The D-Spot Welcome to 'The D-Spot' everyone. I am Commissioner David of The IuwF. This week we will look at November Nightmare and this week's coming up Saturday Night Impact as we officially debut on Revolution Studios for sure. We have an exclusive interview with IuwF President, Triple G and we will take a look at the career of Keyser Soze now that he is back officialy as of November Nightmare and this week 'A Blast From The Past' will feature Hammer's last match in The IuwF as he battled The Diamond Kid for the World Heavyweight Championship. Also, I introduce a new segment, the move of the week and I will give you all an exclusive look at the Towering Inferno blueprints, Enjoy! November Nightmare (November 25, 2002) In Review... November Nightmare was a great show with surprises and a solid card. It is simple to say the IuwF keeps just getting better and better. We kicked teh show off with an interview with 'The ReLLiK" Tripp Killborne and after that he went out and became the number one contender for the Television Championship after beating Ray Sanders and 'The Future Legend' Shane Tyler. AFter that we found the camera men spying on Eddie and he said he had a surprise and the IuwF wouldn't ruin and kicked out the camera man. Next we saw The Diamond Kid take out J-Mac to become the number one contender for the United States Championship. After that, IRA King was interviewed and went on to beat WenZday 13 for the Television Championship. Who knows about this Extreme division? Dominic Torretto retains over Dark Archer and now he is vanished from the roster, who knows? Well, up next IRA King was attacked in 'The Untouchables' locker room. Thorn defended sucessfully against Neo Messiah with The Diamond Kid out there and all. Dominic Torretto is stripped from the Extreme Title but from who? Blake Masters retains his Intercontinental Championship against Chris Lockhart. The grand finale was yet to come...The Towering Inferno match! Decreto gains his third World Championship win over Morgan Blackthorne and we saw Eddie present the returns of Keyser Soze and The Wild Dog back to the IuwF and was it in fact the ghost of Sidian, maybe we will find out in the coming weeks. A great show, I hope we see more Pay-Per View's like that expecially because Hell Frozen Over 3 is coming up. I say on a scale 1-10, November Nightmare rated a 9.5. One of Three, Keyser Soze... In the past week we have seen the return of three IuwF Hall of Famer's. Keyser Soze, The Wild Dog, and Neo Messiah. This week we will take a look at Keyser Soze. I am just going to take a quick look into the past career of Keyser Soze. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame December 23, 2001. He is tied in records for the most different titles held, which is four, he has the record for the longest reign as Tag Team Champion with Neo Messiah and The Wild Dog with 149 days, he has the record for most matches, 49, and the record for most wins, 30. This week on Impact he will wrestle match number 50 with The Wild Dog by his side for the Tag Team Championships, good luck to Keyser Soze, what a career and he is still rocking the arenas around the world, it is great to have him back in the IuwF! The Ghost of Sidian... At November Nightmare we saw what appeared to be the ghost of Sidian in the air after the main event. Is Sidian alive or revisiting us by his spirit? Could he be sending these returning legends a sign not to come back, could we feel the darkness again by Sidian, catch Impact every week for this developing story. The Move of the Week... This week the move of the week is the new move by IRA King. It is a version of the superkick which he calls the 'Snack, Crackle, Pop!' Keep on entertaining IRA King with new developments. Want your move here, impress me! A Blast From The Past... This week in 'A Blast From The Past' we are taking a look at Hammer's last match in the IuwF. It was a ladder match for the IuwF World Heavyweight Championship against The Diamond Kid and this is how it went down... IuwF Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match Hammer v. The Diamond Kid Sergio: It's time for tonight's main event. Alyssa: We have a great match for you tonight. Sergio: Hammer puts his heavyweight championship on the line in a ladder match. Alyssa: Yeah, Hammer or The Diamond Kid will have to take the ladder and set it up in the ring and then climb up to the ladder and grab the championship belt. ~ "Too Bad" plays. A spotlight shines on the entrance. As the fans begin to boo and give The Diamond Kid heat as he struts out onto the stage. The Diamond Kid walks down to the ring. The Diamond Kid taunts the fans in his traditional way as fireworks and explosions light up the dark arena. ~ Ring Announcer: Tonight's challenger, weighing in at 260 pounds, and at a height of 6 feet, 5 inches. He is The Diamond Kid!!! ~ "Man In The Box" plays. The lights dim. silver and white strobe lights start flashing. Hammer walks out of the entranceway and in an aggressive and angry manner, fast paced, walks down towards the ring and enters. ~ Ring Announcer: And the IUWF current World Heavyweight Champion. He weighs in at 282 pounds, and at 6 feet, 6 inches. He is Hammer!!! ~ Ding! Ding! Ding! The match begins. ~ ~ Hammer and The Diamond Kid tie up in the middle of the ring. Hammer knees Diamond Kid in the stomach. He picks up Diamond Kid and gives him a rib breaker. Hammer stomps on Diamond Kid. Diamond Kid rolls away and escapes to the side of the ring by the ropes. Diamond Kid picks himself back up. Hammer charges at him for a clothesline but Diamond Kid sees him coming and ducks and holds down the top rope. Hammer misses and goes flying up and over the top rope and down to ringside. ~ Sergio: Good scouting by The Diamond Kid. Alyssa: It's unlike Hammer to make a mistake like that. ~ The Diamond Kid bounces off the ropes and runs towards Hammer. Diamond Kid hits Hammer with a baseball slide. Hammer falls back into the guardrail. Diamond Kid grabs Hammer at ringside and takes him to the entranceway, where the ladder is standing. Diamond Kid takes Hammer by the head and slams it into the ladder. The Diamond Kid sets up Hammer up for a vertical suplex. The Diamond Kid hits the suplex into the ladder, knocking it over. Hammer clutches his back after hitting the ladder. The Diamond Kid grabs the ladder sets it up across the guard rails over the entrance way. The Diamond Kid takes Hammer and gives him a chokeslam, slamming him up on the ladder. The Diamond Kid lays Hammer across the ladder. The Diamond Kid climbs up onto the ring apron. ~ Sergio: I think Diamond Kid is going to jump on Hammer, who is elevated on the ladder platform across the guardrails. Alyssa: Do it Diamond Kid, Do it! ~ The Diamond Kid jumps up on the 3rd rope, and slingshots into a moonsaults backwards landing on top of Hammer on the ladder. The crowd gets to their feet, and cheers. ~ Alyssa: That was awesome! ~ The Diamond Kid gets up and little bruise after the move. He grabs Hammer and slides him back into the ring. The Diamond Kid grabs the ladder and enters back into the ring. As soon as Diamond Kid enters the ring with the ladder, Hammer charges at him and drives a big boot right into the ladder knocking it right into the Diamond Kids face. The sickening metal sounds echoes throughout the building. Hammer takes the ladder and lays it flat on the mat. Hammer grabs The Diamond Kid and whips him to the ropes, the Diamond Kid bounces back and Hammer gives him tilt-a-whirl side slam, slamming him onto the ladder. Hammer takes the ladder and stands it up in the middle of the ring. Hammer starts climbing. ~ Sergio: Hammer is going for the win here. ~ Hammer gets nearly to the top, and The Diamond Kid starts climbing the other side of the ladder. The Diamond Kid meets Hammer at the top of the ladder. Hammer decks The Diamond Kid with a couple of punches. Diamond Kid sways backward but doesn't fall off. Hammer takes The Diamond Kid and sets him up for a Hammerbomb, from the top of the ladder! Hammer lifts him up on his shoulders, but The Diamond Kid jumps over Hammer and takes Hammer down with a sunset flip. Hammer and Diamond Kid hit the mat with a huge thud. ~ Alyssa: Ouch that's got to leave a mark. Sergio: Both wrestlers fell 15 feet from the top of the ladder, equally suffering the consequences. ~ After awhile, they both get back up. Hammer charges after The Diamond Kid but Diamond Kid lowers his head and takes Hammer down with the D-spot. The Diamond Kid goes over to the ladder and starts climbing. He barely gets to the top when Hammer starts climbing the same side of the ladder. Diamond Kid kicks at him but Hammer dodges them, Hammer rises up to Diamond Kid. Hammer takes Diamond Kid by the head and slams it into a rung of the ladder. Hammer grabs Diamond Kid and gives him back suplex off of the ladder, and they both crash on the mat, with another huge thud .~ Sergio: Someone is going to get seriously hurt! Alyssa: Wait one second, who is that making his way to the ring? ~ IRA King is walking towards the ring, and stops at ringside. He points and laughs at the two wrestlers, who can barely get up. ~ Sergio: Again, he's out here again? Alyssa: Well he thinks Hammer and Diamond Kid are amusing. ~ Hammer and The Diamond Kid both get back up. Diamond Kid swings a punch but Hammer blocks it and then hits the Diamond Kid with a headbutt. Hammer gives Diamond Kid a brainbuster suplex. Hammer takes the ladder and lays it flat on the mat in front of the turnbuckle. Hammer grabs Diamond Kid and opens up the ladder, and lays the Diamond Kid in between the each side of the ladder. Hammer climbs up to the top turnbuckle and jumps off and hits a leg drop onto the ladder crushing the Diamond Kid in between. Hammer clutches his leg after hitting the steel part of the ladder. ~ Sergio: That has to crush Diamond Kids ribs to pieces. Alyssa: Hammer made Diamond Kid into a sandwich! ~ Hammer limping removes Diamond Kid from the ladder, and once again stands it up in the middle of the ring. Hammer starts climbing the ladder, but struggles with injured leg. The Diamond Kid gets back up to his feet, and starts climbing up the other side. They meet each other at the top, and Diamond Kid smacks Hammer with a forearm. Diamond Kid then hits a couple of cross arm cops nearly knocking Hammer off of the ladder. The Diamond Kid then takes Hammer and puts him into the camel clutch hold from up on top of the ladder. ~ Alyssa: Diamond Kid has him in that hold, 15-feet above the ring. Sergio: This is getting extremely dangerous. ~ Diamond Kid continues to pull back on Hammer's neck, before finally letting go. Hammer seemingly knocked out lays on the ladder as Diamond Kid reaches up for the Heavyweight Championship. Diamond Kid starts to unattach the title, when Hammer sneaks in a blow to Diamond Kids ribs. Diamond Kid fights back and hits Hammer with a punch of his own. Diamond Kid grabs Hammer by the neck and delivers a stunner. Hammer nearly falls off again but he holds onto the ladder. The Diamond Kid starts tapping his foot signally only one thing. He fully extends his leg right into Hammer knocking him backwards the diamond kick. Hammer flies backward with such force and impact he lands outside of the ring and crashes through the announcer's table. Sergio and Alyssa jump up, surprised to see Hammer land from that much distance from the ladder. The Diamond Kid reaches up and grabs the Heavyweight Championship. ~ ~ Ding! Ding! Ding! The match is over. ~ Ring Announcer: Your new IUWF world heavyweight champion, The Diamond Kid! Sergio: Holy Shit! Did you see that? That was some diamond kid! Alyssa: Yeah that was incredible! ~ IRA King slides into the ring. Diamond Kid is still way up on top of the ladder. IRA King pushes the ladder over and the Diamond Kid falls down to ringside, landing onto the ringside mats. IRA King goes over to Diamond Kid he grabs the heavyweight championship and diamond kid gets back up. IRA King charges at him and knocks him in the head with belt. IRA King throws the championship on the ground. He grabs an American Flag from the under the ring and a lighter. He lights the lighter and then sets the American Flag on fire. He starts laughing as the flag becomes ashes. The camera cuts away from the scene to Sergio and Alyssa. ~ Sergio: Sorry IUWF fans, that is not allowed! Alyssa: IRA King has taken it too far! ~ Hammer in front of them starts moving. ~ Sergio: Need any help Hammer? ~ He says nothing, he gets back up on his feet, bruised and battered, and limps to the back ~ Alyssa: Well lets hope Hammer is OK, and can come back and fight some more. The Diamond Kid captured his first IuwF Heaviweght Championship win and we havn't seen Hammer since, I don't think we ever will with his mentor Neo Messiah back to take his place. Next week we will take a look at the first ever Doctors Match between Decreto and Kidd for the IuwF World Heavyweight Championship! A Saturday Night Impact (November 30, 2002) Preview... Triple Threat Debut Match Genocide vs Mathew Zebrowski vs Etan Cross Preview: There is not much I can say because I have never seen any of these kids perform but I am sure they are all gunning to make a name for themselves, on winner, two losers. Television Championship Number One Contendership Match WenZday 13 vs Ray Sanders Preview: No matter the winner of the match may be, it's a tough call, they have a challenge ahead of them which is IRA King or Tripp Killborne. WenZday 13 has been great, Ray Sanders has experience but he isn't that great, another classic rookie against veteran. Television Championship Match Tripp Killborne vs IRA King Preview: The rookie against the legend, IRA King got a bad start since returned but he has quickly made that up and betwen these two expect a great match and one surprising outcome either way. Extreme Championship Match Chris Lockhart vs Dark Archer Preview: This Extreme Championship situation has been getting heated up for the first time in a long time latley. If your the champ, you being hunted. These two will give us a great match as always. United States Championship SledgeHammers Legal Match The Diamond Kid vs Thorn Preview: This started at November Nightmare and will end on Impact. The Diamond Kid beloves the sledgehammer and it is legal plus he has been hunting United States gold for awhile, is this his chance or can Thorn knock him off? Tag Team Championship Match Skarred & J-Mac vs Keyser Soze & The Wild Dog Preview: This will be the big match number 50 for Keyser Soze and he and The Wild Dog have held the World Tag Team Championships before for a record 149 days, their both really rusty could the two still rookies knock them off? Last Man Standing Match Blake Masters vs Neo Messiah Preview: Neo Messiah, he didn't have a great match at November Nightmare and Blake Masters is on a roll. I expect to see a hell out of both me, teh question is though is if Neo Messiah still has 'it' or not. A Saturday Night Impact (November 30, 2002) Predictions... Triple Threat Debut Match Genocide vs Mathew Zebrowski vs Etan Cross Prediction: Etan Cross Television Championship Number One Contendership Match WenZday 13 vs Ray Sanders Prediction: WenZday 13 Television Championship Match Tripp Killborne vs IRA King Prediction: IRA King Extreme Championship Match Chris Lockhart vs Dark Archer Prediction: Dark Archer United States Championship SledgeHammers Legal Match The Diamond Kid vs Thorn Prediction: The Diamond Kid Tag Team Championship Match Skarred & J-Mac vs Keyser Soze & The Wild Dog Prediction: Keyser Soze Last Man Standing Match Blake Masters vs Neo Messiah Prediction: Blake Masters The Towering Inferno... Curiousity killed the cat, so take a look pussies... It's something alright and you only get the inside scoop like that at The D-Spot! Off The Record Interview With Triple G... - Next Week on The D-Spot... Next week on The D-Spot, we will have exclusive predictions by Keyser Soze! Another Move of the Week, Blast from the Past, previews, reviews, and much much more like always at The D-Spot! -Commissioner David ------------------------------------------------------- Top 10 Wrestlers 1. Blake Masters 2. Decreto 3. Thorn 4. The Diamond Kid 5. Morgan Blackthorne 6. Tripp Killborn 7. IRA King 8. WenZday 13 9. Chris Lockhart 10. Dark Archer Match of the Week Morgan Blackthorne vs Decreto The one week old World Champion, Morgan Blackthorne defending against the 2 time champion, Decreto. Decreto made it a three time champion. The Towering Inferno was nothing but amazing and with the return of Keyser Soze and The Wild Dog and possibly Sidian's ghost appearance this was onbe for the ages. Surprise of the Week Hall of Fame Week In The IuwF Now not only last week on Impact did Neo Messiah return to the IuwF thanks to Eddie but also thanks to our Vice President at November Nightmare, Keyser Soze and The Wild Dog are both back in the IuwF, also, could Sidian still be alive? If so, could he return to get revenge on Decreto, the new World Champion. Wrestler of the Week Decreto All the twists and turns at November Nightmare were off the chart and Decreto captured his third World Title victory. He fought it out with Morgan Blackthorne and ended his one week reign, Decreto is on top of the IuwF right now and the question is, who can knock him off? Slam of the Week The Towering Inferno You might think main event when I say the Towering Inferno but how about the opening match, Ray Sanders set Tripp Killborne up to be nailed with The Sander from the top of the Towering Inferno forty feet up but all Ray Sanders got was a face full of concrete and medical attention not letting be able to finish the match.