| The scene opens up backstage of the Smackdown! arena as "Above Average" Mike Sanders is seen arriving to the arena. The scene closes and reopens as a camera is stationed in the ring. The lights dim in the arena and a spotlight is positioned on the stage. All of a sudden fireworks and explosions go off as "Natural Born Thriller" blares over the Public Announce System. Just then Mike Sanders come out with alot of energy dressed in a black Armoni suit for his grand entrance and debut into the wWe Sadistic Smackdown! brand. The fans boo the charismatic superstar as he walks down to the ring. Mike Sanders jumps into the ring and pumps up the crowd like he only can. He calls for a microphone as his music and the fans die down. |

| "Above Average" Mike Sanders |

"Hello ladies and gentlemen. In case you forgot, my name is "Above Average" Mike Sanders. I am here tonight to let you know I have signed with wWe Sadistic and I will make my first World Wrestling Entertainment in-ring appearance this Thursday on Smackdown! I take a look down the card and I see many big names, some guys I have worked with before and some I haven't. Kevin Nash and a few worked with "The Natural Born Thriller" in the good old wCw. Then there are new names to the greats I have met like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Randy Orton, and such. Most of you know the old Mike Sanders and I am still "Above Average" and I am still am "The Natural Born Thriller" but I am looking to be a main eventer, I don't want to be working house shows with the likes of Jamie Knoble for the rest of my career here and hopefully by the time SummerSlam comes around I will have proven to Shane McMahon that I am worthy of being a key leader for Smackdown! to take down Raw just like the wWe took down wCw! I have to start somewhere though and that somewhere will be in a King of the Ring qualifier match against the new European Champion, Randy Orton. Now, I don't know what the hell a Randy Orton is and I really am not looking foward to finding out but I have heard some stuff about this great new talent, the third generation superstar, the future of wrestling, yeah right. See Randy Orton, you made a great debut and established yourself last week against Brock Lesnar but I'll establish myself alot quicker over you and then anyone else that stands in my way to being the 2003 King of the Ring! Just imagine it, I come to the wWe in my first match I qualify for the 2003 King of the Ring and I keep working up the ladder of success and before I have a regular match I will already be the King of the Ring. Sound too good to be true but it is happening, you better damn believe it! I have a long way ahead of me here at Sadistic and just because I haven't been known as the main event type in the past doesn't mean a damn thing, I will establish myself starting on Smackdown! I will prove you can't judge a book by it's cover, I am the weight of a cruiserweight but I have that mind set and the natural born skill to be the best and I will and like I said on Smackdown! imagine me, Mike Sanders pinning Randy Orton it's starts now, it starts now! I will not be held back like wCw did in the shadow of beat up veterans like Kevin Nash. See I have already get my goals here and well I would like to establish myself as a Cruiserweight Champion, I would like to win King of the Ring, and then establish myself as a World Champion and you know the funny thing, I can do it all because I am the God given talent and I am a true natural born thriller!"

Al Snow: What a debut by this old wCw kid named Mike Sanders.

Michael Cole: I remember he was the old wCw Commissioner.

Al Snow: That's right.

Michael Cole: I remember his in ring talent and he has only but good things coming his way in the wWe.

Al Snow: We could always use some more talent here on Smackdown!

| "Natural Born Thriller" comes back on throughout the arena as the crowd gives "Above Average" Mike Sanders a mixed reaction as he heads backstage and the scene fades. The scene fades back in later in Mike Sander's locker room. |

| "Above Average" Mike Sanders |

"Well Sadistic, I just got off the phone with 'him' and he is on his way here to help me reform The Natural Born Thriller's. Image the best in the business coming back together once again! Now we don't those half ass stars like from wCw like Reno and Mark Jindrak. I am a few new people in mind, the people that are the future of this business but I will worry about this after King of the Ring. This is just a warning to the wWe."

| The scene fades out as Mike Sanders gets up and grabs a $10 coke out of the mini fridge. The scene slowly fades to black as Mike Sanders writes a few things down on paper. |