||- X-PAC Double Jeopardy 2 -||

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9# X-Pac, Dawn Marie 2-1-0 Batista,Bischoff,HHH,corino
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This Rp is totally written by me X-Pac's Handler and i hope you enjoy. Now Read the rp Slapnutz!
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-|| Foreword ||-
It's 2004, and The TCW Champion Yet again faces a challenge, Noting is easy when you get to the top of the tree in TCW, unlike wwe. You need real talent to be the champion in TCW. Many have tried to cary the company but failed will HHH fall away or carry tcw to the top of the e-fed pile. One things for sure we will find out this sunday.

-|| Scene ||-

As the Shane O'Mac promo finishes the scene re-opens in the arena... "Suck It" Blasts out the P.A System and Out Comes X-Pac...

Accompanied by Dawn Marie He makes his way down to the Ring looking mighty Pissed Off!!! He storms down the ramp with Dawn struggling to keep up with him. He slides into the ring and grabs a microphone of Bruce Buffer!!! He Then spits on the floor, and looks into the camera looking really pissed!!! He then begins to talk...

X-Pac:Well since Bitchoff is too busy to do this himself i will do it!!! And that's address all these punks running around TCW like they are gods!!! I mean lets take Shane O'Mac for instance he comes out here and runs his mouth about Jack Shit!!! Well get out of TCW!!! Theres no need for some little punk who was born with a silver spoon hanging out of their ass!!! I Mean come on... all he is. Is a Spot Monkey... i mean he knows no real wrestling moves... He can't wrestle. All he can do is fall around the ring a bit and that gets him a match on a ppv Bull Shit!!!! But i suppose atleast you make your way out here so your nown and not hide in the back like a little punk!!! I mean where the Hell IS Y2J... i mean he was all mouth when he first turned up here in TCW... but where the hell is he now!!! Nowhere!!! He was just a spur of the moment phase and now the so called "Saviour! of tcw!" Is hiding backstage like a bitch!! Same goes for his partner!!! Bret Hart he is allways injured... because he's old and decriped your peak was 1995 get over it punk!!! Non of these fans need it anymore... I mean you've been here what 2 months and allready 2 major injurys to your fat old decriped ass!!! Oh and well this brings me onto the Flock... (Raises a Eyebrow) What the hell is all this about!!!???!! I mean come on Seven who the hell's that punk??!! SO what if he was in OVW... So what if he's the US Champion... He's Shit!!! And well his partner in crime Rhyno... well he's even worse.... i mean what the fuck has he done to derserve signing a TCW contract... answer me that bischoff!!! Answer me that!!! Nothing he's just some fat rhinosuras who is living off ECW!!! Oh and their All Mighty Leader Blackbird or whatever they call him!!! I mean come on can you take this guy serious!!! He pops up in dark rooms... speaking about Fate... I'll give him some fate... how about a arse kicking D-X Style!!! Oh and Spike i aint forgetting you bro... The smallest guy... on the roster... hey i'm cool with that you make me look like a giant... but you need your head testing all you have ever been in your career is a human stress ball... if people were stressted in ecw they'd go lets go kick Spike Dudleys ass and they did... You've never had a good match... Ever!!!! I mean i've seen your ECW Shit and RaVen's right... you can't wrestle for shit!!! I mean come on... can any of you fans ever seen a good Spike Dudley match... no didn't think so... Some state TCW is in Bitchoff... That's why i will become world Champion...

X-Pac pauses and looks around the crowd who are giving him a slightly mixed reaction... He then re-starts.

X-Pac: What you didn't like that well that's fairenuff... Now onto my match this Sunday Night... Double Jeopardy!!! So Batista.. you keep telling yourself that you don't have to face me. That you don't have to turn up if you don't think about it. It Might not happen right??!!! Wrong Punk... This sunday night i'm gonna kill myself a Giant!!!. Because Batista you have made quite a impact since being here in TCW... that i can't deny... But theres only 1 reason for that... and that's your little "friendship" with Eric Bitchoff.. otherwise you would jsut be another steroid eating Fag... who would be opening the show up...But no your in the F'n Main Event of TCW's first pay per view offering of the year!!! Which is some what of a stupid... buisness logic... as no one really cares what you have to say batista!!! And i can gueren damn tee you won't be main eventing a TCW event again after i humilate you this sunday night in Miami... So you might aswell soak up the sun, the attention and the girls your getting from main eventing this Pay Per View!!! Because it aint gonna happen ever.... and i mean Ever again!!!!So Batista in true Goldberg Style.... Your NexT!!!

X-Pac walks around the ring again then rests on the ropes and looks up towards the titontron. He then starts to speak again...

X-Pac:... Now then this brings me to the other half of the match Between Steve Corino. And my stable Mate HHH!!! Now that has been done a couple of times before each with a different outcome so it is hard to call.... But i do think me and everyone in this arena no's that HHH will win... Because unlike you corino he doesn't leave things to chance!!!! But corino if you do some how get through The HHH match.... your gonna have me to deal with after and i do mean after i beat batista!!! So corino you boast about being Old School and Taking people to School well... D-X Skool is in session punk and i will quite happily enroll you... But you'll be expelled just as quick as you got here... cause you aint in my league. I am sooooo much better than you!!! you have no chance in hell corino. If you even get past the game Which i doubt you will... This brings me to HHH. Now were best of friends, we no each other like the back of our hands. I mean we've allways been together and Sunday Night no matter what the outcome is. We will still be together as we are really friends unlike Corino and Batista... Who are just up Bitchoff's ass!!! You no as well as i. 1 member of D-X is walking out champion No Matter what... I don't mind if you do or I do. Just as long as one of us does!!!! So HHH our friendship will be put to the test and it will pass!!! So you just remember we go into the match together... we come out of this match together!!!! But i warn you... you even think about screwing me... your going down!!! I can guerentee it!!!

X-Pac:Tomorrow Night, all you fans are in for the best show ever!!! Not only do you get to see the Giant Killer vs Giant. But The Game vs King of Old School. All in 1 ring!!! These tickets should be a million dollars a piece... Not 20!!! I mean that is a main event which gives little boys wet dreams!!! I mean come on Its A former 8 Time World Heavyweight Champion, Vs A former ECW World Champion in one ring. Where as It's a former WWE/WCW Superstar and tag champion vs A former OVW World Champion on the other side. Each way you look you can't loose. It is the main event... that has been talked about for a long while now... the 4 top guys in the company all in 1 ring at the same time going at it at 1 time.Fighting for 1 common gold!!! It will be great... But this new years Revoultions is the Night of the X-Pac!!! Remember Your asses are Grass and i'm gonna smoke them!!!!

The Next TCW World Heavyweight Champion