[..::..] We return from a Commercial break when with the crowd still pumped about a match that just took place on this kick ass house show.The TCW theme is now playing as the camara is panning throughout the auidience getting these TCW fans on T.V.After doing that for a bit the camara goes to ringside where the TCW commentators for this House Show, Joey Styles and Cyrus are sitting.Joey Styles begins to speak [..::..]

Joey Styles - Folks, what a night it has been thus far.We have all been treated with some very entertaining matches from these guys trying to make it to the top of the TCW, and we've also been graced by the presence of some Big time TCW Superstars like Steve Corino, Raven, Chris Jericho and so on.And all that together has added up to be a very special night.

Don "Cyrus" Callis - And all of those Big Time TCW Superstars are makeing their presence felt to talk about thier matches comeing up next Friday Night at Friday Fury.... Then TCWs 2nd ever Friday Night show will promise to be a great one.We have some great Singles matches for that show like Kurt Angle faceing off against Bret Hart, Jerry Lynn meeting X-Pac... But none more anticipated as the TCW World Heavyweight Championship no 1 contender Match when HBK will Brock Lesnar.We have all been waiting for this match for a while now, and this Friday Night it is given to us.HBk and Brock Lesnar one on one with the World Title no 1 contendership at stake.

Joey Styles - But surely these 2 new guns need this Title more than anyone because it doesn't matter what theyve done in WWE this is TCW and there past accomplishments count for jack shit! This isn't for minors this is TCW!

Don "Cyrus" Callis - Yeah and that's not even the best part of the entire night.The best part is the Main Event where the TCW Tag Team Titles will be on the line when Hurricane and Steve Corino will defend their gold against HHH and The Road Dogg.People have been waiting for this match for quite a long time now and this Friday Night the TCW will deliver it.

Joey Styles - Yes that match will be huge and since were talking about Hurricane, lets show all of you the video footage of the super hero's interview from home that he recorded earlier today shall we......

[..::..] Before the Video begins we hear a voice. [..::..]

Voice - No we Shall Not!

[..::..] Joey Styles and Cyrus both look confused as they hear that.You can see Joey voice the words "Who the hell was that?" to Cyrus.Cyrus just shurgs his shoulders and then on the Titan Tron we see someones back.The crowd gives a mixed reaction as they don't know what TCW Superstar they are looking at on the screen. [..::..]

Voice - Whipe that Stupid look off your Face Joey cause you know who this is.... It's the man who has more talant in his left pinkey than Seven has in his entire body, it's the man who this next Monday Night will beat the holy hell out of Seven.And if your that brain dead that you couldn't figure it out by now, it's X-Pac!!

[..::..] Anoter mixed Reation is given as X-Pac turns arround and is now looking into the camara.Pac Begins to speak. [..::..]

X-Pac - There will be no footage being played right now because I got something to say... Ya see this week i've been all caught up with this whole seven situation that I almost forgot that on Friday Night I will be stepping into the ring with Jerry Lynn.But I was suddenly reminded of my match when I saw Jerry's ugly face pop onto the Titan Tron and the production guys had put a little tribute to him shagging him up!.And i'm not gonna lie to ya, i think that sucks balls! Where the hell was my Promo video, no one wants to see Jerry's Ugly mug they want X-Pac's and HHH's etc!!!.Listen i no bischoff is going to try and hold down the degenerates but he will have no choice when i get in a run in this company to site up and notice!!! so im not gonna sit around and cry... Oh no, i'm gonna fire right back at ya in my own way.

[..::..] X-Pac pauses for a second before he continues on. [..::..]

X Pac - Listen up slappy's i'm here to make a impact, not mill around in the mid card and go after shit titles like the TV Title. Now i no people have been booing me recently and hell i don't blame them but listen up!!! This IS My way, so like it or not this is how going to go down. So Jerry Lynn this friday your a marked man!! You see your not the only dude making his debut! and i'm out to make a impact and impact and kick your ass from one side of the arena to the other. Now i've heard you Jerry, running your mouth to your little punks backstage, saying how your going to make a impact in TCW! well your not this friday night! I'm going to kick your ass in every inch off that ring untill ur with in a few centimetres. Then i will pin your Carcus!! 1-2-3

[..::..] Slight cheers are heard from the auidience as X-Pac puts a smirk on his face as he says that.X-Pac listens to the reaction of the crowd for a second and then he continues on with what he has to say. [..::..]

X-Pac- And yeah Jery, I agree with you.Me and you are going in the same direction.I'm heading for the top of this company while your at my feet scracting and clawing just to raise another level.You won't even make IC Title contention let alone World Title contention.And speaking of that belt, rock your days are numbered!!!So next time Jerry think before you run your mouth to your little punks as people are listening so don't go running your mouth unless it's in public!!!But that's kinda difficult for you to not do.... Cause whenever you open that mouth you seem to spit out these idiotic comments that make you look like a fool... And placeing yourself into World Title contention is a joke to me to begin with.If your suppose to be so damn good, then why couldn't you beat Rob Van Dam cleanly in ECW!Just realise that you aren't the best damn thing since sliced bread.You should've realized by now that you can be defeated on any given night and by any given superstar and that includes me... So when ever you stop speaking backstage and face the people then just calm down and keep your head down.

[..::..]X-Pac starts to laugh as he thinks of Jerry Lynn showing people just how much sucks this friday.... After a little bit of laughing leaveing the people confused because they have no idea why the hell X-Pac is giggling he explains himself. [..::..]

X-Pac - This week in my little feud back and fourth with the Seven, the word Joke was thrown arround a lot.But I just remembered what the real joke was... you in the ring jerry!You see i no people say your the best wrestler around but god thats aload of Bull Shit! Bigger Bull Shit in fact than TCW'S Very own Jackass Aj Styles.So my suggestion to you is to save yourself some dignity and don't show up this friday.And Jerry, you know what, you can stay in your little dream world thinking that i'm gonna be a roll over.... Well Jerry I geuss the TCW didn't inform you that your opponent is not John Cena this week, but however, your opponent is X-Pac.And X-Pac isn't a push over.Hell I may be the most talanted Superstar you ever step into the damn ring with Jerry.And at Fury it will be my goal to prove that to you.And after it's all said and done and you've been pinned by X-Pac I guess that is the time that the reality of me being better than you will finally sink in.And Jerry just remember this... "Your Ass is Grass and I'm Gonna Smoke It!!"

[..::..] X-Pac then walks off the screen making this little segment come to a conclusion.X-Pac has stated his feeling on Jerry Lynn and has obviously shown that he will not let the distraction of Seven disrupt his ability to focus on his opponent this week..... Since this Segment is over The TCW cuts to a commercial leaving the fans wondering when will be the next time they see X-Pac this week... Well theres only one way to find out, stay tuned, Same Time, Same Channel. [..::..]