[:...:We come to a House Show where theyre have been many matches and conversations about what went down on Fury including the debut of Batista! And The Re-Formation of D-X!!!! It was certainly a great show what will the fall out be like at this House Show, We are about to find out. The scene Come's to the Car Park where the Camera showing a Car Space which clearly read Eric Bischoff's Space Just then a famillar Silver Bus pulls up!!! in that very place and the door opens and out strolls D-x one by one Stephanie First Then HHH, HBK Road Dog and Finally X-Pac who smiles and begins to talk to the rest of D-X:...:]

X Pac: Well Well Well looks who's place we happened to park in. Our good friend Bitchoff and no doubt his little sexual friend batista! Well that's just great just throw us that spray can Steph ( Steph get's a can out of her bag and throws it to X-Pac who opens the can and shakes it then sprays in big green letters D-X over where it said Eric Bischoff ) Ha Ha that should do nicely!

[:...: D-X then Laugh together lock up the D-X Express and move into the building the camera man follows them , they walk down the cooridoors knocking on many dressing rooms then, they walk up to one that Say's D-X but walk straight pass it they then come to a door and walk in the camera Man zooms in on the door which Reads TCW Owner-Eric Bischoff! The camera man follows to find D-x sitting around but no eric bischoff! X-Pac is at the main desk with his feet on the table smoking a sigar and helping himself to bischoffs food! X-Pac then Pulls out the spray can again and sprays the words "Suck It!" over the tv screen in bischoffs office, he then hands the can to HHH who goe's back outside and sprays "D-X" and "SUCK IT" on the door!! They then chat amongst themselves:...:]

Shawn "HBK" Micheals: Well Well Well Mr. Bitchoff certainly lives it up in styles doesnt he! Now i may have lost this past friday but that isn't the end!!! D-X i don't care who it is will out of us will capture the TCW Title!!! No doubt!...

Stephanie Mcmahon: (interupting HBK) Well that better be the case guys, cause we've gotta take over this thing. We can't have Bischoff and his cronies running the show!!! This is D-X'S Time now!!! Pass Me a drink from the desk will you Pac!

HHH: Well that's true... i have had that gold but my damn injury prevented me from keeping it!!! But no need to panick! We will get that belt back from The Crock sooner or later!!!! But for now we need to concentrate on taking on Bitchoff and his bang-kok Chick boys! Sticking their noses in our buisness!!!

X-Pac: Well atleast it isnt your nose that is in our buisness that would kill. My god it's huge. (X-pac sniggers to himself as HHH stares at him like he'd sucked on a sour lemon) Only joking but that's true. Batista and who ever else plays a bit of pocket pool with Bitchoff seem to get the top spots in this company but that's gotta change!!! Anyways Lads and Ladie i've gotta go do a interview with that bimbo Pamela Paulshock Make yourselves at home!

[:...: X-Pac Grabs a drink of Water and leaves the room the camera man follows as he walks down the cooridoors and turns off into a room the cameraman follows in where Pamela Paulshock