Sergio: Next we have our Extreme Championship match between Chris Lockhart and Ray Sanders! Alyssa: These paying fans didn't come to hear us talk though, they came for the action! ~ "You Remind Me" by Nickelback plays as Ray Sanders walks out to cheers from the crowd. ~ Ring Announcer: Introducing first, standing in at 7 feet tall, weighing 472 pounds, Ray Sanders! ~ "Loco" by Coal Chamber plays as Chris Lockhart walks out to boos from the fans in the arena. ~ Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring, weighing in at 299 pounds, the Extreme Champion, Chris Lockhart! ~ Ding! Ding! Ding! ~ ~ Both men size each other up as they take off! Chris Lockhart takes down Ray Sanders with a spear followed by multiple left and right punches. Ray Sanders attempts to battle his way back up to his feet hitting the champion in the gut but is quickly taken back down with a lariat. Chris Lockhart climbs to the top rope and looks for the flying cross body but the over sized Ray Sanders catches him and hits a body slam followed by a big splash off the second rope. He makes the pin fall attempt for a two count. He pulls Chris Lockhart back up and Chris Lockhart hits a low blow sending the big man on all fours. He climbs out of the ring and grabs a ladder, table, and a chair which gets a roaring ovation from the crowd. As Ray Sanders gets up Chris Lockhart takes all his might and hits a powerslam followed by a pick up and a DDT. Chris Lockhart locks in the Master-Lock but Ray Sanders just pushes him off after about 10 seconds. ~ Sergio: Wow! Ray Sanders wasn't even effected by the Master-Lock and that was Chris's trademark move! Alyssa: Both men have shown us a lot sp far can they kep this pace up though. ~ Ray Sanders takes his opponent down with The Wild Ride, his version of the chokeslam. Instead of making the pinfall though he sets Chris Lockhart up on the table and the 400 plus pounder climbs the ladder as each step looks as if it is about to give out at any second. He stands on the very top and leaps and goes for The Sander and connects! Ray Sanders hurt himself on the fall and after about 20 seconds of non-action both me get to their feet at the same time and Chris Lockhart hits Ray Sanders upside the head with it. Chris Lockhart takes all his strength and hits the Insane-O-Matik! ~ Sergio: He was put through a table and landed on off a top of a ladder by a 400 plus pounder! Alyssa: Yes and after all this he picks Ray Sander sup for his version of the F-5! ~ Chris Lockhart makes the cover for the win. As Chris Lockhart is represented his Extreme Title and his arm is being raised then "Always" by Saliva is heard coming over the Public Announce System as The Diamond Kid sprints to the ring and takes the champion's head off with a sledgehammer and puts the Extreme Championship on his shoulder as a near by crew member hands him a microphone. ~ The Diamond Kid: Chris Lockhart, I never formerly introduced myself, I am soon to be hall of famer, The Diamond Kid and guess what fans, scream T D K all you want because the interent and the dirt sheets were wrong, does it look like I have a broken back? No I will be the first to admit my back is not at all 100% but this company can't survive without me! Look at what this comapny has come too, bringing washed up nobodys that use to be somebodys like The Wild Dog and Keyser Soze back into the picture. Look at our World Champion, now that is a joke! I mean we have people like Thorn in main events, that is what brought me back not yet 100% and well Chris Lockhart you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time because I have talked to President Triple G and at Hell Frozen Over 3 it will be me and you in a Ladder Match for Extreme Championship and you also bring your own weapon! Let me remind you and the world, I have never lost a ladder match and I sure as hell don't plan on to losing against a jobber like you! I ain't cocky, you just suck! Remember where you heard it first, from me, T D K! ~ "Always" by Saliva plays as The Diamond Kid drops the sledgehammer and the Extreme Title on Chris Lockhart's motionless body as he raises his hand as he climbs to the top of the ladder. He climbs back down and grabs a can of spraypaints and spraypaints 'T D K' on the title and Lockhart's back as he leaves the arena. ~ Sergio: What a match for Hell Frozen Over 3, The Diamond Kid and Chris Lockhart! Alyssa: Some pretty interesting stipulations as well and The Diamond Kid is 11-0 in ladder matches. Sergio: Well the most contriversal man in wresling is back so things shoudl start picking up!