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7# X-Pac 1-1-0 Batista,Bischoff,Hall,corino etc
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-|| Foreword ||-

{...:...TCW is looking to crown a new World Champion this Monday... IT could be 1 off 8 guys...who will it be?!?! It's still wide open despite being close to getting underway...:...}

-|| Scene ||-

[ The scene opens to a TCW house show. The cameras follow the twisting hallways in the backstage area. The cameras come upon the locker room of X-Pac. The door opens and you see X-Pac sitting on the couch. In walks reporter Pamela Paulshock she clears her throat to be noticed... ]

Pamela Paulshock: X-Pac...hello...X-Pac...., my name is Pamela and I'm here to ask you questions about the upcoming Monday night show and the PPV.... "TCW New Years Revoultions"

{ X-Pac nods as the Reporter tells the camera crew to set and gets ready. As soon as the crew is set up, Pamela Takes a seat next to x-pac...then the camera man counts down and the interview is underway... )

Pamela Paulshock: Now X-Pac it seems with all the people who have left the TCW your destiny would of been shakey. but somehow you have been able to keep your cool and are still here against our owner Eric Bischoff. And you have a chance this monday, to win the TCW World title after it was Vacated by The Rock being sacked. What are your views on this?

X-Pac: Fate is a great thing pamela and not even crap ass bosses like Eric Bitchoff can stop it. You see since i've signed here i've allways new it was fate that the World Title would make its way to me. No matter what bischoff said. And this monday night, pamela i get the chance to prove it and i will not let it slip for anyone and i mean anyone... So next question pamela, i havent got all day you know!!!!!

Pamela Paulshock: We've see just before your last promo Corino come out and cut a monster promo before getting interupted by the boss, and bischoff seems to have corino under his control, does this worry you???

X-Pac: Corino, where you walk, you used to walk alone.And be a free lance. But now bischoff has you on a lead. And your fast becoming his new bitch. Which is a shame for these TCW fans that have followed you but you were too blinded by Bitchoff lies and bullshit. He so didn't bail you out it's fucking obvious... he's just using that as a plan because he no's batista is not up to the job...he's hoping that you will still be with him for ages before you work it out, so he can use you as a pupit like he does with batista. And if you wanna believe it then i don't give a fuck... but these fans do!!! And they will begin to resent you if you stay as bischoff's puppit forever...But anyway i think it's bull crap just like most of the things bitchoff does. He just trys to surround himself with as many as kisser as he can...ever since i was in the TCW. You've always operated on 3 things. Bullshit, bullshit and oh yes Bullshit! Because thats all you can do bitchoff. You can't run a company normally!!! Nooo! You have to get some bitchs to protect your overweight ass from getting kicked. Is it because your scared. I think so!!!

Pamela Paulshock: Well what do you feel about guys like Y2J, Batista and Matt Hardy laying claim to the same World championship that you have your eyes set on?

X-Pac: Talk...all talk.....thats what i'm hearing. Men, who are really jackasses, claiming they can actually win it when they are just dreaming. First we have Batista...Who has been keeping a low profile so far...And he might aswell as he will never be anything better than that he know's in his head that he can't win the TCW Title. No matter How Strong he is!!!! All he wants to do in TCW is Have Bitchoff's babies!!! And that's all he will do as he just aint up to the job!!!.......Then We Have Y2J!!!! Oh i'm really scared now yeah i'm shivering in my boots... All he does is come up with these catch phrases and makes you guys laff. Which i don't mind and in the ring he's ok....But he just ain't X-Pac and can and will if i have to face him beat him 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring and when your looking up at the stars while i pin you Y2J then you should have a bit of time to come up with one of your pointless catchphrases for your next unsucesful promo!!!You see you might entertain all these fans which is all well and good... but your just not world championship material.... This brings me onto to you... Matt Hardy.. now you seem to think your going to take TCW to the next level well that's bullshit. Your just average... you can dress your self up in your crap clothes and give your self a crap gimmick and do more promos but it doesnt change the fact that you really do suck balls... You just can't cut it at the top off the company... go ahead and win the us title and IC Title cause thats your level but give up on the world title situation. You see pamela non of them guys have what it takes at world title level... and will not be The TCW World Champion... but in saying that the only decent champ this place has had so far is HHH. I mean look at Sandman the only thing he was good at was being a drunk jackass who could hardly walk... Then we have The Crock... the big movie star who doesnt give a damn about TCW and it's belt it just ment a bit more money to fund another crap cameo in the movies... This poor title history will change soon enough... As X-Pac is coming for the Title and will hold it for a record amount of time... maybe even till i retire!!!! I will be a proper champion unlike the rock and will defend consistently... But people will have to earn there shots not anyone will be given them... because this belt needs some prestige... not some Johnny come lately like Shane O'Cac or Raven and his little bum boy Kurt Angle... getting shots at that title.....It just drags down the company to have names like that anything involved with the world title... Now pamela i think i am going to leaving you now and go cut my promo in the ring so good bye...

[TCW Cuts to a Commercial and the show continues for another 1h30. Untill... X-Pac is shown sitting atop the turnbuckle post of the Mayhem arena for monday, he has a twisted smile on his face...He looks into the camera and address it.]]

X-Pac: Well, finally I get some peace and quite...you no what i'm so glad to be away from the limelight, you see i can say what i like now with out some fools trying to censor me! So Hall, I've heard about how you think your actually going to beat me this monday.Well that's never going to happen Hall. I've said it 1nce and i'll say it again come monday you have no chance in hell punk. You see hall, once again that tiny slice of brain left in your head is playing tricks on you and hearing my words wrong. and once again I'm going to pin you for the one...two...three. Cause Hall keep your eyes open, because your career will end in a flash. I mean, frankly, I can prove it...when was the last time you made any of wrestling fans say what a match...Wrestlemania 10 thats when near enough 10 years ago... your so far past your prime its funny hall.You see you should have retired after nWo died down...but did you Hell No! You had to stay around living on your past glory and still picking up your over inflated pay check!!! Well i gotta say that just sucks... with the money TCW are paying you they could hire a new up and comer who can actually move around the ring...I'm . There's not going to be a thing stopping me either once I have my opportunity to face you. Because i am going to be champion wheather you like it or not... it might not be on monday that i get crowned but i will be TCW Champion and when i win that belt. I will take some green spray paint. And spray D-X on it and it would become the D-X World Title punk's! And the d-x revoultion begins

[TCW Cuts to a commercial... then comes back and Joey and Cyrus introduce a newly produced X-Pac desire Video... The music is... You Know Your Right BY Nirvana ]

I would never bother you
I would never promise to
I would never follow you
I would never bother you

{ The bloody image of X-Pac is shown on the screen. As the picture fades you see various clips from X-Pac's WWE and WCW Matches. You see X-Pac winning all of his titles. You see all of his battles. Clips of some of his most vicious feuds. The clips fade and settles to a dressing room. You see a chair with X-Pac sitting their looking into a mirror. His face looks mad and he stares right down the camera. }

Never speak a word again
I will crawl away for good
I will move away from here
You won't be afraid of fear

X-Pac: It's been a hard road for me. I've been battered, i've been abused i've been stabbed in the back by best friends I've risked my ass and for one reason... the TCW World Title. And you can bet...when "Suck It" hits and I walk out to the rampway and see all you fans chanting my name. I forget about how beaten up i am...and the only thing i worry about then is giving 110% blood sweet and tears for you guys... I put it all on the line every night. Just to gain your respect!!! WCW, WWE/F, TCW.....I've done the same thing over all these years. I won't walk out this ring untill i have achieved my goal... they are going to have to carry my battered ass out of here...because I plan to go out with a bang and not easily!!!!!!!!

{ The scene fades and opens to X-Pac about to be hit with the pedigree by his former best friend... then enemy... now best friend again HHH. The fades to clips of X-Pac getting many injuries and taking many bumps. We see a near crippled x-pac getting his ribs rapped...right before going back out to kick ass again...We also see shots of the bronco buster We come back to a shot of X-Pac looking into the mirror. }

X-Pac: My body has been through hell and back.These bruises and broken bones arn't fake... But i just can't stop wrestling... to please you guys.You know your right... i probably should have packed in wrestling along time ago.. got a normal job... but how many jobs do you get please thousands of people each night! By giving them all you've got and 10% extra. This isn't just how i make my living like other guys... this is my life... and theres only 1 thing a wrestler should aim for and thats the World Title! If you aint in it for that, then you shouldn't be here. I'm no different that's what i live for in wrestling is the World Title

Pain! Pain! Pain!
You know you're right
You Know You're right
You Know Your're right
I'm so warm and calm inside
I no longer have to hide
Let's talk about someone else
Sterling silver begins to melt

{ The mirrior scene fades back in to pictures.We see D-X invading WCW. Then X-Pac deafeting Kane.Then we X-Pac as the 1-2-3 kid making his WWE Debut. Then we see him accompaining Scott Hall to the ring.Then X-Pac caputuring Tag Gold with road dogg. We then see X-Pac and kane during one of the speaking segments... Then X-Pac beating Jerry Lynn on his TCW Debut... and X-Pac confronting bitchoff...We come back this time X-pac in a empty arena at the top of the ramp...}

X-Pac: Becoming World Champion is a dream that I've been holding onto for all of my career. And in this very Arena i hope to achieve my dream and become the top man in this buisness... It's my destiny it's my fate. Ever since i was watching Harley Race and Ric Flair win world title i new thats what i was going to do...and it is very federation That i will my first World Title...I will bring the title home for D-X... Why do i this??? Because i owe it to the fans to give them 110% like my idols did... simple as that... The broken bones and bumps don't matter aslong as the fans have fun.......

Nothing really bothers her
She just wants to love herself
I will move away from here
You won't be afraid of fear
No thought was put into this
Always knew it would come to this
Things have never been so swell
I have never felt this well

{ The scene fades back to scenes It shows X-Pac and HHH with steph behind them in the ring.. doing the Suck It...We also see... X-Pac backstage in TCW arena walking around with hhh... We then See The TCW Title flash Up then a spray cn arrives and D-X is sprayed on in big green letters...... }