--[An Evolution is brewing in the TCW. Many stars has been showing up in the past few weeks. A few stars has even returned. SUch people as HBk, Justin Credible, Triple H, AJ Styles...no wait he's the crap one who got sacked -- But you see.. there is only one man that can be called "The Future" of the TCW. There is only one person that can take TCW to new heights.. to heights TCW has never seen before. This man being.. The Giant Killer... X-Pac!! The scene opens up in the TCW Arena with Joey Styles and Don "Cyrus the Virus" Callas at the commentary table. If you're a true TCW Fan.. you know we're coming off a awesome PPV TCW Hostile Intent.. and it looks like this week should be a good week of TCW Action..]--

Joey Styles: "Welcome fans. I am Joey Styles.. and of course sitting right next to me would be none other than Don "Cyrus" Callis!"

Don "Cyrus" Callis: "Who else Joey would be sitting next to you?! Isnt great to be alive and here in the TCW?!"

Joey Styles: "Indeed it is great Cyrus. We just saw a great night of TCW action at Hostile Intent. Some of the new talent is brewing here. The new champion the Rock amongst them. And it looks like things are truely gonna be kicking again."

Don "Cyrus" Callis: "Oh that's right Joey! And I can't wait. I know we're just coming off Hostile Intent, but next week should be awesome."

Joey Styles: "Oh I am sure it will be Cyrus. I am sure it will be. This coming Fury.... wait a minute whats this?!"

--[The lights go out and Green and Black lights fill the arena.. on the PA sound system.. "Suck It" blasts over the PA as fans stand to their feet.. it doesnt take long for the newcomer that just signed his contract last night with TCW.. to come out. 'The Giant Killer' X-Pac steps out onto stage wearing some a D-X football shirt and some jogging bottams... He looks around with a cocky smile on his face before he begins to head to the ring..]--

Joey Styles: "Well look who it is Cyrus..."

Don "Cyrus" Callis: "I see who it is.. It's X-Pac! I couldnt wait intill he signed a contract here for TCW.. and then he arrived and bored the hell out of me!"

Joey Styles: "X-Pac is a amazing physical speciman. But his first match next week is against non other than seven if he accepts the challenge X-Pac has a pretty tough task next week if you ask me cyrus!"

Cyrus: "I am pretty sure The Giant Killer.. will be able to kill off Seven! Not that i care out of who wins between them jackasses!"

Joey Styles: "We'll see about that Cyrus. Either way.. it looks like we're about ready to hear from X-Pac.."

--[X-Pac walks around the ring a little bit just making fun of the fans and getting them wound up. X-Pac just laughs about the comments he is getting from the fans. He than walks up the ring steps and enters the ring. He asks for a mic from Bruce Buffer as The D-X music comes to a fading halt. X-Pac holds the mic to his side as he looks around the crowd for a while, he soon lifts up the mic to his mouth as it looks like he is ready to address the crowd..]--

X-Pac: "Well.. as you can see before you.. X-Pac is officially on the active roster of the TCW. And as you may have heard, X-Pac takes on six no wait his name is seven i think.. the current Jackass Champion at Monday Night Mayhem this week. But eric bitchoff has ensured me that this match will be Non Title, as seven's the only true Jackass in this company apart from Fat ass Styles who's prob in the crowd somewhere. Lucky for Seven, cause you know damn well X-Pac, would kick your ass if you actually held a title, but your shit so you don't. This week, i'll have to face your jobber ass just to show them what a Hulk Hogan in the 80's squash match looks like apart from the fact i can wrestle unlike hogan..."

--[X-Pac smiles as he looks around the crowd a little bit...]--

Joey Styles: "What does that mean Cyrus?! What does X-Pac mean by Seven is the Jackass Champion?"

Don "Cyrus" Callis: "I'm guessing X-Pac knows something that everyone in this building should wake up to! But in saying that Pac is a big Jackass aswell?!"

Joey Styles: "Only thing i will say is the fans here in the TCW Arena are not liking X-Pacs promo!"

--[X-Pac raises the mic back up to his mouth as he continues to speak..]--

X-Pac: "All you may be wondering just what is X-Pac talking about? What could be going through X-Pac's mind about the nine or whatever he's called? I'll tell you whats on the mind of X-Pac. While people mumble about how i am giving up a lot of size to seven and shit. But listen i'm the gaint killer i mean i jsut came here from a practice match with two of the biggest giants in the buisness.. Repo Man and Ultimate Warrior i beat them both with in a minute no sweat!... You see, I wanna work my way up. I want a taste of some Gold.. before I go after the Title that actually matters. Thats why after I do what everyone in here know's i will do and that's beat seven.I want the TCW Management Team to give me a shot at the World Gold so i can prove to everyone jsut how good i am, and get a bigger pay check with gold around my waist.I can defeat the Champion with no problem."

--[Fans just boo X-Pac.. as a Seven chant starts up and X-Pac doesn't seem to like it very well..]--

X-Pac: "Yeh. Whatever. Boo and chant for Seven all you want. Knowing that joke for a talent wouldn't even dare come out here and face me eye to eye. Knowing that I would put my fist right down his throat. But Seven.. hear me out. And hear me out good. Monday Night Mayhem.. you're mine. I will go as far as to say.. you'll be knocked out. Or in better terms.. X-Facotor'ed by the end of our match on Mayhem. Then come by New Years Revoultions .. weather it be Rock or steve corino or i jsut don't give a damn that walks into the TCW World Heavyweight Champion then theyre days are numbered as the Pac is after their gold.. look around every corner boys and girls in rocks case. Cause X-Pac will be there. And he will be there looking to claim what is his. SO Seven and all your punks in the back. Your ASS is Grass and I'm Gonna Smoke It!!"

Joey Styles: "Wow! It looks like X-Pac has just put his name in the hat of people going after the TCW World Heavyweight Championship!!"

Don "Cyrus" Callis: "And I am sure out of everyone, X-Pac could be the one to claim that prize Joey!But he won't as i have a plan to make sure we get a worthy champion!!!"

--[X-Pac raises the mic one more time to finish off his promo..]--

X-Pac: "If you haven't figured it out by now. This isn't a illusion. This isn't a mirage. The Future.. The Giant Killer.. X-Pac is here in the TCW! And I gaurentee you... A Storm.. Is Brewing!!"

--[X-Pac drops the mic as fans start to boo. X-Pac just smirks as poses for the crowd as 'Suck It!' blasts over the PA again.. as X-Pac poses for the crowd as several takes pictures but continues to boo and chant obscinities at him..TCW Fades To A break]--

--[TCW Returns as we see Eric Bischoff in his office watching a tape that has just been sent to him he laff's as what looks like Repo Man getting a nearfall on X-Pac he smiles then sniggers and shakes his head suddenly his door crashes open and X-Pac is standing their with his D-X Bucket Hat and Shirt and trousers. He takes a seat and puts his feet up on Bischoff desk then takes a sip of bischoffs cofee then begins to speak.]--

X-Pac: "Eric Bitchoff, you gotta be joking booking me in a match against your little 6 foot 4 sex toy, what the fuck is all that about. You see he is not good enough to face X-Pac i am the TCW Giant Killer Damn It you seen that match i sent you i beat those gaints in this buisness easily!!!"

Eric Bischoff:" Right that's why Repo Man just nearly beat you before you burst in! Anyway Pac , what do you actually want with me you see i'm a busy man i don't have time for this."

X-Pac: "Looks like it you fat piece of shit. And repo hit me with a low blow, if i was seven he would have repo'd my fake dick! But anyway what do i want!?! I want a world title shot you piece of shit and if you don't wake up and give the talented title shots, in this company. Now fairenuff Brock vs HBK for no 1 contenders this friday i aint got a problem with that but i feel i should face the man who walks out of New Years Revoultion the champion. At the first Fury after the PPV!!! Well Jackass what you gotta say to that!?!

Eric Bischoff:"Well Pac, listen closely i don't like you and you don't like me. But lets get one thing straight you do not come in here and push your 200lb around asking for world title shots you gotta earn them in this company so untill the pay per view actually starts you will be in a series of tough matches so you can prove your worth to be a champion here in TCW!!!

X-Pac: "Well ok then Bitchoff its cool! You see theres gonna be que into your office saying i jsut got killed by the giant killer. SO to you bitchoff and all your little chronies i got two wors for ya.