Shawn Michaels leaves the arena leaving the crowd and everyone else stunned, is Rob Van Dam coming to D Generation-X? If so the wWe better watch out!

OOC: Sorry this is kind of dull and short but I will have alot of better one coming soon.