||- X-PAC Double Jeopardy 1 -||

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8# X-Pac, Dawn Marie 2-1-0 Batista,Bischoff,HHH,corino
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This Rp is totally written by me X-Pac's Handler and i hope you enjoy. Now Read the rp Slapnutz!
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-|| Foreword ||-
It's 2004, and The TCW Champion Yet again faces a challenge, Noting is easy when you get to the top of the tree in TCW, unlike wwe. You need real talent to be the champion in TCW. Many have tried to cary the company but failed will HHH fall away or carry tcw to the top of the e-fed pile. One things for sure we will find out this sunday.

-|| Scene ||-

The TCW show opens up on what looks to be a TCW show showing the local talents trying to get a TCW Contract we come to our Commentary Team Joey Styles and Cyrus!

Joey Styles: The TCW is back and better than ever!!!This week we see our second pay per view offering New Years Revoultions. It should be great Cyrus.With The double Jeopardy Match the main event!!!

Cyrus: Well...yeah it should be great. But i can tell you now there aint a cat in hells chance that either HHH or X-Pac are walking out the champion. It just isn't going to happen no matter what these fat nobodys in the crowd think!!!

Joey Styles: Shut up Cyrus... Everybody in that match has the same odds!! I mean its 2 members of D-X vs 2 members of the administration! It should be a great match i certainly can't wait and neither can these Great Fans!!!

Cyrus: Oh Shut up joey. We all know bischoff is not going to let anything like that happen, he will have it sorted we all know this why denie it styles!!! X-Pac and HHH don't have a chance in hell!!! Just admit it styles!

Joey Styles: Will you please give up!!! Anyway the next segment is ready to air and its with your best friend as well X-pac roll the tape.

Cyrus: Oh Great....

The scene fades into the car park where a limo pulls up and out struts X-Pac... Acompained by Dawn Marie. X-Pac stops in front off the camera and looks straight into it then starts speaking

"The Giant Killer" X-PAC: "Well first i want to congradulate my main man "The Game" HHH on winning the world title for D-X. It was a great day and also our new friend Matt Hardy finally joined the D-X Revoultion so we are stronger and allways will be stronger than the Bischoff Bum Crew! Now you see we are like wolves in the sence we Hunt in Packs. Yes HHH didnt win the title on his own... But he won the title didnt he!!! Remember Nice Guys Come 8th...Not first in this buisness you need to be ruthless and not let things go to chance.This is wrestling.. not some run of the mill office jobs you need plans and back up plans and thats what we had... It wasn't a screw job expect for the fact you screwed yourself by not having a plan Punk!!!!"

X-Pac pauses as the crowd cheers then continues...

"The Giant Killer"X-PAC: "Now on to my match this sunday... Well its cool i get another chance at the world title which allthough i'm happy with HHH being it i will win it this friday no doubt. I mean i'm facing steroid eater... who may have beaten me before with his other steroid pal... But in the last match we were involved in i took you out Punk!!! I made you go to sleep like you do with Bitchoff!!! And i will do it again this sunday!!! I will beat you 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring... And your Giant will be killed punk ass. I mean i'm sick and damn tired of seeing you everywhere our owner goes he's grunting and you no Batista is behind him sticking his 2 inch love length up the bitchs ass!!! Don't drop the soap in that locker room up ass might never be the same again!!!"

Cyrus:" Oh Shut up... this is filth... somebody kill his mic... Then we can get on with the show with out this hemeroid!!!

"The Giant Killer"X-PAC: Now this brings me to one of the guys in the other match This guy is my stable mate HHH. Now i have no problem wheather You or Me walks out champion of this company...But one thing is for sure either You or Me has to walk out champion we can't let that belt get back in the hands of The Bischoff Bum Boy Crew! Because you got that belt for D-X and it must never leave us. Anyway Bitchoff i challenge you to sack my ass... Come on do it. Will You Hell no!!! You no i am this companys saviour yeah thats right The Saviour of the company... Just like Batista was the saviour of your Gay Reputation... He made it Gayer!!!And well everyone thought that was impossible... but it happened and well maybe guys in the back thought D-X getting that piece of gold you love so much bischoff was impossible... Well they were wrong because the TCW no wait D-X World Title is in the hands of D-Generation X and will stay their!!! Theyres no doubt about it Bitchoff you've lost control in TCW, and weve gained a new member in Matt Hardy V1!!! Who is a great wrestler and a all round Dude... And doesnt like you bitchoff that's what gave us something in common... the hate for you."

X-Pac pauses again as the crowd cheers and a X-PAC Chant starts up... He then whispers something to dawn marie who then starts to speak....

"The Sexy Biatch" Dawn Marie:"That's right hun... i can't stand bitchoff... and i can't stand Batista or Steve Corino... That's why i came here to TCW.. to join you guys in D-X. And this sunday me and steph will be in D-X's corner and we may not be big physical presences but we will definently make a newsence of our selfs... Matt will also be at ringside!!! Because this is a close knit stable!!! And we hunt in pacs... So wheather it's my client X-Pac or HHH who walks out with the Worlds Championship. Not Mr Corino or Batista... It will still be the D-X World title!!!

Dawn Smiles at X-Pac then he continues...

"The Giant Killer" X-PAC: That's right dawn... Corino you have no Chance in Hell Punk!!! That's right theirs more chance of Chris Benoit winning the TCW World Title Than you beating HHH then beating me... no not batista as he has no chance in hell of winning. So Corino i've seen your recent promos... and since when did you steal some cheap comedians act!!! I mean come on cracking your little crap jokes...It just isn't funny go back into bitchoffs ass... atleast we don't have to see your ugly mug walking around here like your god... Well come This friday we will see who the real man is and it sure it aint gonna be Steroid Eater or Corino that's for sure... Corino HHH will take you to school... D-X School and you will be expelled for being a swat you little punk.... So remember Your Asses are Grass and I'm Gonna Smoke It!!!

X-Pac and Dawn get back into the car and drive off as TCW Goe's to a commercial Break....