The scene opens as we come to the pre TCW Fury Show , Joey and Cyrus have been talking about what’s gone on in TCW since hostile intent, including undertaker joining then leaving just as quickly so The HBK Shawn Michaels has taken his place in the No 1 Contenders match. Also the recent firings off Goldberg and Sting to make the TCW roster a little thinner, but apparently a new star is going to debut tonight and is a member of the newly Formed D-X just then “Suck It” Hits The P.A system and out comes x-pac in The D-X Football shirt motioning the Suck It sign to the fans, who were booing him! He rolls into the ring and does the suck it sign to the pyro

The fans, boo even more to X-Pac as he struts over to the Bruce Buffer and rips the microphone from buffer’s hands then does the Suck-It sign a few more times then he starts to address the crowd.

}{X-Pac}{“Listen up punks you need to find some deodorant and have a shower as I haven’t smelt something so bad since Aj Styles last match here in tcw! Man did that guy suck! He smelt so bad, Mick Foleys office became the place to be as AJ wasn’t their. I bet you stinky punks ain’t glad to see him go though as he covered up your smell!! Anyway enough off the A.J humour. Now I signed a contract here in TCW, because off my good friend HHH ringing me up and saying he needed some of his guys to re-form D~X and I accepted his offer. But did I come alone, Hell no I called up HBK and he accepted my offer so punks, D-X is back together and that’s the bottom line cause I said so. Were not like these imitation groups who are together for a week then disappear. I mean what the fuck was Mean Gene all about. I was at home, I saw TCW advert on t.v saying featuring Mean Gene I was like what the fuck. They’ve got Okerlund as a main eventer and he’s evil. That just wasn’t the way to sell the company.

*!* X-pac pauses *!*

}{X-Pac}{ Undertaker’s quit ladies and gentleladies. But quite frankly who gives a balls, as he could have never made the world title grade not in a million years he couldn’t! He’s just a old fat washed up piece of shit and I’m talking AJ Styles type shit! Now him going away means I will be in his replacements corner this Friday and I do not intend to see Crock Lesnar walk out no1 contender to the TCW Title! HBK will win one way or the other lesnar I can guerentee you that!!! Now onto my situation here in TCW, now i'm prepared to not have a match this friday but after that i want as many matches as i can so i can , rise up the TCW Ladder so any of you wanna be's back their. You want a piece of the hotest property in pro-wrestling bring your ass out here and face me. So this is a open challenge to anyone who's been pissed off by my little promo (a fat fan wearing a AJ Styles shirt trys to jump the fence x-pac looks and laffs at him.) Ha Wo wo wo wo!! Steady on AJ, you can't get in the ring here anymore you sacked. Jesus christ man you've put some weight on. Anyway back to my point any of you want a match you no where to find me!!! i got one thing to say to you all SUCK IT!

*!* X-Pac hit's the Suck It sign. then continues*!*

}{X-Pac}{Yo listen up, you fat hillbillys in the crowd. I don't care who's been on the top in the TCW before. Theirs a new top gun in town and your looking at him. You see i could beat prity much any off the guys in the back! I will just give them a bronco buster in the corner and then pick up their beaten carcus give them a kick in the mid section and hit the x-factor! 1-2-3 another win for X-pac you see i'm going to raise the ranks in this fed, wheather you like it or not! You see i'm going to beat the hell out of just about everyone on my raise, starting with who ever accepts my challenge. I've got one thing to say Your Ass is Grass and I'm gonna Smoke It!!!

*!* X-Pac hits the Suck-It sign then drops the Mic and walks backstage as the scene fades!