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4# X-Pac 1-0-0 Batista,Bischoff,Hall,Brock
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This Rp is totally written by me X-Pac's Handler and i hope you enjoy. Now Read the rp Slapnutz!
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*!*X-Pac Has Been trying to make a impact since his debut in TCW Last week, this past fury D-X reformed and made a big impact. X-Pac picking up a victory against another TCW newcomer Jerry Lynn X-Pac also confronted TCW owner Eric Bischoff who was on a war path and fired Both Raven and Kurt Angle also warning many more. He also has now got personel protection in Batista and says their are more changes to come! TCW maybe under strain as bischoff goes power mad! He also assured the TCW fans roster alike. That no member of D-X will ever be TCW champion.*!*


[..::..]The Scene starts in the back of the arena where a door swings open and we see TCW Superstar X-Pac is carrying his bag over his shoulder and has a hooded D-X Top with hood over his head he walks down the coridoor at pace turns into a room drops off his bag then carrys on walking it looks like he's coming out to the ring area! Suck It! Hits over the P.A and X-Pac emerges from the backstage hitting the Suck It sign as he walks down the ramp. The fan's are giving him a decent repection as he jumps into the ring and stands in the centre of the ring and does the suck sing as his pyro goe's off He then get s a Mic of Buffer and starts to speak! [..::..]

}(X-Pac){ This past week i've realized a lot of things about this company and the people who run it.... First and foremost I realized it's not what ya know it's who ya know... who's ass to kiss! And I take a look arround at the TCW Roster and I look at the people in top spots Like Batista Brock etc.And I do not see one guy on that damn list that is better than me in any aspect of Wrestling.Hell The Rock your beloved World Champion... I could kick his ass twice in 10 minutes no problems.But ya don't see people handing out Title shots to me.... Hell I beat Jerry Lynn, why the hell is he gettin the shot to the TCW Intercontintal Title if I beat him.Because it all goes back to who's ass ya kiss and theres not a man in this company that doesn't have a browner nose than your peice of crap Bischoff's Sex Toy Batista.Hell his nose isn't brown, his whole damn face is since his head is so far up Bischoffs ass.it's not good that this so called Monster is kissing that much ass as no one wants to see him as the champion he has no balls for christ sake i hear stacy wants a challenger for the womens title well batista theres your chance it may be a little one sided as my god stacy would go into that overwhelming faviroute but thats fine! You can maybe put up a good fight for these fans and gain some support other than your 1000 year old sugar daddy Eric Bischoff.

[..::..] The crowd appluads that line in a agreement.X-Pac Just continues what he was saying [.::..]

}(X-Pac){ I look at your faces and it tells it all, no one will know what i'm talking about.But you will Batista X-Pac is going to kick your ass so bad this week that your going to wish you never stuck your big steriod munching german porn film staring ass in my buisness. You yellow streak of piss you should have stayed at home and let bischoff sit on you their not bring your sick little relationship into the public eye!!! That move was just stupid and its about to come even stupidier! You see i don't just want your ass licking carcus in this tag match i want you at the PPV because if you havent heard i'm the giant killer and i will kill your ass 1 on 1 at the ppv. Then you will have to console your sugar daddy by giving the little punk a hand job as he will be pissed as his giant will have just been slayed. And of course his little bang kok chick boys will have been shipped home by the police as they aint legal when you keep them chained up at day like bischoff does Don't deny it bischoff me and all this guys and girls in the arena no's its true. You probably chain batista up and feed him steriods when he aint here being a pain in the ass your like an annoying little kid who thinks there hard cause they got a bigger brother. Or in your case a bigger sex toy! now you make this batista is unbeatable and untouchable well thats utter shit, because you see he may be be big and full of steriods but he's as slow as fucking Hogan! I will out pace this punk and take away his legs and he won't be able to fight he will become a zach gowen wanna be but he'll have 1 less leg! And i sure as hell will out think him he has to be the thickest piece of shit i've ever seen i mean between him and bischoff they have a half a carrott in the brains department! I mean if bischoff is the brains of the operation you should start worrying i mean when god was giving out the brains he must have been shocked when bischoff strolled up with batista head up his ass and gave them a carrot which batista used as a brethe mint! Well what do say Steroidtista are you ready to be the giant that i kill at my very first tcw ppv!!!! I will defeat you like i did lynn and then throw you in the trash. Now thats a good idea you see you aint nothing but some trailer park steroid eating Trash. So for the PPV I challenge your overweight ass to a Dumpster Match! Now i know you wont understand that basically i'll be throwing your ass in to the place where your mom used to take her clients to Fuck as she was embarresed to bring them home to see you tossing off a rabbit on the sofa while eating steroids.

[..::..] The TCW Fans laff in unism and chant :X-PAC X-PAC X-PAC![..::..]

}(X-Pac){ Now that brings me to brock lesnar well well well brock you son of a bitch have got yourself on top of the company with out doing jack shit. Well expect maybe that hand job you gave bisch at the crimbo party!!!! Now i thought Batista was dumb but you just take the piss i've met dumb and dumber now i've met dumbest. Do you really think anyone is scared of your little act , its aload bullshit i mean ohh scary brock is coming after us ohh i'm sure the only people in the world who are scared of you and thats the Cheeky Girls and thats only because of your unhealty fetish for gay sex and making them watch!So to put an end to all your shit me and HHH will have to beat you and your little partner this monday to prove a point that theres only 1 place d-x is going and tha's to the top! Not that it's going to be a hard match neither off you two can walk after all the steroid abuse you've but your bodys through and you got arse cramp from the amount of bending over you do for bischoff! And i heard the best joke the other day from this fan "That brock lesnar is really charasmatic" I tell you now i was rolling on the floor laughing at that one you like gareth gates what ever you say just sounds like "BLA BLA BLA BLA" It's just all shit you have some gimmick Going "Here Comes The Pain" i bet it did come after kissing bischoffs ass for a record time! Now on friday you got away lucky HBK had it won 1-2-3 in the middle of that ring but thats fine you will never stay at the top even now you've made it you see theres been plenty of guys like you get to the top then fall with in a month or so of getting their because people find out your just up a jumped up steroid freak so give me a break and stop wrestling!!! Youre just one big lump of lard that probably came about by cyrus getting drunk one night and shagging a elephant and pop here comes Brock Lesnar the biggest walking talking piece of crap ever.

[..::..] The crowd Cheers more for PAC who smiles then continues....[..::..]

}(X-Pac){Man theres a horrible stench around this arena 2nite, no sorry that's AJ Style blocked in the bog! Man he's a unflushable shit!!! Speaking Of Shit! this brings me to Shane O'Cack. Now what i want to no is where did you get a name like that. Did you cack your pants at silver spoon school! Oh and don't get me started On Justin-Shitable. I mean i bring you in to wwe and what do you take a huge shit and wrestle worse than B-Train or whatever he calls himself now!!!! That's perfectic. Your Not The Coolest Not The Best your Justin Shit!!! Ohh and Christian With his peeps, well i've heard rumours he's more into Sheeps than peeps i even have pics of it...Thats all the prove you need! He was about to mount a sheep just after that pic was taken!!!! stupidity!! is what it is! sick aswell but that's just another sick member of TCW!!!!

}(X-Pac){Well Well Well i've been told Lynn Has Left the company! That's the best news i've heard since the playboy issue with chyna in went out of print! Because in lynn's one and only match i kicked his ass! And now he's gone running back to his dad's Sex Shop, with his tail between his legs because he couldn't cut it!!! Now the man who's replaced him i no very well and that's Scott Hall! Which is good for the company another top guy around in TCW! But what i'm more interested in, is the fact that me and Scott, go back along way and that maybe, he can be another allie for the Anti-Bitchoff campaign. Because we need as many as we can get, but if he goes kisses bischoffs ass i'll be quite happy to giant kill your ass scott!! Cause a friend of bischoff is a enemy of mine you see i don't like ass kissers! So hall your either with us or against us!!!!! Now i ain't saying join D-X, but just be against Bitchoff and you've made 5 friends hall!!!! Now it's your choice!!!

}(X-Pac){ And since i've been out here you haven't heard me once talk about the formation of D-X last firday night i might aswell adress it you see we all stayed friends after the split and HHH gave me the call that him and road dogg were at this company and needed me to help form D-X and i was like yes and i'll bring Shawn along with me and then when we'd all been signed by the man who hates us all Bitchoff we new it was time to bring D-X to TCW and now we have and your fans are lapping it up then we will systematicly take down bitchoff's regime and foley's for that matter as any authority to us sucks cock and is their to be toppled now one of us i don't care who it is are going to become TCW World Champion! I don't care if it's steph, i mean that is possible considering the TCW Champion right now is a puffter movie star who's more bothered about how his make up looks than wrestling. Thats not the kind of champion TCW needs hell no know wrestling fed should have to put up with his little crap act. Now i see some priest has popped up going by the name of Pisstopher Daniels now excuse me if i'm wrong but what kind of priest wrestles??? and walks around with what you and me all no is my woman! She no's you no it hell the pope no's it!!! (crowd laugh) Now i have a proposal for you some show down the line you put up what's most precious to you on the line. No not your rosemary beads! Your Hot blonde chick in a match against X-PAC. If i win i get her as my manager, if you win i just pleasure her in secret while your at church! now thats all i gotta say about that. Your ASS Is Grass and i'm gonna Smoke It!

[..::..] "SuckIt Hits the P.A Again and X-PAC throws the mic down and the crowd are chanting his name he smiles and laffs then makes his way up the entrance ramp and tcw heads to a commercial break TCW will be back soon. [..::..]

D-X On Top Of TCW. We Got Two Words For Ya SUCK IT!